Gardening with Granddad Ch. 03

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The next week with Granddad was like a dream come true for both of us. I finally had the man of my dreams and he owned his grandson every minute of the day. We fucked non-stop and I couldn’t get enough of the old man’s cock. His cum filled my throat and ass and I was his to own, enjoy, abuse as he saw fit. There was nothing I wouldn’t do to please Granddad. To me he was the hottest stud alive and just thinking about what we were doing excited me more than anything I could imagine. My father’s own father fucking me – like a mad beast everyday while he and Mom were in Europe – if he only knew! My new Jeep didn’t even matter at this stage. All that mattered were our fuck sessions and my new silver furred beast.

Granddad even stayed over one night and needless to say there wasn’t much sleep to be had. It was a hot humid summer night and we fucked ourselves into oblivion in the half finished garden all night.

The next Monday morning I awoke to tons of commotion. I pulled on a skin tight ripped threadbare pair of tiny pale pink lycra shorts and flip-flops and ran downstairs. In the garden were Granddad and 8 guys from his work crew. I had no idea what the fuck was going on and went right over and asked Granddad if things had changed.

He laughed and said, ” Boy this is for your own good – on Friday they’ll be finished and outta here and we’ll have the rest of the summer to fuck away,” he roared.

I smiled back and realized we weren’t alone.

I said,”Fuck look at me.”

He said just to relax it was too late at that stage and I could feel the stares of the work crew on my ass.

Granddad said to go put some coffee on for the guys and I went in and got it ready and brought it out to the deck for the crew.

I heard one of them mutter “looks like the little woman has made us coffee” and the other say back “yeah imagine her doin this work for to months – her nails might get dirty.” They both laughed and headed over to the coffee.

I was so humiliated especially since I wasn’t pitching in and was wearing fucking pink of all colors! Granddad loved these shorts but man if I had ever known – but as Granddad said it was too late at that stage.

I poured their coffee and the 8 of them took a rest, some on deck chairs, others on the steps. The morning sun was just starting to beat down on us and two of the guys removed their shirts before getting into the coffee. Now I could see how Granddad had such a fuckin hot build. These guys obviously were ripped from lifting patio stones, big trees, and building fences. Their arms and chests were huge and just beginning to shine with sweat. This week might not be so bad after all.

After the break I pitched right in until lunchtime when another break was taken. By this time all but one had removed their shirts and I was in heaven. No one was Granddad but they were hot looking guys and all over 35 or so. Nothing like a yard filled with Dads to make me happy!

At lunch I told Granddad I could hardly wait until after work I was going nuts with all these studs around and really needed his cock bad.

He said “ baby, Granddad is gonna take real good care of you after Friday – just wait and see.”

I couldn’t wait for the weekend to arrive.

Mid-afternoon, Granddad handed me $100 dollar bill and said to take his truck and go get some beer for the boys after work.

As I headed inside to change he said, ”Not so fast boy I didn’t say anything about changing.”

My cock went rock hard and off I headed for my first public showing. I got quite a few stares inside the beer store – men and women and I was fucking horned up by the time I got home. I stocked the fridge up with beer and headed back to help the guys finish up for the day. They had really made progress and it was clear that a week’s work was going to finish the project well ahead xslot of time.

Around six o’clock Granddad told the crew enough for one day and they settled on the deck enjoying the ice-cold beer. I was in heaven waiting on every one of them and the look on Granddad’s face made my cock spring to life. I could see the guys noticing but no one was saying a word but it was obvious I had caught their attention. All these straight guys made me go nuts and the tightness of my lycra shorts wrapped around my cock and balls made it almost unbearable.

They laughed and carried on for almost an hour and then started to leave.

Just before the last two left Granddad gathered up his stuff and said ”See ya tomorrow kid.”

I had no idea what was going on but assumed he’d back after the others left – just not want to give them any idea. Five minutes later the last two guys left and no Granddad. I called on his cellphone and he was just pulling into his driveway.

He said “I told you boy I’d take care of everything Friday.”

And hung up. FUCK! It looked as if I’d have to go all week without the old man’s meat feeding me daily.

I went out on the deck stunned and depressed. I took my little box of pot and poppers and decided I might as well have a great jerk off session. Having another beer I rolled the fattest joint ever and snorted fresh strong poppers the whole time. It wasn’t Granddad but I was starting to feel better. It was all working its magic and I was dreaming about the men in the garden only an hour before. I was gonna make my cock suffer under the fabric.

I was stoned like crazy and just about finished the mega joint when I saw something move from the side of the garden. I jumped up and there was Ron my grandfather’s crew foreman.

“ Sorry kid didn’t mean to startle ya I forget my duffle bag.”

I was stunned there I was holding my giant joint, the smell of pot everywhere, my head was spinning on poppers and my cock was monstrous inside my even tighter than before shorts. FUCK, I thought, this guy is gonna freak – Ron was a former cop and my grandfather had hired him 4 years ago when he took retirement at 55. I figured I was done for.

I just stammered and stuttered.

Ron said “Hey kid don’t worry I’m not gonna tell your granddad – every kid smokes and besides I wouldn’t mind joinin ya if you don’t mind.”

I just handed him the joint and he asked if there was any beer left his throat goy dry when smoking.

I went in a grabbed two more not knowing what the fuck to do and headed back to the deck. Ron had finished the first one and was already rolling himself a new one.

He smiled and said, “Hope you don’t mind just wasn’t enough left in that one.”

I said no no just to go ahead and handed him a beer.

This guy knew how to roll – he put mine to shame and I thought if we managed our way through this I’d be out until tomorrow for sure. He lit it up and was inhaling long and slow.

I asked him,” Man I thought you were a cop?” He laughed and said yeah I was but now I can do anything I want – and I want to make up for lost time.

Ron was the only guy that day who hadn’t removed his shirt so I had nowhere to go in my imagination and quite frankly he scared the shit out of me. He had the reputation of being the nastiest cop ever on the city’s force and Granddad had hired him because of this knowing he would keep the guys in line. I would rather have tangled with Granddad than Ron. He was supposed to have shot more criminals than any cop ever and was ruthless at tracking down any suspect.

At 59, he hadn’t diminished any of these notions. He was HUGE – at 6’4” and 300 pounds he made almost everyone look tiny. Being black made him even more intimidating and all I wanted was for him to leave. I was terrified I was really going to be turned xslot Giriş in. He just kept passing the joint back and forth and talking about what a good day’s work it had been. He kept telling me I hadn’t done too bad for a beginner and not to pay attention to the guys and their comments.

He said he thought most young kids my age would run around in stuff like that showin off and he said he knew if I was my Granddad’s grandson there’d be nothing funny about me. I just said no sir. He picked up the bottle of poppers and began snorting them. I was just going crazy thinking this guy is gonna turn on me any minute.

He said, “Boy these smell pretty fresh to me.”

I said I had just opened them and he said it was a lucky thing for him then, passing me the bottle. Poppers make my cock harder than anything and just snorting them made it grow and push the ripping lycra from my crotch. Ron hollered he needed another beer and I ran inside to grab two more. There was nothing I wasn’t going to obey from this black giant. He took both guzzling the first one and snorting poppers right after. He rolled another joint and smoked it without even passing it to me. He just kept passing me the poppers.

He said he was glad he had come back this was “mighty fucking relaxing” and I was a great host.

I asked if he didn’t have to be getting home and he said “wife’s away, am I intruding boy?”

I said,”No sir stay as long as you want” He grinned and said “great way to spend the evening after a long day.”

He finished the third joint and took the second beer. The day’s heat hadn’t subsided much and the humidity was still high. He lifted his t-shirt up and off and my eyes near fell out. I had never seen a man like this – in fact, I didn’t even know it was possible.

I had seen few black men shirtless and he was amazing. His chest and arms were nothing less than magnificent. HUGE! His barrel chest was topped off with the largest black pecks and monstrous monstrous nipples. His arms were like tires, I had never seen arms on any man that big. His loose shirt had hidden everything. He was nothing his reputation hadn’t described. I was freaked out.

I went to get two more beers trying to figure out what to do but he was obviously in for the long haul when I got back he grabbed his beer and said the joints, poppers and beer had made him more relaxed than he had been in years.

“Boy, you’re quite the host – enjoyin this and your company, your grandpa never said you were so hospitable. Maybe you’ll join my crew some summer?”

I said,”Well, I was sure I’d need to work for university,” and that this summer I was supposed to working on this garden.

He said,” It would be mighty fun havin me on his crew, you and me could have lotsa fun after work kid,” laughing.

I was still in shock over his size and the sweat glistening in the moonlight off his mass size. He got up and asked where the can was and I told him right off the kitchen. He headed inside and I couldn’t take my eyes off his hulking frame. When he got inside I did some quick poppers and madly rubbed my cock through my shorts. I could feel the precum from my cock through the thin fabric.

JESUS! My jaw was on the deck when he came through the patio doors – there he was work pants in hand and the tightest pair of white calvin klein underwear I had ever laid eyes on. His enormous black ass pushed every ounce of fabric out and the his crotch looked like someone had stuffed a pineapple in his underwear.

He threw the pants aside and said I was obviously not embarrassed given what I was wearing and it was just to fucking hot for clothes. I grabbed my papers and startin rolling – I didn’t know what else to do to distract him from my uncontrollable cock.

I made it even bigger than his had been and together we exchanged joint xslot Güncel Giriş and poppers. By the end we were wasted. I just couldn’t take my eyes off him looking everywhere mostly between his thighs. This guy was like an oversize statue.

He asked where I got my shorts saying’” They are very hot bet you get a few looks in those.”

I said “Yeah I did especially at the beer store today.”

He said “Well for a white boy you sure do fill them out,” and roared with laughter.

Feeling no pain I told him that he obviously proved everything everyone thought about black men true.

He said,” Boy even black men don’t fall into my category,” glancing down at his own package.

I said,”Well I don’t get any complaints about my 9 inches.”

Ron looked back and said,” well, I hate to say it but I get lots of complaints about mine.”

I looked puzzled and said,”Man, I find that hard to believe by the looks of it.”

Without missing a beat Ron released his black snake from his underwear – 13.5 inches and as thick as a coffee mug – underneath his cock, a sac and balls that could hold a quart of cum! I was speechless.

He said,”Told ya boy, no woman can handle this, I’ve never been able to completely fuck pussy my whole life.”

I said no fucking wonder ,” Man that would kill someone!”

He said,”yeah kid, never been completely satisfied and probably never will be.”

I was astounded by his size. It just kept growing right in front of my eyes.

“Sorry kid,” he said,” once I release it it has a life of its own.”

I told him not to worry it was private in the yard. He said he really appreciated it and sorry for embarrassing me like this. I told him not to think anything of it, it was kinda fun hangin out with one of the crew and he should feel free to wear less tomorrow and not to get overheated. He said yeah he just might.

“Boy, those joints made me feel real good, pass over that bottle.”

I said “hold on be right back,” and ran inside to grab a large fresh bottle.

He smiled when I came back saying,” Boy, you’re playing with fire bringing those out.”

He took them and inhaled deeply for what must have been five minutes. The sight of his huge black nostrils flaring open was driving me wild. When he finished he passed them back to me and his cock was at full-length now. I was drenched through my shorts with precum. With the bottle in hand I kept inhaling while looking at his black bat bobbing between his legs. He looked so hungry just sitting there.

“Well, looks like another night without satisfaction but at least I feel great – nice and high and spaced boy,”he said.

I took one last huge whiff and dove down on his cock.

I had never felt so uninhibited. Everything was working overtime on me. My throat opened like a crater. I was on his cock like nothing ever before.

He jumped back saying,”what the fuck boy I’m no faggot,” grabbing my head and forcing my mouth down on his meat.

“Jesus boy you’re gonna pay for this good,” he said’” I told ya no one ever satisfied me and no man is gonna suck my cock without sufferin.”

He rammed my head down on his cock without mercy. I opened my throat and let it go staright down. All I saw was stars and I started spinning. I wanted this and I wanted it bad. There was nothing I wasn’t prepared to do for this black master.

“You little white fruit – you’re just what the guys said you were – a cocksucker,” he said fucking my face with complete abandon.

And, I took every mounting inch of it choking back the tears. I new I couldn’t swallow it all but would try as much as possible.

All I could hear was “Boy you’re doin better than any woman suckin that cock – keep goin down baby, make your black daddy feel real good whore.”

My head was out of control spinning and dazed. I just kept opening my throat and breathing hard. I knew there was no backing out now and I didn’t want to. With that, everything went black.

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