Gamma Gets Some Ch. 03

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Believe me when I tell you, I screamed as an orgasm roiled through me like a hurricane when I came. And, oh baby, did I cum as I rode my grandson, every inch of my body shaking. Once my pussy released its death-grip on Brandon’s rod, he resumed pumping upward. After my breathing got back to normal I breathed, “Cum for me, baby,” into his ear. I reached behind and lightly squeezed his balls. I held my fingers to my nose and breathed in his musky manliness. I squeezed his balls again.

That lit his fuse and in seconds he was shooting his seed into me. And then he was up and running to the bathroom to empty his bladder. I got up and stretched. My muscles were a little sore. Brandon had really worked me out. Nothing a hot both couldn’t fix, I mused, imagining the fun we could have. I waited for the sound of the toilet flushing and padded into the bathroom.

“I thought we could take a bath together,” I offered.

“Sure, Gamma,” Brandon agreed.

After I ran the water we stepped into the clawfoot tub I made Ted buy me when we moved into the house. We gingerly sank into the hot water. Brandon was in front of me, my breasts massaging his back. I grabbed a bar of soap and ran it all over Brandon’s body, admiring his muscles, my soapy hands caressing every inch of him.

I took his member in my hands and stroked it until he was hard. As I stroked him he lightly groaned and ground against me, his spine pressing my fingers against my joy buzzer, and waves of ecstasy washed over me. “Ah ah ah,” I gasped.

“Oooh, Gamma, you are such a sexy bitch,” Brandon moaned as he turned his head xslot around to face me. His heavy-lidded eyes burned with lust. Did my grandson really call me a sexy bitch? He did. A surge of pleasure crackled through my core..

I stroked his rod faster and harder. Brandon’s breathing was becoming shallow. And then his volcano erupted in my hand. I nibbled behind his ears as his body shuddered. “Oh, Gamma, Gamma,” he moaned.

“My turn,” I whispered into his ear, and we changed places. I shivered as I remembered the last time I had a man with me in the tub. Five years ago with Ted. Our sex life was great until Ted’s bitchy cousin Cheryl showed up. I hated her. So Ted saw her behind my back. Not that I cared who he fucked, as long as he didn’t try to hide it.

But that didn’t matter. All that mattered was the present. I guided Brandon’s hand from my breast to my pussy. He took the hint and began playing my clitty like a fiddle. My grandson was fingering with a finesse he’d obviously picked up from his father. I wondered if he’d practiced on his mother. The thought sent shivers of unspeakable delight up and down my spine. My daughter-in-law was a MILF, all right.

My hand covered his and soon water was splashing everywhere as our hands thrashed between my legs. “Come for me, Gamma,” Brandon moaned into my ear, his tongue tracing wild designs.

My ear is one of my hot spots. As his tongue lashed my ear, a Big-O bomb exploded in my pussy, sending waves of ecstasy throughout my body. I rode wave after wave until eventually I slowed down an eternity later. xslot Giriş I melted into Brandon’s arms.

Brandon nuzzled the crook between my neck and shoulder as he soaped me up. I loved the feel of his hands on my skin. After he’d cleaned me thoroughly, we lay there together. Ah, bliss! Eventually the water began to cool down, and then my tummy grumbled. I pulled the tub plug and we got out. Ted was not going to like the water bill.

While we toweled off I suggested we ride our dirt bikes through the trails and end up at the swimming pole and go for a swim. Brandon agreed. I had him feed the animals and get a couple of towels while I prepared breakfast. I cooked up eggs and hash. After all the sexercise of the last 24 hours, I was famished.

After breakfast Brandon went to get the dirt bikes ready while I brought the towels. Soon we were riding along trails my daddy made when he bought the property 60 years before. The hum of the bike’s engine added to the humming in my pussy. She was purring like a kitten.

Finally we made it to the swimming hole. We owned the north bank, the state, the south. So, technically we were about to break the law. But the general public hardly ever trekked this far-east. We quickly stripped and jumped into the water. We splashed and horsed around. It felt good to get the kinks out of my body.

We wrestled until he had me pinned against a boulder. Our mouths fused together as we grappled. He got my knees open and shoved his meat into my snatch. He thrust against me and my hips rose up to meet him. But that rock wasn’t xslot Güncel Giriş exactly comfortable, so I suggested we resume our lovemaking on the towels. Brandon readily agreed.

I told Brandon, Gamma wanted him to take her from behind. I dropped to my hands and knees and Brandon squatted behind me. He teased the mouth of my hungry kitty with the tip of his rod. I pushed my tush back at him. My pussy ached to be filled. I couldn’t take his teasing any more. “Fuck me,” I moaned.

“What’s the magic word, Gamma?” Brandon asked. Another trick he picked up from his father.

My pussy growled with hunger. “Please,” I breathed. “Please fuck me.”

My grandson responded by pushing his prod into my hot pussy. He bottomed out with a grunt. He ground his hips against me clockwise, while I ground back counter-clockwise. The friction between us sent sparks shooting from my nerve endings.

Brandon put more of his weight on me and I sank down until I was flat on my chest and belly. He continued pumping his rod into me, his hot breath in my ear. “Get ready to roll,” he said and the next thing I knew, we’d rolled until I was on my back on top of him. His dick never slipped out of my snizz.

I lifted my hips up and down on his hard pole. His hips met my tush with an upwards buck. I pulled myself up. My hips rolled back and forth to build the coming wave before I bent over and spread my legs until I was straddling him. Brandon lifted me by my butt and let me sink down on him with a hiss. Right away my hips were humping up and down on his pole.

And then Brandon was asking me to turn around. I did and leaned in to kiss him. Our mouths meshed together as I ground my pussy against my grandson’s rod. His hands cupped my butt, pulling me against him. He thrust upward with such force that he rolled us until I was on my back. His rod never slipped out.

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