Gambling Addiction

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The sign on the dock simply said, “Ferry to Lady Luck.” Tied to the dock was a sixty-five foot power launch. As the woman walked from the parking lot to the dock the older man in the ticket booth watched closely.

She was wearing tan slacks and a tan silk blouse. The toe of her tan shoes showed as did the bottom of her spiked heels. Her hair was honey blonde and shoulder length. She carried a dark brown Gucci bag in her right hand and there were two diamond rings on that hand. The outline of a lacy bra showed through the silk of her blouse and that bra appeared to be working hard to contain the breasts within. Every step caused the front of her blouse to shift from side to side.

At the ticket booth she stopped and handed the old man a ten dollar bill. He handed her an already torn ticket and buzzed her through the turnstile. He turned and watched her walk to the gangway and onto the boat. As he watched her walk he licked his lips. She was a looker.

On board Nita Hamilton walked forward and found a seat. As she sat down a young woman in a white uniform approached.

“May I get you something to drink or a snack?”

“White wine, please.”

In less than a minute the waitress was back with the white wine. No mention of payment was made and in fact if Nita had wanted to pay or tip it would have been politely refused. Nita sat quietly nursing the wine for a few minutes as other passengers boarded. As the clock in the ticket booth showed two o’clock the engines started and five minutes later the boat left the dock.

Nita Hamilton had been taking this boat once or twice a week for a month. She rode this boat out to the Lucky Lady to gamble. Her doctor husband had no idea where she went or how much she was spending each week. He was so mired in the politics and intrigue of the hospital that he only remembered he was married when there was an event that required that Doctor and Mrs. Hamilton be in attendance. Nita had lots of freedom and lots of money. She liked both.

The ride out to the Lucky Lady took half an hour. When it tied up next to the Lucky Lady Nita was the third passenger off. She knew the layout well and went directly to the cashier. She took $10,000 in cash from her purse and gave it to the cashier. She was given $9,000 in chips. The ship took ten percent of all the money brought on board. When someone cashed out at the end of their stay they got all the money they had won or all they had left.

Nita carried the chips in her purse. She went to a Texas Hold-um table and sat down.

An hour later Nita had $23,000 in chips in front of her. Three hours later Nita had $66,500 in chips and she took a break. She went towards the dining room and was met by Carlos, one of the casino supervisors.

“Hungry, Mrs. Hamilton?”

“Yes. I thought I’d get a nice sandwich or perhaps a salad.”

“May I offer you the use of one of our suites and room service?”

She agreed and followed Carlos to a nice suite with a table just inside a sliding glass door and another table just outside the door on a balcony. Carlos picked up the phone and then asked Nita what kind of salad she would like.

Two minutes later the salad arrived and was served on the balcony. Carlos told Mrs. Hamilton to take her time, enjoy her food and if she wanted anything else just pick up the phone. Then he left.

Nita ate and relaxed as well as she could. She used the bathroom and then was anxious to get back to the table. She had followed her pattern of gambling. She kept the chips in front of her in three stacks of ten chips. When she had four stacks she would put one stack in her purse. She remembered a line from an old Kenny Rogers song that said, “You never count your money while you’re sittin at the table,” so she never counted during her time on the ship.

She didn’t know it but the people watching the gambling with cameras in the ceiling were counting and they knew that for the day she was ahead $51,500, for the month she was down $45,600. It was important for their business to know.

As it started to get dark outside Nita’s alarm watch sounded and vibrated. She knew that if she cashed out now she could be on the six-thirty boat back and she would be home by eight. She also knew that her purse was empty. During the long afternoon she had lost the money she had been ahead and most of the $9,000 she started with.

Carlos sat down next to her.

“Mrs. Hamilton, may I have a word with you?”

“If I am going to be on the six-thirty boat back to the city I really don’t have time.” She said as she started to stand.

“Then may I walk with you?”


As they walked Carlos asked her if she had ever wondered about the casino portions of the boat where she had never been.

“No. I know about poker and slots and so I spend my time there.”

He invited her to look him up the next time she came to the Luck Lady and he would show her something he believed she would really find exciting and that he guaranteed would have her going home with escort bayan gaziantep more money than she came with. He also told her that anytime she would like she could stay in the suite where she had enjoyed lunch overnight.

She thanked him and boarded the boat for shore.

As the boat pulled away Carlos smiled. He knew she would be back.

When Nita arrived home the light on the answering machine was blinking. She touched the button and her husband’s voice could be heard.

“Nita, I won’t be home tonight. I have an early meeting in the morning and then a flight to Washington D.C. So I won’t be home tomorrow night either. Take care and I’ll call you when I get back.”

She hit the reset button and went upstairs. When she got to the bedroom she noticed that only her side of the bed was mussed. She hadn’t had Roger in her bed in a long time.

“It’s a good thing I get off gambling or I’d never get off.” She said out loud.

She stripped off her clothes and showered. She had stopped washing her panties months ago. She threw them away. Even with panty liners she soaked them whenever she gambled and her husband could afford for her to just throw the panties away when she took them off. So she tossed the panties in the trash and the rest of her clothes went into the hamper.

In the shower she rubbed her slit and brought herself to a climax without putting a finger inside. Every time she showered after being on the Lucky Lady she finished the evening with an orgasm in the shower. Sometimes she felt like a robot having a mechanical orgasm. It wasn’t exciting, it just relaxed her.

Ten minutes later she was in bed.

Nita volunteered with two different charities as a good doctor’s wife should do and the day after her trip to the Lucky Lady she worked with other good wives preparing for a charity auction and dinner. As she worked she wondered what other gambling Carlos had been talking about. She turned down three invitations for the next day so that she could go out to the Lucky Lady and find out.

* * * * *

“Welcome aboard Mrs. Hamilton.” Carlos said.

The old man at the ticket booth had called Carlos as soon as Mrs. Hamilton had boarded the boat. He made sure he was right there when she came aboard.

Nita was wearing a navy blue skirt and sweater outfit with navy and white 2″ pumps. She knew the sweater made her c cup breasts look a little bigger and she liked how the 2″ heels made her calves tighten up, just enough. Carlos offered her his arm and led her to an area of the boat where she had never been before. They arrived at a set of double doors with a guard standing beside them. On one door was a sign, “Authorized Persons ONLY.”

The guard opened the door and they went in. The room had three tables in it. On the closest table was a deck of cards. On the second table a wheel that reminded Nita of the wheel on “Wheel of Fortune.” The third table had a box on it with dice of two different colors in it.

“What’s all this?” Nita asked.

“This is a special gambling event that was invented right here. Those who have played have found it quite exciting. We call the game “Everybody Wins.” Let me tell you how it is played.”

He took her to the first table. “These are not ordinary cards because this is not an ordinary game. On each of these cards is one of five choices. The game is played by two people. One person is known as the recipient. The other is the gambler. The gambler picks one of these cards and hands it to the recipient. The gambler does not look at the card.”

Carlos spread the cards out on the table and picked one. He handed it to Nita. When she started to look at it he shook his head “No”.

He took her to the second table. She noticed that there were random dollar amounts around the wheel. They ranged from $20 to $200 in ten dollar increments.

“The gambler spins the wheel which selects the point value for the third step in the game.”

He spun the wheel and it landed on $50. He led Nita to the third table.

“Pick one die of each color.”

She did.

“Pick which color you want.”


“Roll the dice.”

The red die showed a four and the blue a five.

“At this point the gambler gets to make a choice. He can pay the points, which in this case is nine times the $50 or $450 and he gets what is on the card you are holding or he can decline and pay only the amount on your dice. That would be five times the $50 or $250. If he chooses that he cannot have what is on the card and must go back to the regular casino.”

“So the recipient gets $250 just for carrying the card?”

“No. If he pays the whole bet he gets whatever the card says, and he gets it from you.”

Nita looked at the card. It had one word on it. “Mouth” She looked up at Carlos.

“That means that if I had paid the $450 dollars you would be obligated to use your mouth to get me off as many times as possible in two hours. You would get $250.”

“Oh my God. That means that I am betting my sexual services in this game with someone I may not even know. I don’t even know what I will be doing until the end.”

“You do have some control. Each of the recipients who play this game is allowed to remove one of the five card types from the deck. The five cards are “Mouth,” “Pussy,” “Ass,” “Hand” and “Anything.” Back here are six rooms for the payoff. Each is a suite with bed, couch, bathroom, champagne, snacks and a variety of sexual aides like lube, condoms and vibrators.”

Carlos opened one of the doors and Nita noticed that the room was very spacious and nice.

“When a couple enters the room a timer is set and it rings twice. Once after 90 minutes and then again after two hours. When it rings the second time the couple must exit. If they are not dressed they must exit anyway and whoever is here in this room may watch them get dressed. That has only happened twice in two years.”

Carlos closed the door to the suite and they walked back toward the entry. A bell rang softly and the door opened. As a couple entered Carlos spoke to Nita.

“If you are quiet I can let you watch the game as it is played.”

Nita nodded and they stopped at the first table.

The man spread the cards around for a few seconds and picked one. The woman picked it up and tucked it inside the bra portion of her halter top. The couple looked at each other and smiled. The man guided the woman to the second table. He spun the wheel and it stopped at $110.

The woman was obviously excited about the dollar amount.

They went to the third table and the man picked up two dice, showing them to the woman.

“Blue.” She said.

The man tossed the dice on the table. They stopped with Blue four and red three. He paid Carlos $770 in chips and Carlos told the woman that her $440 would be at the cashier when they were done.

The woman pulled the card out of her halter and handed it to the man. He said, “Anything!” And showed the card to Carlos and the woman. He then led her to the room he picked and they went in. When the door closed they heard a buzzer.

“That lets them know what buzzer sound is theirs.”

Nita didn’t say anything. She was focused on her body reaction to the game. By the time the man had paid his $770 she was so wet the panty liner she was wearing was on overflow. When the man had said, “Anything” she had a small orgasm and felt her own lubrication running slowly down her legs.

“There is one more aspect of the betting you need to know about. If the man rolls a one on his die he pays double the amount on the recipient die and the recipient gets it all. If he rolls a one on the recipient die she gets $1500 and again the house gets nothing. If he rolls snake eyes, the recipient gets two hundred dollars and they cannot use the suite at all.”

“Can I ask a question?” Nita asked.

“Yes, of course.”

“Can we play the game? I am so hot from watching all this that I need some release.”

Carlos smiled and asked Nita if she was serious. She replied that she was and Carlos asked if she would be willing to play with one of the men on board who would like to play.

Nita’s mind went in five directions at once, considering the consequences and the possible consequences of saying “yes” to Carlos.

She nodded.

Carlos went to the phone on the wall and spoke quietly into it. Less than two minutes went by and the doors opened and a distinguished man of about fifty entered with a very big smile on his face.

Nita looked him over as he entered. He was nice looking. He wore expensive shoes, expensive slacks and a very nice shirt. He was a few inches taller than Nita and the slight graying at his temples made her think of him as wise and kind. She smiled at him.

He walked to her and took her hand. As he kissed her hand he said, “I am Tim. I’m pleased to meet you.”

Carlos spoke, “This is my friend Alice.”

Carlos guided them to the first table. Tim looked at the cards and reached into the spread lifting a single card and giving it to “Alice.”

“Alice” noticed her emotions wanted her to look at the card. She realized that part of the rush of this game was the not knowing what the prize might be. Like the woman she had watched earlier she took the card and tucked it inside her blouse and bra. She didn’t look.

Tim put his hand on her back and gently guided her to table number two. He spun the wheel and it made three full revolutions before stopping. The last two spaces were $30 and $120. When the wiper clicked into the $120 space Nita wanted to jump up and down. She didn’t. Instead she felt a new wet flow start down her legs.

Again Tim’s strong hand guided her to the next table.

“Alice, please pick two dice for me.” Tim said.

She picked a red and a blue dropping them into Tim’s open hand. As they dropped she looked in his face and said, “Blue.”

Tim winked at her and tossed the dice against the far end of the table. Like a craps table this table had a short wall around it and an interior of deep green felt. The dice hit the wall and Nita held her breath until they stopped.

The red stopped first at a two. The blue rolled over three more times and stopped at a six. Nita’s mind immediately knew that translated to Tim paying $960 and Nita receiving $720. She took Tim’s arm and smiled at him.

Tim reached into his pocket and brought out ten five-hundred dollar chips. He handed Carlos two.

“Now the suspense can end.”

Tim reached inside Nita’s blouse and pulled the card from her bra.

Nita noticed the warmth of his hand and the gentleness of his touch. He did not grope her. He didn’t linger in her blouse or in her bra. She wondered if she ought to take that as a compliment or not. She decided that the man had just paid almost a thousand dollars to have sex with her. It was a compliment.

Tim felt the heat coming from “Alice” as he reached into her blouse. He liked what he felt. This lady took care of herself. The card stuck to her breast and came loose suddenly. Tim made that mean she was a little excited. He also noticed that he was a little bit excited too.

He tossed the card on the table in front of them. The word “ANYTHING” in red capitol letters emblazoned the card.

Carlos picked up the card and put it in a card holder on the door to suite number five. He opened the door and Tim guided “Alice” through the door.

As soon as the door closed they heard a low buzzing sound. It lasted about fifteen seconds.

“May that sound take a long time to return.” Tim said, holding his hands in the pose of prayer.

Nita started undressing. Tim watched. He liked watching her hurry. He noticed the wetness of her legs and that her bush was matted and wet. As soon as she was nude Tim pointed her toward the bathroom and said, “Shower. “

When she turned on the water he stripped. He entered the bathroom nude and watched “Alice” enter the shower. He liked what he saw. She was tall enough that she would fit well dancing, standing and lying down. He already knew that and now he knew that the breasts he had seen through her clothes were not being held up by her bra but were still mostly upright on their own. “Alice” soaped her body and scrubbed the residue of her own fluids from her legs.

Tim watched her every move and got harder with anticipation. Then he joined her in the shower.

Nita knew that a man, not her husband, was watching her in the shower. She knew him as Tim and he knew her as Alice. Neither name was probably real, and neither mattered at all. She wanted this. She told herself that she had won this bet, and so had Tim. She washed her pussy three times while Tim watched.

When he stepped into the shower “Alice” really looked at his body for the first time. He was hairier that her husband and grayer. Just under his right nipple was a round scar about the size of a shirt button. She wondered about it and decided they weren’t here for questions like that. They were here for sex.

So, she looked at his equipment. In the last fifteen years she had seen two penises. One belonged to her husband and one to her next door neighbor. Tim was about the same size as her husband. She had only seen her neighbor flaccid and she had not seen Tim that way yet. His cock looked like it needed attention as it moved under the spray of the shower. Nita had a soapy cloth in her hand and she washed Tim from top to bottom, front and back. She paid special attention to his cock until he stopped her saying, “I don’t want to cum that way.”

When they were both clean she dropped to her knees and sucked his cock into her mouth. He thought she wanted to suck it off his body. She sucked it all in and sucked hard. Nita’s tongue probed the slit in his crown and her hands massaged his balls and shaft. Tim could feel in her urgency that she was filled with long suppressed sexual energy. He smiled and felt very powerful.

Nita knew that every time she had oral sex with her husband she had been able to get him off in less than a minute. Now she was sucking Tim and her jaw was getting sore. He was enjoying what she was doing but wasn’t even close to cumming. She stopped thinking about wanting him to cum and started thinking about her own pleasure. With one hand still holding his shaft she used the other hand to reach into her own pussy and found her opening.

Tim put his hands on her face and pulled “Alice” off his cock. He shut off the water and helped her out onto the bathroom floor. With a very large and warm bath sheet he dried her and then himself before leading her to the big bed.

He took her in his arms, pressing his erection against her and holding her encircled in his arms. She tilted her head and kissed him.

“Fuck me, please.” She whispered.

Tim smiled and released her.

“Kneel on the bed.”

She did, showing him her ass and pussy.

Tim slipped on a condom with a practiced hand and used his hands to open her lips and rub the head of his cock in her moisture. She felt the head as it slid across her clit and against her vaginal opening. It felt wonderful and it frustrated her. She wanted him inside her.

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