Gail Hodges

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I should have known better, sex had gotten me into trouble before and probably would again, but it was always well worth it.

I was in the dorm, asleep in my bed when I felt a warm, soft creature slip under the covers beside me. She was nude and felt wonderful. The aroma of an expensive French perfume filled my head. I started to say something, but she shushed me and whispered, in a soft smooth Southern drawl, “Quiet, you’ll wake your roommate. Just lay there and enjoy.”

With that, she disappeared under the covers. I felt her hands first, and then her mouth on my rigid cock. It had jumped to attention the moment she got in my bed. I didn’t know who the hell she was, and I didn’t care. My mind was already dancing in the disco of carnal delight. As far as I could tell, she was an expert at what she was doing. I thought to myself, “Why not make the most of it?” So, I pulled her body around so that my mouth had access to her pussy and dove in.

When my tongue touched her clit, she bit me. There was a muffled “MMMFFF” from under the covers before she continued her expert ministrations. I had my arms around her waist, holding her pussy tight against my mouth and she was squirming and sucking for all she was worth. Suddenly, her entire body went tense; she stopped wiggling and even let my dick fall out of her mouth. There was another series of muffled “oohs and aahs,” just before my face was flooded with her juice. I could hear her gasping for breath under the covers for a moment or two before she attacked my cock with renewed vigor. Only moments later I followed her into the land of euphoria, bucking like a madman, spewing my cum everywhere.

When it was over, she quietly got out of bed and I could hear the rustle of clothing as she got dressed. She kissed me on the cheek and whispered, “Happy birthday, darling, and thank you.” She was gone in a flash, leaving me to wonder who the hell she was, and what the hell had happened. I wish it really had been my birthday.

This was only my second day at the University of Florida but I already knew I was going to like it. I couldn’t help but wonder if this was standard treatment for freshmen. I was 23 years old, fresh out of the Navy and studying meteorology with a minor in communications under the GI Bill.

The next morning, Tom, the roommate I had only met the day before, was in a sour mood. I asked him what was wrong.

“I’ll tell you what’s wrong. Yesterday was my birthday and my so-called girlfriend, Gail, didn’t call me or even bother to send a card. Well, she can go fuck herself!”


I had to find ‘Gail’ and tell her what happened before the shit hit the fan. While Tom was showering, I looked in his address book and found a ‘Gail Hodges’ with an Atlanta Georgia address and telephone number. From the pay phone in the hall, I called the number. A woman, that I am sure was Gail’s mother, in almost the same soft southern drawl that I recognized from last night, told me that Gail was a student at the University of Florida. She had only left home yesterday morning to drive back to school after the summer vacation. She gave me Gail’s cell phone number and the address of her off campus apartment.

I called Gail and told her I had to see her about a matter of great importance concerning Tom. We made a date to meet in one of the student conference rooms later that afternoon. I made her promise not to see or talk to Tom until we had an opportunity to chat. I didn’t tell her I was his roommate.

I had no idea how to explain what had happened. I finally convinced myself it wasn’t my fault, I had only done what she told me to do and what any other, red blooded, horny, virile, underhanded, American male would have done. I knew her approximate size and what she smelled like. Hell, I even knew what she tasted like but nothing else about her.

When I approach the girl sitting where we had arranged to meet, I was pleasantly surprised. She was a very pretty, petite, blue eyed, blond, about my age. I later found out she was even older than me and was a senior in law school. She was wearing jeans and a calypso style blouse, tied in the front which showed off her very stunning figure to advantage. She had a very healthy, rosy, glow in her cheeks that I attributed to some mecidiyeköy escort recent activity that she might have been engaged in.

She stood up, and smiled as I approached. She extended her hand and said, in the soft Southern voice I remembered so well from last night, “Are you Kent, the friend of Tom’s that called me?”

Her smile turned to a frown and then to a look of dismay when I said, “Yes, but I’m not his friend, I’m his new roommate. I only met him yesterday when I moved into the dorm. I need to talk to you about what happened last night.”

Now, there was a look of horror on her face with she mumbled, “Oh my God, I knew something was wrong. He never did that to me before. It was you, wasn’t it?”

I think I was smirking when I replied, “There is no need look so self-righteous, at least it was mutual. Her frown left, and she smiled a little when I continued, “I just hope you enjoyed it as much as I did. Now that we know each other so well perhaps we can do it again sometime.”

Her answer surprised me, especially when she didn’t close the door on my suggestion for a rematch. “I knew it was different, but I thought maybe he had matured and grown a little over the summer. I didn’t think the taste was the same somehow, a little sweeter and there was a hell of a lot more. He is, or was, the only man I had done that to so I had nothing to compare it with. I should have known that he would never reciprocate like that.” Now, she laughed a little and put her hand on my arm when she said, “And you’re right, I did like it, very much.”

I was having a hard time believing this sweet young thing was talking about an accidental blowjob and me eating her pussy as if we were discussing afternoon tea. She went on, “You know, I did enjoy it and wouldn’t mind a repeat performance, but I wouldn’t do that to Tom. I need to talk to him and make amends.”

That evening, Tom was really pissed. “That bitch is so full of shit I never want to see her again. I know and least three other girls that would like for me to screw them. Where does she get off telling me I am not a real man if I won’t eat her pussy? Fuck her, there are lots of other fish in the sea.”

The next day I called Gail again. “I’m glad you called, Kent. Tom and I had a real blow up on the phone yesterday. It ended up by me telling him to go screw himself and he slammed the phone down. I think were finished. Anyway, I don’t need him if your offer is still open. How about you taking me to dinner and a movie?”

When I hesitated she said, “You don’t have a car do you?” When I told her I didn’t, she said she would pick me up in front of the dorm at 6:00 PM sharp.

I was standing on the curb when she came gliding up in a beautiful, two year old, Lincoln town car. She explained, “Daddy gets a new one every year. He passes his old one down to Mom and she recycles hers to me.”

We had a quiet dinner in a little, out of the way, bistro. A bottle of wine later, I was ready to climb the walls. She would look deep into my eyes, stick her tongue out and lick her lips. She would put a French fry into her mouth and slowly slip it in and out, mimicking what she had done to me the other night. The winds of coitus were blowing cobwebs across my mind, obliterating any rational thoughts I might have.

Back in her car, she asked me to drive. The moment I got behind the wheel in the parking lot her hands found my hard dick. She unzipped my pants and pulled it out. By the moonlight, I could see a gleam in her eye. “To hell with the movies, let’s go to my apartment.”

She slid up close and kissed me. My hand moved between her legs and I found she wasn’t wearing any panties. Her pussy was just as wet as my cock was hard. On the way to her place, she dipped her head into my lap a couple of times. I thought I would lose my rocks, but she kept me well under control. At one point she was pushing against my fingers and breathing so hard I thought she was going to cum.

We finally made it to a very posh, two-bedroom apartment in the better part of town. There was a light showing under one of the closed bedroom doors. “Don’t worry, it’s my roommate, Gloria. We have an understanding and she will stay in her room as long as I have company.”

She şişli escort led me into her bedroom. The moment the door closed, she stripped off her clothes and jumped into bed. “Okay, let’s do it again only this time I want to see it all.”

So she watched as I stripped off my clothes, lay down on the bed and helped her to straddle my face. She was holding onto the headboard, looking down at me. She could see me looking up at the underside of her breasts as my tongue began its tentative probing of her pussy. I saw her eyes close and felt her quiver when I found her clitoris. She had an orgasm almost immediately but I held her in place with my arms around her hips, feeling her twitch each time I touched her clit with my tongue.

After quite a few minutes of this she finally freed herself and whimpered, “Oh my God, stop, stop, I can’t take anymore. Let me slide down and sit on your cock.” I found that more than acceptable so she did. She was grinding up-and-down, back and forth, fucking me, when she leaned over and kissed me. She didn’t seem to mind that my lips and face were covered with the juice she had secreted.

She had a second climax just about the same time I had my first. Later, we were lying in each other’s arms, basking in the afterglow of lovemaking, when she said, “If I asked you to do me a really big favor would you?”

The cobwebs were still there, clouding my judgment. “I guess so, what is it?” She knew damn well that I wouldn’t deny her anything at this point.

“Wait there, I’ll be right back.”

She threw on a robe and disappeared into the living room. Since there was a bath adjoining this room, I assumed she was going to the kitchen. My mind began to fantasize about what sexual delights the kitchen might hold. Whipped cream, chocolate sauce, strawberries? Not a banana or a cucumber, I hoped.

She was gone for quite a few minutes. When she returned she said, “Kent, you said you would do this favor for me, and it is really a big one.”

I was smiling and with visions of honey being licked off my dick I said, “Anything at all you want. I am yours to command.”

“I want you to eat Gloria’s pussy. She is almost a virgin. The only time she ever had sex was six years ago when her brother raped her. She is afraid of men and has never had an orgasm.”

I wasn’t sure what to say. “I’m not adverse to doing it, but I think it would be nice to get to know the person first. Who is Gloria?”

“That’s not what happened with me. Gloria is my roommate.”

She had a point. “Okay, bring her on.”

“One thing, she is very shy and wants the lights off.”

Oh, oh. I had visions of a 300 lb. walrus sitting on my face, but Gail said, “She is small like me, a little skinny but very pretty in a mousy sort of way. I think you will like her.”

There was a light rap on the door. Gail turned out the light and said, “Come in, don’t be afraid. He is very gentle and I know you will like it.”

I could hear then rustling around in the dark and felt someone get into bed with me. I knew when I touched her it wasn’t Gail. Every muscle in her body was tense and she was shaking. I told her, “Don’t be afraid, I won’t hurt you and if I do something you don’t like, tell me and I will stop.”

Gail was arranging things by the faint moonlight that was coming through the window. I could see a pale, nude figure lying on the bed next to me. My hand brushed her breasts and there was an audible intake of breath. Gail moved my hand down and placed it on Gloria’s pussy. It was hot and dry. Gail whispered, “Open your legs and let him touch you there.”

Gail pushed my head around so I got the idea that she wanted me to kiss Gloria’s tits. I did, and was rewarded by feeling her nipple harden in my mouth. There was a series of gasps, one each time I swirled my tongue around the aureole. “Kiss her stomach and then her pussy,” ordered the tour director.

I knew enough about what I was doing that I didn’t need written instructions, but I think Gail enjoyed being the implement of Gloria’s seduction. I kissed my way down from her hard little nipples to her hard flat stomach and then to the small nest of hair that was protecting her pussy. She resisted my attempt to open her legs and only gave in when taksim escort Gail told her to. I tentatively pushed my tongue into her slit. I was not accustomed to encountering a dry pussy at this stage of the proceedings.

I licked a little and wiggled my tongue around in it until I could finally detect the slightest trace of moisture. Her entire body was still tense. I knew that she was trying to enjoy it, but just didn’t know how. I kept it up, kissing her and caressing her as softly and gently as I could. I began to detect an increase in the liquid she was producing and her clitoris had begun to swell just a little. Each time I touched it with my tongue she would stiffen and then relax.

I could hear Gail cooing, “Come on baby, relax and enjoy it. Once you do it, it’s the most wonderful feeling in the world.”

I looked up and could see Gail fondling Gloria’s breasts, rubbing the palms of her hands on the nipples. Once she even bent down and sucked on one for a moment. Gloria began to respond to my tongue. Each time I stuck in her, she moved a little more and took a deep breath. After a few minutes, she was pushing herself hard against my face and gasping for breath.

Gail was right alongside of her, caressing her breasts and whispering in her ear, “That’s it baby, cum for me. I want you to feel as good as he made me feel.”

She did, I never saw anyone cum so hard and so completely. I think she actually passed out for a few seconds.

By the moonlight from the window I could see Gail smiling as she pulled my head up and kissed me, full on the mouth without regard for the wetness left by Gloria. “Now, I want you to rest for while and then fuck her, just like you did me.

I lay in the bed on my back with the two women by my side, one on each arm. Gloria spoke for the first time since coming into the room, whispering in my ear, “Thank you. I’ll never forget that.”

Gail said, “You still have another treat coming. I want you to get up and straddle his legs.” Once again, the entertainment director went to work. She positioned Gloria so her pussy was directly over the head of my swollen cock. “Now, slowly lower yourself down until it is all the way inside of you.”

Her pussy was so tight that, even with the copious lubrication created by my mouth, she was having trouble complying with instructions, but by going down a short way and then raising back up a few times she finally reached the desired goal. “Now, rock back and forth a little. That’s it. God, I’m so hot watching this I’m going to sit on his face.” To me, “You don’t mind, do you Kent?”


“I didn’t think so.”

They were both rocking back and forth on me facing each other, one on my cock, and the other on my face. Gloria was so tight she had me on the brink of orgasm in a very short while. Just as I thought I couldn’t hold off any longer, Gail began to grunt, “Oh, soon Kent. Oh yes, keep doing that.”

Then, Gloria piped in very loudly. “God yes, me too, ooohhh!”

I was determined to make them both cum, but I didn’t want to be left out. I felt Gail stiffen. She made a few, short guttural grunts and just as suddenly relaxed. A moment later, Gloria let most of the neighborhood know she was cumming. Her screams were very distracting, but not enough to keep me from filling her pussy with my seed. I know that she could feel the sperm spurting from my dick because, she gasped with each pulse.

It was two days later when I finally met Gloria in the daylight. She was, just as Gail had described her, very pretty but a little skinny.

Gail and I continued to see each other until she graduated in the spring. We dated almost every night and fell into the pleasant routine of having dinner at her apartment every Sunday, followed by a marathon sexual threesome.

Over the Christmas holidays, Gloria went home and confronted her brother. He was lucky; she only broke his arm and shoulder when she hit him with the baseball bat. She was aiming for his head. By the end of the semester she had filled out nicely and lost most of her shyness.

I graduated two years later and applied for a meteorologist job with a major cruise ship line. I’ll tell you about that some other time.


Copyright © 01-20-2001 by E. J. Sheeran. All rights reserved. This work, in part, or whole, is not to be distributed, reproduced, transmitted or posted, in any manner, without the express written permission of the author.

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