Gabe and Fletcher chapter 2_(1)

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Fletcher woke up and the first thing he saw was Gabe’s sleeping face. Gabe was so cute when he was asleep. Fletcher pulled the covers they were sharing further down to discover that the bed was still pretty sticky, and it smelled lovely.

Fletcher looked at Gabe’s hot body, and put his arm to stroke his cheek. He moved his hand down his soft body, to end up by Gabe’s penis. Fletcher checked to see if Gabe was still sleeping, then he stroked his penis. He could feel his own penis gaining an erection, and he smiled. He tucked himself closer to Gabe as he saw Gabe was getting an erection. He put his penis next to Gabe’s and soon their boners were laying side by side. Fletcher grabbed ahold of both of them with one hand and pumped them slowly.

Suddenly, Gabe opened his eyes to see what Fletcher was doing. When he realized it, he just smiled, as he felt the lovely sensation go through his body.

After they had played a little more, they went to the park to see if there was someone they knew out there.

Fletcher lead the way through the park, holding Gabe’s hand as he was walking. Suddenly, he spotted some movement in the bushes. He let go of Gabe’s hand and walked slowly towards the bush. He walked around the bush, to see a little boy sitting there. The boy seemed to be a few years younger than the two, and he had dark hair.

Fletcher put his hand on the boy’s shoulder, and the boy turned quickly. Fletcher was shocked at what he saw. The boy had his pants pulled down, and he was covering his crotch with one hand. The boy looked really scared, but Fletcher sat down and calmed the boy down. He got to know that the boy’s name was Luke (( Yes, this is Luke from Jessie )). Gabe and Fletcher decided to take Luke home, to talk to him about what he should and shouldn’t do.

As they got back in Gabe’s room, they all sat down on the bed. Luke between the two older boys.
– You know, you can’t sit in the middle of the park and jack off like that, Fletcher said, with a small grin on his Taksim Escort face. The boy looked embarrassed. He had told them that he didn’t know where his family was, and he had been walking around the park for days. He had gotten some food with the money he had, but he had just ran out of money, and he was dirty.

Fletcher lead the boy to the bathroom, shutting the door behind them. Gabe had a big shower, large enough for both Fletcher and Luke to fit in there at the same time, Fletcher thought, as he smiled a bit.

Luke was shaking, and looked really scared where he stood. Fletcher figured he’d help out. He went over to Luke and pulled the boy’s shirt off. He looked at the boy’s exposed upper body, and his penis made a slight jump in his pants. He looked to the boy’s face, who didn’t look like he didn’t want Fletcher to do what he was doing, so he unzipped the boy’s pants and pulled them down.

Fletcher suddenly noticed something going on. There was a bulge showing from Luke’s underwear, and it was pretty obvious he had a boner. Fletcher just smiled at Luke, who gave him a shy look back.
Fletcher pulled off the boy’s socks and placed all his clothes in a pile. The then proceeded to pull the boy’s underwear down slowly, getting a good look at his equipment.

The boner seemed to be just a bit smaller than his own, at about three inches, standing proud from the boy’s crotch. The boy turned around to hide his erection, which didn’t really make Fletcher less turned on. Fletcher looked at the boy’s butt, as he smiled at the perfectness. His butt was really smooth, and was just the right size.
– Do you want me to get in there with you? Fletcher asked, hoping for a yes.
– You can if you want to… the boy said shyly.

That was enough for Fletcher. He pulled his clothes off, and went into the shower along with Luke. Luke reached Fletcher to about his chin area, and Fletcher smiled as he turned on the water. He saw the water running down the boy’s body – and – dripping from Taksim Escort Bayan his erection.

As Fletcher looked down, he noticed that he had a full grown erection himself, and Luke stared at it, as if he wanted to eat it. Fletcher pulled down some soap, and started soaping up himself. He felt really selfish, so he started soaping up Luke at the same time, pulling him closer.

Luke seemed to be enjoying this attention, and Fletcher kept soaping up his body. As he reached the boy’s penis, he was almost cumming hands-free. Fletcher smiled, as he soaped up the boy’s dick. He grabbed ahold of the smooth dick and started pumping it. Luke moaned in pleasure, as he experienced something he had never experienced before. Fletcher kept pumping the boy’s dick, and suddenly, he heard the boy moan louder than ever, as he twitched and shook. He was obviously having an orgasm, even though nothing was coming out of his penis.

Fletcher smiled at Luke, who smiled back. Fletcher stood back up, and Luke did something unexpected. He got on his toes and kissed Fletcher for at least ten seconds, before he pulled back and got on his knees. Suddenly, Fletcher felt his dick being pushed into a wet, warm cavern. He looked down, as he saw the boy’s mouth around his hairless penis. He started rocking his hips back and forth, and he was sure that he was about to cum. He felt the sensation through his body, as he released three small squirts of semen into the boy’s mouth.

The boy looked back up to Fletcher, and stood back up, giving his penis a last squeeze with his hand. Luke kissed Fletcher, allowing him to taste his own cum, and Fletcher almost instantly got a new boner – straight after cumming.

Suddenly, Gabe entered the room, seeing the two boys kissing in the shower. He was silent as he shut the door behind him and got naked. The boys were still kissing, and Gabe slowly opened the door to the shower and stood behind Fletcher.

Gabe gave his semi-hard penis a few strokes to get Escort Taksim it fully hard, and then grabbed some soap and put it on his penis, along with some of his mom’s baby oil. He then placed it in front of Fletcher’s crack and pushed it in. Fletcher moaned and pulled back from the kiss, turning to see what had happened. He saw Gabe’s face smiling, and he nodded back, smiling, and giving him a small kiss on the cheek.

Luke felt left out, so he grabbed some of the baby oil and used it to lube up Fletcher’s dick. He then bent a bit over in front of Fletcher’s hard penis, and Fletcher thrusted inside the boy.

Fletcher was loving this. He had a penis in his butthole, and his penis was in another boy’s butthole. He thrusted back and forth, moaning from intense pleasure that he had never before discovered. He heard the boy in front of him moan as well, and sometimes he even heard phrases such as “Oh god, that hurts” and “No! I don’t want to”, but he also heard things such as “Oh yes! It’s so good!” and “Don’t stop!”.

Suddenly, he heard Gabe moaning loudly behind him, before he felt a wet sensation inside of his butt. Gabe had just cummed inside of Fletcher’s butthole. That was it for Fletcher, and he gave a last big thrust far into Luke’s butthole, making him scream loudly from pain and pleasure as he fired several bursts of cum inside Luke. Luke moaned as Fletcher pulled out, and Fletcher realized that the boy had experienced not only one, but several orgasms during the period of their sexual affairs.

The three then got together and kissed each other at the same time, making love with their tongues as they were all hard again. This time it was Gabe’s turn. He got on his knees before Luke, and sucked his dick. Luke seemed to be in heaven, and he had his eyes closed, thrusting back and forth. Fletcher grabbed ahold of his dick and pumped it, watching the two boys having fun. Then he looked at Luke’s face as he realized Luke was having an orgasm, and Gabe was still going.

Luke moaned loudly, and Fletcher was at his limit as he squirted his cum all over Gabe’s head and Luke’s crotch. Gabe pulled back and they then proceeded to clean themselves off and go to take a nap in Gabe’s bedroom.

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