Fun with Uncle Jerry 01 – Margaret

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Jerry had been having an affair with Margaret for nearly five years.

He’d always been attracted to his brother’s wife. They say a woman “blossoms” in her 20s, but as Margaret approached 50, she seemed to take on a new sensuality: Her face shone more brightly, the salt-and-pepper hair color suited her skin tone, her boobs strained at her buttons, and her ass filled her skirts with a delectable bounce. Perhaps it was Margaret becoming more comfortable with her sexuality and not being afraid to ask for what she wanted. Perhaps it was just Jerry’s point of view, being mid-40s himself, but he found he could not keep his hands off of her. Fortunately, she felt the same way about him.

As he went down on her now-familiar pussy, he knew exactly when to tease and when to dive in; when to go slow and when to lash her clit; when to let his tongue do all the work and when to lay on top and plunge his cock it’s full 7-inches into her cunt. Through sweet experience, he knew how to read her signals, and she did love guiding him through her mounting passion.

At the moment, Margaret was content to let her fingers curl in his hair, holding his face against her slowly rocking pelvis. Jerry inhaled the musk that clung to her slightly graying pubic hair. She loved it when he took his time. His tongue draped across her clit, pressing it with long, slow licks while two fingers eased their way in and out of her heated pussy.

Jerry felt his dick fill with blood as his mouth made love to this sensuous woman. As much as he wanted to fuck her with deep thrusts of his hard cock, her moans and gasps told him that his patience would be rewarded very soon.

It took only a few moments for her to feel her body’s response. Her gasps turned to grunts and her hips started rocking faster. Her grip tightened in his hair as he added a third finger to her depths, stretching her as he pumped her more quickly.

Margaret was not as vocal as some women. She did not talk dirty or scream to announce her orgasm, but when it arrived, it was quite obvious, all the same.

With her hips bucking and her fingers tearing at his hair, her grunts grew more frequent; closer together, until they merged into a deep growl that began at her core and grew like the sounds of a tiger, closing in on its prey. The growl got louder, until her mouth opened and the sound emerged as a shout.

“AH. AH. AH. AH.” She could not think, could not stop, with each thrust of his fingers and each flick of his tongue. In seconds she was grinding into his face at blinding speed. “AHAHAHAHAHAAAAAAH.”

Then the sound quieted. Her muscles relaxed. Her grasp, once more, became a caress.

Jerry Rus Escort licked her hood softly as her clit retreated. His fingers slid from her, covered in her delicious fluids, which he sucked ravenously.

“Kiss me,” she said softly.

He planted a long, wet kiss on her soaked pubic hair.

Her hips twitched. “Up here.”

He lifted his eyes over her mound to see her tapping one finger on her lips. Her hazel eyes still spoke of lingering lust.

He moved up her body, enjoying the feeling of the sweat between them; a natural lubricant as his chest slid over hers. Her breasts were full and heaving, the large pink nipples pointing to the sides of his face as they dropped slightly to each side. He kissed one, sucking gently, before moving to the other side, giving it the same attention.

She moaned, writhing her sensitive tits under him as her fingers held the back of his head and pulled him to her mouth. Their kiss was deep and passionate.

“You are a great lover, Jerry. So patient and tender. You take the time to make my nipples hard and my pussy wet and my desire burn. I love my husband, but sometimes wish you could teach him … whatever it is you do. I’m afraid it’s too late for that.”

It was a familiar litany that he never tired of hearing. He nudged the head of his erect cock against her warm entrance. “Is your desire burning now, Meg?”

She smiled and her heart quickened. She did love the way Jerry fucked. She bent her knees around his butt, opening herself to him and pushing forward. He felt her flesh, still hot and wet with her cum, surround his head. He pushed back, sliding deeper. She gasped and grabbed his ass.

“Yes, Jerry. Take me, darling.”

Margaret dug her fingers into his firm ass, pulling him into her. Though hard, his cock slid easily into her wide, open cunt. Her wetness sucked at him as he moved deeper.

“Your pussy is so hot, Meg. So wet. I can feel it opening to me.”

She arched her back to give him a better angle. She felt his dick drag across her clit as he pushed his full length into her, making her quiver. And again, when he pulled out.

He began fucking her with a steady rhythm, rasping across her clit and pushing deeper with each lunge. Margaret began grunting in time to his thrusts. Her tits bounced across her chest and Jerry leaned forward to fill his mouth at one breast. The areola swelled as he sucked hard, letting his tongue massage the large nipple.

Her grunts getting louder, Margaret dragged his head to her other breast where he sucked and licked that nipple, while pumping his Sincan Escort dick into her, harder and harder.

He felt his cock swelling, the ridge of the head dragging against the sensitive bumps lining her vagina.

Margaret fucked him back with intense twitching as she grunted faster and faster.

His balls tightened, but he struggled to delay their release. Then he heard her start to growl and he began slamming himself into her. The squishing sounds between them grew in counterpoint to her growl, until she flexed, pushing down, forcing herself over his cock which throbbed as his cum spewed into her.


“OH, FUCK, MEG!” he twitched with every breath, firing more shots into her steaming cunt.

She caressed his back, savoring their tandem descent from their orgasms. Jerry recovered his breath as he slid from inside her. He rolled off, laying on his side, cuddled against her, his head settled onto her breasts.

“How is it,” he asked her, not quite rhetorically, “that it gets better every time?”

Margaret sighed, cuddling his face to her tits. “It’s what I’ve always said, darling. It’s your attention to my needs; your participation in my orgasm without an agenda or ego.” She kissed him. “It’s why I keep coming back.” She chuckled, “And why I keep cumming.”

Jerry let his fingers tease her pubic hair.

“In that case, I’m glad I can be here for you, Meg.”

Margaret sighed, taking a deep breath as preparation for a conversation she’d been putting off.

“Jerry, I need some advice.”

“Sell your Tesla stock, now.”

She smiled. “Besides that. I’m worried about Rachel.”

“Your daughter? Why?”

“She’s 19 years old and starting community college in the fall. Lots of new people and new experiences.”

“Yes. That’s good, right?”

“Jerry, she’s a virgin.”

He blinked for a minute. “Isn’t that usually a good thing? It means she’s being careful, responsible.”

Margaret shook her head. “We’ve talked about it. She’s terrified of men, Jerry. She’s heard the stories and read the internet, all about sexual harassment, and abuse, and rape.”

“Those are all valid things to be afraid of.”

“Every woman is afraid of those things. It’s why we go jogging in groups and don’t take free drinks in a bar and keep the pepper spray in hand when talking to a strange man. It’s a horrible side effect of life, but we adapt. Rachel has chosen to lock herself off, so to speak. She sees every man as a monster and every potential date as a chance to be raped. She is afraid they will use her and hurt her and treat Sıhhiye Escort her like shit.”

“The odds are not in her favor.”

Meg put her hand on his cheek. “That is where you come in, Jerry.”


Margaret sat up, collecting her thoughts. Noticing him trying not to stare at her swaying boobs she allowed herself a small smile.

“I thought she might be lesbian, so I asked Rachel what she was looking for in a partner. She didn’t hesitate. She said, ‘Uncle Jerry.'”

Jerry stuttered, “What?”

“You know she’s always had the biggest crush on you.”

“But that was kid stuff that she’s supposed to grow out of. Like dolls and ponys.”

“I’m afraid it’s more serious than that.” Margaret slid back down to wrap her arms around Jerry and kiss his forehead. “She knows you are always sweet and kind with her. She’s heard her father and I talk about how great you are, and finding a nice woman for you to look after and make love with.”

“So, what do you want me to do? How can I talk her out of this?”

“That’s the thing, Jerry,” Margaret slid lower, reaching to wrap her slender fingers around his dick. “I don’t think we should talk her out of it. I want you to encourage it. I want you to show her what the right man can do for her.”

“Meg?” her fingers were making him hard. “I’ve known Jen since before she was born. This is why there are laws against incest.”

“She’s not a child, Jerry. We won’t be manipulating her. Just … giving her options.”

“I don’t think a psychiatrist would a agree with you. Or a judge.”

“Jerry, just be gentle and caring with her, like you are with me. Make love to her whole body, like you do with me. Remind her that her tits and her pussy are a playground for boys who obey the rules, but the payoff is all hers. Show her what a sweet, overwhelming thing sharing an orgasm can be.”

He tried to focus on what Meg was saying as she stroked him harder. “It’s not easy to think with the blood drained from my brain.” His hips pushed forward and back, fucking her hand.

She shifted her body lower. “I just wanted to remind you,” she kissed the tip of his cock, “how wonderful it can be,” a lick up the underside, “with the right person.”

Her mouth engulfed his dick, now a fully erect seven inches of lust. She sucked on the head, hard and wet, before descending to let her tongue play over the full length.

“God, Meg, that feels so good. I can’t refuse you anything.”

She raised her head to look at him, the expression on her face fired by lust and desperation.

“Then you’ll do it?”

“Does she know about you and me?”

“Of course not. And she doesn’t need to, either. And, before you ask, no, I’m not going to tell her father about what I have planned for her … education.”

“OK, listen, bring her over and we’ll talk about it. Just talk, understand Meg?”

Her answer was to suck and jack his cock until she was swallowing mouths full of hot cum.

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