fun with Steve II

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Female Ejaculation

Home alone
It has been about four months since me and Mark’s fun in the change rooms, and we have decided it would be best if no one found out about our activities, so here we are, sneaking of every chance we can to be together.

This particular weekend my mum and dad will be out for all of Saturday, so I have asked Mark to come over, my parents don’t have a problem with Mark coming over but they always check on us every ten minutes so It is impossible to get a bit wild with him, we normally sit on my bed facing the door with either his or my laptop doing one of two things, gaming, or watching the latest porn clips.
I was in my room playing with myself and watching a particularly nasty video of a girl being fisted up the ass, which looked very painful, when my phone buzzed, I picked it up and read the text from mark saying he will be here in five minutes, it was good timing considering mum and dad left about thirty seconds ago.
I heard the door knock so I pulled on the first pair on underwear I found, which also happened to be the smallest and tightest, and raced downstairs, looking out the window to the side of the door to make sure it was Mark, I pulled open the door seeing it was him and pulled him in before anyone outside saw how little I had on, Mark looked down at what I was wearing and smirked.

“Couldn’t wait could you?” he chuckled

I smiled cheekily “nope, I was just way to excited about getting you all to myself today”

At that we went upstairs and into my room, where the porn clip was still playing.

“Wow, you watch that stuff” he said

“Well, yeah, it’s really kinky” I replied, slightly embarrassed

“I suppose so, but wouldn’t it hurt, like a lot?” he said thoughtfully

“Yeah, I guess it would, do you want to watch something before we start?” I asked hopefully

“Ok, I’m up for that, what you want to watch?” he asked

“Well….i have this tape….of my sister, I heard something a few nights ago in her room and decided see what it was, well, I got in there and saw Sarah on the floor, facing her bed allowing me to get a good look” I said nervously

“And you taped her? Wow mate, that is really….cool, I always wanted to see your sister without anything on” Mark was grinning more than when I got naked for him, so I put the tape on and we started watching it, he eventually got his cock out and started wanking when my sister started playing with her tits.

After the video had finished Mark said gaziantep escort kızlar to me.

“Wow your sister is really hot, have you ever thought of fucking her yourself?” he asked me

“Well, yeah, I imagined both of us with her at once” I replied

“Do you think that will ever happen?” he said, I was getting the feeling that he wanted to do things with my sister as well as me, which I would be fine with of course.

“Yeah, maybe, but we are wasting time, you got to be the master last time, it is time for you to be my little slave” I said, standing up, from where he was he should be able to see the pre cum already soaking through my underwear.

“Oh alright” he stared at my jocks, his eyes begging for my cock to penetrate his mouth and ass.
I slowly took my jocks of and dropped them on the floor, revealing my already hard, seven inch cock, standing ready for Marks ass, though I didn’t let Mark at it yet, I took out some rope from my wardrobe and told him to go into the bathroom with me.

When we reached the bathroom I tied his arms to the towel rack and told him to bend over, he did so obediently so his ass was facing me, I noticed that his asshole had some hair near it so I got my dad’s razor and shaving cream out of the drawer and lathered the soft, fluffy cream all over his ass.

“What are you doing back there Steve?” he asked curiously

“You have hair in your ass, I am shaving it of” I replied

“What? Do you have to, you might cut me” he said nervously

“Don’t worry, I do it all the time, how do you think I stay so smooth” I chuckled, it was true, I had started
growing hair near my cock and in my ass and I didn’t really like it.
I began dragging the razor gently over his tight hole, removing the hair, it didn’t take very long and there was still left over cream so I used it as lube and fingered his ass, making him tighten in pleasure as my slender finger penetrated his hungry ass
“Do you think you can take more fingers Mark?” I asked, even if he said no I would keep going.

“Um…maybe…it feels…so good” he replied in between gasps, he obviously hadn’t been using any toys on himself recently from the tightness.

I proceeded to use two more fingers, pushing them in right to the knuckle and starting to pump the in and out, making Mark gasp for air, I didn’t know if it was hurting him or pleasuring him but it didn’t matter, he would need to get stretched for what I had in mind.
After about ten minutes when Mark was stretched nicely, I told him to stay in then position and left the room, walking down the hall and into my sisters room, I looked around and upon locating here chest of drawers i quickly ran over to it, opening the bottom draw where she kept her bras and panties, I had to dig through them but eventually I found it, the box where she kept her toys, I picked up the entire box and ran back to the bathroom.

“Ok, this is going to be great” I said as I took out a small purple vibrator and teased Marks ass with it, pushing the tip in gently.

“What are you going to do?” he asked nervously, he had good reason to be nervous.
“I am going to give you a big vibrator up your dirty little ass” I replied confidently, pushing it into him gently, making him shudder slightly in pleasure.

“Are…are you…sure Steve? Wont it…..” before he finished his sentence I turned the vibrator onto max power.

After a while, I took out the toy with a soft sucking noise, but instead of letting him go, I got onto my knees and started fingering his loosened asshole while licking his tight balls.
Mark was panting from the exertion of the vibrator, kneeling on the floor with his back resting on the wall, but I couldn’t wait, I stood over him, slowly stroking the length of my cock, he looked at least two years younger on the floor looking up at my cock, his eyes betraying his lust for more.

“Get onto your knees” I told him, I was feeling like trying something I read about, it was something to do with humiliating someone, and it was meant to be a major turn on.

“What now?” he asked, almost begging for me to do something.

“I want you to suck my dick” I told him, my pre cum was dribbling down the length of my shaft and Mark was watching it, his eyes lit up when he heard my idea but he had no idea what he had in store.
When he had got to his knees a moved up to him, my cock right in front of his face, he hesitated before extending his soft tongue to lick the entire length of my cock, and it felt great, every time we had sex, I was always taking it, but not this time, I get to do anything I want.

Mark kept licking my long shaft for a few moments, then, as I had hoped, he started to suck on its head, I could feel his tongue racing over it, sending waves of pleasure arcing through my body as he went deeper and deeper on my itching cock, I couldn’t wait much longer, I had to blow, I picked up my pace, pumping my cock faster and faster until, with one deep thrust and a wave of pleasure, I blew my load, right in his mouth, there was no way he could avoid swallowing because I was too deep.

I withdrew my cock from his gasping mouth as It began to go limp, I looked down at Mark, laying on the floor when I had an idea for further humiliation, the second time we had sex with each other he had told me he didn’t like taking it, but by his own rules, he couldn’t stop me.

“Hey Mark, lay on your back for me” I told him, he did so, his eyes wondering what could possibly be next as I opened up my bladder, letting a torrent of hot, steamy urine arc through the air and land on his soft skin, spattering further up his body and onto the floor, he gasped as he tried to get away from it, then realized that if he did, he would have to take the punishment.

I was surprised by the size of my own bladder, it just seemed to keep coming, until, forty five seconds later, I finally faded out, Mark was once again leaning on the wall, this time dripping with piss.
“Take a shower with me, you can wash all of my piss of you” I told him as I walked over to the shower.
“Do I get to play with you in the shower?” he asked hopefully, he probably hadn’t enjoyed taking it so I told him he could as I turned on the water and stepped in, adjusting it to the right temperature and stepping back to let Mark in, lucky for him we have a large shower so that it could fit three people easily.
I have always found something erotic about being in the shower, the warm water flowing over my naked body, now it was even more erotic, with me pressed against a wall with Mark once again licking my tight ass, he only did it for a minute or so before standing up, I could feel his hands parting my soft cheeks, giving him easier access to my hole when I felt something big and hot push against it, he had never used his cock on my ass, always saying it was too big, which was probably true.

He pushed harder before giving up to get some soap, I was disappointed until I saw he was coating my long, thick cock in it, I smiled and turned once more, bending over and pressing my body against the shower wall, this time, he pushed and gained a little entry, it felt so much better than the vibrator he uses on my, I pushed myself backwards, deeper onto his cock, letting out a load cry as he roughly forced it in until I felt his balls slapping against my ass, it was the best time in the world, until the door opened and my sister stood there, gaping like a fish.

To be continued

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Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32