Fun With Rope Ch. 1

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Julie had been asking Mike to tie her up for a long time. Mike wasn’t against the idea, but was unsure of it. He pondered the idea for a long time, and finally decided to surprise his spunky little wife. He purchased some velvet rope that was quite soft, and bought a blindfold. He also purchased a few assorted toys that might just come in handy. It was the day before their 5th anniversary, and he decided it would make a great anniversary gift if he tied his wife up, and made her fantasy come true. Mike led Julie to the bedroom, and undressed her, she lay on her back, and he softly kissed her pert breasts, and sucked her pink nipples. His hand rubbed her wet pussy, and she softly moaned.

Mike told Julie to close her eyes, and she quickly closed them tight. He reached beside the bed, pulling the blindfold from the floor. He quickly tied the blindfold around her, and she softly moaned. He grabbed the ropes, and began tying her wrists. She was giggling, as the soft velvet rope tightly wrapped around her wrists. Mike tied the other end of the rope to the bedposts. He quickly moved towards the foot of the bed, and began tying her feet, he pulled her legs widely apart, and tied her spreadeagled to the bedposts. Mike then began softly kissing his wife’s foot. His mouth quickly moved upward, and he began licking her inner thigh. Julie moaned as his wet tongue slithered across her wet pussy lips.

“Mmmm, oh yeah baby” she moaned. Mike quickly moved up wards, licking her belly button, working his way towards her breasts. She moaned as he took her nipple into his mouth. Mike’s hand slid between his wife’s legs, and be began rubbing her swollen clit. She grunted as his finger slid inside of her tight pussy. “Oh baby” she moaned. “Yes, fuck my pussy with your finger baby!” she grunted. Mike slipped 2 fingers deeply inside of her, making her moan louder. Her body quivered as she climaxed. Mike gently bit her Anadolu Yakası Escort nipples, then slid his mouth upward and covered her mouth. She loved it when he sucked on her bottom lip, and he softly took it into his mouth. He passionately kissed he while his hand stayed busy with her wet pussy.

Suddenly, he stood and she could hear him leave the room. She thrashed wildly, and tried to loosen the ropes, but she was fastened securely. She heard him return to the room, and could hear the sound of a paper wrapper being opened. She couldn’t see him, but could hear him moving closer to her. He gently kissed her on her wet pussy, and thrust his tongue into the hot pink hole. She moaned loudly, and thrust her hips, grinding her pussy against his face. He removed his mouth from her pussy, and she softly begged him to lick her some more. Mike began rubbing something really cold against her pussy. It made her shiver, and she could smell the cherry aroma in the air. “Damn, he’s got a popsicle” she thought. Mike thrust the cold popsicle into Julie’s hot pussy.

She grunted loudly, and her pussy was so hot, that the popsicle began melting quickly. He removed it from her pussy, and rubbed it against her mouth. Julie thrust her tongue along the tip of the popsicle, and hungrily sucked it into her mouth. She sucked it like she would a cock, and Mike thrust it into her mouth. It quickly finished melting, and Mike tossed the stick into the waste basket. He began moving his face towards her pussy, and she softly sighed as he began to lick the cherry juice from her pussy. “Oh yeah baby!” she moaned. Mike slurped loudly as he drank the juice from her sweet pussy. Julie softly moaned, and climaxed as his tongue wiggled around inside of her.

Mike began rubbing KY jelly on her ass hole, as he continued to lick and suck on her pussy. Julie thrust her hips, moaning loudly. His finger slid into Pendik Escort her asshole, and she grunted. He worked his finger into her ass, lubing it well. She began to open, and he was inserting the second finger. Julie’s ass eagerly accepted the 2 fingers, and she moaned loudly. Mike’s tongue slithered against her swollen clit, and she climaxed, her body shaking and quivering. “Oh God Baby!” she yelled. Mike furiously fucked her ass with his fingers, and he thrust 2 fingers from his other hand into her pussy. Julie’s tight pussy gripped the 2 fingers.

He fucked both her holes in unison, with his thick fingers. “Oh please, fuck me” she yelled. Mike smeared some of the KY onto his thick cock head, and removed his fingers from the tight hole. He raised her ass upward, and began rubbing his pulsating cockhead against her asshole. Julie moaned, as his cock slowly slid inside of her. He worked carefully, and his cock inched into her, until all 9 inches were buried deeply. “Oh baby!” Julie moaned. He fucked her pussy with his fingers, as he began sliding his dick around inside of her ass. “Yes, please fuck me harder!” she begged. Mike began moving his cock harder, and faster. She grunted as his thick cock fucked her virgin ass.

“God, I am gonna cum” she yelled. Her ass tightened around his cock, and her pussy spasmed wildly as she climaxed. Her pussy actually squirted a bit of cum as she erupted. Mike’s hand was soaked with her juices, and they kept flowing. Julie was going wild with passion, and her dirty talking made Mike cum. “OH GOD” he grunted, and his cum erupted into her tight asshole. Julie purred as she felt the hot thick liquid enter her ass. “Oh God, it’s so hot” she moaned. His cock throbbed wildly as his cum squirted deeply inside of her ass. Mike continued fucking her, until the last of the sticky white cream oozed from his thick cock. He slowly removed his cock from her Kurtköy Escort ass, and began kissing her. Julie eagerly accepted his hot wet tongue into her mouth. They passionately kissed until Mike slid from the bed.

She heard him rummaging through her night stand, and could hear the buzzing sound of her favorite vibrator. She moaned loudly as she felt Mike shove the pink toy inside her pussy. He shoved it all the way inside of her pussy, and then left the room. Julie moaned as the vibrator buzzed and moved inside of her. She heard the shower running in her bathroom. Minutes later, Mike returned to the room, Julie’s pussy still had about 1/2 of the vibrator inside of it. She was moaning and writhing. Mike straddled her face, and began to rub his cock against her mouth. She could taste the precum as it oozed from his cockhead. “Mmmm, yes” she moaned. Mike thrust his cock into her mouth, and she eagerly accepted him.

She sucked him incredibly well, and her mouth pleased his thick hard cock as he moaned loudly. “Oh yeah” he moaned. Julie swirled her tongue all along his cock, paying special attention to the sensitive head. She felt his cock pulsate and throb, and was rewarded with a mouthful of his hot sweet cum…. “MMMMmmm” she groaned. Mike continued shooting his cum into her mouth, and she hungrily sucked every drop. She sucked him until his cock began to soften in her mouth. He removed her blindfold, and kissed her. Julie looked at him with such love. He untied her, and rolled her onto her belly. His cock was surprisingly rock hard again.

He raised her hips, and quickly thrust his cock into her pussy from behind. “Oh baby” Julie moaned. She thrust her hips back, making his cock hit the back of her pink pussy. “Mmmm yeah” she moaned. Mike fucked her pussy hard and fast. Julie came quickly, and as her pussy spasmed around his cock, he moaned, and filled her pussy with his cum. They each thrust against each other until both of their climaxes were done. Mike slid from her pussy, and quickly pulled her towards him. They passionately kissed, and he asked her if she liked her suprise. “Oh it was incredible baby” she moaned.

To Be Continued…

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Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32