Fun With Friends

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“Honey, are you ready yet?” Lauren called to Andrew from the main room in their apartment. The couple had been getting ready to go out for the night. They wanted something to spice up their sex life and decided that maybe they should try going to a strip club together to heat things up.

They invited another couple to come along for some more fun. Christina and Sean were always up for kinky or erotic outings, especially if they ended up in some occasional finger play with another couple.

Lauren and Christina have been friends for years and have been on many double dates before, but never have they been to a strip club together. Christina and Sean go to strip clubs often, mainly because the girls on stage make Sean’s cock hard as rock, and Christina likes to watch the sexy strippers rub their bodies up and down the giant bulge in Sean’s pants, it makes Christina hot, and moist; so when Lauren approached Christina about going to a strip club one night she was excited, and the thought of it made her wet.

Christina and Sean sat together on the couch, while Lauren fidgeted with the placement of candles and knickknacks. Lauren was obviously nervous and when Christina caught on she motioned to her to come sit down on the couch.

“Hon, come have a drink of wine. You need to relax a bit. Come and sit down here beside me.” Lauren did reluctantly, and sat down beside Christina. Sean poured some wine out as Christina turned Lauren’s back to face her so she could rub Lauren’s shoulders.

“Here you go.” Sean said to Lauren as he passed the glass of wine over Christina’s shoulder to her. As Christina massaged, Lauren sipped her wine and tossed her head from side to side; Sean was watching intently as Christina rubbed and caressed her friend’s shoulders sensually. His pants became very tight and constricting under the growing bulge. When Christina looked over at Sean and caught him gazing, glassy-eyed at the two of them she leaned back to him and whispered in his ear,

“This is turning you on isn’t it baby? You like it when I massage sexy girls don’t you?” The corners of Sean’s mouth went up and he quickly downed the last dregs of wine in his glass and said,

“Maybe later, we can all massage each other.” Christina smiled then turned back to continue massaging Lauren’s smooth, lean shoulders.

Lauren is very attractive. She is skinny, with a high tight ass, and perfect round, firm breasts. Her hair is short, cut just above her ears, and it suits her small proportions perfectly. Her eyes are bright, and change from light brown to hazel with her mood. She has small pouting lips covered in simmering lip-gloss. Christina could hardly control her wetness when she is around her, and wanted to feel those smooth pouting lips on her own. Christina’s nipples perked up and poked through the tight black dress she wore as she continued to massage Lauren’s shoulders and neck.

Both girls were equally as stunning that night; both dressed in tight fitting clothes. Christina in a simple, but elegant black dress that cut off just above the knees; it was of course picked out specifically to exaggerate her large breasts, while Lauren wore a tight pink tube top and short black mini skirt. Christina had made the suggestion to Lauren earlier in the evening when they were picking out their outfits, not to wear panties so she could show off her tight little ass, and a sneak of her cute little pussy when she bent over. Lauren had never done anything like that before, but was excited about it and agreed; this was all a very new learning experience for her but trusted Christina all the same.

Christina massaged Lauren’s shoulders and down her arms slowly, feeling every part of her milky white skin. She didn’t have a single freckle or blemish on her. Christina began blowing softly on the back of Lauren’s neck and her hair stood up and she got goose bumps. For a few more minutes Christina explored her friend with her fingertips, and ran them up and down the crease in her back and along her shoulder blades, while Lauren closed her eyes and breathed in deep as she drank her wine down fast.

Sean was watching his girlfriend, intimately rubbing and caressing her friend and the bulge in his pants seemed almost too much when he whispered into Christina’s ear,

“Baby, you need to stop, I need to save this for later.” Christina smiled wide.

“Ok, can you pour me another glass of wine then honey?”

After a few more glasses of wine Andrew was finally ready to go. Andrew always took the longest to get ready, but was usually the best dressed of all of them. You could tell he took pride in the way he looked and it usually paid off for him, because like Lauren he was undoubtedly attractive. Andrew was tall and muscular with very sharp defined shoulders. His hair hung just above his ears, and big brown eyes hid under his bangs that swept across his forehead when he moved his head. He had big dark eyebrows that he obviously trimmed, and a small, well kept bursa escort goatee and mustache. Andrew was wearing a cream-colored cashmere sweater under an Armani suit jacket, with black pants and shiny square-toed shoes. Andrew was always the best dressed of the four because he could afford it. He worked long hours as an architect and enjoyed his time with his friends and girlfriend, so when he went out he dressed the part.

“Well, I’d say it’s about time.” Lauren rose up quickly, nearly falling over due to the amount of wine she had, and walked over to him to kiss him on the cheek. Lauren was quite a bit shorter than he was, even in the three inch heals she was wearing so she had to strain to kiss him, and when she lifted herself slightly her skirt lifted up and exposed the bottom of her bare ass. Both Sean and Christina looked at her, then at each other and smiled. Sean and Christina gave each other a quick kiss then stood up and walked out of the apartment and down to a cab that was waiting for them.

The strip club was in a decent part of town, and it was a tasteful place with good-looking ladies up on stage. Christina and Sean had been to some dirty strip clubs before where skanky, harlots would dance around on stage while showing off their unkempt, unshaved pussy’s without any style or class; after years of going to clubs they both know that there is talent in stripping and that the dancers are professionals. They had been to this club before and knew it was very nice, good music, good service, and good dancing.

At the club the crowds of people were only just starting to arrive. It was dark, apart from the dimmed lanterns that hung around the walls and the candles that sat on each table. The front, near the stage wasn’t completely full and the four friends managed to find a table near the stage. When the four got settled and seated a young attractive blonde approached and immediately sat on Sean’s lap. She was wearing a cheerleaders skirt and sweater with holes cut in circles to reveal her swaying breasts poking through. She was perky and annoying, but Christina loved to play with these girls.

“Hi there baby, what can I get you to drink love?” The cheerleader said so sweetly, that sugar itself would have been bitter compared to that.

Christina smiled at the girl who was looking directly at Sean now, reached into her purse and pulled out a one-dollar bill. She fed the one dollar bill into her skirt and said forcefully

“Well aren’t you just the cutest thing. Yes, you can get me a double rum and coke and the gentleman who’s lap you are sitting on will have a beer, and…” Christina said as she motioned to the other two.

“Scotch, rocks and a glass of wine” Andrew said shortly, still very shy and afraid to play with the girls.

“Coming right up darling.” The cheerleader said then jumped up and bounded off towards the bar to get their drink order. Sean was smiling and slightly red in the face, but his cock was hard and ready for more fun. Christina smiled at him and put her hand on his thigh and moved it back and forth, grazing her fingertips on the bulge in his pants so she could feel how hard he was. Sean shifted slightly in his seat then turned and kissed Christina hard on the mouth.

“So what do you guys think of this place? Not too shabby huh?” Sean asked the other two, who were still shy and didn’t know how to act.

“Don’t worry, things will pick up when the dancers come out.” Christina added as she looked around at the crowds of people starting to file in through the narrow doors at the back of the club. As Christina glanced around the room she noticed that all the young waitresses were wearing cheerleaders outfits, and deducted from that, that it must be a theme night and became wet with the thought of seeing cheerleaders perform on stage.

The perky cheerleader came back with their drinks, Sean fed a five-dollar bill into her skirt, then she turned on her heals and stalked off with plenty of attitude.

Lauren and Andrew nearly downed their drinks instantly, hoping to loosen up a bit so they could enjoy themselves while at the club. Although it was clear that they were both unsure of themselves they had big smiles on their faces, and engaged in conversation with Sean and Christina while they waited for the show to begin.

Twenty minutes, and a few more drinks later the club was nearly full with wild men and a few unsure women wanting to see a show, and maybe get a lap dance or two. Just beside the four friends was a large group of young guys, who were drunk, laughing, and making rude jokes loudly. They began slamming their hands on the stage and started shouting out,

“Bring out the girls, start the show.” Over and over again they shouted this, when finally the room became completely dark and bright lights lit up the stage. Loud whistles came from all over the room and the music started up. A tall, slender woman walked out on stage dressed in a shiny red leather body suit, 6 inch red stilettos bursa escort bayan to match and, like the girls on the floor there were holes strategically cut in her bodysuit to show off her large breasts, although her nipples were covered with tassels that were made with long shiny strands of red strings.

“Who’s ready for a show?” The woman on stage yelled out to the crowed while flipping her tassels around, followed by endless whistling and shouting.

“We’ve got a great show for you guys, and of course for you ladies out there. Tonight is cheerleader night to celebrate those hardworking cheerleaders who cheer for our football players during the super bowl.” Whistling and yelling filled the air again, but the woman continued.

“Please give a warm round of applause for our first ladies of the night, Roxanne and Heather.” The entire room erupted in applause as the first two ladies danced their way out on stage. The stage was large and square, with three brass poles lining the edge of the stage and one in the center. Both girls were wearing a cheerleader’s skirt, shorter than the ones the girls on the floor were wearing, and a button down white sweater with the number 69 embroidered in red on the front. The buttons on the sweaters were aching to pop apart as their large round breasts pushed through from underneath. Through the sweater there was a glimpse of a red lace bra.

Both girls chose a pole in front and worked their routine for the crowds below. The group of friends watched, memorized by their talent to pole dance. When one of the girls came to the pole closest to the table where the four friends were sitting Christina caught a glimpse of the stripper’s hot, tight ass under the short skirt, and she got wet looking at it. Christina began rubbing on Sean’s leg again and grazed his cock to feel his hardness then whispered in his ear.

“Baby, give me a dollar, that one is hot. I’m going to get Lauren to put it in her thong.” Sean smiled and pulled out a dollar and gave it to her. Christina shifted over to Lauren and said,

“Lauren, go put this in the stripper’s thong when she takes off her skirt.”

“What? No, I can’t, I mean…”

“Come on darling, you can do it. I know you want too, look at how hot she is.” Lauren couldn’t help but glance over at the stripper who was so close to them now, and her nipples became hard under that tight pink tube top. Andrew whispered some encouragement into Lauren’s ear and then she grabbed the bill out of Christina’s hand and walked apprehensively up to the stripper. Christina walked close behind her, dancing around in circles, and beckoning her to go on. When Lauren reached the stage, the dancer crouched down low spreading her legs wide open so that Lauren got a full frontal view of the dancers thong. Lauren smiled at the dancer and put the dollar bill in her thong and walked away with a huge smile on her face. Sean and Andrew were cheering loudly, and a few of the guys from the table opposite them were cheering for her as well. Christina ran up and threw her arms around her,

“I’m so proud of you. Wasn’t that great? Well that’s a lot of excitement for me for the moment. I need to use the little girls room.”

“Yes, I think I’ll go too.” Lauren said, still smiling.

The two girls walked off towards the bathroom talking and giggling the whole way. It was good being a girl at a female strip club because the line-ups in the bathroom were short, so by the time they got to a stall everyone had already left the bathroom.

The bathroom was nicely decorated with large oval mirrors and bright lights. A large puffy couch lined one wall of the bathroom; this was a bathroom used by the dancers and the owner of the club treated them good, and gave them a good place to change and prepare. It was a nice change to the dingy places Christina was used to going to. More often then not she was forced into a co-ed bathroom where men were masturbating into toilets and getting head from the strippers.

“So, are you having fun? You seem to be.” Christina asked Lauren as she washed her hands.

“Yes, I am. I guess I’m just having trouble loosening up.”

“Well maybe I can help with that.” Christina finished drying her hands, shut the door to the bathroom and rounded on Lauren.

“Here, just relax ok?” Christina began rubbing Lauren’s silky, bare shoulders again, more deeply than before. She ran her hands up and down the length of her back and down on her hips and thighs. She pressed herself hard up against Lauren’s back, and her breasts went deep into her as Christina kissed Lauren’s neck gently. Christina moved her hands from Lauren’s thighs up around her waist and up to her full round breasts; Christina’s hands massaged Lauren’s breasts while kissing and sucking on her neck and shoulders. She slowly pulled down Lauren’s top to expose hard, pink nipples and pinched them gently between her fingers before spinning her around to suck on them. Lauren’s hands began running the length escort bursa of Christina’s back and started pulling up her dress to take it off. Christina lifted her arms and her breasts fell out of her dress as it came off, swinging from side to side gently, then she took Lauren into her arms and kissed her sweet pouting lips, their bare breasts touching and nipples poking at each other. Lauren tasted like smooth, rich wine and Christina took her time exploring her mouth with her tongue. As their tongues mingled about in their mouths their hands explored each other’s body. Christina found Lauren’s bare ass and caressed it with her hands and finally said,

“I want to taste you, will you let me taste you?”

“Only if I can taste you.”

Both Lauren and Christina smiled as they made their way towards the couch. Lauren slowly lay down and spread her legs wide. Her pussy was small and tight, and glistening with her wetness. Christina could hardly wait to taste her, and she ran her tongue up and down the length of her wet pussy; the bead of her clit was hard and quivering with every movement she made on it with her tongue. Lauren was moaning and crying out loudly when she managed to say in a shaky voice

“You said I could taste you too.” Christina stopped licking her clit to look up at her, smiled and said

“You are right.” Christina stood up and straddled Lauren’s stomach, her back to Lauren’s face, then pushed her ass back so her pussy was against Lauren’s mouth. Right away Christina felt tingled waves of pleasure going up and down her spine. She moaned out loud as she felt Lauren’s fingers slip inside her soaking wet pussy. Both girls moaned and quivered as they fingered and played with each other and their moaning and breathing became short and quick when they came together. They both continued to drink until they were dry. They sat up on the couch and started laughing wildly.

“So I bet you’ve never done anything like that before in a public bathroom huh?” Christina asked Lauren, still laughing.

“No, I can honestly say I haven’t. I am feeling a lot better now though.” Both girls got dressed, and were still laughing on their way back to their seats to join the boys.

“You were gone a long time honey. What were you two doing for so long?” Sean looked at Christina and smirked. She gave him a wink, and ran her fingers across his shoulders as she went to sit down.

Across the table Lauren was, no doubt telling Andrew about what happened in the bathroom, because his face was in utter shock and the two were frantically whispering to each other. Andrew looked over at Christina longingly, who was radiant and beautiful as she whipped her long wavy hair out of her face so she could get a clear view of the dancers.

On stage two new girls were up dancing to catcalls, and loud shouting. These girls had been up on stage for a while because their G-strings were stuffed to breaking point with bills, and they were topless at this point. They were each wearing a cowboy hat and boots to match, while whipping around blue and yellow pom-poms. One of the girls had a small tattoo of a butterfly on her inner thigh; that turned Christina on, and her pussy became moist again.

“So is anyone up for a lap dance?” She asked the group, grinning madly. “Honey I know you would like a lap dance.” She said and looked at Sean with an erotic gaze in her eyes. Christina waved her hand in the air to motion towards the perky blonde. When she caught her eye, Christina stood up and walked gracefully over to her as the blonde met her halfway. The two girls whispered together for a moment then Christina returned to the table and grabbed onto Sean’s hand to lead him away to another part of the club.

“You guys enjoy the show. Me and Sean will go first and when we come out you two can go have fun.” Christina said, playfully to the other two who were getting very excited about the idea of a lap dance.

Generally in strip clubs, during a lap dance you are not allowed to touch the dancers, but Christina was a dancer for a while to make some extra cash, and knew the owner of the club and some of the dancers so she worked it out with one of the girls for her to be involved in the lap dance too.

Sean and Christina walked hand in hand towards a dark corner of the club where there was a thick black curtain hanging over a small opening. They walked through to see a tough looking bouncer. This was normal, to protect the dancers.

“OH my god, Steve? Hi, when did you start working here?” Christina said elated, and eyes bright. She opened her arms and hugged the bouncer powerfully. The bouncer wrapped his giant, muscular arms around her waist and lifted her into the air. Christina laughed joyfully and kissed him softly on the cheek. Sean smiled brightly at the bouncer and shook his hand when he put Christina down; Sean also knew Steve from one of the other clubs the couple used to go to and from Christina’s dancing days.

“My god you look good, it’s been at least 3 years since we’ve talked. I started working here last March. Really great place, but anything is better than that rat hole I was bouncing before.” Steve said, smiling wide. “So you two here for a lap dance then?”

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