Fun in the Sun (Fiji)

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It’s the final day of our holiday in Fiji and we’re slowly walking down the beach, hand in hand. As we walk, you can feel the nice warm sand sliding between your toes, feeling absolutely lovely on the sun-kissed strip of beach. You’re wearing a small orange bikini, and when I say small I mean VERY small. The front of the top covers your breasts only barely and the bottom doesn’t leave much to the imagination either. I am wearing some board shorts, nice and bright also.

We keep walking till we reach the end of the beach and turn around to walk back. As we get back towards the slightly more populated area, we decide to sit down and relax for a while, watching the waves roll in and break over the shore. We spread out the towel and lay down, feeling the gorgeous pacific sun wash over our bodies, leaving just a thin sheen of sweat covering us. After a little while you flip over, and I reach over to spread some lotion on you.

Starting with your shoulders, I slowly rub in the sunscreen, moving down your body. I undo the back of your bikini and keep moving down; rubbing it in, making sure I miss absolutely nothing. I ran my hands down the sides of your body, lightly grazing the side of your breasts, causing a little jump each time I do so. As I move further and further down, I slowly run my hands under your bikini bottom, feeling your tight, small ass under my hands. You look up a little bit and look around, but nobody seems to be watching, so you’re not too concerned. I keep massaging, now pretty blatantly groping your ass, but you don’t mind. After enjoying myself for a while, I move down to your feet and rub up your gorgeous long legs slowly moving up your calves, paying attention to your knees then moving up your inner thighs, lightly caressing the area where your bikini bottom disappears forward. You look back at me, smiling. You then flip over, taking off your bikini top (its not strange, since this IS a topless beach).

You love lying on your back like that, since you know how much I like watching you show off your beautiful tits to anyone who might be watching. I move back down your legs and start again at your feet, this time rubbing in the lotion to the tops of your legs. As I move up, past your thighs again, you start to squirm. I reach your bikini bottom and then jump over, teasing you lightly with my fingertips and start on your stomach. I slowly move up, reaching your breasts in due time. I slowly pour a little extra lotion on them and make sure to give them a good rubbing, knowing just how sensitive your nipples are. They get hard under my fingertips, and I know I’m starting to really turn you on. At this point, I stop, and lie down, asking for you to reciprocate and help me out. I lie down on my stomach and you start rubbing in the lotion into my back, feeling my muscles under your hands, feeling the tension ease as you gently rub my back. You decide for a little revenge when you hit my shorts, and slide your hands underneath, grabbing my ass and rubbing in some lotion, knowing that I love it when you grab my ass. You finish kurtköy escort up my legs with a little playtime at the top and smack my ass, telling me to flip over.

I whisper to you that it’s perhaps not a good idea for me to do so, but you ignore me, and tell me to flip anyway. I finally acquiesce, and flip over. There is quite an obvious bulge in the front of my shorts, which I attempt to cover up as best I can. I lie back and you rub in some lotion over the front of my body, running your hands over my strong shoulders and chest, feeling the rippling muscles of my stomach, and on downward – following your very own treasure trail. You slide your hands slowly down the front of my shorts, feeling my now very hard cock, and just sliding your hands down, just giving me a tease, running your fingertips over my balls and pulling your hands back out with a wicked grin. Then you lie down next to me, resting on your elbows with your breasts aimed at the sky for all to see.

I lean over to you and whisper for you to follow me. I slowly walk to the forest which is just behind the beach and walk into the trees. You follow me, somewhat apprehensively. Just as you pass the first tree, I jump out, grabbing at the ties on the side of your bikini bottoms, and getting them both – causing your bikini to fall right off, exposing you to the world! You yelp and jump for cover, swatting me as you do. You don’t think anyone saw you anyway.

At this point you are standing under the cover of the trees, fairly invisible to the beach due to the shadows, but very able to see out. You are completely naked standing there, attempting to look bashful. I am holding your bikini bottoms. I motion for you to drop your hands. You follow my orders, revealing a perfectly waxed pussy and firm, toned legs and ass. I stand for a minute, gazing at you, admiring you, thinking what a lucky man I am.

After watching you for a little while, I move up to you and grab you, passionately. I start kissing you, and you kiss back and for a few minutes we are completely lost in each other’s mouths, tongues darting in and out, enjoying each other’s company. My hands are on your tight, firm ass grabbing you, pulling you closer to me, and your arms are wrapped around me, feeling me pressed up against you. We keep kissing, just enjoying the warm sun washing down around us, especially you, standing naked in the trees.

Eventually you pull back, and comment how unfair it is that you are the only one naked. I agree, but tell you that you must strip me down. You tell me that that isn’t a problem, and get down on your knees, taking my shorts off with your teeth, just slowly pulling them down until my dick pops out of them, fully hard. You pull them all the way off and stand up.

I pick you up and sit you back on a convenient rock. You lie back, enjoying the warmth, and I lean down, licking around your nicely smooth pussy. I don’t quite give you the pleasure of contact yet, but just enjoy teasing you. My hands venture up to play with you breasts, and finally, aydıntepe escort after you can’t take it much longer, I let my tongue glide over your clit and I start going down on you in earnest. I run my tongue up and down your pussy, paying close attention to your clit, then sliding down, fucking you with my tongue – something I know you love. Occasionally I’ll slide even further, teasing your ass with my tongue, and then go back and play with you clit. Eventually I slide first one finger, then two into your pussy, and start finger-fucking you while I run my tongue over your clit. The combination of my tongue and fingers drive you nuts, and you start to cum all over my face, first once, then twice, then in an unending sheet of orgasms until you finally start shuddering. That is my sign. At this point, I start licking even harder, and slide one last finger into you, until you start moaning and begging for a dick, and then I just go even faster. This drives you over the top and you start screaming, completely oblivious to whoever might hear, and cum again finally, spasming all over my fingers, then coming to a rest.

I realize that this is as much as you can take, and come up, kissing you, allowing you to taste your pussy on me, knowing you like that. I figure that at this point, you are pretty much spent, but that’s when my surprise sets in.

You grab me, roughly and flip over, pinning me against the rock. Then, with a nice grin, you slowly slide down my body, until you are just below the level of my cock, which is sticking way up in the air. You look down at my shaved balls and nicely trimmed cock and look back up at me, teasing me, asking me if I want you to suck your dick. I moan yes, but you say that’s not enough, that you want to hear exactly what I want you to do to me. I look down at you and say “please suck my dick and play with my balls”. You look back and say that that’s better, and then you slowly run your tongue lightly over my balls, first one, then the other, knowing it drives me wild. You run your tongue under then, licking the spot below my balls, between them and my ass, knowing that’s sensitive, before coming up, leaving a trail going up and up my dick till you get to the head, at which point you run your tongue around it, until you slowly lower your pretty lips and engulf the head of my cock. You feel me moan as you do so, knowing how much I am enjoying it. You look straight up into my eyes as you suck my dick, knowing I am watching your pretty face sucking my cock, knowing how much it turns me on.

After teasing the head of my cock for a little while, you start to slide down, slowly engulfing more and more of my dick until you finally get all the way down, deep throating me and feeling your mouth completely full of my rock hard cock. You love the feeling of cock in your mouth and I love feeling my cock IN your mouth. You slide up and down my cock, keeping your fingers wrapped around it just below your lips, enjoying the feeling of ecstasy you’re giving me. You alternate between sucking tuzla içmeler escort my dick and running your hands up and down while you’re licking my balls and ass. You know how much I love it when you run your tongue from my ass up to my balls, lightly licking me all the way, driving me wild.

When you finally feel me start to build up to an orgasm, you stop, teasing me, just sitting there, mouth wrapped around my cock, knowing it will keep teasing me. Then, you slowly slide up, feeling my hips follow you up, and you slowly slide off my cock. Then you turn around and bend over, sticking your ass way up, knowing I love checking out your ass and watching your pussy peek out from between your legs. As I see this, I realize what you want. I stand up behind you, and, in one smooth motion, bury my cock in your pussy. You moan in ecstasy, knowing your pussy is dripping wet, enjoying feeling my hard cock buried in it. I start sliding in and out of you, fucking you hardcore, going faster and faster, knowing you love it. As I absolutely pound your pussy, you start to moan and start rocking back and forth, enjoying the pounding you’re getting. You start to come, again, and this time you don’t stop, because I just keep fucking you.

After a little while, you slide forward, sliding my cock out of you, and turn around. You look at me and order me to lie down. As I do, you jump on top of me, sliding my cock in to you again and just start sliding up and down. I reach up and start playing with your tits – knowing it drives you wild and sucking on them, feeling them get hard. Again, you come – for what seems like the millionth time, and this time is another screaming one, and you just keep screaming, enjoying feeling it build from your pussy and radiate outward until every part of your body is glowing and blissful. At this, you finally stop, feeling my throbbing cock. I look at you inquisitively and you say to me that you want to feel me in your mouth again.

Having no objection, I sit back up on the rock, and you get on your knees in front of me, sucking my cock again as you look up at me, porn-star style, sliding up and down quickly, using your hands. As your finally feel me build to the inevitable orgasm, you stop sucking and move your head back and keep stroking quickly with your hands. You look up at me and say that you want all my cum in your mouth, and with that I come, spurt after spurt of white cum, in your mouth, on your lips, in fact all over your face and tits. You keep stroking until I stop coming and then in one motion, lick up my balls and engulf my dick, sliding down until you deep throat me and suck every last drop of come from me. Finally, I shudder and fall back and you slide off my now softening cock. You then run your fingers over your body, licking every drop of cum off you, and off your fingers.

After you finish cleaning up, you come lie down next to me and we just afterglow for a little while, enjoying the sun until we both decide to go back. I slip my shorts on and you pop back into your bikini bottoms, and we walk back out on the beach, only to realize that everyone standing around starts clapping. Apparently we weren’t quite to subtle after all, and everyone on the beach heard your screams and moans. Well, we’re all adults, and no one seems to mind, and after a little good-hearted ribbing, we lie down.

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32