Fun and Games

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It was a Saturday night and I was at an elegant little…well…big party that my friend, was hosting. She loved having little cocktail parties where everyone could dress up. Along with a full bar, she would hire a piano player and a soft casual melody would float throughout the house. All around were women in sexy little dresses and men in suave tuxes that made James Bond look like a hobo. At least, that’s what the men like to think, I said to myself as one of those very gentlemen passed me, a brandy in hand, what I hoped was a gun in their pocket for ambiance, and a sorry pick-up line that he used on woman after woman to no avail. I shook my head in amusement; the things a man would do to impress a woman in a dress, right down to making an outright fool of him.

Everyone made fools of themselves at these parties, acting like someone they were not; laughing a little louder, walking a little taller, speaking with just a hint more sophistication. Emulating an importance they so desperately wanted to have. I myself can’t say that I am guiltless. I certainly don’t dress like this on a regular basis. With my little black satin dress (with embarrassingly low neckline and open back) and my calm expression, I felt just as fake as the rest of them; just not quite as foolish. I hated these “socials” as she called them, and really only came because she asked. For the most part, I would keep to myself off to the side and watch the rest of the proceedings.

I tore my gaze away from the humorous man to attempt to find something else worthwhile to observe when my eyes fell on an enchanting sight. This new, worthwhile subject, leaning against the wall looking just as secluded and withdrawn as I, was about 6’2″ with wavy, dark brown hair and the deepest brown eyes I had ever seen on a human. He didn’t have a tie like all the other men and the top button of his shirt was undone; he looked unkempt and fantastic. I smiled in approval and decided that this new character was interesting enough for me to devote some…extra consideration.

“Are you enjoying the view?”

I nearly dropped my wineglass when I looked over and saw my friend leaning in close, a sly and crooked smile accenting her slightly inebriated demeanor.

“A bit,” I sighed, attempting to keep whatever “cool” I could gather after being unceremoniously spooked.

“Well, I’m glad,” she replied, sloshing her drink in a mischievous fashion. “It would have been a shame if after all the trouble of getting him here if you didn’t like him.”

I was taken aback at this. “What do you…oh, I see: you did him, didn’t you?” remembering her promiscuity.

“I resent that!” she blurted indignantly. “It was only once in college…and we were very drunk.” After recovering from her mock offense, she continued, “He was John’s roommate. Even in my drunken stupor, I remember that he was quite a stallion.” The last part was coupled with the wistful smile of a very fond memory.

I nearly dropped my wine again. “You can’t seriously mean that’s Ethan?! He looked wonderful last I saw, but really now, that man over there is just too good to be him.” Even as I said it, the resemblance began to present itself.

“Oh, but it is,” she said, obviously relishing in my surprise. “We met a few days ago at that little café I go to every morning. We got to talking about old times and I noticed he had a keen interest in you; wanting to know how you were, what you were doing…your particular romantic status. I mentioned this party and that you would be here; so in the end, he had an invitation.”

I was virtually speechless. I had always thought Ethan was a very attractive man, even when he was younger and a bit more awkward, but he had this little handicap of being aware of his handsome attributes and was incredibly cocky as a result. It was a disability that always turned me off, so I kept my distance, even amidst the prevalent sexual tension. Seeing him again churned an annoyance in my soul and a fire in…the usual place.

Lost in my thoughts, I didn’t notice my friend flag him over and before I could think of a good excuse to leave, there he was, looking like a model for a romance novel cover and still appearing to know it.

“Ethan!” she cried, a little louder than was necessary. “You remember Sarah, right?”

He seemed to study me for a moment, recognizing me, but not; looking me up and down with an uncomfortably obvious approval that, even as it sent glorious shivers down my spine, caused my stomach to churn with disgust. He never lost his confidence; that was for certain.

“How could I forget?” he said, his voice thickly coated with the famous charm that always assured him a lady companion. “It’s a pleasure to finally see you again after so long,” he said, taking my hand in his and drawing it to his lips for a brief, feathery kiss.

My entire body went somewhat limp when his lips brushed the backs of my fingers. His hands were rough and warm and his breath seared my skin. I suddenly imagined that mouth and those hands exploring other, more sensitive places on my body. Oh, god, it’s just tuzla escort like college again. I exhaled quietly, trying to regain some control over my body. “The pleasure is all mine,” I replied.

He smiled, still holding my hand to his lips. Though we had already been looking at each other, we actually looked in the other’s eyes and stayed that way for who knows how long. His were cool, confident, and (to my surprise) older. They didn’t have he look of a crazed adolescent, but a man.

While we were off in our own little world, my friend graciously excused herself to go mingle and possibly have a quickie with her husband. Ethan finally released my hand and we stood a bit awkwardly in the middle of the room, searching for something to say.

“So,” he said, breaking the silence. “Does she have these often?”

“Every month or so,” I nonchalantly said. “They were nice the first couple of times, but have really started to become annoying.”

“Annoying?” he questioned. “I find that hard to believe.”

I smiled. “Oh, it’s really quite believable. The same people pulling the same bull-shit antics each time. The only excitement I get is whenever someone new comes.”

“Like me, for example?”

I gave him the same once-over he gave me, my eyes racking slowly over his lean body somehow evident even when entirely hidden by a suit. My eyes came back up to his to challenge his assumption. “Oh, I suppose, but to be honest, nothing has really grabbed my attention thus far.”

He closed his eyes and nodded, completely aware of my subtle challenge. He licked his lips and leaned over, bringing his face just inches from mine. For a moment, I thought he was going to kiss me and my lips parted as my breath got just a little quicker. My fantasy came to a swift end when he took a detour to the left so his mouth was against my ear instead. His lips just brushed my earlobe and his breath on my neck sent electricity coursing through my body. I closed my eyes and let out a long sigh, enjoying every sensation he induced. I was so wrapped up in my euphoria that I almost didn’t hear him respond to my answer in a whisper.

“Then you haven’t had nearly enough to drink.”

Without giving me any warning, he straightened up and put a hand on my shoulder, gently turning me around and leading me to the bar. As we walked, weaving in and out of the oblivious patrons, I was keenly aware of his finger tips making an agonizing journey across my shoulder blade, down my open back and resting on the bare small of my back. He laid his palm there, forming it to the contour of the little dip just above my ass and guided me to a cheap, expensive-looking barstool. Ethan took my hand, helped me up and ordered us more wine. He sat across from me and we inspected each other for a while, just sipping our wine and not saying anything. After about half a glass, I found my voice.

“So what have you been up to sense last I saw you?”

“Oh, I’ve been moving around trying to find a place for a Bachelors’ in Arts and Humanities, which is no easy task. Got married, she couldn’t take the instability and we divorced…after I caught her in bed with a body builder from her gym.”

“Oh my,” I said in shock. I felt a little ashamed because I had always believed that if anyone was going to cheat in their relationship, it would be him. Now he was the one getting bit. “I’m so sorry. When did this happen?”

“About a year ago. Don’t worry, it’s not nearly as bad as it sounds,” he laughed. “It was over before it ever began and we both in one way or another knew it. It made breaking it off much more bearable.”

“I see.” I went back to sipping the sweet wine and sloshing it around in the glass.

“What about you? Is there anyone particularly significant person in your life?”

I smiled. “None for a long time.”

He looked somewhat surprised at this. “Why not?”

“I just haven’t had the time.” I gave him a coy little smile and crossed my legs, the slit falling open to reveal a long and (after hours and hours a week at the gym) toned leg which casually brushed up against his.

“I see.” He took another sip of wine, thoroughly inspecting me behind the glass. He glanced around the room quickly and brought his eyes back to mine. “You’re bored, am I right?”

I was a little taken aback by his question, but I figured I’d play along. “Yes.”

“And being around all these people isn’t exactly helping, correct?”


“Well, is there anywhere we could possibly go to…occupy our time more effectively?”

I gave him my biggest smile of the evening and stood up, taking his large hand in mine. “Do you play pool?”

A short while later, we were in the basement lounge and standing at opposite sides of a fancy pool table, sticks in hand, and being as over-dramatic and idiotic as possible.

“Are you ready to lose?” I asked in my best dramatic soap opera voice.

He simply smiled and motioned toward the table, “Would you like me to break?”

“You can break?”


I smiled and casually made pendik escort my way to stand between him and the table, keeping my eyes locked on his. I finally broke our intense gaze and turned around, “Allow me.”

I backed up to give myself room to lean over and coincidently rubbed my back against his hard chest. He had taken off his dinner jacket and his strong features were no longer as hidden as before. My ass barely brushed the front of his pants, which was now growing just as hard as the rest of him. He stood completely still, save for a shudder each time he took a ragged breath. I didn’t need to turn around to know that he had a hard expression on his face in trying to mask his desire. I snickered inwardly. Such a toy, the male libido.

With our bodies in a very suggestive position, I broke the formation and a striped ball went in the side pocket. The game proceeded from there in a sort of pattern; he’d get one, and then miss, then I’d get one and miss the next. This went on nearly the whole game, each time we pass each other, brushing against the other’s body, watching them stiffen, their breath catch, and relax again with a wistful smile on their face. Whenever he stood on the opposite side of the table, I would bend over, a little further than necessary, and give him a generous view of my round breasts. Seeing the look of restrained hunger on his face sent shivers down my spine and filled my mind with the fantasies that were without a doubt inflicting his own.

On one such instance, I had just made a relatively difficult shot and he came to my side of the table to congratulate me. I turned to face him with a mild look of triumph on my face, but instead he came around behind me and slid a warm palm down my waist to my hip. I felt his warm breath against my neck again and closed my eyes, imagining his greedy lips in place of his breath, devouring my neck and shoulder while his hands explored me freely. Roughly turning me around to meet my own waiting lips in a wild, passionate kiss as we frantically undressed each other until there was nothing left but our two naked bodies pressed together in savage need. The thought of him taking me hard and fast against that table…

“You have excellent technique,” he whispered, bringing his hand to its final resting place, just above the very spot where the sum of all my desires for this man came to congregate.

His words barely had an effect on me, so deep was I in my fantasy. “Mmm, thank you.” My body was back against his again and I could feel his erection against my ass, much larger than before. The strain his pants must be putting on him… The urge to spin around and relieve him of his pain was almost too good to resist… but before I could make any decisions, he took the stick in my hand and freed it of my grasp with a gentle tug.

“I think that’s enough for today,” he simply said, guiding me in his intimate embrace to the rack off to the side.

“And why, may I ask, is that?” I demanded. “Could it be that I only have the eight ball to go while you still have two more of your own to get in before even attempting it?”

He spun me around violently as I laughed and held me close to him, one arm tightly around my back, pressing my entire front against his and the other bracing him against the table behind me. The intense gaze in his eyes robbing me of any sound I was capable of at that moment, leaving me with just the shallow, excited breath escaping my lungs.

My knees gave a bit and I allowed him to support my weight as we moved our faces closer, as if pulled by a magnet. We closed our eyes, letting the other senses take over. He smelled exactly like a man should; no cologne, no fancy soaps, just his pure, natural … intoxicating scent. I couldn’t get enough of the heat coming off his skin, I just ran my hands up his neck and back down into the open V his shirt created. The temptation it created, to undo each button and explore thoroughly every glorious inch of skin it revealed. Just as our lips brushed, we jerked ourselves back. It was like something out of a damn movie.

“Does this seem a little fast to you?” I gasped through my labored breathing.

Ethan tensed his jaw and jerked his head up and down. “I was certainly not expecting this when I came here tonight,” he whispered. He had backed me up against the table without my realizing and had his now free hand resting firmly south of my waist.

“You’re just so…” I sighed, unable to express in words how amazing he felt.

He just smiled that little half smile I wistfully remembered so well and brought his lips to mine. At first they did nothing in more than touch, each one teasing the other with gentle brushes and feathery breaths. Then they pressed together in long firm kisses, the passion and speed steadily building until we were both breathing heavily and ferociously exploring each other’s bodies again. My hands couldn’t take it any longer and finally started unbuttoning his shirt to reveal a beautiful, lean, muscular body. Needing to explore more of his body, my lips left his to glide aydınlı escort down his neck to bellow his collar bone and devour his searing skin.

His hands had been busy with the bottom of my dress, working the slit up to allow both his hands access to my wobbly legs. He brought them to my hips, dragging the dress with them and slid his large palms over my shapely ass and spread my legs apart, lifting me in the air. He set me down on the edge pool table and brought my lips back to his while I wrapped my legs around his waist. Our lips molded in passion, giving and taking as they wished while our tongues danced together in our mouths, memorizing the other’s shape and taste. His hands…oh, his hands. They stayed on my legs, cupping the under-sides of my thighs, teasing me with the lightest touches, his fingers brushing tantalizingly close to my moistening sex.

I finished unbuttoning his shirt and slide it off his shoulders, admiring his strong arms thoroughly with my hands. His hands stopped taunting my pussy to allow the white fabric to drift to the floor and then brought them to my hips. He dragged his hands from my hips, up my open back to my neck and undid the clasp restraining my halter top. His lips released mine and went to my neck, following the decent of the fabric from my neck to my now bare breasts. His tongue circled my right nipple as he pushed me back on the table. I moaned in agony, lightly scratching his back, running my fingers through his hair and arching my back to offer my aching breasts to his mouth. He avoided indulging my need for his mouth to savagely feast on my breasts and his tongue just continued to circle my nipple while he pulled my dress the rest of the way off.

“Please…” I begged over and over while doing everything in my power to guide his mouth to my hardened nipple. He looked into my eyes and smiled at the strain in my face and finally covered the tip of my breast with his mouth and I sighed in ecstasy. He rolled my tight nipple between his lips and teeth while his other hand imitated their actions on my other breast. I writhed and panted under his heavenly ministrations. He brought his mouth lazily over to my other taught nipple to tug and suck on it with just as much calculated skill as with the other. My hips wiggled beneath his stomach, fueled by the unrelieved need building up in my yet unsatisfied pussy. My fingers were starting to tug on his hair in a testament to my growing frustration.

He pulled away from my breasts and tightening grasps to stand against the edge of the table and admire his work with a confident smile. I can only imagine how I looked to him. My hair was no longer neatly pilled on my head with pins, but now only half up with large messy chunks draped across the green table top. My face and chest felt as though they were on fire, surly meaning that they were deeply flushed. My clothing had slowly dwindled down to my soaked lace panties and thigh-high nylon stockings. My legs were still spread far apart and I am positive that my panties shifted to one side as my hips writhed about. My pussy lips were clearly visible, slick and swollen, begging for Ethan to give them the same lavish attention that he gave my heaving globes.

His eyes lingered there the longest. He seemed to stand there for hours just drinking in the sight of my lower lips open and wet, waiting impatiently for him. His hands had been resting on my knees while he inspected me, but I now felt them travel up my thighs and drift between my legs to my pussy, easing them further apart as he went. I closed my eyes and inhaled sharply when his thumbs first brushed my swollen lips. He taunted me again, tracing my outer lips with out delving into my aching pussy like I needed. He slowly worked his way inside my intimate folds, watching the reactions on my face rather than the art he was performing.

My mouth was open, gasping for air and emitting strangled groans of protest to his slow, torturous digits. My arms had risen above my head and grasped the other edge of the table, doing what they could to relieve some of the tension building in my body by squeezing the hell out of the polished wood. When I finally get my hands on him, I thought, I will make sure that he suffers just as much as I have!

When his thumbs finally reached my pulsing clit it was as though an explosion took over my body. I did not orgasm, but it was like a damn was broken, releasing the pleasure that had been stored there and sending it in a mass flood to the rest of my body. I cried out as he circled my clit, increasing pressure as my back arched further and further. I moaned with absolute abandon, grinding my greedy pussy into his hand, completely ignoring the look of satisfaction plastered all over his face. His other thumb had been running along my entire slit while his other showed my clitoris the meaning of “pleasure”. He inserted a finger into my dripping hole and my pussy immediately tried to draw it into its depths. His finger began to move in time with his thumb and I gasped each time he drove his finger into my pussy with an extra hard push from his thumb in my clit. My juices were flowing freely from my hole and dripped down my ass. I matched his tempo and fucked his finger, even more wildly when he inserted a second. I could feel the monster in my gut growing and rattling its cage, itching to be unleashed.

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