Fun and Games for John Pt. 01

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“I saw you at the swim meet. You were very good,” the young woman said.

She was behind me as I waited in line at the mall food court. “Your dives were perfect. I’m glad I ran into you. Can we sit together while we eat? My name is Barbara. Are you going to college in the fall?”

“Yes, Stanford.”

“Great school. I went to UC, Berkeley and also used to swim and dive. I’m currently the assistant coach of the girls’ team there. My name is Barbara.”

“Hi, I’m John. I saw you with talking with several girls from my school.”

“I try to get to as many swim meets as possible to scope out talented girls for our team. I was at your last three meets. You are very talented. I liked watching you. I guess you live around here?”

“Over in Palo Alto. I still live with my parents.

“You seem like a nice guy. Girlfriend?”

“I’m between right now.”

“After you caught my eye I asked around. Straight A student, active in school organizations, and apparently very popular with the girls. I’m not surprised since you are also really good looking. One of the girls I’m hoping to recruit says she dated you some. I hope you don’t mind me saying this, but you have a very good body and fill out your suit very nicely.”

I gulped and didn’t know how to respond to such direct comments from someone I just met.

“Don’t be embarrassed. I’m sure plenty of girls have also noticed. Swim-team type suits do emphasize a guy’s attributes. I sit off to the side at the meets so I can watch the girls I might want to recruit. To a one they all watch you, especially when you are getting out of the pool.

“Are you eighteen?”


“That’s a great age. Lots of fun with sexy girls?”

“That’s kind of personal, don’t you think?” I responded with a laugh. If she only knew how little. “I’ve had some experience.”

“I’ll bet! Well, I got to go do some shopping. Nice meeting you,” she said as she stood up. “I’ll be here after Friday’s meet. So see you then.”

I nodded and watched her walk away. A very sexy woman, what a conversation.


I saw her sitting at the same table.

“Have a seat. I thought maybe you changed your mind and left right after the meet ended,” she said with a smile.

“Some of my teammates went someplace but I decided not to go with them. Last time you blew my mind. I figured one of my asshole friends somehow put you up to this. But I was also curious, so here I am. I have to ask, how old are you?”

“Not a good question to ask most women, John. But I don’t mind. I’m twenty-five. Been married for three years.”

“Married? This is all a put-on, isn’t it? A joke. Who put you up to this?”

“No joke, John.” She reached under the table and felt my crotch. “Will it get hard if I keep doing this?”

I stared at her as my rapidly hardening cock responded.

“Feels nice. Pretty big. How big?”

I stuttered and responded “eight inches.”

“That’s big. You measured?”

“Yeah.” I looked around, afraid someone would see what she was doing.

“I’ll bet girls love your cock. You said you’re eighteen, didn’t you?”

“Yeah, last February.”

“How many girls have you fucked?”

“Ah, two. The first one was a friend of my brother and he set it up. Just one time. The other is a classmate.”

“Tell me about her.”

“She’s really nice, also a senior like me. We like doing it and try different things.”

“Was she also a virgin?” She continued to rub my now hard cock.

“No, when she was a junior some senior guy talked her into it. They were hot and heavy until summer. We hooked up shortly after school started in the fall. She’s really pretty and has a great body. She said my cock was much bigger than the other guy’s. That made me feel good.”

“Well, let me tell you, very few guys have an eight-inch cock. Lots of bragging but no goods. Of course, having a big cock is not everything. Knowing how to satisfy a woman goes a very long way. How do you do with that girl? Does she cum when you fuck?”

“Yeah, most of the time. I’ve learned to slow down and I’m getting better at pacing myself to her excitement.”

“Good. That means you have the makings of a decent lover. You’ll have lots of pussy. Which brings me around to why I’m here. My husband and I like to play around. We bring others into our bed and have lots of fun. I like young athletic guys with lots of energy and stamina.”

She continued to rub my cock.

“You mean I could fuck you and your husband wouldn’t mind? Lady, you’re bull-shitting me!”

“No, I’m not. And yes, you might get to fuck me. And no, he won’t mind. First, just you and me. Then later he would be there to fuck me after you finish. It’s all very erotic. I think you would love it.”

“I must be dreaming. Here you are, a sexy woman I just met. Now you are telling me we could go to bed together, with your husband’s approval. This is ridiculous.”

She just looked at me and smiled.

“You are kidding, aren’t you?”

“Absolutely not. If you get to know us, you will realize that escort bayan gaziantep we have an exceptional marriage. One that include others, like maybe you. Tell you what, you think about this. Meet me here next Saturday, same time. Then tell me if you want to experience the most exciting time of your life.”

I left in a daze. This doesn’t happen to me. Even my fantasies are not this erotic. Got to be a put-on, I just haven’t figured it out. Well, I’ll do some of my own checking.

Barbara is the assistant coach of UC, Berkeley’s girl team. And it’s her picture on the website. Maybe she’s for real? I suppose I would be a fool to not be there on Saturday. Maybe she won’t show and I’ll be the fool.

“Glad you decided to meet me,” Barbara said as she sat down at my table. “I was afraid I scared you off with my direct approach. So, you want some lessons?”

“Ah, I guess. Yeah. You mean sex lessons? You’re kidding, right? I still find this impossible to believe.”

“I’m totally serious. Let me explain. I discovered sex at a young age, middle school and fortunately mom set me up with birth control. By the start of high school, I was actively fucking and discovered that I liked girls as well as boys. Once I got to college I was regularly bedding down with a few girls and a number of guys. I liked it all. I suppose you would call me a slut.

“One guy caught my attention. Smart, handsome, big cock. And money. I put the moves on him and we were married between my junior and senior college years. He was part of my crowd and knew I liked pussy and cocks.

“We have a marriage that fits us. Girls and guys share our bed. Most anything goes except BDSM. That’s not our thing. I felt things were getting a little stale and decided to go shopping for some new potential talent. I took my younger sister to your swim meet and that’s where I noticed you.

“So that’s it. I would like you to join us. I think it would be fun to break in another new guy. I promise a good time and experiences that will serve you well in the future. What do you think?”

I stared at her for a moment, trying to figure out the scam. “OK, I’m in. What would we, that is to say, what would happen?”

“Well, I will invite you over, just you and me. We would cuddle and practice kissing. I’m a good kisser. Then I would suck your cock. You ever had your cock sucked?”


“You will like it. I’m very good. You will squirt into my mouth. And then I would teach you how to eat my pussy.”

“You mean stick my tongue inside you?”

“Make love to me with your tongue and mouth. Taste me. If you do that and do it well, we can move on to other things.”

“My friends talk about eating pussy. A few claim they do it, the others say the taste is awful.”

“Yeah, well those guys will never be exciting lovers. Pussy eating is an art. Done well, you will always have girls interested. And guys tell me my pussy tastes good.

“OK, enough talk. You in or out?”

“I’m in. When do we do this?”

A few days later I knocked on her door. “I sent Larry, my husband, away so we would have privacy. She slowly removed her clothes, staring intently at me all the while. When she got down to her bra and panties, she asked me to strip.

“Pull down your shorts, John. I want to see. Oh, very nice, you didn’t exaggerate. Most guys do.”

“Here, unhook my bra.” She turned back and I got my first look at a perfect pair of tits. “You like, don’t you?” she asked as my cock started to engorge. “Now pull down my panties.”

Her beautiful, shaved pussy was staring me in the face. My first bare pussy. My cock was now at full mast.

“You like? We are going to have fun with that cock of yours,” as she gently stoked it.

She lay down on her bed and pulled me to her.

“Kiss me. Yes. A little harder. No, don’t mash your mouth to mine. OK, that’s better. Now just barely touch your lips to mine. Those are called ‘butterfly’ kisses. Very erotic. The point here is to take your time, enjoy the sensations, and make me feel good.

“Now I want you to kiss your way down my body. Kiss and lick a nipple. Good. Now the other one. You can suck on it. Yes, girls like that. Take plenty of time and when you’re ready, continue kissing further down.

“Stick your tongue into my bellybutton. Pretend it’s my pussy and your tongue is a cock. Fuck my bellybutton. Nice. Doing good, John.”

She spread her legs and pushed me lower. “I want you to play with my pussy. Use your finger to separate the lips. Yes, like that. See my pussy hole? Rub your finger up and down my slit. Now stick it into my hole. Gently. OK, now move it in and out. Just imagine that is your cock.

“Now stick the tip of your tongue where your finger was. Push it in and out of my pussy. Good, that feels really good. Now you can lick up and down my slit.”

I’m really doing it! I’m eating this girl’s pussy and she likes it.

She spread her pussy lips. “Now go deeper, John. Fuck me with your tongue. You are doing such a great job.

“Oh, honey, I’m already getting close. When I cum I will squirt a bunch of pussy juice. Don’t be surprised. Oh, damn, damn. Oh, fuck. Oh, baby, that feels so good. Oh … Oh.”

She humped against my mouth, pulling my head to her pussy. Her juices coated my face.

“Come up here.” She kissed me. “I like the taste of my pussy. John, you were terrific. So good, especially for your first time. Did you think pussy tasted as bad as guys claim?”

“No, not at all. They don’t know that they’re talking about. I did ok?”

“Wonderful. One of the best I’ve ever had.”

I looked down at her pussy. The lips were engorged and redder than before. Some drops of liquid were still seeping out. Feeling bold, I scooted back down and lapped up the remaining juice. Barbara sighed and caressed my head as I slowly licked.

“Honey, you’re going to get me hot again. I can’t believe you, I have created a sex monster. But now it’s your turn. Come on up here and kiss me again. Now lay down, John. I’m going to suck your cock.”


“How did it go with the new kid?” Barbara’s husband asked.

“Like putty in my hands. He ate my pussy like a champ. And he has a big cock, bigger than I expected. He’s so sweet and naïve.”

“That’s about what you said with the last kid. And you know how that worked out.”

“Unfortunately, and he really looked promising. He had a big one too and was rather skillful in using it, particularly given his lack of experience. Too bad he freaked out.”

“I liked his looks. And all you did was stick a finger in his butt. Why in hell would that be such a big deal?”

“I don’t know. He was fucking me and I played around with his anus and then pushed my finger in. Just one. He pulled out of me and hollered, calling me a pervert and other names. Then he stormed out. A month of coaching down the drain. What an asshole. Totally freaked out.”

“That was too bad. I liked him and thought there were real possibilities. Well, just as well. I could just see him yelling rape if I tried to do him. Moving on, you going to fuck the new kid, what’s his name, the next time?”

“That’s the plan. His name is John. This Saturday afternoon. You make sure you’re somewhere else.”


Saturday came and Barbara’s pussy was filled with my stiff cock.

“What a wonderful cock you have, John. My pussy has never felt so full before. And you’re doing great. Are you sure you haven’t been practicing with some sweet young things?” Barbara laid on the complements as she lay on her tummy and I did her doggy position.

“Your pussy feels so good. Warm, juicy. I like how it grips my cock. Am I doing ok?”

“Just fine. Go just a little slower, let’s make this last. Tell me if you are getting close.”

So far ok. I like watching my cock go into her. And when I pull out it’s covered with a sort of foamy liquid. This is so much better than I ever thought it would be. I can feel the head of my cock becoming very sensitive.

“Oh, I think I’m going to come. All of a sudden. Here it comes.”

“Do it baby, fill my pussy with your hot cum. Squirt it way up in me.”

I shoved deep and held as I pumped several loads of cum into her.

“Stay in me.”

Later as we lay side by side, she thanked me for performing well. I was proud that I didn’t mess up but was too naive to notice that she didn’t climax.

“How about tomorrow, John?”

Wow, another opportunity for pussy. “Sure, if you want.”

Barbara give her report to her husband. “He did good. I told you he ate my pussy last time, and seemed to like it. And today he did a good job of fucking. Came too fast for me to cum, but he was pretty excited. Next time I play with his ass.”

“You going to do it while you fuck him, like the other two guys?”

“Not sure yet.”


“Hi, John. After yesterday I was really looking forward to us fucking again.”

“Yeah, me too. Barbara, this is all like a dream. A week ago I had so little experience. Now you let me eat your pussy, gave me a blow job, and my first time doing it doggy style. I don’t know how to thank you.”

“Don’t sell yourself short, John. You are a good looking guy with a big cock. When I finish with you girls will plead to jump into your bed.”

“God, you think so?”

“Why not? Enough talk. Take off your clothes and lay down on your stomach. I’m going to give you a massage to mellow you out.”

Barbara kneaded my shoulder and back muscles, then worked on my legs. She put her left hand under me and grabbed my cock, which was already half hard. Her other hand rubbed the cheeks of my ass.

“You have a great ass, John. All the swimming has firmed you up. Have you ever played with your ass?”

“What do you mean?”

“Like put your finger into your butt?” She was circling my anus with a finger.

“No, I haven’t.”

“It can feel really good. I’m going to push my finger in a little bit. How’s that feel?”

“OK, I guess. Weird.”

She pushed deeper, pulled out, and then back in. “I put some lotion on my finger to make it feel better.” She continued to fondle my now hard cock as she finger-fucked my ass.

“Most guys have never tried it. You are so sexy and good in bed, I figured this would turn you on. Shall I continue?”

I mumbled a yes. It did feel good as she increased the thrusting. “Now I’m going to add a second finger. It will feel tighter.”

I was relieved that it didn’t hurt. I liked her playing with me and in spite of myself, didn’t want her to stop.

“Oh, god, Barbara, I’m going to cum,” I shouted

I squirted four times into her hand and onto the bedsheet.

“Baby, you really must have liked that. So much cum and so quickly. I think you like me to play with your ass.”

“I guess so. It bothers me, though. Gay guys like it. I’m not gay but I liked it. It’s so confusing.”

“Your body is made with sensual nerves all over the place. Including your ass. And guys have a prostate. I was touching it when my finger went in deep.”

“I felt something really weird but good. That’s what made me cum. Is that normal?”

“Absolutely. For guys the prostate is a magic gland.”


Saturday we were in bed again, with Barbara stroking my hard cock. “Damn, John, you have the best cock. So big, so hard. I just love it. When we first met I told you that my husband and I play around. He knows all about us. Each time I have bragged about your cock and growing skill. I want us to fuck with him watching. Would that be ok?”

Actually it scared the shit out of me. No matter what she said, I could just see a shotgun being pointed at me.

“I can see you’re worried. Don’t be. We have done this many times. Sometimes with couples, other times with just a guy like you, or even a girl. Larry loves to watch and usually joins in.”

I had heard of open marriages and couples swinging but never imagined that I might become part of such a scene.

“I don’t know, Barbara. I’m still very inexperienced. It would be so embarrassing to know that every move I make is being scrutinized. I don’t want your husband to laugh at me.”

“He won’t. He knows you are new at this. He is very good in bed and that’s one of the reasons why I married him. If truth be known, he likes to show me off. And I like to watch him do his magic with others.”

“He knows that you sucked me and we fucked?”

“Of course. I have told him everything. He thinks you are a very open minded young man. We both think you can fit in with our small group. If you agree, you will have more sex than you could ever imagine.”

“With you?”

“With me and with others. How about us getting together on Friday?”


“Just you, me for now. But you need to think about joining in.”

She knew just how to get my attention. My pants were down and my cock was deep into her mouth. Pulling it out for a moment, she asked me for my decision. What guy can think rationally as his cock is getting blown. Not me. No contest, I was in.

I was extremely nervous as I knocked on their door Friday night. “Come in, John. I’m Larry. Barbara has told me so much about you.”

Well, that got the introduction over in a hurry. Thank god.

Larry offered me a drink even though I was underage. “Sure, anything.” He fixed me a rum and Coke. We sat around making small conversation. Holding my drink was a lifeline and unfortunately was soon empty. Barbara joined us, wearing a see-through baby top and panties. I stared and then quickly glanced at her husband. He went off to fix more drinks.

I had never been so nervous in all my life.

“Relax, John. We are going to have a good time. Aren’t we, honey?”

“I’m looking forward to watching you fuck her, John,” her husband responded as he returned.

“John, let’s go to the bedroom. I want to show Larry your big cock.”

Without objection she steered me to the MBR, her husband following. Barbara shucked her clothes and stood nude before us. God, she looked good.

“Now you guys. Don’t be shy, John. Take your clothes off.”

“Larry, doesn’t he have a great cock? So big and hard,” she looked at her husband. His cock was also sticking out hard and straight.

Barbara knelt and put my cock into her mouth. She licked and sucked for several minutes but stopped before I got too excited. “Come over here, Larry. Your turn.”

Larry stood next to me, his hard cock enveloped by his wife’s mouth. Then she switched back to me, then him.

“That’s enough. I want you both in my pussy. You first, John. Fuck me.”

I mounted her doggy style. Knowing I had an audience I put forth extra effort. Barbara climaxed after just a few minutes. I was far too nervous, however, to join her.

“Now you,” she motioned to her husband. “Give me your big cock.” With practiced skill they fucked as a team. It was erotic to watch. Some minutes later he blasted a big load, his cock covered with semen as he pulled out.

“John, you didn’t come. Do me again. Fill my pussy with your cum.”

I was more relaxed this time and fucked her hard. Her pussy was gaping and so slippery.

“Feels good, doesn’t it. I just love sloppy seconds. Lots of cock, lots of cum. Larry, he’s going so deep. Oh, god, I’m going to come again.”

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32