Fully Fashioned Matron

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My neighbour Shelley was a fully figured woman in her early to mid fifties and I’d had a hankering for her since my youth. She was in her forties then and looked great and I’d often masturbated with her in mind. I was now thirty and saw Shelley every so often when I called round at my parents place and she was in the garden or coming and going from her house. She would always smile and wave when she saw me and I often wondered what she thought of me.

Shelley was a matron at a local senior citizens care home and worked shifts and I saw her getting into her car one day as I pulled up outside my folks place. I waved and went over for a quick chat as she approached her car. We chatted about things in general for a little while and all the time we talked I was thinking of how horny she looked in her matrons outfit and what I would really like to do to her. If only she could read my mind. And I couldn’t help but think naughty thoughts as she climbed into her car and her matron’s uniform rode up slightly above her knee to show her shapely tan nylon clad legs.

She mentioned she didn’t really see me so often now I had moved out and got my own place so I took the opportunity to invite her round for a drink sometime, hoping she would accept. She did so readily and, deciding there was no time like the present, I asked her if she’d like to call round that evening after work. My flat was on her way home so it wasn’t out of her way. It was no problem, she said she’d love to as she had no plans. Shelley had been divorced for about 10 years and, hopefully for me, felt a little lonely sometimes and would be glad of the company of a younger man. I told her I was looking forward to showing her around my new place and off she went to work.

After calling at my folks place I went home and made everything clean and tidy in readiness for Shelley arriving and showered and changed into some jeans and a crisply pressed shirt. Shelley arrived at around 7.30, straight from her shift which finished at 7.00. I must admit I was a little excited at the thought of this sexy older lady whom I had always fancied being in my place and answered the doorbell with a slight tinge of nervousness and hopefulness.

Shelley stood before me in my doorway holding a bottle of expensive French Chablis and a smile on her face. “A house warming present for you Grant” she said as she handed it over to me and I invited her in. Offering to take her coat I smelled her hair as she turned to remove it from her shoulders and as she turned to face me again I took in her lovely full figure in her dark blue uniform.

“Well aren’t you going to show me round?” she asked as we both stood there in the hallway.

“Oh yes, of course” I said, realising I may have been looking at her a little longer than I should have.

Shelley was well impressed with my flat. “My, you have done well for yourself Grant” she commented as I showed her the living room, kitchen and bathroom. Then into the bedroom where she stopped smiled and looked at me “There must be some lucky girl out there I suppose Grant.”

“No Shelley, there isn’t I’ve been single since before I moved in here.” She looked genuinely surprised at my answer and I’m sure I saw a brief smile pass her lips.

We went back to the kitchen first where I opened the wine and poured us each a glass and then went to the living room to sit down. Shelley looked so inviting as she sat on the settee next to me with her full bosoms gently straining at her neatly fitting blue uniform and her knees and lower legs shown to me as her skirt rode up slightly when she sat down. We chatted about life in general and got on well as the bottle of wine became emptier. Then Shelley brought up the subject of my being single again saying she couldn’t Karşıyaka Escort Bayan understand how a good looking young guy like me hadn’t been snapped up already. I felt flattered by her comments and asked her why she hadn’t found anyone since her divorce either and as is often heard she just couldn’t find the right man.

In fact she said it had been so long she thought that she was definitely on the shelf by now. My response of saying that was just plain silly as she was still an extremely good looking woman was met by a look of longing that couldn’t be mistaken for anything else.

“That’s so kind of you to say Grant” she said, “but I think you’re just saying that.”

“Really, I’m not, Shelley” I said honestly, looking her directly in her big brown eyes.

There was a pause in the conversation then where the sexual tension that had been there between us must have increased tenfold and after what seemed like an age I put my glass down on the table and leant forward to kiss her. She was taken slightly aback at first as our lips touched but then immediately returned the gesture until we were both locked in a hungry embrace. Our hands roamed through each others hair and over our faces and shoulders as we lay back into the settee together and our bodies touched each other as our tongues passionately probed into each others mouths.

“Oh Grant, are you sure you want this” Shelley stopped to ask.

“Positive” was my only reply before I hungrily kissed her once again, feeling her lovely full older body against mine. Our hands were all over each other as we kissed and explored each others mouths, our breathing becoming heavier by the second. My hands roamed down her back feeling her bra through her uniform and then down over her behind where I fondled the lovely full cheeks of her backside.

“Oh Grant, it’s been so long” she whispered to me heavily.”

“Me too Shelly” I replied.

“No I mean really long, it’s been years.” God, I thought to myself, she might explode!

My hands swept to the front of her uniform and began to feel her full breasts through the material and she gasped out as I cupped and fondled them. She stroked my shoulders and back as we kissed and commented on how hard my body felt against hers. It wasn’t nearly as hard as my dick was for her, this lovely older beauty who I had fancied for so long. My hand slipped inside the top couple of buttons of her uniform and inside the lace of her bra and she moaned gently as I began to fondle and feel her breast and nipples, which felt wonderfully soft and full.

Shelley’s hands crept to the front of my jeans and we both let out a little sigh as she felt my hard dick through the denim and began to undo my belt. When it was undone she then unzipped me and slid her hand inside my pants and shorts. I gasped as she grasped my fully erect cock and Shelley just said “Mmmm” appreciatively.

My hands crept down the front of her dress to her knees and began to slide back upwards beneath the hem of her dress. I couldn’t wait to get under there to feel her. She gasped as my hands climbed higher and higher along her nylon thighs saying “Oh yes Grant, please touch me.” As my hands caressed the lovely firmness of her full meaty thighs I couldn’t believe my luck as I discovered to my absolute pleasure that she was wearing stockings.

“Oh god Shelley” I exclaimed as I felt the smooth skin of her upper thigh above her nylon stocking tops, “you feel so horny.”

“Do you like them?” she asked as I toyed with the nylon and her suspenders which held them in place.

“I love them, they turn me on so much Shelley” which was absolutely true. I couldn’t wait to get dirty with this lovely older dame.

Further Escort Karşıyaka and further my hands crept as Shelley wanked my thick cock inside my jeans and shorts, her touch felt fantastic as her fingers curled and pulled around my shaft. She moaned softly as I began to stroke the silky gusset of her already damp panties and I could feel the soft shape of her pussy lips beneath. “Oh that feels so nice” she gasped as my fingers stroked her through the silky material. Pulling her panties to one side I continued to stroke between the lips of her hot and now very wet pussy before sliding a finger inside her, which made her moan out loudly, and alternating this with playing with her stiffly protruding clitoris.

“Make love to me Grant” she asked as we kissed and played with each other and I broke off to stand up before her. Unbuttoning my shirt and throwing it aside she commented on what a lovely muscular body I had, stroking her fingers across my thick chest and then she leant forward to pull down my jeans and I kicked them aside. My hard cock stood out very visibly through the material of my shorts and Shelley’s hands crept to my waistband and pulled them down, letting my cock spring free which touched her cheek as she pulled my shorts all the way down. My cock was pointing towards her face as she sat on the settee before me with her legs open so I could see up her skirt and she reached out to grasp my dick and pull me towards her waiting mouth.

“Oh yes suck me Shelley” I asked, but she didn’t need to be instructed as she slipped her lovely red lips over the tip of my cock and slid her mouth all the way along my shaft. The feel of her mouth around me as she took the whole length of my dick into her mouth and flicked the tip with her tongue was sensational. “Oh Shelley that feels fantastic.” She moaned in appreciation and this sent vibes right down the length of my shaft and shivers down my spine. She slurped and licked and sucked at my cock like an expert. Her years in the desert certainly hadn’t robbed her of her sexual expertise, that was for sure. God older women were so much hotter, they seem to know instinctively just what to do to turn their man on and Shelley certainly did.

My hands held the back of her head and pulled her to me as she repeatedly swallowed and sucked on my throbbing dick and my moans gave away just how good she was. I had to make her stop after a while as I wanted to save my come for when I screwed her so she lay back and began to undo the buttons on the front of her uniform. She lay before me with a look of lust on her face as her fingers undid each of her buttons. When the final button was undone she opened her uniform to reveal her womanly body to me and I just couldn’t believe how good she looked. Shelly lay before me with her dress spread either side of her, her full breasts peeped out from over the large white lacy bra which tried in vain to contain them and her fully fashioned tan stockings which showed off her fabulous legs were held in place by a lovely short white girdle which covered the top of her panties but her spread legs still revealed how wet she was as I could see her juices soaking through the silky white material between her legs. She briefly played with her breasts as I watched her undress and slipped off her panties to expose her sopping cunt to me as her fingers slid between her legs to touch herself.

“I want to taste you Shelley” I told her as I knelt on the floor before her and spread her legs even further apart. “Oh yes please Grant, put your tongue deep inside me darling, I want you to lick me.”

My fingers spread her damp pussy lips apart and she bit her lip in anticipation as she felt my hot breath between her thighs. My tongue and trailed Karşıyaka Escort Bayan in circles around her inner thighs before gently lapping between those lips to taste her lovely juices. She moaned loudly as my tongue licked up and down her slit and teased her clit occasionally. I buried it deep inside her to taste as much of her as I could before sliding one then two fingers deep inside her lovely inviting hole.

“Oh Grant baby” she cried out as my fingers rhythmically began to probe her and my tongue circled its way over and around her clit. She grasped her breasts in ecstasy as I continued until I could feel her begin to flinch each time I flicked her clit with my tongue and I knew then that her climax was fast approaching.

She grasped my head with both hands and pulled me tight into her hole, her nyloned legs wrapping themselves around my shoulders and her meaty thigh gripped my head in place. I could feel her stocking tops swishing in my ears as she shuddered violently and came in my mouth and I could hear her moans muffled by her thighs which gripped my head. She was gasping and smiling as she released her grip and allowed me to come up for air, my face sodden and sticky with her cum. She tasted it as we kissed again and I climbed onto the settee and in between her open legs.

“I want to screw you now Shelley” I told her as I brought my pulsing dick up between her legs.

“Take me Grant, take me now” she pleaded as I began to rub the tip of my cock up between the lips of her wet pussy.

She let out a long slow moan as I finally forced my hard prick slowly and deeply inside her wet and inviting cunt. “Oh Shelley, you feel so good.”

“Oh Grant your cock feels so nice and hard inside me. It’s been so long baby, please fuck me.” I was only too happy to oblige.

She spread her legs wide with one off the settee and one over the back of it with me pumping rhythmically in between them, screwing her, taking her, making her feel like the woman she had wanted to be for so long. The feeling as I fucked in between those lovely stockinged legs deep inside her hot cunt was sensational.

“Turn over Shelley, I want to fuck you from behind.” Shelley turned over and knelt before me as I knelt up and got in behind her. I could see the juices running from her pussy and down her legs as I brought my cock to her again and she cried out as I buried it deep inside her in one long stroke. Gripping her hips and feeling the soft silky material of her girdle I pulled her onto me as I thrust deeply into her, making her cry out with each inward stroke.

“Oh yes, oh yes, fuck me” she grunted gutturally as I screwed her. I could see her fondling one of her tits with one hand and the other crept between our legs and tickled my balls as they slapped against her backside. She then slid it down over her ass and between her cheeks and began to rub at her puckered asshole which winked at me as I fucked her. Her moans increased as she began to play with herself like this and she began to buck harder against me, another climax obviously approaching. She pushed her middle finger up her own ass and looked so horny as she fingered herself before me with my prick buried inside her.

“Yes baby, make me come” she urged and I slammed into her harder still.

“Oh yes, make me come, make me come” she continued and as I felt my spunk begin to surge she cried out again, “Oh Grant, I’m coming, I’m coming, yes yes YESSS!”

And she came like a wildcat as my spunk spewed forth and filled her lovely tight hole, both of us crying out and gasping as we came together. Our mingled juices ran from her as I withdrew and dribbled down her thighs and stockings and she picked it up on her fingers and smeared it over her lips and face, tasting it with a look of sheer ecstasy.

We headed for the shower together and I made her keep her sexy underwear on so I could feel it against me as we got wet under the hot spray together. Shelley vowed to do anything for me from then on and I promised her she would never feel lonely again. We had some fun times ahead.

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32