Full Court Press

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Welcome to my latest story. Please note — This story is fictional! All of the characters, the situations, the plot — everything is fictional. With this story I attempted and experiment with a time-loop. I hope you enjoy it!

Full Court Press

A cheer went up from the crowd as Jasmine Gray took a rebound, passed it out to Jill Taylor who immediately lobbed the ball to Paige McMillan who had already started running down the court. The pass was perfect. Paige grabbed the ball and raced out in front of her opponents down the court to score a perfect layup. This put Acteon University ahead by one point with only 32 seconds remaining on the clock. But there had been a whistle. Foul! Jill Taylor had crashed into and elbowed the player who was guarding her as she had slipped past her in order to make the pass. Claudia, the Wilfred College point guard, was still sitting on the court holding her side and nursing the bloody nose she got when she fell. The layup was disallowed, and Wilfred College given 2 free shots.

The crowd was audibly disappointed and some began booing the referee, a young woman from the Acteon community named Jennifer Collier. For her part, she ignored the crowd. But she could not ignore Jill’s reaction to the call. Jill screamed and started to run towards the referee, “Bitch! What the hell? I didn’t hit her on purpose.” The Acteon center, Aniyah Dixon grabbed Jill by the waist and spun her around just as Coach Kathy Parker buzzed for a time out.

By this time Paige had gotten to Jill and she and Aniyah were leading her towards the bench as Jill continued to swear and complain.

“Shut up Jill,” Paige said finally, “You’ll get us a technical.”

Coach Parker had spoken softly to the Referee, checked with the other coach about the injured girl and then joined her sweaty team by the bench.

“Jill, take a seat.”

“What! No! Let me finish.”

“Jill, you are done. Head to the locker room now!”

Jill flushed, grabbed her towel and sulked down the line to the home team lockers, slamming the door behind her.

After she had gone, the Coach turned to Paige, “You have to talk to her. She is a great player, but dammit she needs to grow up.”

“She’s a rough player,” Paige said as she watched Jill disappear.

“No! It is her anger and her mouth. She’s a loose cannon.”

“I know, but I have talked to her. I don’t know what else you want me to do?”

“Ok, let’s go out and finish. We’ve played a great game.”

Wilfred scored both free throws. Acteon grabbed the rebound and headed down towards their basket. Paige passed to Jasmine who passed to Aniyah who shot almost from center court… and missed. Buzzer. Acteon lost to Wilfred by one point.

The crowd was disappointed, but it had been a good game and soon they burst into cheers for both teams. The girls lined up, greeted and shook hands with their opponents. But before heading back to the locker room, Paige looked for Claudia Singer, from Wilfred. Claudia was now sitting on the bench holding a cold compress against her bloody nose. Paige walked over and sat next to her, “Are you ok?” Claudia nodded.

“Good game! Sorry about Jill!”

Claudia shrugged, “That’s the way the game is played.” She smiled, “Thanks Paige, good game.”

“Perhaps, but Jill gets a little over-enthusiastic at times.”

Claudia would have laughed at that comment if it hadn’t hurt to laugh.

Paige headed towards the locker room. As she picked up her towel from the bench she noticed Jennifer, the Ref, and the two coaches locked in a whispered conversation. Paige shook her head. “Dammit Jill.”

As she walked to the locker room, she noticed the eccentric Professor Shari Spencer in the bleachers. Shari was an English professor at Acteon and had been with the University for about 20 years. Professor Shari was an avid supporter of the basketball program, both the women’s and men’s programs. She had played in high school and in college herself and by all accounts had been a fairly decent player. Now single and unattached, with no family, she attended all the games and knew all the girls on the team by name. Shari was something of a free spirit, and sported a distinctive look: long colorful dresses, a bright red coat during the winter, multiple unique scarves and always a hat! It was perhaps not surprising that Shari taught poetry and creative writing and was herself published in a variety of formats. She was known to be demanding but was nevertheless well liked, even as all kinds of rumors flew around about her personal life and her unusual interests.

Paige stopped, looked up into the bleachers towards the 42 year old Professor and waved.

“Good game Paige. I guess there was a little drama at the end though.” Shari said as she climbed off the wooden bleachers and onto the floor.

Paige rolled her eyes. “Jill can’t control herself. She just reacts and then later she feels bad. I am sure she will be crying when we get in the locker Burdur Escort room. And I don’t know why Coach expects me to take care of this problem. I don’t know what to do about it.”

“I think she needs to see someone, a professional. She is a good player, but she does have some issues she needs to come to grips with I think.”

“She’s the best, but she is rough and out of control. I think Coach might suspend her.”

Shari raised her eyebrows, “I don’t know what good that would do. Paige, don’t forget, she’s just a freshman. She’s young and immature. Be patient with her.”

“The other girls are really pissed with her. The foul shouldn’t have happened. She bloodied poor Claudia in the process. And then for her to mouth off like that! Shit! We really deserved a technical foul.”

“I think Jennifer tries to limit those. She is also inexperienced, but she has potential.”

“She’s too careful. She lets too much go by. And she lets Jill get away with way too much. Jill should have fouled out by the end of the 3rd quarter. Instead, she just gets warnings!”

Shari stood quietly with the blonde team captain for a moment and nodded. She looked the young woman over. She was tall and slender, but very beautiful. Her legs were especially well toned and strong. Paige had taken several classes with Shari in the past and at times their relationship had been combative, but from Shari’s perspective this had only intensified her feelings for the young woman. Shari was particularly drawn to assertive women.

Shari reached out and gently squeezed the girl’s shoulder. “You played a good game. But so did everyone else.” Shari took her by the hand, “Be patient. Let Coach deal with it. You’re not responsible for Jill.”

“Coach assigned me to be her little sister and I feel responsible.”

“Jill has anger issues that have nothing to do with you, or this team. They are deep-seated.”

Paige suddenly wrapped her arms around Shari and gave her a hug. “I’ll see you later. I… I’d kind of like to talk with you sometime.”

“That would be great. Send me an email.” Shari smiled and their eyes locked for a moment.

Paige broke it off, waved and headed into the locker room as Shari stood there on the court in her hat and red coat watching the young woman walk away. She felt breathless. She always did when she spoke to Paige. Finally, she sighed, turned and headed towards the exit waving to Coach Parker as she stepped out into the night and walked towards her building and her office.


It was a clear night, not terribly cold. The full moon illuminated her path as she made her way around the gym, passing the music building and concert hall, and then turning towards the student union that stood on the other side of the campus. Her building, the Hunter Humanities Building, stood next to the Union. Shari’s office was on the top, 6th floor at the far eastern end of the building, nestled in one of the turrets that framed the building.

Her mind and her heart were racing. Being with Paige tended to produce that reaction in her. She knew that Paige would be graduating in only a few months and she fantasized that perhaps they might deepen their relationship after that. But Shari pushed that thought out of her mind and turned her thoughts to Jill.

Jill was a student in her freshman writing class and the girl was struggling. She was trying to help her but it wasn’t easy. Jill was not one to ask for or receive help, and tended to be rude and defensive.

She let herself into her office, closed and locked the door and looked at the clock: 9:48PM. She should go home. She took off her coat and made herself some tea, then sat on the couch by the window, looking out over the campus and at the bright moon and the stars.

Acteon had been Shari’s first and only teaching appointment. She won the position even before she had completed her doctorate and she had taught at the school for 16 years. On the whole she was happy with her teaching, but her personal life was a mess. Ever since her husband had divorced her almost 5 years ago, she had felt on edge and uneasy.

The divorce had been long in coming and was not really surprising. She and her husband had grown apart in so many ways that when he announced his decision to leave it wasn’t really a surprise. Neither of them had the energy or inclination to try to save their marriage and so they parted company after dividing up the joint property which left Shari with the very large house. When the dust cleared from the divorce Shari slowly came to the realization that she was alone — very alone. For so long the dysfunctional cycle of arguments followed by the ritual of making up had occupied all of her emotional energy that she had not realized how dependent she was on her husband emotionally — and sexually.

For all their mutual animosity and fierce anger towards each other, they had nonetheless managed to develop and maintain an increasingly intense sexual relationship. Burdur Escort Bayan Shari found that the more intense their arguments, the more intense the sex, even to the point where her husband had introduced elements of punishment and humiliation. If she had been asked early in her marriage if she would have allowed her husband to spank her, or tie her up or make her masturbate online while a group of anonymous men watched she would have rejected the suggestion out of hand. But he never asked, he just forced it — “it was part of her punishment,” he told her – and for her part she submitted enthusiastically and found it incredibly and increasingly arousing and satisfying. Not only that but he encouraged her to take lovers, especially women and then he enjoyed making her tell him all of the details. He even introduced multiple partners, partner sharing and group bondage and punishment. She went along with all of it and it led her to developing an obsession with sex, especially this kind of kinky sex. Even as their relationship collapsed, she felt free to seek out other lovers, who increasingly were other women, though not exclusively.

The fact was that even as she would accuse her ex-husband of perverting her, it all came naturally. She had experimented in high school and college and had always been drawn to lesbian sex, submission and kink. She craved punishment for some dark reasons she didn’t quite understand and she was very experienced in all of this when she met her husband, and he knew it. He simply exploited her own not so latent obsessions, even as she tried to force herself into what she thought was a respectable box.

Perhaps Shari thought the disfunction in their marriage and the dependence on D/S could hold them together. But that was naïve. And so finally one day John simply announced that it was over between them and he was gone, leaving behind the feelings, the needs and obsessions he had nurtured. This all contributed to making her feel increasingly desperate. She tried online dating but the men she met were for the most part boring, uncreative and creepy, Besides, she felt no attraction to them whatsoever. And to make matters worse she felt no longer welcome with some of their old friends, since now she didn’t have a partner to participate. Shari had reluctantly withdrawn from those relationships completely.

All of this had led her to finally admit to herself that she was drawn to other women, especially young women, like Paige! She often found herself fantasizing about various girls from her classes. It made her feel dirty but it aroused her so much that she could not resist touching and rubbing herself. In her fantasies she even combined the punishment and domination games her husband had introduced with these various fantasy encounters.

And while not a new obsession, because of her new circumstances one dominated all the others: masturbation. And it basically took over her life. She did it everywhere: in every room in her home, in the car, in her office. Increasingly she could not resist the regular temptation to slip her hand under her skirt and to allow her fingers to dance over her sex. She didn’t always orgasm, but she was always wet and tingly.

As she sat at the window her mind wandered into another fantasy, this one involving Paige. She lay back on her couch, pulled up her skirt, slipped her hand between her legs and found her hairy wet sex (she had stopped wearing panties ages ago, except for when she got her period.) She pulled a blanket over top of her, pulled up her skirt a little farther and began to gently touch herself as she closed her eyes.


Shari was awakened with the sound of a buzzing coming from her purse. Groggily she opened her eyes, rolled off of the couch and, dragging the blanket behind her, stumbled to her desk where she fished her phone out of her purse. She dropped into her desk chair and pulled the blanket around her as she glanced at the phone.

Just a random text from a student needing help.

She dropped the phone on her desk, reached up to switch off her desk light and looked up at the clock. It was a little past midnight. Too late to drive home. She put her head down on her desk and fell back to sleep…


5:37 AM — The cell phone alarm!

Shari opened her eyes, grabbed the phone, turned it off and looked around. It was really not that uncommon for Shari to sleep in her office. Often during basketball season when games ran late, she would stay over on a regular basis. After all she had no real reason to go home and she kept a change of clothes for this eventuality stored in her closet.

After folding the blanket and putting it back on the couch she slipped out of her office to the lady’s room across the hall to relieve herself. When she returned, she grabbed her gym bag and a few other articles of clothing, put on her coat and headed out for the walk across campus back to the gym. Shari liked to lap swim in the early morning, it kept Escort Burdur her in shape and gave her a place to clean up for those nights she slept over.

The gym opened at 6 and that early it was usually very quiet. Not many students would venture out this early, though there were an occasional few. Often, she had the pool and even the locker room to herself. There were some other staff and faculty she might encounter, who, like herself, used the gym in the morning for fitness. On this particular morning the women’s locker room was empty when she arrived. She quickly removed her clothes and slipped on her one-piece bathing suit and cap, grabbed her goggles and towel and headed to the pool. As she slipped into the water, she saw one of the physics professors come out of the men’s locker room. He waved to her and slipped into the water on the other side of the pool. Shari waved back and soon was doing her laps.

After a while she stopped for a brief rest and her mind moved to the events of the previous evening and especially to Paige. She chastised herself for her juvenile crush, but the fact was she could not exorcize the beautiful young woman from out of her mind. The harder she tried the more she doted on Paige – she saw her face, her body, she felt her hands, smelled her presence. Shari dived back into the water and swam her remaining laps vigorously as a way of trying to purge Paige’s image from her mind, but it only intensified.

Finally, she pulled herself out of the pool, wrapped herself in her towel and walked slowly around the pool a couple times before heading into the women’s locked room. She slipped into the shower and slipped off her bathing suit, leaving her cap on in order to keep her hair dry. She was no longer alone. There was a student in the shower who Shari did not know and one of the secretaries from the administration.

As Shari soaped her body and slowly washed herself, she could not help looking at the bodies of the two other women in the shower with her. The older woman was heavier than she was and her breasts were large and saggy, but the young woman had a beautiful petite body. Shari began to compare this girl with what she imagined Paige looked like naked — small breasts, perky pink nipples, tight abdominal muscles, shaved, strong legs. Shari felt a tingle between her legs. Soon the other women finished and left the shower leaving Shari alone.

After rinsing she turned the water off and began to dry herself with her towel. This gym had two large shower areas which were connected though separated with a piece of plastic that served as a kind of curtain. Just as she started to leave the shower area, she thought she heard water running in the other section of the shower. She paused and looked towards the entrance to the other shower area. Slowly she moved towards the entrance. She felt as if a magnet was pulling her closer and closer. She pulled back the plastic and looked in. She gasped, there was Paige!

Paige was naked and the water was cascading over her body. Shari was transfixed staring at her. Paige’s eyes were closed as she moved her hands to caress her body. She squeezed and rubbed her breasts and then slipped her hands lower and lower until she slipped a hand between her legs and pushed a finger inside of her. Shari could not breath, but she imitated the young woman’s motions and slipped two of her own fingers inside of her causing her to sigh. Just then Paige opened her eyes and looked straight at the older woman, smiled and whispered, “Shari!”

Shocked and embarrassed Shari pulled the plastic back into place. But in a moment, she gently pulled it back again and looked. There was no one there! She sighed in frustration. She looked around – No one, even though one shower had been left running. She sighed, walked over turned off the shower, shook her head and returned to her locker, quickly pulling on her bra, blouse and skirt, leaving off her panties and stockings. Then she slipped out of the gym and quickly crossed the campus back to her office.

She arrived at her office in a state of intense arousal. After closing and locking the door she quickly removed her coat, opened the bottom drawer in her desk and pulled a towel out of her desk drawer placing it on her desk chair. Sitting on the towel, she opened her legs, pulled up her skirt exposing her hairy, wet pussy and began to rub herself. The image of Paige in the shower, real or not, overwhelmed her and while she began slowly, soon she had increased the intensity and speed of her ministrations as she slipped two fingers deep inside of her, then pulled them out in order to rub them hard and fast over her clitoris. She paused briefly to unbutton her blouse pulled her breasts from the cups of her bra and began to squeeze her breasts and pinch her nipples with her left hand as she recommenced her attentions to her lower regions, with her right hand. It was not long before she felt an orgasm building and with a muffled scream and a whimper she came hard. “Paige!!!!” she cried.

As she slowed her pace she remained in the same position in her chair — leaning back with her legs spread and her skirt up with her wet pussy exposed. She closed her eyes as she felt the throbbing begin to slow along with her heartbeat.

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