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After my first fuck with a fifty-year-old I was hooked on fucking only old plumb and fat ladies with bushy cunts. When I reached 45 my sexual targets were aged 70- to 80-year-olds and when fingering them I found they could not help themselves either dribbling piss or if skilled using their incontinence to squirt it out.

Of course, I was turned on and developed a real liking for fingering ladies when they were leaking, taking a real piss, or rubbing them hard so they could not stop squirting. Lastly, the ultimate piss fun was fucking them as they gently squirted, and then after I had cum, piss up their old hairy cunts.

That started after I had seduced a very attractive 85-year-old lady and she told me that until I told her that her incontinence turned me on, she admitted that allowing herself to let her bladder go when having sex had increased her satisfaction. And it turned her on too. I thought about that and concluded that there could be quite a lot of horny old biddies who were embarrassed to engage in sex because of piss leakage. But the question was: where to find them?

The answer was women’s sex problem websites. I found a couple that although seemingly above-board did provide almost obscene answers. They had forum areas and I started on the subject of incontinence and sex.

I wrote: As a lover of older ladies, I found that all too often they are very embarrassed with incontinence during foreplay. Until I assured them that far from being embarrassed they should embrace it as it can and often does enhance the sexual experience. If any ladies have this problem, I would be happy to give them advice.

Logging on the next day, I was amazed to find how many old ladies were looking for my advice. Of course, I gave my answers in reply but added that for an in-depth consultation they should send me an email.

I never expected any takers of course, but no. Four emails were waiting for me over the following week. They were from ladies ranging from the mid- 60s to early 80s. And they all said virtually the same thing, that before incontinence they all enjoyed a good sex life but after, virtually nothing. A couple said their husbands did not understand or were put off, and the remaining two said they lacked confidence in finding new partners who would understand.

To swinger seks hikayeleri the married ladies I replied in-depth to their questions and offered positive suggestions. To the two ladies, I wrote saying that I would be delighted to help regain their confidence with my attention.

The first turned out to be a piss-loving horny bitch.

Her name was Susan, aged 72. In her reply, she described herself as fun-loving but was not getting any fun at the moment due to ‘her problem down there’ as she quaintly put it. Also, she mentioned that due to her lack of self-confidence she had let herself go and frankly was desperate for help. She included her address and phone number for me to arrange a visit.

On the phone, she sounded very upmarket and friendly. After some idle chit-chat, I asked if she trusted me to help her, and receiving a positive answer, I said that to give her practical help she should drink enough to have a full bladder and if possible hold it in until I arrived. And I would do the same. She reluctantly agreed and the meeting was arranged.

Luckily she lived only 20 miles away and not knowing more than she had told me, I was pleasantly pleased to see that she was quite nice, overweight but with a lovely protruding belly just as I like them.

In the lounge, I kissed her chastely on the cheek and complimented her looks, and asked how she was feeling.

“Well, but I don’t understand why you wanted my bladder to be full. To be frank, I think I just might pee myself.”

“Susan, you said that your incontinence puts you off looking for a new partner. Would you believe if I told you there were thousands of men of all ages who are actively looking for ladies who can give them what they truly want — that is your pee.”

Of course, she didn’t until I opened up at least 5 pee lovers’ contact sites on her computer.

She was staggered. “You mean to tell me that some want women like me to pee on them, in their mouths, and during sex. That’s wonderful.”

“Well, now you know what the future can hold, can I now instruct you how your incontinence can enhance your sexual well-being?”

“Oh yes please, I’m ready to burst.”

I arranged some plastic bags on the sofa and plonked her down and told her to think of me as a lover that knows about her problem and will enjoy it. With that, I started to kiss her, gently at first and as she warmed up, our tongues were exchanging lots of saliva.

She did not need a lot of encouragement to open her legs as my fingers moved up her chubby thighs. Coming to rest they found her uncovered and extremely hairy cunt.

“Susan, you naughty girl, you were expecting this.”

“Sure was, but not this quick, make me cum, please.”

“Now, just relax and when you want to piss, just squirt it in short spurts out of you lovely bushy cunt. That just fucking well turns me on.”

No sooner than I had three fingers rubbing away, she let the first one go.

“I never thought pissing could be so horny, faster you piss lover.”

She must have squirted at least three more times and with each one, she orgasmed. She was getting hooked on pee play. Next, my favourite, the piss fuck.

The evening before I was next due to see Susan, I phoned her and told her to make sure her bladder was full and I would do the same. And I added that she had to meet me at the door dressed in a wraparound towel.

With my bladder full I rang her doorbell and started rubbing my cock until it was hard.

She opened the door and almost dragged me in.

“Oh Robert, I’m looking forward to whatever you have in mind.”

Kissing her deeply, I undid the towel, and she quickly undressed me all the while stroking my cock.

“Rob, please be quick I am ready to piss.”

Without any preamble, I leaned her against the wall and rammed my fingers up her fanny and she immediately started dribbling.

“Oh yes, fuck me darling I can’t hold it in.”

Opening her legs, I eased my cock into her cunt and started fucking her. After about three strokes, she orgasmed and let out a torrent of piss. Boy, it was wonderful, and as I shot my spunk, I followed it by pissing right up her.

Susan was reluctant to lose my services and to be honest, she was fast becoming a piss slut. She would do it anywhere. In the pictures, she would scrunch down in the seat giving me easy access and as she came she squirted all over the floor.

Walking anywhere she loved to dribble it down her legs and into her shoes.

And her master stroke was to choose a spot in the open to squat down and let go of a massive stream, so she could be seen doing it.

The second lady was Jackie who was 60. Her long email read: Hello, I read your article about incontinence and sex and discussed it with my hubby. You see, a few years ago when my first “leakage” occurred during intercourse it seemed to put him off, and to be very blunt, he has not touched me since. I hope very much if you can help us.

I phoned her and she appeared very distressed. “I am at my wit’s end, young man. You don’t mind if I use naughty words to describe my predicament do you?”

I agreed. “Good, because my incontinence is making me so sodding frustrated. I am using the biggest dildo but I miss my hubby’s nine fat inches. But he just won’t fuck me thinking piss is dirty, even when I told him that urine is sterile.”

I was at a loss as to how to help her. So I suggested we meet at her house in a couple of days when hubby was at work.

Jackie greeted me nicely and even gave me a chaste kiss on the cheek. ” It’s so good of you to take such a personal interest in my problem. Do you have any ideas?”

“Well Jackie, I think so, but they might be extreme. You see, I am a piss fetish and would rather like to fuck you right now or better when you are full up. But that is not going to happen. So here are some alternative ideas. Does hubby like blow jobs?”

“He loves ’em and loves to shoot his spunk all over my face.”

“Good. When you next want a pee, take him with you into the toilet and tell him that you will give him a BJ but you must have a big piss at the same time. He will then associate piss with pleasure. You could then ask him to piss on your face, but that is taking things a bit far, I think.

“Second idea. Have you had anal sex?”

“Yes, before our wedding, we used to do that so I did not get pregnant. But that was a long time ago.”

“Well, you could use your dildo to ensure your shit hole was ready. Then entice him to fuck you like that and he won’t even see you pissing.”

Jackie readily accepted both ideas. As I was leaving she added, “but what if they don’t work?”

“Then call me again and we’ll both do the business right in front of him.”

She phoned me three weeks later and reported good progress. He was now happily fingering her cunt when she was taking a piss and was ok with pissing on her. And she added, that when he fucked her shit hole, she was able to squirt to her heart’s content.

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