Fulfilling A Fantasy Ch. 2

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We arrived at the motel and finding our room could see James wasn’t there yet. Putting our things away we walked down to the lounge. It wasn’t long before he arrived and we moved into the dining room. The hostess was a cute thing, a little on the heavy side, but quite attractive. It didn’t take long before we were all chatting like old friends. Dawn seemed to enjoy his company and talked with James as if she had known him forever. I got the waitress’ attention and waited for the bill.

“We’re going to go on ahead.” James stood and held Dawn’s chair.

“Ok, I’ll be there in a minute.” I watched them chatting as they headed out towards the room. Waiting for the waitress I wondered what the weekend would bring. As she walked away I moved uncomfortably in my chair trying to rearrange my stiffening cock. Pictures flew though my mind of the coming weekend. Finally I got the bill paid and made my way out of the dining room, trying not to look obvious with the bulge tenting my slacks.

I walked into the room and with a smile hung the Do Not Disturb sign on the door handle. Turning I could see that James had setup the cameras on tripods and positioned them. I stepped around the corner and noticed the digital camera on the stand between the two king size beds. It was only a glance! I stopped, my hand found my cock and I cupped it through my slacks.

Dawn sat on the edge of the bed in just panties and bra. The straps were pushed off her shoulders, the cups down so the underside of her breasts were held up. James stood before her, his shirt in a heap on the floor next to her blouse. His pants were around his ankles. Dawn held his long black cock and was pulling the foreskin forward and back over the head.

James looked over at me and smiled. “Welcome to the party-y-y-y!!” Just as he spoke Dawn had pulled the foreskin back and had taken the large head into her mouth. “Damn!” Sliding her hand back and forth on his shaft his cock began to grow. I watched as his cock came to full length. With her mouth as wide as it would go she could only get the tip of his organ in. She sucked the head and licked around the crown, her fist pulling the flesh back and forth on the length. “Ohh..that feels good…” James moaned as he gently held her head. Holding his cock with one hand Dawn hooked her fingers under the elastic of her panties and lifting slightly pushed them down and stepped out of them. His fully erect cock was at least ten inches and she continued to lick the head and suck the tip into her mouth. Her fist would pull the shaft until the foreskin would press against her lips.

“It’s so big.” Dawn murmured as she licked. Her fingers were pushed between her open thighs. “I’m so wet.” Sitting back with his cock before her eyes she pulled the foreskin back and forth over the head. She watched intently and would take the head between her lips each time she pulled the skin back.

I removed my clothes and sat next to them on the edge of the bed. My cock erect dripped precum and I held it in my hand working the lubrication down the shaft.

“It’s so long and hard.” Dawn looked over to me then back at the dark cock in her white hand. “The foreskin slides so easy.”

James knelt in front of her and her arms fell to her sides. Cupping her breasts in his large hands he gently caressed them, playing one nipple in his fingers his lips sought the other and circled it. Sucking one nipple then the other his tongue moved down between them and onto her belly. As his tongue traveled below her belly button Dawn moaned and lay back. With her knees on the edge of the bed and her feet hanging over he spread her thighs.

“Ohhhhhgawddddd…” Dawn gasped! His palms resting on her upper thighs he used his fingers to open her naked pussy. “Oh…ohh… OHHH …” She held his head and pulled him tight into her sex as his tongue dove deep into her wetness then finding her hard clit flicked over the top of it.

“That’s rise of empires ottoman izle it James, make her cum…lick her clit!” I held Dawn’s breast and rolled and pulled on her hard nipples. “She’s going to cum…you’re tongue is going to get her off…” James increased his tempo on her hard pink bud.

“I’m…I’m…ohhhhhHHHHHHHNOWWWWWWWWWW!!!…” Dawn howled and her hips lifted up from the mattress against his mouth. Holding his head tight she pumped against his tongue. “Ohhh…yes…yes…ohyessss! …no-o-o-o-o…” James slid his hands under her hips and lifted his tongue from her. His cheeks and lips glistened from the juices of her cunt. Dawn tried to pull him back between her thighs but could only find his arms. “Please…please don’t stop!” She begged.

Glancing over at me he smiled and pulled Dawn along the bed until her feet were on the floor and her pussy at the edge of the mattress. I nodded at him understanding what he was going to do. Dawn continued to plead for him to return his tongue to her clit. He placed one large, black hand, on Dawn’s cream colored belly and gripped his cock with the other. Pulling the foreskin back I watched the head appear with precum dripping from the tip. Arching back he held the base and pointed the tip at Dawn’s opening then pushed forward with his hips. Her pussy stretched wide as the head entered her.

“Ohhhhhhh!!!!…gawdddDDDD…” Dawn’s eyes flew open! Her hand grabbed at James’ arm that was on her belly. She gripped my arm with the other. Staring wide-eyed at me her mouth fell open but no sound came out as James slowly pushed his hard cock into her.

“Damn! She’s holding me so fucking tight!” James had managed to completely bury his full ten inches. His balls rested against the underside of her ass cheeks. Slowly he pulled back and I could see her juices shine on the sides of his heavy veined black cock.

Hopping off the bed I took the camera from the stand. Moving in close the shutter clicked again and again as his black wet cock penetrated her pussy. I was close enough that I could smell the sex. Dawn never stopped moaning as he pumped faster and faster. James’ balls slapped against her ass cheeks.

“I’m going to cum! Ohgawd Jerry he’s going to make me cum! He’s fucking me so deep!” Dawn’s hands were between her legs and her fingers moved along the sides of her slit and over her clit. They touched the sides of James’ cock as he pumped her.

Turning the bag of toys upside down on the other bed I searched through them quickly. She had never allowed me to put my cock in her ass but enjoyed it when I would press the tip of my finger in. We had a small cock shaped dildo that she would use on me at times when she jacked me off. Finally I found it and knelt down between James’ legs.

“OhhhHHHH NO-O-O-O-O…YES-S-S-S-s-s-s-s…” Wetting it from her juices leaking from her cunt I pushed all four inches in. “Yes… yes…ohhh…fuck me…FUCK ME!!!!…I’m cumminggggggGGGGG!!!!…”

I could feel James’ balls slapping against my hand as I began fucking her tight hole. I watched the skin of his sac tighten and pull his balls to his body. He was getting close to cumming also.

“Jerry I can feel that against my cock. I’m not going to be…able …to last…”

“Again…I’m fucking cumming…againnnnnn!!” Dawn fingers held her slit open and they rubbed her exposed clit. James’ held her hips tight as her body shuddered from another orgasm. “OHHHH DAMNNN!! …OHHHFUCKKKK!!!…”

“…urrrrRRRRRRRR…AHHHHhhhhh…YES-S-S-S-s-s-s-s-s…” I had never seen a man cum before. James’ balls moved and rolled in the black ball sac as he unloaded. Looking around his thighs his cock spasmed as it released load after load. His cock plunged deep into her over and over. “ohhhhh…damn good…pussy!!” I watched his cock pulse as his cum traveled down his cock. Now with each romantic getaway izle thrust cum leaked around the edges of his shaft and the creamy white jizz dripped onto the bed.

“Noooo…don’t stop…please-e-e-e…” Dawn raised her head and looked down as James pulled his cock from her pussy. “Ohhh…my… gawd!…oh…my…gawddddd…” Holding his cock and jacking off the last of his load into Dawn’s slit and fingers. Dawn watched as the cum now dripped onto her, his cock beginning to grow soft. Cum poured freely from her cunt and onto the bed.

I still held the small dildo in her ass as James moved away and up onto the bed. Holding his now softening juice coated cock he laid it across Dawn’s lips. “She needs to cum again…” James smiled and touched the back of my head. “Go ahead…”

I hesitated as I knew what he wanted me to do. Dawn and I had talked of it in fantasy but now I wasn’t sure. Only inches from the cream flowing from her pussy I could smell Dawn’s juices and his cum. Holding my throbbing cock in my fist I thought I was going to explode! I moved closer until my lips barely touched Dawn’s slit.

“YES! YES! Lick me! Suck me! Yesss!” I could no longer hear what she said as her thighs clamped my head and mouth tight to her. Her hips bucked against me as I had to swallow the mouthful of cum. The salty sweet taste wasn’t as disagreeable as I had thought and my tongue dove deep into her. Holding me tight I looked up along the line of her belly and past her breasts. She held James’ flaccid cock in her hand, her lips working over and around the dark cockhead. I pushed deeper into her slit, allowing my tongue to travel quickly over her clit. I could see them talking and watching one another, each time my tongue found her clit her body would jump.

James looked across the room and Dawn followed his gaze. Her thighs tightened around me. She nodded and spoke to him, then her body braced against my tongue and she released a small orgasm. I could taste the mixture of her juices with those of James’. Her hand stroked his shaft as she licked his cockhead and I could see it begin to harden.

I felt the bed move and still holding me tight between her thighs the hostess from the dining room came into my line of sight. I had seen her earlier and thought she was on the heavier side, however now as she moved naked in front of me, I could see that she was very athletic and her body was firm and quite attractive. Breasts of DD size with large dark brown oval areoles and huge hard nipples. There wasn’t a flaw on her black skin. She turned towards me, smiled and licked her soft lips. There between her thighs, was a thick trimmed bush that covered her slit. She looked back to James and Dawn and I could see them talking.

Dawn reached up and touched the woman’s breast. She watched herself caress the other woman’s breast. My cock raged! We had talked about her with another woman, but she had never done such a thing! Now here she was touching another woman! I tried to touch my cock but with my arms over Dawn’s thighs and her legs holding my head and ribs tight I couldn’t reach it. All I could do was watch. My tongue worked slowly over Dawn’s slit as the scene unfolded before my eyes. James had picked up the camera and took pictures of Dawn touching this woman, then Dawn’s hand traveled between the firm black thighs and sought the woman’s sex. James continued taking picture after picture. While also taking shots of my face, that must have shown utter surprise, pinned tightly between my wife’s thighs.

Setting the camera down he slipped his cock into Dawn’s mouth as her fingers worked the other woman’s pussy. She removed James’ cock from Dawn’s mouth and held it. Together they pulled the foreskin back and James handed the woman a prophalactic. As Dawn held the foreskin tight to the base of his shaft she put it against the head and rolled it the length rüyanda görürsün izle of his cock. James stood at the edge of the bed holding his covered cock, as the woman straddled Dawn’s face. As she lowered herself she looked directly into my eyes. I could see the inner folds of her slit open and appear through the thick hair. Dawn’s tongue stretched and licked along the length of her slit. Slowly Dawn released her grip on my head.

“What?…what!…who!?” I managed as I could finally hold my throbbing cock.

James laughed. “This is my wife, Liza, and she wanted to join the fun. Hope you don’t mind.”

“No…not at all. Dawn doesn’t seem to mind.” Glancing down Liza held her clit over Dawn’s busy tongue and Dawn’s finger busy between her own thighs. Both women were nearing their climax.

James moved up onto the bed behind Liza. Holding the rubber at the base of his cock he pushed into her wet slit.

“Ahhhhh…yes…do me…do me…” Liza moaned as he slowly fucked her. She smiled as he entered her. The huge breasts moved along Dawn’s belly as she took his cock. “Yes…take my tight ass with your big black prick…”

Pulling from her, the juices coated his rubber encased cock. In her position Liza’s asscheeks were spread wide and he moved forward. Her eyes widened and she bit her lower lip as he pushed forward. Rising slightly she pushed back towards him and I knew she was impaled on his cock.

“Oh god! Oh my gawd!! He’s buried in her ass! He’s fucking her ass!!” Dawn could see his cock pumping into Liza. Her fingers were frantically rubbing her own clit. Her words turned to moans as Liza lowered her pussy back down onto Dawn’s mouth. Dawn’s body shuddered as her own fingers brought her to another orgasm.

Lifting her legs I put my cock against her used pussy and slammed completely into her. Her muscles were still contracting from her orgasm and gripped my cock.

Slipping her hands under Dawn, Liza began pumping the small dildo that was still buried in Dawn’s ass. Her fingernails scraped my balls each time the base of my cock met Dawn’s slit. Turning her head slightly her tongue teased Dawn’s clit and the top of my shaft.

My balls filled quickly and I increased my movements in and out of Dawn’s slit. Dawn eating Liza’s hairy black cunt…Liza sucking Dawn’s naked white cunt and fucking her ass with the dildo… licking my cock…James buried in her ass and fucking her hard… I reached down and cupped Liza’s breasts in my hands the huge nipples hard against my palms. There was no waiting! My cock raged in Dawn’s wet cunt. I slammed into her harder. The bed rocked as James and my cocks ravaged the women.

“AHHDAMNNNN…” James pushed deep into Liza and pulling back ripped the rubber off and taking his cock in his fist jacked off until the first load shot onto her back and ass cheeks. Holding it down he continued to stroke the shaft and two more loads landed on Liza’s spread pussy and Dawn’s mouth. I could hear Dawn taking his load and trying to lick Liza’s clit. “Ohhhhgawd!…ohhhh yess… ahhhhh…” James continued jacking off then pressed the head against Liza’s cunt and slammed into her. Her head bounced against my belly as he emptied his load into her. “Her mouth… her mouth!…Put your thick white prick in her mouth!!…”

My first load erupted deep in my belly and filled Dawn’s pussy. I screamed with the release, “OHHHHHHHHFUCKKKKKKKK…” Pulling out of Dawn’s pussy another load shot into her. Grabbing my cock Liza pumped it up and down over Dawn’s clit. With her mouth wide open my cum shot into her mouth. She would suck the head then lick Dawn’s clit. “OHHHohhhhfuckkkkk…damn-n-n-n-n…” Completely emptied I collapsed on my knees.

Liza slammed the dildo in Dawn’s ass as she licked cleaned my cum and sucked Dawn’s clit between her lips. James leaned against the headboard, his cock hanging between his legs, the tip pressing to Dawn’s lips and Liza’s cunt. The women grasped one another tightly and their moans muffled as orgasms overtook them. Tongues busy on clits their bodies shuddered as they unloaded their juices. Slowly Liza pulled the dildo from Dawn’s ass and it fell to the floor.

James and I sat silently as the women relaxed and rolled away from each other…

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32