Fuck Your Mouth Ch. 03

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The chapter can be read independently, but you may want to read them in order.


With that said, Rich moved even closer to me, reaching out holding my head with both hands as he brought his big cock to my face. the tip touched my cheek and I felt the wetness of his precum. I opened my mouth, but he didn’t go there. Still holding my head, he slowly slide his cock all over my face spreading precum everywhere. I could feel his balls under my chin and the tip of his cock at my hairline! He was not in a hurry, he was completely in control unlike Johnny. Rich was going to use my face and mouth how ever he wanted, anyway he wanted.

“This has been a long time coming. I wanted to do this to you back in the locker room.” He said as he smiled down at me. My mind was spinning! I realized yes! I had wanted that too! I started to bring up my hands trying to hold his big cock for the first time. He simply shook his head no. My hands dropped back to my sides. I groaned as he continued to wipe my face with his big cock. He let go of my head with one of his hands, grasping his own shaft and then continued to slide it all over my face!

My whole world was this, what was happening to me right now, his cock rubbing all over my face, eyes, chin, cheeks, lips and neck. I realized I had my tongue out trying to lick him and did a few times as he slid it past my mouth.

Then slowly the tip of his cock was at my mouth. my lips parted by a push forward from Rich’s hips. I was in heaven! I opened my mouth willingly, and Rich pulled out, smiling down at me. I waited, wanting, needing, willing to submit my very soul to this man. Rich looking down, read that and slowly pushed his big cock into my mouth where it belonged. He pushed into me a little more than half his length and hit the back of my throat. I gagged and coughed a little. His hand pushed my head back which opened my throat more, he pushed forward. Now his cock was into my mouth and throat deeper than Johnny had been and he still had inches to go! I was struggling to breath, he pulled out almost all the way, I took a breath and he pushed back in just as deep as before. I realized, it’s happening! I’m getting my mouth fucked by a hard cock!

My hands went to my own cock and struggled to open my pants. He just shook his head no. I dropped my hands to my side.

For the next endless time, Rich pushed in and out of my mouth and throat occasionally going a little deeper as I gagged and choked on his big beautiful cock! He was conditioning me for what was to come.

Now and again he would pull out and let me lick and suck his shaft, and balls sack, then he said, “You can use your hands for a little bit.” Trembling, I brought both hands up and wrapped them around his naked shaft for the very first time! I stroked his length, realizing that even with both hands on his shaft, he still had plenty sticking out above my hands! His big freckled cock was jerking and throbbing like something alive! I rubbed my thumb all over his cock head as I continued to suck and lick him. All the while copious amounts of precum flowed from his big dick. As it came out I licked and swallowed. It tasted like sweet nectar, I couldn’t get enough! Suddenly, surprisingly, my own cock ejaculated! I hadn’t even touched it! Rich saw me shuddering and the deeper flush to my face and just laughed. I came so hard and so unexpectedly that I felt faint!

“My my, aren’t you the little slut cocksucker?” Rich said as he smiled and then laughed out loud. I laughed too and then nodded my head yes. “Say it!” He said.

“Yes I’m a little slut cocksucker, your slut cocksucker.” I stammered.

“Don’t forget that. What ever I want and I want a lot.” He said as he smiled.

“Yes, what ever you want.” I said quietly.

Rich was in control of me. He was supremely confident in himself, and I knew he was going to do what ever he damn well wanted to. But then I had no idea of all that would happen in the next few hours!

Rich happily bred my mouth and throat for the next hour. I couldn’t believe his stamina, as many times his cock would throb, swell rock hard, turn dark, and leak a lot of precum. I was getting to the point where I could take more of him into my throat with each stroke. More than once I felt his balls brush up against my chin and his pubic hair tickling my nose. Finally he stopped ataköy escort and looked down at me. “I’m ready to cum, I want you to deep throat my cock when I do. Do you understand?” He said.

With my mouth full of his big cock I could only nod yes.

“Good.” Was his answer. With that he started to fuck my mouth harder and deeper than he had been. I gagged and choked and swallowed, struggling to breath as he violently fucked my mouth just the way I had hoped someone would do, but the fantasy and the reality were miles apart! I never dreamed it would be or could be like this! My mind was completely blown away as I was turned into a receptacle for this man’s big cock! Something to be used, something for his pleasure but mine too!

Rich was bruising my lips, mouth and throat as he slammed his big cock home again, again and again. I heard him yell out something as he thrust hard going in full length one last time exploding in orgasm! My face and nose were jammed up against his belly, my chin pushing his balls wide and flattening them somewhat. He held my head tight, his big cock buried, throbbing and shooting huge blasts of cum down my throat! My own orgasm exploded inside of my pants for the second time in an hour!

He continued holding my head tight with his big cock lodged deep in my throat! I couldn’t breath! I couldn’t see! I couldn’t move! My face turned bright red, I was sweating and very close to passing out from lack of air! Suddenly Rich let me go, pushing me away and I fell to the floor a total wreck! I was gasping coughing gagging sucking air into my starved lungs! I have no idea of how long it was before I was breathing close to normal again. I sat up and saw Rich laying on the bed, hands behind his head, his cock half soft, grinning down at me. “Not bad. Not bad at all.” He said.

“I’m ready to go back to my car now.” I said.

“Tomorrow. We have a lot more to do to you before we’re done with you.” He said grinning down at me.

“We?” I stammered.

Just then the doorbell rang. Rich just grinned, got off the bed and walked to the door naked. I heard him open the door, talk with someone and then the sound of the door closing again. Rich walked back into the bedroom, but he wasn’t alone. Entering behind him was a tall black guy. I was climbing back to my feet, Rich looked at me, pointed to the bench and said. “Sit”. I sat. “You agreed to do what ever I wanted. Get undressed, I want to watch him fuck you.” Rich said.The guy was already opening his shirt and pulling off his pants. My eyes were wide! I started to protest. Rich held up a hand to stop me. “Get undressed, I won’t tell you again.” He told me evenly.

Attesting to the power that Rich had over me, I complied, standing up and stripped off my clothes. Naked I waited for what ever came next. The black guy, I heard Rich call him Drew, was now naked. He was over six feet tall, had a athletic body that was coal black. My eyes ran down over his body, he was fully erect and if anything was a little larger in cock size than Rich was!

“Sit.” Drew said, looked at me as he pointed to the bench. I sat! He walked up to me and pushed his big black cock into my mouth! My mind was on fire! Here within the last couple of hours my mouth was being fucked by not one but two large cocks! Drew reached down and grabbed my hair tugging on it, holding my head close while I serviced his cock, licking and sucking it as he pushed in and out of my mouth. “Get it good and wet because I’m going to fuck your ass white boy.” He said. I couldn’t believe what was happening to me! My life had taken a sharp turn to who knows where! Drew let go of my hair as his cock moved in and out of my mouth, hitting the back of my throat again and again. He reached down with both hands, grabbed my nipples, one with each of his hands using his thumb and forefinger. He rolled, squeezed and pulled my nipples hard, holding me where he wanted me, making me moan and gasp while he continued to work his big cock in and out of my mouth. I could feel the big veins on his shaft slide over my lips and tongue. I could feel the hardness, even it’s throbbing as he fucked my mouth. After about ten minutes of working my nipples over, fucking my mouth continuously, he suddenly pinched my nipples hard! The pain/pleasure exploded in my mind, and I moaned as tears filled avcılar escort my eyes.

Off to the side I could see Rich slowly stroking his big cock. He was leaking precum as he watched Drew work me over.

Drew used me, building his own sexual pleasure. Finally he pulled me up and pushed me toward the bed. I sprawled face down on the covers as he climbed up behind me straddling my legs. He had picked up a tube of lube off the night stand. I felt his fingers, covered in the cold lub push into my asshole. I had never had anal sex before and now that was going to happen too! I turned my head and saw Rich moving up closer to my head, his big freckled cock completely erect as he watched Drew getting ready to fuck me.

I gasped as Drew worked two slick fingers in and out of my ass! He was opening me up for his big cock. I started to raise up off the bed terrified and felt Rich’s hands in the middle of my back pushing me back flat. I had no choice. This was going to happen whether I wanted it or not. I felt more of Drew’s weight on my legs as he positioned himself for entry into my ass. Then the head of his big black cock was at my opening, slowly pushing into me. I drew in a big breath and yelled as he pushed an inch or two into my ass!

“No yelling, here’s something to keep you quiet.” Rich said. With that he raised my head and was pushing his hard cock past my lips, I moaned as I felt Drew working his cock in and out of my ass an inch or two, then three, then four. I groaned around Rich’s cock that was pushing deeper into my mouth and starting to hit the back of my throat again. Then as if I were having an out of body experience, I was seeing what was happening on the bed as if I was standing somewhere else in the room watching all of this. I started breathing harder and found that my body had betrayed me and was pushing back onto Drew’s big cock on it’s own!

I realized that my own dick was hard and throbbing, Oh My God! I want this! I was totally turned on by what they were doing to me!

When I arched my ass and pushed back on Drew’s cock, his hand grabbing me by the hair pulling my head back letting Rich entry my throat even deeper as I felt more weight and pressure from Drew’s body on mine. ” My my, our little slut cocksucker is enjoying this.” I heard Rich say. With that he pushed his own manhood further into my throat where it belonged.

I never thought that I would have anal sex. I never thought of it as a turn on, but it was! Drew was fucking me in a steady rhythm going deeper each time. I had no idea how much of him I was taking in. Rich had picked up speed, and was fucking my mouth and throat matching his thrusts in with Drew’s thrusts in. I was grunting, gasping, choking, trying to breath as the two guys fucked me from both ends for a long time! I could hear Drew’s breathing louder as he got closer and then felt his black balls slapping up against my ass again, again and again! He was all the way inside of me with each hard stroke! My body was on fire! I was out of control! My ass was clenching and pushing back to meet Drew’s forward thrust, which pushed me more onto Rich’s monster!

Drew moaned, clenched his ass tight as he pushed into me hard and came and came and came! I felt spurt after spurt after spurt of his hot cum unloading deep inside of my ass and my own orgasm exploded out of my cock that was pushed tight to the bed. Rich had pulled out of my mouth as this started to happen and was happily watching, stroking his big cock fast and then he came hard, shooting his cum on my face, mouth and hair! Drew was slumped forward, relaxed, laying full length on my body,crushing me to the bed, his twitching throbbing black cock still inside of me.

I passed out.

I had no sense of time passing. I slowly woke up and realized it was dark outside. I was still sprawled naked face down on the bed alone. I pushed up and immediately felt a sharp pain deep in my ass from the assault it had taken. I crawled off the bed, getting to my feet and then slowly walked out of the bedroom to the living room finding Rich in boxers alone watching TV. He looked toward me, grinned and said, “Go shower.” I limped back into the bedroom, went into the bathroom, turned on the water and stood under the spray for a long time. My mind reliving all that had happened as I washed my sore beylikdüzü escort bruised body. My clothes were a mess, my underwear and pants stained with my own cum after cumming in them twice. After the shower I wrapped up in a towel and walked back into the living room. Rich was in the kitchen fixing something to eat. “Are you hungry?” He said, looking at me.

“Yes please.” I said realizing I was starving!

“You did good.” He said as he walked over to me and kissed me on the mouth. I was so surprised, I didn’t even return the kiss. I realized that was the first time I had been kissed by a guy and the guy was Rich!

“It’s already 11:00pm, He said as we ate sandwiches. “Do you want to go to your car or stay the night?”

“Stay the night please.” I said without hesitation.

“Ok.” He said as he smiled.

We talked catching up on old times, people from college, what each of us were doing. “By the way, I’m married.” He said. I was stunned. “My wife is out of town for a few days.” He continued to explain, I do “this” now and again when she’s away. “I would never hurt her, but cock calls, my cock.”

Shortly after, we went to bed. Rich was tired, I was exhausted! I laid close to Rich as he fell asleep. Listening to his steady breathing, I lightly wrapped my fingers around his soft cock, snuggling next to him and fell into oblivion.

Early next morning we woke up to Rich’s cell phone ringing. It was his wife saying she would be home earlier than expected and should be there in a hour! Rich jumped up, his morning hard on swaying back and forth. My eyes were glued to that beautiful piece of meat. He looked at me, I looked at him, he checked the clock, climbed back onto the bed straddling my chest, pushed his hard cock deep in my mouth while I laid flat on my back, my head propped up by a pillow, my own fingers working my nipples over, rolling, tugging, pulling and even a hard pinch now and again. He fucked my mouth for the last time until we could figure out another time. After everything that had happened yesterday, I realized I was able to deep throat him without gagging and choking as much. I must have been getting better too as Rich growled and shot his load down my throat much sooner than yesterday.

We took a fast shower together, with me down on my knees washing his front, my hands soaping and sliding all over his body, but especially all over his cock and balls. I couldn’t get enough of touching stroking licking handling his big cock. We almost ended up back in bed, but that couldn’t happen. He pulled the sheets off the bed, threw them into the wash machine. We dressed and he took me back to my car, dropping me off in the parking ramp. I started getting out. “Hey, I want to see you again.” He said.

“So do I.” Was my reply. He sped off. I drove home in my smelly cum soaked clothes, threw them into the washer, brushed my teeth, took another shower, sat down in a daze wondering if what had happened was real. The soreness in my throat and my ass convinced me that it was real. I smiled and then laughed then saying to myself. “What the hell, what can it hurt?” With that I moved in the chair and felt the soreness deep in my ass and laughed again.

A month went by with out anything else happening. Rich and I keep in loose contact via text, but we both knew unless his wife was out of town, we would not be getting together. I went to work, I came home, I fixed food, I watched TV, but I had changed. My experiences were now so different and I needed time to process them. I realized I would like to explore doing to someone else, what had been done to me. To fuck some one’s mouth!

My sword had become the sheath, now it was time for the sheath to become the sword again until the next time with Rich or even Drew.

I ran an ad in the Men for Men personals. My heading was. “I want to fuck your mouth.” I left my email address and waited. A couple of days later I had a few responses, most were just trash except for one. “I’m interested.” He said. I had his phone number asking me to contact him via text message.

“Oh really?” I replied after waiting a couple of days.

“Yes what ever you want, as long as I get my mouth fucked.” His response came back promptly. I chuckled to myself. I suggested that we meet that Saturday, in the central atrium of the downtown mall. I told him how I would recognize him. Saturday came, I went to the mall early to do some shopping, but timed my walk to be in the central atrium area of the mall at the agreed upon time. As I was walking closer, I looked ahead to see Johnny sitting waiting, holding a bag of popcorn!

To be continued.

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