Frustrated Med Students

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Hi y’all! So it’s me again, sorry I haven’t uploaded anything lately. This is completely fictional, and if it sounds like another story… whelp, that’s awkward. Enjoy my fantasies!


Why am I still in here?

It’s been 17 hours since Lauren has seen sunlight. With finals coming up, all she did was sit on her ass and study in the university’s library. She rocked back in her chair, and her jeans rubbed her clit, surprising her. She loved not wearing panties, but not when she was supposed to be studying. It was such a distraction. She rocked slowly back forward, suppressing a moan. Great, now she was horny.

She looked around the circular table, watching all of her friends slaving over their studies for stupid tests that determined their lives. Frustrated, Lauren grabbed her clutch and headed to the patio on the 5th floor.

She sat down on a bench and crossed her legs. The sun warming her skin. She could feel her juices soaking her jeans. Pulling out a cigarette, Lauren numbly felt around for her lighter. To no avail, she must have left it in the library. She looked around for other stressed out med students taking a break.

Far to her left was a man in vans, pulling a long drag from his cigarette. Slowly she got up, fixed her boyfriend jeans, pushed her boobs up, and sauntered over. Lauren looked him over. He was tall, maybe 6’5″, with blonde hair cut close to his head.

Johnny pulled out another cigarette. God, just one more and I’ll go back and start studying again. All he wanted to do was fuck someone. Being single can be extremely frustrating, especially when you’re stressed and single. He didn’t even notice the young red head walking towards him.

“can I borrow your lighter?” She smiled innocently, before darting her eyes to his lips. Johnny smiled, he loved confident girls.

He dug around his pockets, and handed it to her. She held his hand one second too long. While she was lighting up, he gave her a once over. She was so tall, only a few inches shorter than him, small chested, but a nice waist. Her v- neck had ridden up, and the glint of Lauren’s belly ring made him take notice. She had abs almost as defined as his. He smiled and licked his lips. Johnny was starting to get turned on just looking at the stranger.

“So what’s your name?” he asked.

“Lauren, nice to meetcha.” she held out her hand, and gave him a firm shake. He couldn’t help but think how those hands would feel on his dick.

“Johnny. Guessing your a med student too?”

“yeah… I’m pretty sure my brain is about to explode.”

“I heard Darenna’s final is a bitch.”

“That’s what I’ve been studying all damn day!” Lauren illegal bahis threw her hands up in the air. He took another drag.

“I’m about to go get some coffee from the 2nd floor, if you wanna join.”

“Sure, I think I could use a boost. Maybe the caffeine will help me focus.”

They finished their cigarettes and headed back inside. Headed towards the stairs, Lauren took a quick glance towards her study group, they hadn’t even noticed she was gone. She rolled her eyes and followed after the tall young man.

“so, you’re not from around here. Your accent sounds almost British.” Lauren asked johnny as they waited in line.

“I was born in new York, lived in England for a while, and came back for college. How about you?”

“Born and raised in North Carolina. Only came here for school.”

“I bet that was a culture shock, moving from the south to NYC.”

She giggled, “nah, it wasn’t too bad. I’ve gotten to meet a lot of attractive people.” johnny smiled. He couldn’t stop staring at her.

Lauren was staring too, deeply into his blue eyes. Neither one noticed that they were now in the front of the line. Lauren blushed and walked up to the counter with Johnny.

“So, what would you like, doll? It’s on me.” he winked.

“Since your offering…” she ran her hands down his chest to the top of his belt. “Black with two splendas.” He shook his head and laughed. The girl had guts, trying to seduce him in front of the cashier.

He ordered their coffees and followed after her. They sat down in a booth far away from the other students. They didn’t want to bother them by talking. Johnny took a leap and put his hand on her thigh. Lauren’s cheeks flushed.

“So do u have any siblings?” she asked. He was amazed; although her cheeks were flaming, she didn’t even stutter. She even leaned in closer to him. With the encouragement, his hand began to move slowly closer to her crotch.

“No, just me and my parents.” he answered. Lauren leaned closer, placing her own hand directly on his jeans covering his dick.

“What a shame. I always loved hearing my older sister’s stories. I learned a lot from her.” she gave a light squeeze. now he faltered.

“What kind of things d..did.. Did you learn about?”

She leaned in, Johnny could feel her breath on his ear, “how to deep throat.” with a quick bite, she pulled away. Johnny’s eyes widened before he could regain his focus. He heard her giggle, before she got up and jogged to the shelves across the room.

Lauren waited just at the end of a shelf and watched as Johnny regained his composure. He smiled at her, leaving their coffees, and followed suit. Lauren retreated more and more until she felt the handle of a door. Her illegal bahis siteleri chest flushed as she realized what she was about to do.

Johnny turned the corner and came to the aisle he last saw Lauren. He saw her turn around and quickly go into a room, shutting the door. What am I doing? He paused before he smiled and shook his head.

He didn’t care.

He opened the door slowly. “Lauren?”

He didn’t even get a response. Lauren’s lips crashed onto his with such force he fell backwards into the door. They slid down to the floor where she straddled him. Lauren ran her fingers through his hair. She could feel his hands on her ass, squeezing it. They began a nice rhythm, grinding into each other, but soon it wasn’t enough.

Johnny could feel his hard on throbbing. He needed a release, mentally… Physically.. Undoing his pants with one hand, he began undoing Lauren’s with the other. Lauren caught on and took off his shirt, then her own. With a pile of clothing in the corner, Lauren straddled Johnny again. He was so hard, he was standing straight at attention. His length patiently waiting at her entrance. Slowly she slid down. Johnny closed his eyes as he felt how wet she was. She was so warm and tight.

Lauren moaned as she took him all in. Letting herself adjust to his width, she slowly started rolling her hips in a circular motion. Johnny’s hands tighten on her ass, as he brought his head down to her breasts. Lauren took his head and held it there. She was enjoying this so much.

“Get up.” Lauren looked at johnny. Did he just tell me to get up? Your fucking kidding me. But she followed direction. Lauren pulled him out of herself and stood up.

“No, on your knees.” confused, she just looked at him. If he wanted a blow job all he had to do was ask.

Johnny got up and in one swift motion, pushed her down on her knees and hands. His cock was now wet as can be, and Lauren’s ass was looking quite welcoming. He ringed his finger around her opening, lubing it with her own juices, before he inserted his pinkie.

Lauren moaned and pushed back to meet his hand. “rub my clit.” she breathed. She was pinching her small nipples. With his other hand Johnny started rubbing her clit in circles. He slowly inserted another finger, earning another moan from Lauren. There was now cum slowly trickling down her thighs. Johnny rubbed his cock in her wetness before removing his fingers.

Why’d he.. “AOOHHHH!!!!”

Johnny had plunged deep into Lauren’s ass. He moaned and he relished every moment of it. Before he could even think, Lauren had started pumping herself on his length, fucking her own ass. He ran his hands up her body till he reached her hair.

He wrapped his canlı bahis siteleri fist into her locks and pulled her back. With his dick still in her ass, he yanked on her hair and pinched her nipples, whispering all the while, “What a dirty little whore you turned out to be.. I bet you love my dick in your ass right now, hm?… Do you love to be fucked in the ass, doll?… Do you want me to push harder..?”

“Yes…Yes, please.. I need it.”

Johnny began to pump in and out with such an abandon, he could feel his climax. He pulled on her hair again. Lauren moaned as he turned her head towards his. They began to kiss deeply, but as soon as Lauren climaxed, she bit his lip. With that sudden jolt of pain, Johnny came.

They both laid there shuddering in the aftermath of their orgasms. Johnny could taste blood from his lip After a few seconds, He heard her take in a big breath. “I want more.”

With that she slowly got up, straddled his chest, and started sucking his dick. He could feel himself harden again. Lauren slowly licked his balls, leaving a trail of spit behind her. With his cock fully hard again he reached up and pushed down on her head, making Lauren take in his full length. She didn’t gag, she took in every inch and just sucked away. He could feel her tongue dance over his tip.

Now that she knew he was enjoying himself, lauren placed her nicely shaved crotch right over his face. She leaned back, “eat me,” she commanded.

Johnny put two fingers in her ass and one in her pussy. Slowly pumping them in and out. His lips found her clit, where his tongue flicked it lightly. He would suddenly clamp down on it and suck on it loudly. Lauren rocked on his face, and pressed down harder.

Lauren had his balls in one hand and an ass cheek in the other. She felt his dick hit the back of her throat every time she bent down. She felt herself climaxing again. Clamping her thighs tighter around Johnny’s head, her blow job got more intense.

Johnny could hear her sucking him and pulling his head. Her teeth lightly grazing the tip. He couldn’t hold it anymore. Biting Lauren’s clit with his teeth, he came in her mouth. Lauren swallowed every bit.

Sitting up, she started pinching and pulling on her nipples, while Johnny continued to eat her neat pussy. “that’s right, eat my pussy… Put another finger in me..” Lauren finally climaxed as he surprised her fitting three of his fingers in her pussy, with two still pumping her ass. She feel forward completely exhausted.

After what seemed like hours, Johnny lifted her off of himself and pulled her up to him. They kissed passionately, as he ran his fingers through her hair. He broke the kiss and let her settle her head on his chest. Quietly, Johnny reached over to Lauren’s pants and took out her cell phone. He put in his name and number, then called himself. There was no way he was letting her go, they had only finished round one.

Besides, they still had 13 more hours until their exams.

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