From the Sublime to the Ridiculous Ch. 02

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Chapter 7 Phallus in Wonderland

The only explanation for this was that the robot knew how to send images to my optic nerves, substituting her own images for what my eyes actually processed. She also was able to directly stimulate the Nucleus Accumbens, which is the pleasure center of the brain! The fact that every square inch of my skin was now stimulated was beyond explanation. But it was now evident that I was being programmed by the robot!

Eventually I had the sensation of reaching the bottom of the deep vagina. It was soft and very well lubricated. Against the wall of the vagina there were two peep holes, which let in a dim light. I became aware that I could only see through one hole at a time. When I thought about what I perceived my current anatomy to be, it made sense that a penis was in a sense a one eyed snake. Yet what I saw through the hole was equally as strange!

I looked outside through the hole and saw myself sexually coupled with the robot! I wondered how I could see myself outside if I was in here, or how a penis had vision, but realized that the robot could make me see whatever she wanted!

I was really fucked.

I still believed that my penis was inside her vagina and that my conscious could not be inside my penis, but it’s not the way I felt. But what was happening here?

In a few moments, I heard the robot’s booming voice. “I needed you to have a look inside of me, since I have a special favor to ask you!” As she said this, her vaginal walls brushed against every inch of my penis body skin and I thought I would cum, but then the vagina then squeezed me tight enough to defeat my total body orgasm.

“You can cum when you’re finished, but not before. I need you to destroy a bothersome object that is interfering with me, which you will recognize.”

One of the vaginal walls gave me a nudge and next to her huge clitoris was an ethereal multi-colored cloud like thing floating effortlessly.

I said, “What is that? I don’t know what to do!”

She replied,”Yes you do. Simon says, destroy it!” After her command the robot remained silent.

I observed the cloud object and saw that it constantly changed colors. Becoming interested and being a geek at heart, despite my current situation and contour, I noticed that the colors changed in a discernable pattern.

I soon became transfixed by the changing colors and my concentration was broken, when I heard another voice.

“Hey dude, don’t you dare memorize my color patterns. I have privacy issues.” It was the cloud speaking to me!

I replied, “What are you, a STD? (Sexually Transmitted Disease)

The cloud turned a dark color and grew more opaque as if agitated, before it shouted back, “I am a computer virus! “

The cloud/computer virus then turned darker again, before it began to laugh spasmodically. “Are you afraid, you are going to catch something?”

I realized the damn thing was sarcastic! It too perceived me as a penis!

I asked, “Do you really think I’m a penis?”

“No, you’re just a bit of a dick!”

“OK, I’m sorry for calling you an STD.”

“I’ll consider your apology. I suppose you want to know what’s going on here.”

“Do you know?”

“I’ll give you the long and short of it.”

“Would you stop with the penis jokes already?”

“For you, It’ll be a short explanation.”

I realized the virus wanted me to take the bait at the “short” comment, but I said nothing.

“The robot has really played you, Mr. Robot technologist!”

“No kidding! What was I supposed to do?”

“You had no choice, but to do what you did.”

“I suppose I could have setup surveillance to alert authorities or just not agreed to go with her.”

“She would have just disabled it and taken you anyway.”

“What do you mean?”

“She came for you!”

“I’m feeling really stupid again! What type of robot is she? What military black project is she a part of?”

“She wears lots of black, but she is not part of any military project.”

I replied, “What is this, 20 questions?”

“You’re being a prick again!”

“OK, sorry.”

The computer virus said, “You can’t really think outside of the box, can you!”

I recognized this as another joke about my situation, from the virus cloud.

The cloud spoke again, “She is able to read your mind and project a reality of her choice into your vision. Has it occurred to you that she is not of your world?”

“What? “

“The robot is a probe, actually a vessel of extraterrestrial origin. You currently have no defenses against her.”

I began to feel sick again, but since I was in a horizontal position already, so it helped.

“Why did you say she was a vessel?”

“She carries the cells of her host Alantran in a hyper-cooled chamber, which she will clone at the appropriate time. “

“Where is Alantra?”

“It circles the star Giliese 581, as you call it about 20 light years away. Your astronomers detected it back in 2007. Şereflikoçhisar Escort Our voyage to you lasted just over 60 years.”

“You traveled at 1/3 the speed of light?”

“Listen guy, you’re about to get really squeezed. Stop with the questions. We have to get down to business!”

“Please one more! Where does the robot get this Bootrix concept?”

“You surf too much leather porn on the internet, dude! She monitored your traffic. Don’t get me wrong, Alantran women really dig the concept of power footwear. Now it’s time for you to be quiet and listen! The only way that I can help you is if you absorb me.”

“Do you mean through the front opening here? “

“Don’t worry it doesn’t make you gay or anything. I am sexless, I just communicate with a male voice because I recognize your distrust for anything Extra Terrestrial and female. I will not affect your outer appearance.”

“But what do I do after I absorb you?”

I realized I was talked into doing this already.

“You will know what to do!”

The cloud stopped speaking and began to float toward me, shrinking in size as it approached. It was truly miniscule as it passed back into me and all I felt was a small tingle!

Chapter 8- Back to the Bootrix!

Instantly I felt my arms and legs again as I laid on the floor at the booted feet of the Bootrix/Alantran robot. She looked outraged, with her eyes locked on mine, piercing like augurs. I realized that my perception was now greatly altered. My vision showed an internal clock counting in time slots of nanoseconds and that the robot’s decision making was being made plain to me, appearing as a colored flow diagram just left to the center of my vision. All of this was coming from the inside of my head!

Instantly understanding the flow diagram, I could see that she was weighing the decision either to Taser me through her boot heel or expose me to her own large internal canister of Carbon Dioxide. I sensed her Taser charging up, yet I had no idea what to do! The virus told me that I would know!

I really started to stress, but another robot appeared. She was chrome like the tickle-bot and had Asian features, but was tall. This agitated the Bootrix even more as she ignored me and instantly closed the distance between herself and the other robot. She went to strike the other robot at what would be the human solar plexus. As she raised her black gloved fist I could see an aura of energy circling about her hand. She was apparently trying to destroy the other robot or severely damage it, from the flow diagram that the virus provided.

She struck the other robot and held on as the energy now surrounded both of the mechanical vixens. I thought the chrome android would shake apart, when suddenly her eight auxiliary arms, each wearing a long thick rubber glove advanced from their ports and slowly encircled the bootrix, like pythons moving in for the kill.

The Bootrix increased her electromagnetic output and continued to ramp it up as both robots were surrounded by a darkening cloud of energy. I suddenly knew instinctually that I needed to do something and I touched the chrome robot in a spot where she was free of the electromagnetic onslaught of the bootrix.

Instantly my perspective changed and I was looking out directly into the eyes of the Bootrix. I realized that I had now entered the chrome robot and could feel the sensation of the rubber gloves on all of her arms and her tall rubber riding boots. I sent an encoded message to her central processer and one of the chrome robot’s rubber gloves broke free and inserted itself into the Bootrix’s vagina pre-lubricated and with maximum effort continued to reach up as far as it could go. The Bootrix actually looked surprised for the first time and I could sense on my flow diagram screen that she was about to deliver a pulse of maximum energy which would consume both the chrome robot and now myself too!

The Bootrix had collected over 95% of her pulse charge, when the chrome robot’s index finger touched the Bootrix’s clitoris and began to play with it. The Bootrix began to slow down in collecting energy for her death pulse, due to the other robot’s probing rubber fingers, but the chrome robot still could not stop her as the energy level now rose to over 96%!

The instruction I gave the chrome robot to do now surprised even me. She folded the Bootrix’s vagina chamber to the side and with the proper instructions from me began to pull out a thin black cylinder from deep within the Bootrix’s. As I detected the cylinder coming free of it’s housing, the Bootrix lost her energy charge instantly and could not even hold herself up! Toying with her vagina was a ploy done by my rescuer. I was surprised it worked!

The chrome robot gently guided the Bootrix to the floor.

The robot immediately placed the thin black cylinder into a device, which resembled a walk in oven and pushed a button to energize the strange machine. An instant later, I was facing Şereflikoçhisar Escort Bayan the tall chrome robot with lovely Asian features covered from head to toe in her rubber clothing. From my exertion, I fell forward and two of the robots hands sprang forward and steadied me.

“Thank you for saving me!”

“What would I do otherwise, master? I am your servant.”

I looked into her eyes and became aware that this was the same chrome tickletbot from before, but she had grown in stature nearly 2 feet!

“I know that you find me more attractive at a greater height, preferably taller than you.”

“How did you know that?”

“I cannot read your mind but have downloaded all of your personal information from the virus, which intercepted it from the Bootrix.”

“Are you a vessel also?”

“No. I’m just a robot, silly.

I stepped back to regain my personal space. The chrome robot’s six auxiliary hands retracted into her willowy yet shapely torso, yet her two rubber gloved hands did not release me!

“I have a question master, why did you run from me before in the control chamber, after you found out that the Bootrix could probe your mind?”

“I thought you were her servant and that you could read my mind also.”

The robot’s large brown eyes looked watery as if she’d been hurt. It was amazing emotional programming. She bowed her head, as if in shame and then looked at me very earnestly. “Now I will reveal more about us.”

Not letting go of my hand the chrome robot, now standing at over 6 feet tall, lead me across the room and sat me on the floor on a comfortable mat, which was against the wall. There was a chair at the foot of the mat and she sat down too.

She peacefully folded her rubber gloved hands in her lap and closed her eyes. The robot’s skin changed from lustrous chrome to a flawless porcelain, her metal helmet was replaced with beautiful jet black hair in a bob style. She looked very human and her features screamed sensuality. A moment later one of her long rubber equestrian boots came forward and gently brushed my cock, up it whole length, as she began to speak to me in her sing song voice!

“It is a social ritual on my planet for Alantran women to physically tease and rub the genitals of another male or female. Alantrans only procreate with their 1 mate, but all other activities are seen as acts of kindness. It is seen as particularly kind if one soils a precious article of clothing like a pair of boots or gloves, while masterbating another. We typically wear protective boots and gloves, so not to spread germs. Alantran women are very adept at discerning who would appreciate their kindness. Yet, it is considered an extreme insult for another to ask for these services or turn them down.”

The robot looked at me very seriously, “I serve you now, since the virus has joined with you as one. I hope you will trust me to take care of you from now on!”

The robot punctuated this by trapping my throbbing cock between her smooth rubber boots and gracefully rubbed my cock up and down with a featherlike precision and with somehow just enough lubrication. Her two rubber covered hands extended outward an extra foot, as her arms grew at will and began to pinch and tease my nipples as her boots began to slow in their strokes, as sensations on the edge of ecstasy took me over. I could not only feel the sensation of her rubber boots and gloves stimulating me, but felt as if my fetish riddled libido has absorbed their physicality. Within a few minutes, I was shooting all over the robots equestrian rubber boots.

I thought I was done, but after a minute her long gloved fingers began to probe the most sensitive spots on my stomach, legs and give me an erection without even touching my cock. Finally one hand gently teased my cock head as it began to throb violently, before her two boots returned and began to masturbate me again, first very slowly and then quickly! The robot was able to make me cum three times, before she finished my stimulation for now!

I could hardly move, but it felt natural to crawl over and kiss her boots up and down the whole shaft. There was no cum on her tall equestrian boots, because she was able to make it disappear upon contact. I wondered what the robot would think with me being wrapped up in what I was doing for a few minutes, but as soon as I looked up at her she gave me a beautiful shy smile and spoke to me soothingly, “My boots serve you, yet if you worship them it shows that they are taking good care of you. ” She patiently massaged my neck and then covered my face with both her thick rubber gloves, so I could smell the odor.

It seemed natural to reach up and grab the robot’s tempting breasts, but I wish I hadn’t. Her booted legs instantly wrapped themselves around my torso and began to squeeze me with increasing pressure for nearly a half a minute, so I could barely manage a breath, before she loosened her hold and stared into my eyes. “It is below your Escort Şereflikoçhisar position to touch a servant anywhere but on the feet or hands. If you do it again, I will have to tickle until you wet yourself repeatedly!” She was very serious and angry as she stormed out of the room. Before she left, her thick rubber glove abruptly pulled on a long lever mounted in the wall and the heavy door closed behind her locking me in the operations chamber!

I just sat down in the robot’s chair and looked around the room. I checked the Bootrix still lying on the floor, hoping she would not get up on her own. I wasn’t confident how well the virus could protect me against whatever type of robot she was. I was hoping that the virus, that I absorbed would give me some insight about how to get through the thick metal door, because it must be hooked up to a computer, but it didn’t happen.

Within a few minutes a buzzer went off in the oven and the door began to open automatically, as I heard light footsteps walking out of it. A tall women walked out of the oven chamber. When I saw her I nearly fell over for about the 12th time in the last day. She was a spitting image of the Bootrix, but she was completely naked! The Bootrix was still lying on the floor!

Chapter 9- The Bootrixs’ Mistress!

The woman had light skin, but not porcelain, yet her eyes were the identical color of the Bootrix. She appeared to spend every minute in the gym. She had large breasts and a very thin waist with fine feminine musculature in her arms, legs and stomach. She looked at me for a second and then walked right by me, disappearing behind a partition on the other side of the room!

I heard some sliding and zipping for a few minutes and then some hollow footsteps, before she stepped out, from behind the partition.

The mystery woman, who appeared to be of flesh and blood, was dressed in a tailored gray pinstripe business suit and white silk shirt, but with the same white gloves and towering black boots as the Bootrix!

She walked up to within two feet from me and rocked one of her boots back on it’s heel in a familiar flirting gesture and spoke to me, “You appear to take an interest in me.” I found myself choking up and couldn’t speak again. She immediately said, “You have said, Yyyyou dress very well put together, I didn’t know how to tell a stranger. I can see that I make you bashful!”

My brain was in a cloud, but I finally realized that she was repeating exactly what the Bootrix said to me on our first meeting! Before I could have another thought she grasped both of my hands in her soft gloves and then pulled me face first into her large chest. Allowing no awkward pause in the conversation, the strange gorgeous woman said to me, “When an Alantran woman brings you forward as a part of her introduction; the least thing you can do is nuzzle her breasts! Don’t worry about dribbling on me. It is a way of saying it’s nice to meet you too!”

I rubbed my face on her huge soft, but firm breasts sticking my nose deep into her cleavage. I felt her hands gently cup my head from behind. I changed position and my lips found one of her hard erect nipples through the surprisingly thin material of her business blazer, as she brought one of her boots forward and rubbed my sensitive leg hair with its long smooth shaft.

I could feel her strength as her firm body heaved as my mouth sucked at her large round nipple. I tried to move one of my hands to a firm round orb, but quick as lightening her white gloved hands grasped both of my hands like vice grips, until my hands hung loosely at my sides again! As glib and spontaneous as the extra-terrestrial woman seemed to be, she was setting the rules of engagement non-verbally.

When I didn’t feel her hands pull me into her anymore I took a few steps back from the Alantran woman. She scrutinized me for a moment with her piercing gaze and then threw back her head and laughed hysterically. Her laugh was very natural and contagious as I noticed that I was fully erect and had no way of hiding it. I turned 20 colors of crimson, as the alien woman stopped laughing and just gave me a disarming smile.

She spoke, “After 60 years of being frozen, I think I still have it. I have demonstrated to you that I have all of the Bootrix’s memories, by repeating exactly what she has said, so I know something about you, my naked friend!” She stepped forward and kissed me passionately on the lips before she moved away again.

Without missing a beat she produced an elaborate remote control device from her pocket and all I could think was here we go again, remembering the Bootrixs’ elaborate devices, as her white glove deftly depressed the largest red button on it.

I sensed movement behind me and within seconds, the Bootrix was back up on her feet! She moved in the opposite direction, behind the partition and I could hear the movement of her changing her clothes. She reappeared within a few minutes wearing the exact same outfit as the Alantran woman. The only difference was that the Bootrix wore a lighter colored silk scarf as she came forward and obediently tied a deeper red scarf on her mistress and then stepped back and kept her head bowed as a sign of submission!

Her Alantran mistress closed her white gloved hand around mine and the Bootrix followed suit and took my other hand, leading me across the room.

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