From Sweetie to Slutty Ch. 01

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Hi, my name is Katie. I am 20 years old and I attend a very competitive Boston area college.

I had always been a nice girl. I made it through high school as an honor student and with my sexual reputation intact. My first two-plus years of college had been a purely academic endeavor. Of course, that was the plan. I had plenty of opportunities for sex, but I had a boyfriend that I loved at home and I planned on being a good faithful girl in addition to being a straight “A” student

What follows is a story about how plans change.

I wanted to go home for Thanksgiving to see my family, friends and mostly Dave, my boyfriend. I was from the most southern part of PA near Lancaster and could not afford the flight to Philadelphia from Boston, so I was hoping to find another way home. Kelly is my roommate and her boyfriend, Bobby, lived about an hour south of me and had some space in his car, so I ended up getting lucky with a ride. I told my folks and Dave that I would be home late Wednesday night. Bobby told me to be ready by 3pm on Wednesday for the 8-hour drive through heavy traffic. He told me that he had a full van, so I ought not pack too much. One bag would be best if I could manage that. I said that was fine.

He picked me up right on time, and only had his roommate, Mario, with him. I asked about the others and was told that they were all from Northeastern University and we were going to get them now. Fifteen minutes later, five more guys piled into the van and we were on our way. Needless to say I was a bit concerned. Me and seven guys on an eight hour trip? At least I knew two of them pretty well and I knew that Bobby would keep me safe since I was his girl’s roomie.

The boys from Northeastern came well prepared with three cases of beer and some pot. I like to party though I rarely found any time to do so. I figured that this was a great time to kick back, since I was going to be in the back of the van for the next eight hours or so. My first three beers went down nice and easy and I wanted more.

The first joint was lit and everybody but me was having some. I was never much of a smoker, but there’s a time and place for everything. After my 4th beer I decided to try the joint as it went by. I was soon feeling very buzzed and having the time of my life. All the guys were really cool and funny. They kept telling me how hot I was and how they wished I wasn’t taken. I was so buzzed and so caught up in the moment that I said “I’m not taken for the next six hours.” The words were out before I realized it.


As I tried to back away from the remark, Alex, one of the Northeastern guys, said that we could still have a fun ride and I agreed so long as we all understood that no sex would take place. That seemed to make sense to all of us including me as we had a long ride ahead of us. Not shockingly, a game of strip poker was suggested. After saying “no way” for about twenty minutes and another beer, I finally caved.

I rationalized that, having played a few times before, and never having gotten totally nude, I would be ok. Besides, I could always quit if it got out of hand. Still, I was a bit nervous as I had only five articles of clothing on (sweatshirt, jeans, bra, panties & socks) and I was worried about my resolve if I ended up naked AND intoxicated with seven cute guys who were all very horny.

I am a good girl. I have always been a good girl. I repeated it to myself a few times as if it would somehow protect me.

The game began.

The van was custom and had two bench seats that faced each other. I sat in the middle of the back bench which was wider than the other. We put a wooden crate in between for the cards. We kept up the drinking, started stripping and actually played a fairly well-mannered game until we hit New Haven and I lost a hand despite having a full house. I should have quit earlier when my jeans came off, but the booze got the best of me. I had now lost my bra and the mood in the van changed quickly.

I was now in a real bind. I had agreed to the rules of the game but I was also a good girl. Something was about to give and I had to choose what. I decided that exposing my chest is legal in some places and that as long as I avoided having sex, all would be ok.

The boys gasped as I unclasped my bra and nervously let my perky c-cups spill out. There I was, in a van filled with guys, far from sober with my now granite-hard nipples exposed wearing nothing but my suddenly soaking wet panties. The guys were drunk too and, though they were being very respectful, I could see erections on the three hunks that were also down to just their underwear. Yes, we had agreed that there would be no sex, but sex was obviously in the air and we all knew it. What only I knew was that at twenty years I had only been with one man and I was now aware that gaziantep bayan escort he was not at all well endowed.

I lost the next hand too and, thanks to liquid courage, I did not flinch. I knew the guys were cheating too, but I was past the point of thinking even remotely clearly or even caring for that matter. I had never been turned on like this before and, deep down, I really wanted to do it. I was soaking wet and I am sure all the boys could smell my arousal in the back of the tightly packed van.

I stood up and started to slither out of my panties, and, without thinking it through, bent all the way over in the process of taking them down to my ankles. I keep my pussy hair really short with a tuft of longer blonde hair at the top, so the three boys behind me saw everything I had for sure. I was surprised to realize that this made me even hotter, but I was getting a little scared too. I knew that we needed to end the game so we could all get dressed. The guys had other ideas.

Chris, one of the Northeasterners, suggested that “Katie’s now fully naked self” needs a “new method of payment” if she wants to stay in the game. Not surprisingly, everybody agreed. Bobby was still driving the van, but he was complaining that he was missing the show. I told him that he could pull over and get an eyeful if he wanted to and after that, we should end the game.

The boos were overwhelming.

Being that I was more turned on than I had previously thought possible and feeling like a party pooper, I reluctantly agreed to keep playing for a little while longer. The suggested new “method of payment” was that I had to sit on the lap of the winner any time I lost a hand, and fondling my breasts was allowable but only if I was on the winner’s lap. I quickly rejected this idea, but I was getting even more wet as I said so. Promises were then made that my vagina was to remain 100% off limits and I eventually agreed to the deal.

By the time we hit Stanford, we were all completely naked. I was sitting on Brian’s (a Northeastener) lap and was on the verge of an orgasm as he tweaked both of my nipples simultaneously. I could not hide my excitement at this point. My breathing was getting shorter and shorter.

I was in Heaven, but I knew I had to stop soon. I’d lost count of my drinks and knew I had had too much, but seeing all these cocks out and hard was making me totally randy. And, most of the guys had cocks that put Dave’s to shame. By the time we hit New York, all the guys had gotten a turn with my breasts and they now wanted a new form of payment. I reminded them that we had agreed to no sex and that we were already pushing the rules pretty far. That’s what I said. My body was singing another tune.

I was as drunk as I was turned on, but so far, I had made sure to keep my pussy away from their cocks by sitting forward on their legs and that worked well for about an hour. Mario had a different idea after winning the first hand in New York.

Mario took up a seat on a crate at the end of the table between the two bench seats. I was on the end of his lap facing the others with my pussy on full display to all. Mario’s cock was hard as a rock and very large. He pushed it down and forward and was able to tickle my rosebud from behind. That got my attention though nobody else seemed to notice. Then, he started pushing his cock forward in such a way that he might just enter my very virgin back door. Still, nobody could see this as it was somewhat dark and we were all very drunk. He kept working it and was practically inside me when I felt him start to pull me towards him. I quickly moved up to get my starfish off of his tool and when I came down, I landed right on his cock-head with my soaked pussy. His enormous mushroom tip forced its way inside and I gasped audibly. Everyone then saw what was happening, and, rather than jumping off of him – I just melted and gave in. I totally relaxed my legs and allowed Mario to do with me what he wanted.

He then pulled me back onto his lap and kept my pussy lined up vertically with his big cock. He then allowed me to sink down slowly, until I had half of his huge cock inside me. Even at this depth, he was deeper than Dave had ever been. After a few bobs up and down I was taking his entire manhood. He was hitting parts of my vagina that were untouched before. I quickly began orgasming and that, my friends, was the end of reason. Mario did not cum right away and I started moaning loudly and I rode him hard taking full deep strokes of his majestic rod. I came and I came and I came some more. Eventually, Mario said he was about to cum and asked how I wanted it. I said, as sexily as I could, “wherever you want.” He pulled me off of him, spun me around and pushed me down towards his cock. I put the end in my mouth just in time to get my first ever mouthful of sperm. He told me to swallow it all and I did so willingly. I even kept sucking for a few minutes after he had finished with me to make sure I got every last hot drop. Swallowing his hot thick seed as a whole van full of men watched and groaned only made me hotter.

Then, after a long poetic pause, Brian said, “clockwise or counter-clock-wise?” We all laughed and the van then fell totally silent as they all looked at me like a pack of carnivores. I enjoyed the sudden power I had over them. Then, after maybe 30 seconds of total silence, I said, “counter.”

Cheering ensued.

I was so turned on that my juices were running down my inner thighs. I got up and stepped to my left and climbed up on Brian’s lap. He spun me around to face the guys and guided me as I sank down onto his cock and I rode him just like I rode Mario. Brian was also big in the dick department and I moaned and cried out in orgasm as he fucked me very deeply. He lasted even longer than Mario and I must have had another five climaxes with him. It’s amazing too because I had never had one with my boyfriend and I was now in double digits on the day. I was vaguely aware of how well the guys could see me being penetrated. It made me feel like a total slut and that only served to make me wetter and hotter. I had crossed a line.

Brian also warned me of his impending release. I dropped to my knees and swallowed every drop. I was then passed to Alex, who I rode to another orgasm before sucking his come right out of his sizable hose. Though he was not as big as Mario or Brian, he was bigger than Dave for sure. Dave! Oh God, he was waiting for me at my house. We were now less than two hours away.

“I’m next!”

Alex passed me like a doll over the wooden crate to Chris. It’s a good thing I only weigh 100 pounds! Chris had me mount his cock facing him, which was a new position for me after being fucked from behind three times. Even though Chris’ cock was about like Dave’s, he was a far better lover. He eased me up and down for a good ten minutes and then I started cumming. That did it for Chris and he then pushed me off his cock and down to my knees. I was really looking forward to his load after enjoying my first three as much as I had. I clamped down on the head of his cock and took a ton of cum straight from the tap. I gulped four or five times to get it all down. I loved every drop!

Chris then picked me up and handed me over to Charlie, who also sat me down on his cock while facing him. Charlie had seen too much sex at this point and he lasted about 30 seconds before pulling me down to the floor and spewing a few ropes on my face and in my hair before I could get my mouth around his cock. What I did manage to swallow tasted super yummy.

I stood up and looked at my next man. Stefano was a big muscular guy and he had an enormous cock to match. His erection was simply huge. Even with Mario and Brian’s big cocks, Stef was the biggest man in the van, though Bobby was still an unknown and Kelly had told me he was very well hung. More on that later. Stef picked me up and put me down on the end of his pole with me facing him. He cradled my ass in his arms and started to slowly work me onto his cock. I was tearing up and cumming before he even got me down half way. He fucked me like that for a long while, with my arms wrapped around his neck and me not realizing that he had so much cock still outside of my pussy wanting to get in.

Suddenly, he stood up with me still impaled on his prodigious cock cumming non-stop. He was holding me by my ass and forcing me up and down his massive shaft.

Thankfully, it was now dark outside and the Van’s small curtains obscured the action to the other cars on the highway. I was now bumping my head into the ceiling as I slowly descended onto the rest of Stef’s huge cock. It just kept going deeper and deeper until he hit the back wall of my vagina and his cock-head was nudging the entrance to my cervix. Amazingly, he still had some cock left. I felt totally stuffed and I was cumming in buckets as the other guys were egging me on to take it all – as if I had a choice at that point. Stef kept picking me up about half way off of his cock and then dropping me down onto it. It was hot beyond words and it had me cumming like a soft serve ice cream machine. I was so incredibly aroused and wet that I finally hit bottom. He had filled me completely. I came, I screamed and I sobbed uncontrollably. My hips were moving without my consent as orgasm took total ownership of my body. Stef kept his now violent pumping up for what seemed like forever as I babbled nonsensically about him being my owner and master. He then announced his impending eruption, but with my feet off of the ground, I could not get down off of his pole. He blasted his seed directly into my throbbing cervix. I felt it splashing off the back walls of my vagina. I just kept cumming like I was a battery operated toy. Stef dropped back into the bench with me still impaled on his staff. I continued to whimper, twitch and spasm on his cock for another five minutes or so. Eventually, I climbed off of his massive pole and his seed began to pour out of me onto the floor. I was so far gone that when the guys told me to lick it up, I reached down between my legs and started using my fingers to scoop his load out of my pussy and I ate it up like candy. I was still so turned on!

It was then that I realized that we had stopped moving and that Bobby was naked too. He said “next” and scooped me up. He then sat down and dropped me down onto his enormous tool while I was facing him. He was hung and he had me cumming in no time as he stroked me deep. Then he stood up like Stef and fucked me while slamming my head into the roof of the van and I came yet again. Bobby also stuffed himself into my deepest places which threw me into a state of constant orgasm. After a few minutes, he announced his impending load, pulled me off of his huge cock and pushed me downward. I dropped to my knees and took his entire load down my throat. His cum tasted great and I sucked until I was sure I had it all.

Kelly was right. Her man had a rare gift and so did his pal Stef.

I lay there having been thoroughly fucked by seven men. Four of them had large cocks and two of them were hung like horses. I tasted all of their cum and I was amazed to find out that I wanted even more. Bobby dressed and started up the van. He said that we’d be to my place in about 45 minutes.

There I was… Totally naked with sperm dripping from my pussy and my mouth. Sperm in my hair. Dried sperm on my face. I’m covered in my sweat and the sweat of seven men and my family and boyfriend are less than an hour away awaiting me.

Then, I snapped back to the moment to see six very refreshed cocks ready for action. Mario then suggested, with a big smile, that six blow jobs in 45 minutes is possible if I start right away. He picked up the wooden crate and placed it behind one of the benches. I crawled to him and began to suck his big cock as deeply as I could. It then dawns on me that I am now totally hooked on big cock and that Dave is no longer important. I knew I would never want him again after finally experiencing great sex. In just a few hours, I had become a complete slut. Even more amazing is that I had no regrets and wanted more. Much more.

I gently squeezed Mario’s balls and moaned as sexily as I could while bobbing up and down on his cock. He then began to unload down my throat and I eagerly gulped it down. I sucked for an extra minute until he was totally emptied and then moved over to Brian, who looked like he was about to burst. I took him as deep as I could and he started cumming almost immediately. I drank him down and savored all he had to offer before moving over to Alex. I gulped down all six of their loads and I loved it more than I would ever have imagined. And, it only took twenty minutes. I then crawled up front and blew Bobby as he drove and swallowed all of his seed too with ten minutes to spare.

About two minutes from my house, I asked Bobby to pull over. He did and then turned back to see what more I could possibly be up for.

I said… “Guys, this morning I awoke having only had sex with one single guy. In a few minutes, I will be seeing that single guy. Once I have spoken with him, he will just be a guy who is now single. I never thought I was capable of doing the things I just did, but I guess I am. Now, my goal is to make up for lost time. So, here is my offer. Bobby, if you can keep your mouth shut and never tell Kelly the truth about this trip, I will take care of you all on the way back to school. We can try some new things too and we can pull off the road as often as you need to for as long as you want to. I’m even thinking that we should leave earlier than noon, so we will have more time for me to drink down all of your thick sticky loads. Once we get back to Boston, I will be done being your sex slave. Until then, however, I am your whore and I will do everything you tell me to do without hesitation. And, I mean EVERYTHING. You can draw straws to see who gets to break my back door cherry. You can spank me. You can call me names. You can defile me and disrespect me. There are no rules and no limits. As long as you do not hurt me, I am your fuck toy. I am your sex slave. You own me.

Do we have a deal?”

Silence for a few seconds.

Bobby spoke up… “Works for me. I’ll pick you boys up at 7am and we’ll be by to get Katie no later than 8am. And, Katie, I plan on pulling over often and making sure that our new fuck toy is well fed. Oh and Katie, we are picking you up on Saturday. We can’t take any chances of not getting back on time. If anybody else has a problem with that, they can take the bus.”

Nobody took the bus.

More to come…

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