From Iowa, With Love. Part 2

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Chapter 2

After we had eaten, I thanked him for the breakfast and smiled. I rolled my body on top of his and wrapped my arms around his neck. I immediately regretted having put my face so close to his. The combination of my morning breath and my just eaten breakfast could’ve killed anyone. My embarrassment shown on my face as me cheeks turned hot, my eyes widened, and my mouth turned from a smile to a look of horror clenched closed. She tried to slide her body off his but his arms were wrapped around her and he held her tight. His eyes looked worried and he asked what was wrong. I assured that I needed to brush my teeth. He laughed at my concerns over my breath. He slid my body up so his face was once again close to his and kissed me firmly, his tongue exploring the depths of my mouth. When he pulled away he smiled slyly and told me that brushing my teeth could wait. Then he told me not to be a tease. To this I responded by kissing along his jaw line. I ran my lips along the cartilage of his ear and began sucking when I reached his lobes. I nibbled and flicked my tongue fast back and forth on his ear lobe. He breathed deeply. I sucked his ear again and tugged gently before it was released from my lips. I kissed just in front of his ears and ran my lips back down his throat. I sucked on his neck, nibbled, and licked until I had left a mark.

He whined and I felt his cock begin to harden underneath me. I ran my lips down to his chest and began sucking and nibbling on one of his nipples. He grew and I moved to the other. I held his nipple between my teeth and flicked my tongue fast over the tip. He was moaning and I thought he would cum at any minute. Immediately I adjusted myself so that my pussy was directly above his cock. I guided his rock hard dick into my pussy and let it sink inside me. He held onto my hips and I bounced up and down, slamming his dick deep inside my cunt. He began thrusting his hips upwards towards my cunt. I kept going but had antalya escort bayan to lean forward and place my hands on his chest for stability. We were both moaning about to orgasm. He grabbed my ass and I fucked him harder. I screamed out in ecstasy as I squirted and the juices ran down his cock and onto the sheets. When he felt my warm juices soak his dick he came inside me and let out a continuing chain of low moans. When we both felt exhausted, I laid my head on his sturdy chest and moved my body off of his but still very close to his side. I left my leg draped over his. We lay there for a while, catching our breaths. He propped himself up on one arm cupped my breast with the other and softly kissed my lips. I sucked on his bottom lip, placed my hand on the back of his neck, and pulled his face nearer to mine. After a passionate makeout session he suggested we go out.

There was a mall nearby that we could check out. We got ready and left the hotel. In the mall was a lingerie store. We stopped in to look around. I found a few things and decided to try them on. My favorite piece was a short, red, see-through nightgown. I invited him in to look. He must’ve liked it because his eyes looked as though they were burning holes through my body. All he could utter was wow. I couldn’t pass up an opportunity to tease him. I bent over so he was behind me and the mirror in front. The low-cut gown revealed my tits in the mirror. I asked again if he liked it. He stood in silence. His jaw was clenched tight as he again examined every inch of my body. Before I could go into my next sexy pose, he pulled me to him tight. Pressed up against him I felt his hard-on against my pelvis. We both smiled mischievous little smiles at each other.

He pushed me up against the wall of the dressing room. I took off the lingerie as he undid his pants and pulled out his hard cock. He hoisted my leg up by hooking his elbow under my knee. My pussy was fully exposed to him escort bayan as he entered me. He held me firmly to keep my body from banging against the wall as he thrust his hard dick inside of me. It felt so good and it took a great amount of effort not to scream. I bit his shoulder in an attempt to muffle my small noises. His breaths got deeper and faster and I thought for sure he would make a noise to get us both caught. He moved my face from his shoulder to his and kissed me hard to keep from letting out his loud noises of pleasure. Only a few more thrusts and he came inside me. Shortly after was my turn. He put my leg down, kissed me on the mouth and then on the forehead and said that the gown had looked great on me. He asked how much it was and I told him. He nodded and walked out. I put my clothes back on and took the red gown out with me. He looked at me with wild eyes and said, “We’re getting that, right?” I couldn’t help but laugh at the reaction I had caused in that piece of lingerie. He was too cute. I kissed him and assured him that I would get it.

When we reached the cash register, the cashier looked at the lingerie and us, and gave us a smile signaling that she knew exactly what had happened in the dressing room. I blushed and stared at the counter while she rang up the purchase. He paid for the gown and we walked out, embarrassed. He walked behind me with one hand on my hip and laughed at my embarrassment. I turned around and gave my best look of a sad, innocent, embarrassed, little girl. It must’ve worked because he pulled me in tight and kissed my head. He apologized and kissed my lips. I kept my lips pouted and he promised he’d make it up to me. I slightly put away my pouted lip and kissed him. We walked around the mall some more and got something to eat before going back to the hotel.

When we reached the room, I pulled out the bottle of UV blue I had packed. I poured each of us a cup. The alcohol felt warm trailing down my throat antalya escort and into my stomach. I pulled myself close to him, wrapping my arms around his neck. He kissed all around my face and down to my neck. Then he instructed in my ear to go put the red lingerie on. I obeyed. I went to the bathroom and fixed my hair and makeup in hopes of making myself irresistible to him. By the time I had readied myself, I had already finished my cup. I walked out of the bathroom to find him lying across the bed, naked with a camera in hand. I poured myself another cup and asked what he was doing. He informed me that he had wanted to document, especially the way I looked in the red nightgown. I agreed to model the gown for him and let him direct me into all kinds of sexy poses: some on the bed, others on the desk, and still others on the chair. When neither of us could hold off any longer, he placed the camera down on the nightstand and directed me over to him.

By now I was on my forth cup and was feeling quite tipsy. I tried my best to stand on my own. He lifted the red lingerie over my head and as he did, I fell into him. My cup was still in my hand and I finished it off. After I had finished my cup, I knew there was only a little time before I would not remember anything the next morning. He bent me over the bed, knelt down, and began devouring my pussy. He licked and sucked and nibbled. He fingered my sopping pussy while kissing and licking my ass. He brought me so close to an orgasm. Then he slid his hard cock into me from behind and began fucking me fast and hard. I let out screams of pleasure as he pounded my pussy. My entire body began to convulse as he kept thrusting and I let out moans of delight. I squirted and my juices flowed from my pussy, all over his cock, down my legs, down his legs, onto our feet, and onto the floor. He pulled out of me and again devoured my pussy, licking up all my juices. Things got blurry after that from all the alcohol but I know the fucking did not stop there. He took full advantage of my drunken body and I was in no position to complain. I woke up in the morning once again to breakfast.

To Be Continued…

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