From Husband to Cuckold

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I have been married to my husband, Joe for about five years at this time and although we were trying to have a baby, I still wasn’t pregnant. I was becoming frustrated with not getting pregnant and I was getting bored with our sex life. Our repeated efforts to make a baby lost the excitement for us.

I started chatting and flirting with guys online. In the beginning I was getting a thrill just from flirting with them online. After a couple months of talking with Scott, he told me that I needed an affair to bring back some of the excitement I was missing. Without even thinking I said, “an affair with you and another guy I’d been talking with just might add some excitement.”

Scott quickly asked what I meant by “and another guy”. Did I mean two separate affairs or did I mean a threesome.

I told Scott, “if I am going to have an affair, I might as well go all the way and have a three some.”

Scott surprised me next by saying, “if you’re serious, I’d be willing to three way with you and another guy.”

Before I asked the other guy, I got thinking that I wanted to use this to bring back the thrill for Joe and I. So that night I starting rubbing Joe’s cock with my hand and then I sucked on his cock for a bit. When I had him good and hard, I told him I’d like to try a threesome with two guys. Joe of coarse asked if I’d be willing to give him a threesome with two women if he gave me a threesome with two guys. I told him I would and I meant it at the time, even kızılay escort though that never happened.

Joe ended up agreeing to the threesome, however he had some conditions. He wanted Scott to think he was my other friend and not my husband. I also insisted that Scott wear a condom. When Joe said that, I told him that he is supposed to be just another friend then he’d have to wear a condom as well. Joe hates condoms, but he saw the logic and agreed.

I made the arrangements with Scott and that weekend we met at a hotel. We all got naked and started playing. I hadn’t been with a lot of guys before Joe and had never realized how small his cock really was, but when I saw Scott’s cock, oh my. Joe’s little penis was only about half the size of Scott’s.

I gave them both blowjobs and compared their different sizes closely. When Scott got hard I put a condom on him and let him fuck me while I continued sucking Joe. After Scott cam, I put a condom on Joe and would have let him fuck me, but as soon as the condom went on his little penis went soft.

Scott laughed and said, “you won’t be able to fuck with that.” He then told me he could be hard again in a few minutes with another bj. So I sucked Scott until he was hard again. I slipped another condom on Scott and that time I rode his nice big cock. I sucked Joe’s tiny penis as I rode Scott.

After Scott cam again, I told Joe that I wanted to give him every chance to fuck me. So I said kolej escort that I wanted some alone time with each guy and that who ever agreed to be second could fuck me bare. I let Joe pick and of coarse he picked second. I’m sure if I had presented that alone time in any other way he would not have agreed, but he was just focused on this being a way he could fuck me bare without Scott fucking me bare.

As soon as Joe left, I let Scott know that he could fuck me bare also and that I only said that only the second guy would get to be bare so they wouldn’t fight over being first. Soon as Scott heard he could be in me bare he was hard in seconds.

While Scott was fucking me he said, “you sure got unlucky with your second pick for a guy to have an affair with. His cock must be only about 3 1/2 inches.”

“I’m more unlucky than you realize. That guy with the tiny penis is my husband, Joe” I told him.

Scott started laughing and said, “I’ve been fucking you in front of your tiny dicked husband while he couldn’t even keep his little penis hard enough to fuck you.” As Scott realized this, he cam deep inside me.

Scott left and Joe came back. He was able to keep his penis hard without the condom, but before he entered me I asked him to eat me out. As he started licking my pussy he got Scott’s cum on his tongue. I told him that Scott’s condom broke and that if he doesn’t want me getting pregnant he’d better lick every drop of it out of me.

“go maltepe escort have a shower and wash it out.” Joe said.

“No. If you want it out, you’re going to have to lick it out of me.” I told him.

Joe went back to licking and sucking and now he did it with a purpose. He also got harder as he did not. He acted mad, but I could tell by his hard on that it was turning him on. When he was done cleaning Scott’s cum from my pussy he fucked me harder than he’d ever fucked me before. However after having Scott’s cock, I could hardly feel Joe’s tiny penis.

Over the next month Joe agreed to two more threesomes. Scott and I also met privately behind Joe’s back four times. Joe made sure Scott wore a condom during the threesomes, but I made sure I got to enjoy Scott’s bare cock when we were alone. Since I made Joe wear condoms when Scott wore condoms, Joe couldn’t stay hard to fuck me during the threesomes and I didn’t let me fuck me when we alone that month.

Two months later I realized I was pregnant. When I told Joe I was pregnant I also told him there was no longer a need for Scott to wear a condom. Joe was in shock and didn’t know what to say. Scott never wore a condom when fucking me again. Not only did Scott start fucking me bare in threesomes but I starting letting Joe know some of the time when we were fucking privately.

Several years have passed now. I have two children now. Scott and I regularly fuck and I lost complete interest in Joe’s tiny penis. Each time I let Joe have sex I make him wait longer before he gets it again. I now make him wear a cock cage and he has to wait two months before I let him out of it to fuck me again. It was a gradual progression to get to this point, but now you know how it all started.

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32