From Emails to Owned Ch. 01

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She sat in front of her computer contemplating the challenge on the screen before her…

Hey DorothyofOz95, You write well, but you don’t really know what it means to be owned. Message me back and I’ll show you what it’s like to truly be black-owned. – Darius.

What the fuck, getting trolled with a dm email not even a comment. She had been writing and posting to Literotica long enough to have gained a thick skin from the many negative comments, but this was the first someone had messaged her directly. Something about it had gotten under her skin.

She replied…

Hey Darius, I’m sure you know all about it. Thank you for the initial compliment, but I think my stories are fun. – DorothyofOz95

She closed her laptop and forgot about it, as she went about her day taking care of her household chores and getting dinner ready for her husband’s return from work.

Later, with dinner in the oven, she opened up her laptop to work on another story but stopped, after seeing a notification that she’d received a new email from Darius. At first, she didn’t want to continue with the troll, but curiosity got the better of her. All it said was…

I do know all about it. Message me more for some fun.

Below the words was a picture of a giant, black cock; easily over ten inches long and as thick as a soda can. She got angry thinking he would try to fool her with some random picture from the internet, but then she saw the piece of paper next to it, with a handwritten note, “For you, Dorothy.” It was definitely Darius’ cock. She was enamored by its bulbous head, mesmerized by its girth.

The hands reaching around her shoulders broke her trance, “Whose cock is that, sweetie? That’s fucking impressive. For Dorothy? A fan of your writing?” Her husband had snuck up behind her, startling her.

“Just some troll that I stupidly messaged back.”

“With a dick like that, I don’t think he’s trolling anybody. I think he’s serious. Thinking about making your sexy little stories a reality? Certainly couldn’t go wrong with that one to start.”

“Haha, mister man. Come on, dinner should be just about done in the oven.” She shut the laptop and led her husband away, proud of the meal that awaited.

Later in the evening, she was being pinned down by her husband, as he used one of their biggest dildos on her. He’d cum quickly as usual, but ever the giving lover, he grabbed the toys and worked at making her cum. She seemed unusually distracted and getting her to orgasm seemed a bit more of a challenge. He was often too focused on stretching his petite wife’s pussy with a dildo for dirty talk, but he knew she needed more to send her over the edge.

“Thinking about that big cock fucking you? Thinking about how hard you made it, Dorothy? You want to see it, feel its darkness parting your pretty, pink pussy?”

Her guilt about fantasizing about that big cock was washed away, now knowing her husband was on the same wavelength. She rode back against the dildo even harder.

“Yes honey, I want it so bad. Wouldn’t you like to see me getting dominated by that black cock. Being a whore for him, giving myself to him. Making… Him… Cum…”

With that her orgasm hit her like a Mack truck, her pussy clamped down almost forcing the dildo out of her, she grunted and screamed into the pillow and her husband fought to keep fucking her with the large dildo.

Laying next to each other, sweating into each other’s body, panting, and giggling, Ken was the first one to speak, “I think you should tease him some more.”

“You’re crazy there, horn ball. Stop thinking with your Little Man,” she replied, while catching her breath.

“I’m serious, it could be fun to tease someone back and forth. What’s really the difference between fantasizing about that, and all the stories you generate in your mind?”

“Umm, another person, that isn’t you or I.”

“Yes, but as far as you know, he isn’t real, he’s just like going on Pornhub, or reading someone’s stories; just now, they’re directed at you, specifically. I think it could be fun, and who knows, maybe he’ll inspire you for future stories. If we get one more night where I get to make you cum that hard, then it’s worth it.”

“Haha, okay. I’ll think about it, but no guarantees.” Ken went to speak again, but she kissed him before any sounds could escape, snuggled into him and forced sleep to come for the both of them.

The following day there was another email in he inbox.

Never responded, did you cum to my cock, Dorothy?

She sat on the couch staring, trying to figure out if she should reply. Should she keep this tease going? Her husband sure wanted it. And what’s the harm? He knew nothing about her, just that her username was Dorothy from the ‘Wizard of Oz’; it doesn’t necessarily mean her real name is Dorothy, and even then, it still is a common enough name. What would Dorothy do? Should Dorothy be a slut for big cocks? she asked herself.

She exhaled güvenilir bahis a nervous breath and typed,

Twice, I needed my husband’s help the second time. I must say impressive.

She hit send and so started their virtual relationship. Over the next few weeks, they exchanged many emails, Darius often showing off his cock and telling Dorothy stories of the white women he’s owned. Dorothy and Ken were having good fun of their own at night, fantasizing about the cock of Dorothy’s online paramour.

Cute and flirty took a step further soon after when Darius emailed.

You’ve gotten to see a lot of me, why don’t you show me that pretty pussy of yours? I want to send you a video of me cumming on it, and maybe I’ll start to show you more videos of how I treat white married pussy.

Enjoying the fun of it, she tried taking pictures of her pussy, but none looked very good. Selfies were not designed for body parts other than the face, and she didn’t own a tripod. But then she had a brilliant idea.

“Ken, can you take a picture of my pussy? Darius wants to see it. He says I have to return the favor with all of the fun pictures he’s shown us,” she asked her husband sweetly, looking up, trying to make her eyes as big and doe-like as possible. “Please?”

“You want me to help you take a picture of your vagina, to send it to another guy?” Ken questioned. His resolve weakening the longer he looked into his wife’s eyes.

“Come on, I was going to do it anyway, but the pictures I took all look bad. Besides, I’m sure you’ll benefit from the response I get from him.” She smiled, knowing she’d hook her husband into her plan.

“Fine, I trust you. And I’m sure we’ll have lots of fun because of this. I’m guessing you’re not even wearing panties right now, so why don’t you hop on the table, the light coming through the shade is really nice.”

Dorothy loved to follow instructions and did just that, spreading her legs and lifting her skirt. “Like this?” she asked.

“Yes, but spread your lips again, fuck, you’re wet honey. You’ve been thinking of other people looking at your pussy all day, you little slut.”

Within the hour, a picture was sent and a response was received while the couple was chilling on their couch. True to his word, Darius had cum all over a picture of her pussy, showing her what he’d like to do. It was a huge load, it looked like he came enough to almost cover the piece of paper. She got so hot thinking about his cum spending across her body.

Dorothy couldn’t wait any longer and placed the laptop on the coffee table for Ken to look at, while she pulled down his pants and started to massage his cock getting it hard, and then climbing on.

Dorothy usually moans, and swears to god as she’s fucking, but not this time. As she rode Ken, all she wanted to know was what he thought of her pussy.

“You like your wife’s pussy covered in cum? You want to see me be a slut and get used and covered just like the picture? You want me to let a black guy’s cum cover my pussy? You better act quick and put your cum in me, or else I just might let his cum inside.”

With that, Ken went over the edge and blew his load deep into his wife.

Ken came down from his orgasm panting, while Dorothy came down from hers, giggling, “That teasing really got you going, huh. I knew you’d like that.”

The next day, Dorothy found another email from Darius with a large video link attached.

I got to own this wife for 6 months. She became my little pet. At first I made her do everything but by the end, she wanted to do it all. Maybe I can convince you to let me take you away from hubby for a while and let me own you. Let me show you what it really means. Enjoy part one.

Dorothy couldn’t wait and pushed play on the video file. It was labeled, ‘Kelly’s First Month’.

Across the screen, Dorothy could see up close, a set of green eyes, she could hear slurping, and a deep rumbling voice saying, “Deeper.” The camera pulls back and Kelly’s long brown hair waves around her pale face, as she tries to force as much cock into her mouth as she can. The thick, black cock, a sexy contrast to the pale woman.

Her lips look like they’re stretched painfully wide around the dick, as she slurps and sucks. The camera pulls back a little more and you can see that she only has the head of his dick in her mouth. She’s using her hands to pinch her nipples on her small breasts. You can see her enjoying herself even as she struggles to fit more and more into her small mouth. The screen fades to black after seeing ten minutes of her struggle and touching herself.

Another scene comes on. This time the camera is pointed at the couple from afar, most likely on a tripod. You still hear the same slurping, and the commanding deep voice saying, “Deeper.” Some practice must have been put in because now, instead of struggling with the head, Kelly was grabbing onto her partner’s ass as she forced her head back and forth on most of the dick, güvenilir bahis siteleri almost getting to the base, so close to touching his pelvis.

She’s using her back and forearms to push her upper body and head back and forth and the cock glides in and out of her mouth. She pulls back exposing most of the giant dick lodged in her mouth and her inhale of a deep breath can be heard. Then she forces herself downward, inhaling the dick just as quickly as she had her breath, and pulling his body toward her with all her strength.

Suddenly, you see them both lurch and her head jerks forward. Her nose is buried in the dark skin of her lover and her chin is resting against a massive set of black balls. Her neck is bulging with the dick lodged in her throat. “Finally, you can be rewarded for all your effort,” the deep voice says.

He grabs onto her hair and starts to help her fuck her face into his dick. He’s moaning, “Yes, you white whore, finally learned to do it right. Just like that, just like that.” This goes on for what seems like too long. Dorothy sits playing with her pussy, wondering how Kelly is breathing.

The black man finally calls out, “Here you go.” He removes his massive cock from her throat and mouth, pumps his dick just once, and you see rope after rope of cum fly over and onto Kelly. He must have spurted twelve or thirteen times onto Kelly.

Dorothy sat there, four fingers in her pussy, waiting for the camera to show just how covered she was. The screen fades to black again, and she’s caught off guard by the fact it ended. She is so frustrated, and so close to coming. Why wouldn’t that asshole show off his work. Goddamn that was hot, she thought to herself. Her only other thought for the remainder of the afternoon was her desire for dick.

Dorothy, still horny from the video, surprised her husband when he got home and instead of a meal, he was treated to his wife furiously swallowing his cock, smashing herself into his pelvis. His dick only long enough to tickle the back of her tongue, she wanted more. She made him cum in her mouth and his few spurts were delicious, but not satisfying.

Later after their meal, Dorothy gleefully showed Ken the reason for his wife’s exuberance. Inspired by the video, both Dorothy and Ken enjoyed teasing each other during sex, asking about how she would look with her mouth stretched wide and her throat bulging full of black cock. Both of them were so enthralled by the video, that they watched it every day for a week, inspiring their fucking.

Knowing that that video was only part one, Dorothy wanted more. She emailed Darius.

That really was hot, I wish I could have seen that cumshot. What do I need to do for part two?

Darius quickly replied.

I like my white pussy smooth. Get rid of all that hair and make sure hubby knows you did it for me.

Dorothy got so wet thinking about doing something like that, something that she hadn’t really done since college, and for another man, not for her husband. Without hesitation, she booked time to get waxed. She gave her esthetician a big tip at the end, when she helped to take a picture for Darius.

The picture was soon replied with ‘Kelly Month 2 and 3’. Dorothy knew her husband was coming home soon, but couldn’t wait and pushed play.

This time, the video was a close-up of a pale, bald pussy, a golden clit ring glinting in the light, with the same black cock, Darius’ black cock burying itself into her. Once again, it started with Kelly only being able to take part of his dick, but she was screaming and cumming, and begging for more. It ended with Kelly taking long, deep, full strokes from Darius as he mercilessly pounded her pussy. The final minutes of the video were focused on her pussy empty, covered in cum, and gaping from Darius’ cock. You could see cum drip down off of her clit ring and into her open vagina, draped by her red swollen lips.

As the video ended, and Dorothy slowed her hands from rubbing her clit, she could sense her husband was standing behind her watching the video, too. He had his cock out and was stroking it excitedly to see the wife Kelly’s ruined pussy.

Dorothy laid down on the couch and told Ken to come to her. She spread her legs to show off her bald pussy and grabbed Ken’s dick and pointed it at her pussy.

“You like seeing that Ken? You like seeing that wife-slut’s bald pussy covered in black cum? You want to see my pussy ruined like that?” It’s by this point, that Dorothy was energetically stroking her husband’s cock, but keeping him from entering her. “You want to see me covered in black cum, don’t you. You know why my pussy’s bald right now? Darius wanted it. I did this for him.”

At this point, Ken exploded all over his wife and collapsed on her, exhausted from one of the best orgasms of his life. Dorothy wiggled her hand down to her pussy and fucked her cum-covered fingers into herself as she worked herself to an intense orgasm while Ken laid iddaa siteleri atop her. All the while, she was taunting her husband and wanting to be like that wife, covered in another man’s cum.

Over the next few days, Dorothy thought about nothing, but that gaping pussy; envious that Kelly got to experience it, wishing she could take her place. She would fuck Ken as soon as he came home, doing her best to make him cum on her pussy, and he usually would within minutes. Wanting to be pleased, she would demand Ken use the cum as lube with one of her biggest dildos. She’d cum, begging for him to go harder, but she could never get him to be rough enough. She wanted her pussy red and gaping just like Kelly’s, but he always held back.

She made the first move with Darius.

That was amazing, did you have Kelly for more than three months? I need more.

Darius replied later that day.

She was the first wife I got to own. I had her for 4 months, I learned a lot from turning her into mine. I’ll show you the end result, but you have to do something for me first. I want to see how much you want it. You have to agree to my demand before I give you your reward.

So turned on by the prospect, she simply replied, I Agree, as soon as she got Darius’ reply.

You’re an excited pet, ain’t you. Send me the address to a piercing shop of your choosing. I’ll pay to get your clit hood pierced. Don’t tell Hubby, surprise him when he tries to touch your pussy and you have to tell him he can’t. He can’t because you’ve made a little piece of your cunt mine and it has to heal. Make sure he knows he can’t fuck you because you wanted to so desperately do this for me.

Dorothy was taken aback. She thought about Kelly’s ring dripping cum. She thought about the pain. She thought about how torturous it would be for her husband. She thought about how wet it made her.

She typed into her Google search bar: Piercing Parlor Reviews.

Four weeks later, Dorothy was driving home after distracting herself with a little shopping trip. It was Ken’s idea and she had to admit it was a good one. She did not want to wait around for Ken to come home from work in order to finally fuck her. However, once she was done shopping and on her way home, the yearning began anew.

It had been three weeks since the piercing, three weeks since she showed Darius, three weeks since she got to tease Ken and cause a constant jealous erection in her presence. But most of all, it had been three weeks since seeing what Darius had turned Kelly into.

The video was a little shaky as the camera was passed from person to person, and each cameraman chose something different to focus on. What every cameraman showed though, was Kelly getting fucked by six big, black guys. Darius’ friends, one would assume. At some point, she had cut her hair, she seemed to have more piercings and even some new tattoos.

The biggest difference with this video was that Darius didn’t have to demand anything, or try to force anything. Kelly dove from cock to cock, forcing them down her throat, shoving them in her pussy, letting the smaller ones in her ass. She wanted all of it; it was like she was starving, and the only thing that could satisfy her was big, black cock, and cum. They all came on her face, and she eagerly took her fingers and shoved it into her mouth and swallowed without a second thought. In the first video, she was a timid little housewife; now, she was a wonton slut.

Dorothy’s pussy ached with the desire to play with herself thinking about that scene, but she had to be a good girl and let herself heal. Darius would often demand pictures of her pussy to make sure she was treating it right, and to make sure it was healing. She needed a dick in her, it had been too long.

She pulled into her driveway and saw her husband’s car. He must have come home early, he probably couldn’t wait either, Dorothy thought.

As Dorothy walked into the living room she called out to her husband, “You better be ready to fuck me.” She turned the corner into the room and was so startled, that she dropped her bags on the floor, speechless.

“Oh I am, but that will have to wait.” Darius replied, standing to greet her as her husband sat on the couch. Both of them had finished beers on the table, and must have been together for a long time.

“How did you?” Dorothy stammered out.

“Oh that was simple, pay the piercer enough cash and they’ll let your info slip. And that led me to Ken, and I would not have come if he hadn’t invited me to come. You see we’ve been talking and I made a proposition to Ken. I get to own you for the next six months.”

“Wait what? That was all just sexy internet fun,” Dorothy giggled nervously.

“Oh it was, but I know you pierced yourself because you so desperately want to be mine, and I have the resources to make that happen,” Darius said, with bravado.

Dorothy just stood there, contemplating it all. She watched as Darrius pulled out his phone and hit record on a voice note.

“This will act as our contract. You’ll come with me for six months. You and your husband will be compensated, of course. While with me, I get to do with you as I please, with a few stipulations.

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32