Friends with Benefits Pt. 02

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It was late afternoon and Annabelle and I were laying side-by-side on my bed looking up at the ceiling, with half-closed eyes. We were both still breathing heavily and we were both covered in sheen of sweat. It was the fourth time we’d been together since the first time Annabelle surprised me on another warm Sunday afternoon not so long ago. Our shoulders and thighs and calves were touching and I could feel Annabelle’s body warmth.

“That was amazing,” I said softly.

My cum was currently seeping out of her hairy pussy and starting to run down her inside thighs.

“Mmm, I agree,” Annabelle replied. She shifted her body slightly, bent her elbow and put her hand up under the back of her head.

This put my face in direct line with her pit and I turned into her slightly and let the side of my face rest against the warm damp hairs of her underarm. I inhaled deeply and enjoyed the rich sensual scent of her pit. I nuzzled in and licked the sweat off her pit hairs. The taste and smell was a mixture of Annabelle’s own scent and the smell and taste of sex.

I paused. “Tell me about the woman you were talking about, the one you met at the gym,” I said softly.

Since we had been together Annabelle had slowly revealed little snippets of her sexual past and of how she and Richard had come to this place in their marriage.

Annabelle gave a little soft moan. “Ahh, oh kay,” she said slowly. She smiled.

“Well it started at the old Fernleigh Fitness gym, back when it was just starting to change…”

Fernleigh Fitness was an old YMCA that had an Olympic size pool and a bunch of studio spaces for things like yoga and meditation that was all housed in a fantastic old brick and timber building. The clientele used to be students, hippie yoga girls and the boho crowd but as the area was gentrified, one of the big gym franchises came in and bought it.

The new owners made it clear they were preparing to make major changes to just about everything about the place, from the way it looked to the way it was run. The atmosphere used to be very low key, friendly, easy going and non-judgemental. Annabelle assumed things would change but she was surprised by how dramatic the changes were.

The front entrance now featured big posters of over-muscled beefcakes (of both genders) and the arty semi-nude black and white photos had disappeared. Fridges of energy drinks and shelves of protein supplements appeared.

The new owners were honouring the old memberships for a short time and Annabelle had a month to enjoy the pool and yoga at a place she really loved.

However, Annabelle knew she’d need to find a new gym – firstly because she couldn’t afford the new fees, secondly she didn’t like the new direction her old Fernleigh Fitness was heading but most importantly because she couldn’t stand the new members.

The new batch of peroxided, fake tanned, waxed and plucked gym members read fashion magazines in the change rooms and many made it perfectly clear to Annabelle they didn’t approve of someone who was so comfortable in her own body and with her own body hair.

Naturally no-one said anything directly to her face but many made a point of staring at her, sometimes with scowls on their faces or “whispered” loud enough for her to hear, saying things like “Why wouldn’t you just shave it already” or “It takes two minutes and a razor to do my pits, I mean seriously” or “My boyfriend would never let me get away with that”. But if Annabelle ever met their eye they would look away quickly.

Annabelle, in her typical style, hadn’t changed her behaviour for the new gym members. She was used to chatting to other women in the change rooms in various stages of undress. She felt comfortable being naked and didn’t think women should change into their swimmers with a towel wrapped around them while they were in a female-only space.

One of the first items on the list of plans of the new owners was “fixing” the female change rooms.

The old ones had an open plan shower, which consisted of a long row of taps and nozzles coming out of the tiled walls. Naturally this meant zero privacy, something that was previously never an issue at Fernleigh. Annabelle continued to do what she always did – walking around naked, displaying all her hairy glory for anyone to see and washing herself the way she did at home, which meant turning the dark hairs of her pits and pussy into a mass of white soapy suds.

One day Annabelle could feel someone’s eyes on her as she stood there, half-dressed after a shower, wearing small panties and her bra tangled in her hands. She was used to it now, with new members in the change rooms each day, but she still found it irritating. Annabelle’s hands were still fumbling with her bra when she looked up, eyes narrowed, to meet the other woman’s gaze.

To Annabelle’s surprise the other woman didn’t look away. Instead she smiled. And then she slowly lifted her arms above her head, interlocked her fingers and stretched. She held the Bayan Escort Gaziantep pose, offering Annabelle a view of the healthy clump of dark hair in her own pits.

The woman was wearing a tank top and shorts and said to Annabelle, “I’m going to the yoga class this morning. Are you interested in coming too?”

“Thanks,” said Annabelle “but I’ve got other things on this morning.”

“Oh, it was a good class last week,” the woman replied, “but hopefully I’ll run into you here again?”

Annabelle continued to dress and clasped her bra up behind her.

“Well, my membership is almost finished so I won’t be coming here for much longer.”

“That’s a shame,” the woman replied. “I’m new to this area and need to meet some new people, make some new friends.”

The woman smiled again.

“Well, I’m going to get the most out of my final month of membership so I guess I will see you round,” Annabelle replied.

Over the coming weeks Annabelle noticed the woman had an uncanny knack of being at the gym at the same time as her. She clearly enjoyed watching Annabelle and Annabelle was initially happy to play along.

The woman looked like a young Janeane Garofalo, when she still had those beautiful big tits, but this woman was taller and had no tattoos. There were usually other people in the change room so the woman made small talk but it was clear she was enjoying looking at any part of Annabelle that was exposed.

However, Annabelle was starting to tire of the game and was a little frustrated she’d never seen “Janeane” wearing less than a bra and shorts. She wondered if the woman was simply a voyeur who was getting off by watching her getting in and out of her clothes.

It was Tuesday morning, a day that was typically quite. Tuesday mornings featured mostly classes for oldies but the renovations had driven some of the regulars away too. It was the last week of the old-style shower and the new female showers had been completed and tested but Annabelle hadn’t used them yet.

Annabelle was looking forward to having a lane to herself for her swim and was already wearing her one-piece swimmers under her clothes. She found herself alone in the change room.

Annabelle took off her shirt and track pants and had her goggles and cap in hand when “Janeane” seemed to appear out of nowhere, wearing nothing but a towel.

“Have you seen the new showers?” she asked.

Annabelle stared at her, a little wide eyed and began to silently shake her head.

Without waiting for anything further, the woman walked forward and took Annabelle’s hand, causing her to drop her goggles and cap onto the change room floor.

“Come on, I’ll show you,” she said as she led Annabelle along the corridor of sparkling new, individual shower cubicles to the very last one in the row.

Even Annabelle had to admit the new bathrooms were beautiful – wide tiles on the floor, a high roof, faux wooden doors on each cubicle that started at the floor and stretched at least 8 foot into the air. It was the opposite of the old shower layout – the new shower area was built for complete privacy.

They entered the shower cubicle, which was much larger than Annabelle expected and Janeane stepped inside. Annabelle closed and clipped the door and instinctively stood with her back pressed against its cool surface, watching and waiting.

Janeane stood looking at Annabelle with a serious look on her face. Annabelle waited and suddenly Janeane moved to her and said “I’m sorry if this seems sudden. I’ve never done this type of thing before. But I have been thinking about you every single day since the first time I saw you.”

She moved further forward and Annabelle stood up tall against the door but let herself be embraced. She felt Janeane’s big chest against hers and she let the kiss come naturally.

Janeane’s mouth was warm and her kiss was deep and passionate and long. Annabelle sensed the other woman was releasing an enormous amount of built up sexual tension, as if she was finally acting on desires she had only been thinking about for a long time.

Janeane paused, looked into Annabelle’s eyes and began kissing her again.

Janeane then moved her mouth to Annabelle’s neck and moved her hands to her breasts, rubbing her nails across the smooth fabric of the swimsuit, causing Annabelle’s nipples to go hard.

Janeane would clump all her fingers together on top of Annabelle’s nipple and then slowly open her hand so the back of her nails moved outwards from Annabelle’s nipple, across her breast. She did it slowly and fairly softly and it sent tingles across Annabelle’s chest.

She continued kissing Annabelle’s neck and shoulder and used her fingers to move the straps over Annabelle’s shoulders and slide them down her arms, so the swimsuit slid down and her big breasts were exposed, hard nipples pointing out. Janeane moved her mouth to Annabelle’s chest and moved her hand down to between Annabelle’s thighs, rubbing the outside of her swimsuit in the same way as she’d rubbed her breasts earlier.

She ran her nails across the front of Annabelle’s mound, on the outside of the smooth swimmers, while she sucked lustily on her nipples, the soft flesh of Annabelle’s breasts and did long licks between her soft tits. Annabelle was moaning softly and pulled at the towel around Janeane until it dropped to the floor. Annabelle reached down and cupped Janeane’s big breasts.

“Oh, they are beautiful,” she said, and she lifted them so Janeane’s nipples were rubbing against her own. Janeane continued to work her hand across Annabelle’s mound. Then she used both hands to start to pull the swimmers down over Annabelle’s hips.

Annabelle’s bush was now exposed and Janeane ran her fingers through the dark hairs. Annabelle spread her legs a little wider and Janeane rubbed her clit gently before bending her index and middle fingers up into Annabelle’s wet willing slit. Annabelle used her hands to push her swimmers down further, swayed her hips sideways a few times and the swimmers slid down her legs to the floor.

Now she rocked a little more, squeezing her pussy muscles around Janeane’s fingers. Janeane was alternating between kissing Annabelle’s mouth and licking her breasts and Annabelle was deeply aroused. She tilted her head back, enjoying the position, enjoying Janeane’s attention, slightly surprised how much she was enjoying being fingered by this stranger in a public shower.

Then unexpectedly Janeane slowly slid her fingers out of Annabelle and held her hand in front of Annabelle’s mouth, her wet fingers pointing upwards, just in front of Annabelle’s lips.

“I bet your husband has a lovely cock,” Janeane said. And then she began to lick the top of her fingers and then sucked on them like she was sucking a dick.

“I’d like to suck your husband after he’s been inside you,” she whispered.

Annabelle let out a guttural sound.

“Would you like that?” Janeane whispered.

Annabelle moaned and nodded and Janeane moved her fingers to Annabelle’s mouth and Annabelle began to suck them softly, imitating the technique she used when she went down on her husband. Janeane slid her other hand down and slipped her other index and middle fingers into Annabelle, who let out another groan. If she had been at home Annabelle would have been making a lot more noise but she was conscious she was in a public changing room.

“And would you like my husband inside you?” Janeane whispered in Annabelle’s ear, as she pushed her fingers deeper inside her.

“My husband in your pussy while you suck your husband’s dick?”

Annabelle was rocking her hips back and forth and was close to climaxing. She moved Janeane’s hand away from her mouth, onto her breast and squeezed. Janeane pulled Annabelle’s hard nipple away from her soft white breast and kissed her neck again.

“Don’t … stop,” Annabelle panted.

Janeane had her thumb against Annabelle’s clit and her two fingers inside Annabelle’s slit. Annabelle was rocking back and forth and moving herself up and down, all the while tightening her wet pussy around Janeane’s fingers.

She was close to cumming and wanted to cry out loudly in pleasure. Instead she moved her mouth down to Janeane’s shoulder and moved across to her neck, sucking her skin while she moaned. It wasn’t until later that both women realised Annabelle had left some considerable hickeys on Janeane’s upper body.

Annabelle tilted her head back, dug her nails into Janeane’s shoulders, clenched her ass and pussy as she bent her knees slightly and quietly came. Her body quivered and she gasped repeatedly, eyes closed. Once her orgasm subsided Janeane slid her fingers from Annabelle’s pussy and embraced her. Annabelle was kissing Janeane’s neck and whispered, “I need to lay down …”

Janeane put her towel down diagonally across the cubicle floor and Annabelle lay on her back with her knees bent, just able to fit into the space. Janeane straddled her torso and they kissed hungrily. Annabelle was still breathing heavily and she whispered to Janeane, “Turn around, I want to lick you.”

Janeane didn’t hesitate and they were soon in the 69 position, with Annabelle looking at Janeane’s pink wet slit, outlined by a thick strip of dark hair on each side and a thick mass of bush over her mound and around her clit.

Annabelle licked long and deep, while Janeane bent her head forward and enjoyed the taste of a woman for the first time. She savoured Annabelle’s sweet, salty flavour as she licked her from her clit down to her ass.

Annabelle was working her mouth along each side of Janeane, sucking her pussy and then curling her tongue deep into her slit and then moving her mouth to her clit to suck it and lick under its soft hood. She was taking her time, going slowly, moving around Janeane’s whole pubic area with her mouth. The arousal crept up slowly on Janeane and she stopped licking Annabelle, bent her back and pushed herself further against Annabelle’s face as Annabelle began to now focus more on her clit. She was sucking Janeane’s mound, moving her mouth in wide circles and then moving her tongue to Janeane’s clit to continue with the slow circles, her tongue under the hood.

Janeane started to move her hips in rhythm to maximise the effect of Annabelle’s mouth.

“Oh, yes … God,” she groaned.

She wanted to taste Annabelle again but didn’t want to lose this position because she could feel her climax rising. So instead she gazed at Annabelle’s black bush and wet pink slit and allowed herself to let the orgasm build to peak.

“Don’t stop,” she whispered. “I’m so close, please don’t stop.”

Annabelle continued to weave her magic with her mouth, moving faster and faster, pushing her tongue and mouth harder against Janeane, until Janeane’s body began to quiver from her orgasm and she groaned in pleasure. To try and reduce the amount of noise she was making Janeane buried her face into Annabelle’s warm bush and was inhaling the sweet scent of Annabelle’s pussy as she came. After her orgasm subsided she lifted her head, panting a little as Annabelle gave her pussy and ass some final loving licks.

They stayed in the 69 position for a little while until Janeane unstraddled herself and got on her knees beside Annabelle. She bent over and kissed her passionately.

“That was incredible,” she whispered.

Annabelle got to her knees as well as the two women embraced, big breasts pressed against each other while they kissed each other’s mouths and necks.

They eventually untangled themselves, left the cubicle separately, got dressed and met in the foyer where they exchanged details and Janeane followed Annabelle home for a late morning and early afternoon of pleasure.

It turns out the other woman’s name was actually Sara and over time she did get to fulfil her desire to suck her husband’s cock just after he’d slipped it out of Annabelle’s wet pussy. And she got to see her husband deep inside Annabelle hairy pussy while Annabelle sucked her own husband’s dick. And Sara also had the experience of pleasuring two men at the same time, while also having Annabelle close by for extra attention.

Annabelle rolled a little more onto her side and smiled at me.

“Oh, you certainly enjoyed that story didn’t you?” she said, reaching down and stroking my cock, which had become hard again and was pressing against her thigh.

“Do you like the thought of me being with another woman?” she said smiling.

I nodded.

“And do you like the thought of me being with another man, while you pleasure me and I pleasure the both of you?” she asked, as she squeezed my dick.

I nodded again.

“That’s good because the next time you and I are together, Richard will be there too and you are both going to …”

She buried her face into my chest and then mounted me, while still holding the base of my cock, pressing it hard. She slipped my rod inside her.

She leaned right forward and was whispering.

“There are things we’ll do together … oh, things that make me so horny when there are two men with me at the same time.”

“Do you know what I like?” she asked rhetorically.

“I love to have my pits licked slowly while I give head. Oh, it makes me so wet.”

She tightened her wet pussy on my dick and pushed herself further down onto me. My face was between her big breasts, licking her warm skin.

“And I loved to be tit-fucked, first by one dick and then by another,” she groaned.

I took her nipple in my mouth and sucked it.

“And to be fucked just right, while I’m sucking a dick at the same time,” she whispered.

“And I love to have a hard dick in one armpit, and a hard dick in the other, at the same time … in so many different positions,” she said, a little dreamily.

“I want it to happen,” I said as I moved my mouth up to her pit.

She clinched her pussy again and pushed down to grind her pubic bone against mine.

“It will happen soon,” she whispered.

She was grinding on me, hard, as I licked her warm pit in long strokes.

She moved to a slightly more upright position and groaned and then she took her breast, cupped it and then pushed her nipple into my mouth. I sucked hard as she rocked her pussy on my cock. She leaned back until her breast popped out of my mouth and she gave another groan, rocked and grinded some more and presented her hard nipple to me again.

We repeated the process four more times, each time I was sucking her nipple harder and it made a plop sound as it slipped out of my mouth. She was grunting and I knew she was close to climaxing.

Then she leaned forward again, pushed her knees into the bed, put her arms against the bed head and opened her hips wide. If someone had been behind her they would have had a great view of her ass and my cock in her hairy pussy. I began to pump as fast and hard as I could and she made more grunting sounds as she moved towards climax, her big tits hanging down in front of me as we both moved towards an intense orgasm.

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