Friends (Who Fuck) Ch. 02

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That night, I admit, I struggled to get to sleep; partly torn by guilty thoughts of my wife and also of my mate Mark, but mainly just thinking about Vicky.

Thinking about her face: her stunning smile; her slim, sexy, firm body.

When I did sleep, I dreamt about her tits, her pussy, what she’d done to me, what I’d still like to do to her.

As she’d un-straddled me that afternoon she’d said we could be, “like friends who fuck.”

When I’d pointed out to her that we didn’t really know each other that well and that we didn’t usually see much of her (or Mark) she just laughed and kissed me saying; “that’s better still…we can be friends who just fuck!”

My prick had stirred at this but within a short time of her kissing me once more and saying she’d let herself out, feelings of remorse had kicked in and I started telling myself ‘that was it’, we couldn’t and wouldn’t ever do ‘that’ again.

I’d chucked on some clothes and, in-between doing some work calls and emails, convinced myself that my mind was made up; it was wrong and I was adamant that was that;

– then I received a text from her and all my resolve disappeared in a moment.

We exchanged further texts through the late afternoon and into the evening, and then I felt like a rampant teenager when my mobile rang and I saw it was her number.

“Hi,” I simply said, not quite sure what else to say.

“Hi you,” she replied softly and no two such innocent words had ever sounded so good or caused my cock to harden so quickly before.

“You OK?” I asked.

“More than ‘OK’…much more than OK.”

GOD, even her voice was such a turn-on.

“Are you working from home again tomorrow?”

“I wasn’t, but I am now as my meeting’s been cancelled.”

“Good…make sure you leave the back door unlocked again…goodnight, lover.”

“Goodnight…” I trailed off, not quite able to echo the ‘lover’ bit. Partly because I’m sure it wouldn’t have sounded as sexy as she’d said it and partly, in a stupid way, as it would have somehow felt like ‘admitting’ to what we had done.

The next morning I struggled to concentrate on work, my mind alternating between wondering what time she might come round or if she’d changed her mind and wouldn’t appear at all.

As time went by I started telling myself, ‘good…I hope she doesn’t come.’

Just after one o’clock I was engrossed in a rather lengthy and quite important ‘phone call when I suddenly sensed someone else was present.

Turning from the computer screen I completely lost my train of thought.

Vicky was leaning back against the door frame, a confident smirk on her face as she just stood there, gazing straight back at me.

Raising her eyebrows she blew me a kiss and then very slowly began to unbutton her white lab coat.

As I tried to compose myself once more I actually became slightly annoyed at her obvious confidence in what was going to happen, that I seemed to have no say in the matter whatsoever.

The conversation I’d been in the middle of could seal a deal which would hit my monthly target in one go so, ‘does she really think that she can just flash her slender legs (she’d now pulled the lab coat up her stocking-clad thighs) and I’d drop everything?’

But just as I finished thinking this the lab coat fell completely open and any chance that I might have taken the professional or moralistic high ground vanished instantly.

Whilst the client I had been talking to was still waffling in my ear about their technical requirements I now stood up and moved in towards Vicky, my left arm sliding around her back and drawing her to me.

As she nuzzled against my neck, she trailed her right leg around me, pulling me more into her.

God she smelt so good and with her slight, firm body pressed all against me I’d never felt the absolute need to fuck someone so strongly before.

There was a pause in what had now to me just become a background noise and I took the opportunity to mumble an apology about losing my internet connection and that I’d ring back later when I’d got it sorted.

I virtually slammed the ‘phone down and, I think because I was still feeling a little pissed at Vicky’s absolute confidence in what was going to happen, manhandled her firmly back against the wall.

This didn’t seem to phase or worry her at all, in fact she gasped and encouraged me as I held her hands above her head and urgently, almost frantically kissed all around her neck and face and then down to her pert, full breasts.

I greedily kissed and sucked at her nipples through the lacy black material of her bra, marvelling at how firm and erect they were, before turning her around face up against the wall and pressing myself hard into her.

Vicky groaned in pleasure as the length of my hard shaft settled between her bum cheeks, easing them slightly apart as we rutted back and forth, me running my hands up to grope at both of her tits whilst she turned to push her tongue deep into my welcoming mouth.

“Fuck üsküdar escort me…I need you to…fuck me…now” she breathed.

Moving my hands down her sides, I quickly unclipped her garters and then yanked her panties downwards before pulling her lab coat up and away.

As Vicky turned again to watch I now, in one movement, pushed my shorts and boxers down and then guided my straining cock down and in-between her legs.

Vicky was wearing relatively high heels and by just lifting herself slightly she was at exactly the right height for my enlarged helmet to nestle against her entrance.

After briefly nuzzling against her, I pushed the tip of my cock into her, Vicky gasping, before I quickly drove myself further up into her.

“Ohhh, fuck, yes” I groaned loudly, fully impaled inside her.

Vicky now pushed back onto me as, for a moment, I just held myself there, reaching up to grope at her breasts once more whilst savouring having my cock deeply embedded in her.

I now felt her tense and then relax her cunt muscles against my shaft and that seemed to snap me out of my near trance and I started to slide back and forth, causing us both to grunt in unison to my movements.

Vicky pressed her face back against the wall, urging; “fuck me…that’s it…fuck me.”

God this felt and looked so good, my gaze dropping down to drink in the sight of my cock slipping in and out of this hot, sexy woman who I really barely knew.

My thrusts now got more and more urgent, Vicky continuing to swear and urge me on as I pulled her down onto me by her shoulders, pummelling her harder and harder.

I’d never banged into a woman like this before; not this hard, not this frantic, not this urgent.

Feeling like I was about to explode I grasped her slim waist, letting out a loud, long guttural groan as, with several last, violent thrusts, I came deep inside her.

Arching my back I firmly grasped her buttocks as several more pump-loads of come spurted from my cock, my head feeling like it was virtually spinning, before I fell forward to kiss at Vicky’s back.

After a moment or two I realised that Vicky was still grinding herself back against the dying embers of my erection, and that I’d paid no attention as to whether she’d come or not.

“Sorry…” I quietly muttered, not really sure if I meant for coming quite quickly, or not knowing if she’d come herself or for just succumbing once more and not being able to stop myself from fucking her.

“Why?…that was nice,” she cooed…”Verrr…rrry nice…” as she continued to wiggle that cute ass against me.

“But I haven’t finished with you…” and she shifted round, my now limp cock slipping easily out of her as she reached up to pull me down into a long, lingering, snog.

As we pressed into each other the kiss developed from an initial soft, light meeting of lips into a deep, full-on, teenage-like tonguing session, hands roaming all over each other, as Vicky now grasped at my hardening again cock.

“Come…with…me” she then urged, quickly reaching down to scoop up her panties and leading me by the hand out of the door.

I nearly fell over trying to kick my boxers and shorts free from my ankles as Vicky virtually pulled me into our spare bedroom just across the hallway.

“This bed looks a little sad to me,” she grinned, lightly kissing me as she stood in very close, looking up at me with that intoxicating mix of sweet innocence and yet come-and-fuck-me qualities that she had.

“It looks like it never,”…she quickly kissed me again, “Gets ‘used’ at all, and that’s a real…” another, quick, light kiss, “shame for such a great bed to…fuck on.”

Vicky now pulled me down onto her welcoming mouth, her tongue pushing into my mouth as her hand found my cock once again.

Firmly wanking me several times, she forcibly kissed me and pressed and rubbed her firm tits into my chest whilst I pulled her onto me by her small, shapely arse.

Vicky then guided me round and pushed me back onto the bed.

She quickly eased the lab coat away from her slender shoulders and I then had the glorious sight and sensation of this sexy lady crawling her way up me, pressing herself into my body as she went.

“Ohhhh, my god…that feels and looks so good” I sighed, looking down at her grinning face and then pulling her back onto my mouth.

“We haven’t got…much time,” she laughed in-between kisses. “I am…on…my lunch break!”

Shifting up slightly she then pressed her tits down onto my face, laughing again as I urgently kissed at them before burying my face into her cleavage and squashing her tits to me.

Leaning back slightly, I eased her left bra strap away and down her slender shoulder, finally fully exposing her glorious breast.

I momentarily just gazed at it, marvelling at how heavy and full it looked, especially on such a slim, petite lady, before quickly moving up and hungrily clamping my mouth to her.

As yenibosna escort I sucked and kissed at her left breast I reached up to massage and squeeze at it from below, whilst also firmly massaging at her right tit and nipple.

“That’s it…suck them…suck them hard” Vicky encouraged, before reaching behind herself and unclasping her bra.

As it fell away, I quickly moved my mouth over to her right breast and then frantically alternated from one nipple to the other, kissing and sucking at them, harder and harder, before again burying my face in-between her now naked breasts.

Vicky seemed to be getting off on this as much as me and was rubbing herself all against me.

My rock hard again cock had slipped up in-between Vicky’s legs and I could feel her pressing herself against the top side of my shaft.

With a slight shift Vicky moved herself away from my face but, before I could complain about losing her tits and nipples to gorge on, she’d raised her backside to allow my helmet to move down towards her entrance and, in one swift movement, impaled herself down onto me.

“Ohhhh, yeeea,” she groaned, kissing me hard as she held herself there, wiggling against me as she tongued me deeply.

As I pulled her to me by her arse cheeks I felt her tense and then contract her cunt muscles against my shaft several times, before she continued to wiggle and grind against the very base of my cock.

Vicky now pushed herself up into a sitting position, hair falling forward as she placed the palms of her hands on my chest and started to ease herself up and down.

“God, this feels so good…so fucking good.”

I now just lay there, looking up and enjoying watching her fuck herself on me.

“I want to fuck this cock…god, I need to fuck this cock…this nice…big…hard…cock”.

As she’d been talking, she’d been increasing the pace that she was pumping up and down; sometimes closing her eyes, then opening them again.


I’d been determined to hold on, to ensure that she came before I did once more, and as she arched her head back and rode out her obvious orgasm I now reached up to gently caress at her tits, then down to stroke up and down her stocking-clad legs.

As I trailed my fingers all around her, Vicky gradually calmed and then manoeuvred herself down so that she was once more lying on top of me, lightly kissing me as she sighed;

“God…that was good…so…good…uhhhh,” her groan at the end coincided with me, having placed my hands back on her buttocks, firmly thrusting up into her.

“Ohhhh, yeea,” she moaned again, as I repeated the action, pushing my backside up off the bed so that I could change the angle and exert more force by pushing up with the soles of my feet.

“God, that’s deep…and hard…so deep” she continued as I now simply just pummelled up into her, determined to ram her, harder and deeper than anyone ever before.

“Fuck, yes…fuck, yes…yes, yes, yes” she cried out in time with my motions, me grunting louder and louder until my prick finally exploded, jettisoning torrent loads of come deep inside her once more.

I buried my face up into her neck, kissing at her and pulling her down onto me.

Only then did I became really aware that, as I’d stopped my movements, she’d started quickly pumping herself up and down, gyrating her arse and grinding herself against me as she quite obviously came again!

Jesus, Mark hadn’t been lying when he’d said that this lady was a “near-nympho.”

“Well…as lunch-breaks go…that was the best,” she grinned, giving me one, last, long kiss before she quite matter-of-factly pushed herself up off me and the bed.

I just lay there, watching her walking around in only her high heels and stockings as she scooped up her clothes.

She smiled as she saw that I was just admiring her, and we gazed at each other as she finished putting her bra back on and started buttoning up her lab coat.

“What are you thinking?”

“I was just surprised that watching you put your clothes back on is nearly, nearly as good as watching you take them off!”

This made her smile even broader and, having picked up her panties, she walked across to my study and came back carrying her handbag, which I hadn’t even noticed before and which she must have placed on the floor before I’d even realised she’d been there.

“Well, unfortunately, I do need to get back to work” she sighed, pulling a disappointed face after having checked her mobile and then coming over to sit beside me on the bed, still holding her panties in her hand.

“How is work?”

She looked at me in a mock, cross sort-of-way, poking me in the chest as she did so.

“You know the rules; NONE of that boring, small-talk stuff.”

“Sorry” I smiled, my gaze dropping down to admire the expanse of slim thigh which had been revealed when she’d sat on the bed and which zeytinburnu escort now, by her shifting forward to prod me, had been further revealed.

Her mobile then went off and Vicky, having looked to see who it was, breathed; “My boss,” as she moved the ‘phone up to her ear.

“Hi there,” she said, as I pushed myself up onto my elbows.

God she smelt good, so good — the smell of her and just being so close to her was causing a slight stirring in my groin even before I heard her say;

“Well, that is a shame and I obviously hope she feels better but thanks for letting me know.” As she looked down at me, a broad grin appearing on her face, she reached over and lightly trailed her fingers up the underside of my shaft.

My prick, which had been laying flaccid against me jerked and twitched at her soft caress.

As she carried on talking to her boss, Vicky began to very lightly, almost absent-mindedly, rub the tip of my cock with the underside of her fingers.

I closed my eyes and groaned at her delicate touch, lying fully back again to just enjoy the sensation.

I then felt her shift slightly on the bed and opened my eyes once more to find that she was now leaning on her side, bringing her smiling face even closer to mine.

“No, that’s no problem at all,” she now said, “in fact, I’ve just realised that I’ve not had anything to eat yet…”

She raised her eyebrows at this and grinned, before turning round and lowering her face down towards my groin.

“Oh don’t worry,” I heard her say into the ‘phone, “I’m just about to…” and I felt her roll her tongue over my helmet, “…take a big mouthful of something right now.”

She quickly sucked at the tip of my prick a couple of times before adding; “Yes…I’ll pick them up on the way back…see you then,” before flinging her mobile onto the bed and, whilst fondling my balls, turned to me;

“My first patient this afternoon, Mrs Davis, has had to cancel as she’s not feeling very well.”

Her groping of my scrotum and the base of my cock had been getting firmer and now, as she turned back round once more, she added;

“God bless Mrs Davis is all I can say,” and I felt her slide her soft mouth fully down my now hard again erection.

As with the day before, I’d never had a woman suck my prick with so much enthusiasm and urgency but, having already shot my load a couple of times I felt I could really control myself and so just lay back to milk this for all it was worth.

Vicky was taking me into her mouth from the very hilt to the tip, occasionally stopping to kiss and lick at the helmet, before plunging herself back down.

Fuck, this woman could suck — taking me from the very hilt to the tip, before plunging herself back down.

The slurping noises were getting louder and louder as she shifted up and round, me reaching up to slide my right hand up and under her lab coat and caressing her buttock, before pulling the lab coat fully away as she lifted her left leg up to straddle my face.

I now had the gorgeous view of Vicky’s pouting pussy lips just inches above my face and, after momentarily just staring at her, I eased her bum cheeks further apart with my thumbs and ran my tongue along the length of her slit.

I lapped at her several times, before flicking my tongue over her clit getting a nice shudder and groan from Vicky in apparent appreciation.

My nose was nestling in-between her bum cheeks, just below her anus, and although I’d never licked out a girl’s arse before the sight and smell of her arsehole was such a turn-on that I shifted up slightly, desperate to plunge my face right into her backside.

As my nose and then tongue rubbed against her Vicky emitted an even louder moan and stopped sucking at my cock.

“Ohhhh, yea…ohhhhh” she sighed, as I initially just lightly licked at her with the very tip of my tongue.

As I then started to kiss and suck at her I pulled her down onto me, more and more desperately trying to pry further into her.

“Ohhh, yea, lick me…lick me…that’s it…lick my arse…fuck, yea…lick my arse,” Vicky encouraged, resting her face on my thigh as she quite forcibly wanked my erection whilst pressing her backside down onto me.

At times I wasn’t sure if I was slurping at her pussy or her arse, but I just lapped greedily at all of her, burying my nose and face into her as far as I could, my tongue probing and lapping at her juices which flowed down onto me.

“Oh, god, yeh…yeh…yesss,” Vicky virtually screamed, finally shifting up and away before pulling me up and demanding; “come on, fuck my ass.”

Wiping my face, I momentarily trailed my fingers over my lips, sucking and smelling at them, amazed at how her juices had covered me and just how good it tasted and smelt.

Vicky had quickly shifted round so that she was now lying face down on the bed, pulling the lab coat up and away once more from her backside.

Grabbing my wrist she pulled me round behind her and, as I slipped off the bed into a standing position she spread her legs wider and urged again;

“Fuck my ass…come on, fuck my ass.”

I’d never done anal before but, as I pushed my straining cock downwards and placed my other hand on her pert left butt cheek, I was now desperate to be inside her.

Presenting my cock to her, however, I wasn’t sure that this would ‘work’.

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