Friend’s Wedding Reception

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I’m at a friend’s wedding reception and was introduced to Jamie an attractive 24 year old single woman. She is 5′ 8″ tall with a curvy body, nice ass, nice breasts and shoulder length blonde hair. I find myself dancing with Jamie. We have been dancing for a few minutes, making small talk, when I lean down and murmur, ” You have amazing tits.” My hand is on her shoulder, and I dip my thumb down unobtrusively to graze the exposed flesh inside the scoop-neck shirt she is wearing. Jamie swallows. ” Excuse me?” She asks. Her breathing is becoming ragged with the insistent stroking of my thumb, she attempted some semblance of indignation. I smile pressing my other hand against her lower back, nestling her stomach against my hardening cock. ” I’ve been looking at them for the past hour. Jamie tried to look shocked, but she feels her hips betray her growing arousal as they involuntarily buck once against me. ” I don’t know what you mean,” She said breathless.

” Right, the innocent 24 year old virgin. Never been seduced by a man three times your age.” I smirked. ” I know when a woman is horny. You don’t have a boyfriend. You date but you masturbate probably every night with your fingers and a dildo.” Jamie’s face is on fire. ” Why do you think that?” ” I watched you look at me when I came into the room. Then you shook your tits while you looked. I saw you spread your legs for me. You didn’t have on any panties either. I can’t wait to fuck that sweet virgin cunt you flashed me.” Jamie is mortified. Mortified and on the verge of cumming. My hands are inside her shirt now, squeezing her tits rhythmically. She shook herself. ” Oh God, someone’s going to see…” ” No they’re not,” I said. Jamie looked around. I had maneuvered us into the coat room. I abruptly release her tits, and she stood gasping for air. ” I can’t do this,” She said.

I push two fingers inside her skirt stopping just short of ramming them into her saturated pussy. ” Well well,” I commented, ” you don’t have any panties on. Some people might think that makes you a little eager.” Her body answered for her as she impaled herself on my fingers. Jamie bucks against the rigid fullness of them, gasping and moaning louder than she had ever been able to do. I’m whispering nasty things to her, making her buck harder against my hand. ” Yes, you can do this, honey. Fuck my hand. Show me how much you want it. I want to feel that tight little cunt clamping on my fingers.” My breath came in ragged pants. Jamie looks up into my face seeing the heat there, heat that makes her pussy spasm again and again against my unyielding hand.

” That’s better, isn’t it?” I ask calmly, wiping my hand on my pants. Then I reach for the fly as I continue. ” Now, put your mouth on my cock.” Jamie looks away from the length of flesh I’m pressing toward her face. She wants to wrap her lips around it, then suddenly I can’t,” She moans. ” Now sweetheart,” I said. ” You were just a really good little girl for me. You can do anything your little heart desires. Now put my cock in your mouth or I’ll do it for you.” Jamie gives in wrapping her lips around the head of my shaft. I sigh as she begins licking in small circles. Truthfully, she hadn’t done much in the way of oral sex with other men, but she had always wanted to experiment. Jamie bobbed her head forward to take in more of me, and I thrust my hips forward to bury more of myself inside her mouth. I touch the back of her mouth, she thought it would be unpleasant, but the hardness of me scratched an itch she hadn’t realized was there. I suddenly pull out of her mouth. ” Damn, that was amazing,” I said. ” I almost came in that pretty little throat of yours.”

Jamie hears herself whimper, and it sounds frustrated. Jamie stood up pressing her body against me. The hardness of my cock presses against her clit, and she wriggles. She deftly dodges her attempt to impale herself on its length.
” What is it, hon?” I ask. ” Please,” She moaned as she struggles against me. I smirk. ” Please what?” ” Fuck me,” She whispers. I pretend shock. ” You want me to do what? But I just meant you.” ” I know,” She said. Jamie is embarrassed at her behavior, but she can’t deny her awakened body. ” I don’t care. Fuck me, I want you inside me.”
” Get on your hands and knees,” I said. Jamie immediately obeyed, and she realizes that the place I had indicated put her facing a mirror. She looks crazed. Then she sees me behind her. Jamie tenses in anticipation. The first thrust is like a piece of heaven. She is so tight I can’t go all the way in, I grunted pushing until my whole length is buried inside her. She watches her tits bounce and jiggle. Her complete lack of control is orgasmic.

” Did my little whore already cum?” I ask. ” Ye,” She gasps, she bucks her hips back against me. ” Oh God, don’t stop.” I pull back a few inches, then push forward harder. Jamie lets out a cry, one she is afraid someone will hear. Jamie bits her lip as I pull back again. My hard rough thrust this time brought a muffled gasp. ” You’re so tight,” I grunted. ” So tight. Do you like me inside you?” ” Yes,” She gasps. ” Don’t stop!” I pull back farther this time thrusting in harder. Jamie jerks her head back with the pleasure of it. ” You like it hard?” I ask.
She moans in response. I pause my slow fucking to lean forward and squeeze her tits. I look into the mirror and lock eyes with her. ” I’m going to fuck you until you want to scream my name. And I’m going to do it a lot.”
” Do it hard,” She answered. I release her tits and start slamming into her, still excruciatingly slowly. But it is amazing. Jamie is gasping something over and over, and it is an eternity before she realizes she is saying, ” John, fuck me. Fuck me hard.”

” Hmmmm, you wanted this, needed this, you wanted a older man.” I said despite my ragged breathing. ” I’m going to make sure you will want to see me again.” ” Faster,” She gasps. ” Please, do it faster.” ” You like how my cock feels in your tight virgin cunt?” I said. My voice is becoming a growl as I sped up my tempo. ” Oh yes,” She moans. ” I’ve wanted you to put it inside me when I saw you today.” I didn’t say anything, I slammed in ans out of her harder. ” Yes, just like you’re çapa escort doing it now. I’m about to cum with you fucking me. Your cock feels so good.” Jamie trails off into gasping moans. ” Keep talking sweet to me,” I said. ” I’m watching those tits bounce around and I can’t stop thinking of you shaking them for me.” ” I want you,” She gasps. ” I needed a man like you.” I’m slamming into her so hard, deep, and fast that I have to pause to catch my breath. ” I needed a big cock stuffed into my pussy just like you’re doing now.”

” Do you want me to cum inside your pussy?” ” Yes, I want you to squirt your hot jizz in my pussy while I scream your name.” I tensed, she feels herself tense with me. ” I’m cumming, John,” She gasps. ” Good girl,” I said, as I shot my load into her pulsing pussy. A few minutes later, I pull out. I give her tits a soothing rub, and then I spoke. ” Well Jamie, that is pretty damn good. You play your cards right, we might do this again very soon.” My eyes said that this isn’t a suggestion. Jamie suddenly realized as I left that I was going to fuck her whenever I wanted. She is going to be my sex toy. She also realized that she is glad. I gestured toward a card. ” It’s got the address you need to be at later.” Then I’m gone. It was twenty minutes later a box was delivered for her. She opened the box in her car. There were only two things inside it. The first thing was a note that said, ” Put this on and wait at the address.” The second thing was a filmy black bra and panties set.

Jamie arrived at my penthouse in Turtle Creek, the blinds in the living room and in the bedroom were closed, she put on the lingerie, and waited. Her desire building as she kept imagining my hands on her. It is an excruciating hour. When she arrived, she is a disaster. My key in the lock sent shock waves through her. I rapidly took in her appearance with lust. Then I locked the door behind me. My eyes devoured her body. ” I was afraid you were never going to fuck me again,” She breathed as she got off the couch to press herself against me. I grab her ass and press her pelvis against my body. ” What makes you so damn sure I’m going to fuck you again? I just came by to check on my penthouse.” ” Oh God,” Jamie moans. ” You have to.” ” Why?” My fingers slipping tantalizingly in and out of the elastic of her panties as I move my palms in circles over her hips and ass. ” I can’t stop thinking about you inside me,” Jamie said. I rewarded her candor by brushing my thumb across the fabric that covered her cunt. ” Really?”

Jamie moans, as she feels her vaginal muscles spasm as they tried in vain to pull me inside. ” Yes,” She managed. Jamie isn’t sure if she is answering my question or if she is telling me how good she feels. ” I want you to fuck me now.” I press my panties-clad thumb up so it barely enters her pussy. It is exquisite, and she angles her hips in hopes of taking more of me inside. I smile in satisfaction. ” That’s because your pussy belongs to me,” I said. ” Not to any other man. It’s mine.” ” Yes,” She agreed. Jamie is barely conscious of what I had said. Jamie is too busy untucking my shirt and running her fingers across my belly. She dips one hand inside my waistband and feels me harden. ” Now now,” I said. ” I’m running this show, hon.” I move to stand behind her. She tries to turn to me, but I quickly grab her wrists and hold them behind her back. She can’t move. I move close enough to breathe gently on her neck. ” I’m going to have you exactly the way I want you, and you’re going to like it.” Then I pull her to the bedroom.

” Get on the bed,” I ordered. I produce four silk scarves from my pockets as I observe her swift obedience. ” Good girl,” I commented. I move in front of her and put one of my hands on either side of her waist. My thumbs move tantalizingly across her stomach, and she moans for me. I press my lips against the hollow between her neck and her shoulder, as I wrap my arms around her head as my tongue begins tickling her deliciously. ” Damn, you’re distracting,” I said as I raise my head. ” God,” She moans. Jamie struggles to press her body against mine, but it seems like she can’t get enough of me. I grab her wrists again and begin tying a silk scarf around each of them. The look on my face is fierce and savage. Jamie has never seen a man’s face so terrifying before, she is scared.
I left her so breathless that she is tied to the bed before she realized what I was doing. Jamie tested the bonds hesitantly, expressing a wide-eyed fear that she didn’t entirely fear.

” What are you doing?” She asks breathlessly. ” I’m taking advantage of your helplessness.” I move to tie her ankles, and she feebly struggles. My roughness is an overpowering aphrodisiac, and her struggles became not struggles to escape but struggles to relieve the building tension. I stood up staring through steely eyes at her exposed body. ” Please,” She panted. ” Please what?” I ask. I’m unbuttoning my shirt. ” Fuck me,” She whimpers. ” I am so wet for your cock right now.” ” How does it make you feel that I can do whatever I want with you and you can’t stop me?” ” I want you even more than I did.” I’m naked, and the sight of my hardening cock is incredibly arousing. ” Just put your cock inside me. Please, John, I need it.” I came closer, but not to her aching pussy. I stood beside her face for a moment. Now has my little whore wondered what cum tastes like?” Jamie blushed again. ” I’ve wondered what yours tastes like.”

” Why don’t you just take a little lick of it?” I put my cock against her lips. A tiny bead of precum glistened there. She darted her tongue out to savor it, and she closed her eyes in rapture. ” Was it good?” ” Yes.” Her voice came out in a breathy whisper. ” That’s my good little girl. I’m going to shoot some more of it down that throat after I’m done fucking your pussy.” I’m between her legs, and she struggles against the bonds to wrap my legs around my waist. I rub her clit with my thumb, as she writhes underneath me. ” Yes, John, right there,” She gasps.
” Is Jamie all wet for me?” ” So wet,” She moans. ” I’m going to make your pussy spasm so hard that you can’t move,” I said. ” Then I’m going escort şişli to fuck you.” I keep my thumb on her clit, and then I push two of my meaty fingers into her cunt. It is to much, but it feels so good. I ram them in and out. ” Yes,” She moans, as I went faster. Jamie can see my hand moving like a saw into her snatch. ” Fuck… That’s so good John, your fingers are so damn big… fuck… uuuuhhhh…. I’m cumming John… your fingers are making me cum so hard…”

Her pussy walls clenching around my moving fingers. I didn’t stop after she came. I work in a third finger and slow down until her panting has stilled slightly. ” I’m not done making you cum,” I said. Jamie feels a shiver of anticipation. Then she feels a new spasm of pleasure wash over her body. I’m thrusting my fingers inside her so hard that I’m grunting. The look in my eyes told her that I wasn’t going to stop until she came completely undone. Jamie isn’t moaning anymore. She is screaming in ecstasy. Her pussy contracting on my fingers like they are the only anchor that can keep her from floating away. She struggles to sit up and dig her nails into my back, but the bonds hold her down. Jamie came even harder as she remembers that I can do whatever I want to her and she can’t stop me.

” Yes, Jamie, keep cumming for me,” I grunted. ” Fuck, your pussy is squeezing my fingers so damn hard. You’re such a little slut, you love how it feels to have three fingers reaming your cunt.” She moans in agreement. ” Oh God, John, you feel so good. I need you inside me… please John, fuck me with your cock again, fuck me hard!” I didn’t argue. I pull my fingers out of her pussy wiping them across her stomach. ” You’re so wet,” I growled as I crawled into position, ” so warm and so wet.” Then I slide my cock into her. She sucks in a gasping breath and didn’t want to let it out, wanting to savor the moment indefinitely. My eyelids flutter closed as I froze for a moment fully buried inside her. It feels amazing, she can’t moan. Then I start moving my hips against her, jiggling my cock against her sensitive pussy walls, the pussy walls that I had pummeled with my cock eariler today and with my fingers now. Her moans are softer than they had been before, but they came from deep inside her. They match the slow, deep intensity of my languorous thrusts. ” Still so tight,” I managed to say. ” Because you’re so damn big,” she answered.

I move my hands to cup her ass, as she tilts her pelvis up as I re-position myself to thrust deeper. ” I’m never going to get tired of fucking your sweet pussy,” I said. Then I start thrusting in and out of her. It is a haze of pleasure. Jamie flails and thrashes around as I move her body to slam her pussy at whatever speed and intensity I want. Jamie came again and again. Jamie realizes her fingernails are clawing and digging into my back. I pull out then I rub the head of my cock on her clit for a few minutes then I press it back into her, pushing the head to the opening of her pussy, I adjust my position and then push all the way back inside her until the head of my cock is again pressed up against her cervix and her clit grinds hard against my pelvis. You’re so very tight, but you’re so soaking wet that there is no resistance and Jamie groans loudly as again her cunt is stretched around my cock as I take her completely in one hard thrust again. I lick and suck her neck, as I push her arms up over her head. Jamie is completely spread out under me, legs spread out wide and knees pulled up so her cunt is open for me, her arms up over her head so my hands can roam up and down her body. Jamie has never felt more like a woman than she does now on her back spread open, with a older man deep inside her as she offers her body to me completely.

I’m thrusting in and out of her, with two inches of cock pulling out and driving back home inside of her, She picks up a rhythm, picking up speed, using short strokes to keep her full of cock. It takes less than half a minute of fucking to make her cum. Building for so long, simmering on that peak of pure sweet pleasure she cums, another orgasm merging into another one more intense then the last. Her cunt wrapped tightly around my cock sheathing and unsheathing my shaft with ever stroke deep inside her, she has never experienced multiple intense orgasms before with any man. I feel her tense up, her cunt going wild on my cock, her breath quickens and after a few more strokes. Then a massive orgasm slams into her hard and long. She wraps her arms around me and her legs up over me pulling into me tighter. Her cunt gripping my cock tight like a vise, I can barely move as I thrust one last time hard and deep, feeling the energy of her orgasm rolling through her and then through me.

” YES! OMG YES!” Jamie moans loudly. This is what Jamie has dreamed of, this is what Jamie has wanted and needed for so long and now it’s happening and its better than she imagined. A older man fucking her like a stallion, feeding my hard thick cock to her the way she craves it. My thrusts are hard and deep, so hard it makes her body rock back and forth under me with the power of each thrust. Each thrust is complete, deep, so deep she feels me so far up inside her. Each thrust is fast, pulling up and ramming back home again. The sound of our fucking is loud, louder than your passionate moans and my grunts. That unique sounds, of wet flesh slapping hard into wet flesh, over and over again.

I feed her the little bit of power I’ve left, pumping her cunt as hard as I can, wanting her to feel everything, wanting her to feel what it’s like to get savagely fucked. I change the angle without letting up, thrusting more down into her. Her cries are constant, loving this hard savage fucking that she is getting; the angle change has my cock hitting those untouched sweet spots inside her, grinding on her clit as I thrust back and forth. Jamie feels a massive orgasm coming, it builds and builds, when she thinks it is about to hit her it builds even more. Unlike before I don’t drive my cock deep into and hold. This time I keep fucking her, as hard as I can, she is so tight as her pussy clamps down, she cums some strokes are hard to get nişantaşı escort full penetration but that makes me thrust harder forcing my cock in deeper until I bury myself in her, making her take it all no matter how tight she is gripping me. I want her to feel filled with my cock and ravashed so I don’t stop, I don’t let up and when she cums I’m buried in her, slamming her cervix.

Jamie feels my cock battering her cervix as she starts to come down, the deep hard thrusts penetrating her to her womb. Jamie doesn’t come down, she doesn’t get relief, her orgasm merging into another orgasm. Every orgasm is more intense than the last, the friction of my savage thrusting cock in her creamy wet cunt makes it endless. As one peaks another one hits her harder. I’m slamming into her like a pile driver, loving the way she has relaxed, taking every orgasm no matter how intense, wanting more. Again she cums, she is trying to breathe as she rides the waves of massive orgasms, each one more intense and longer, so intense they’re painful. Orgasm flows into orgasm and it’s getting harder for me to keep the pace and I start losing rhythm as her clutching cunt milking my cock is becoming unbearable and I feel I need to cum and soon.

I continue fucking her, keeping her multi-orgasm going, wanting her to go past her limits, making her passionate hard fucking a memory she will remember what it’s like to be ravashed and savagely fucked by a older man. Jamie orgasm peaks again, and she continues to convulse and cum, her cunt is flowing and her ass and thighs are soaked. When her orgasms finally ebb and the tension in her body eases I release her swollen nipples, stroking my hands up and down her sides. I feel her sweet juices dripping off my balls that are pressed up against her ass, her legs still wrapped around me. I bring my hands back to her breasts, cupping and squeezing their fullness under the nipples so they stand out even more. I take one into my mouth and roll my tongue around it. I suck on it gently and tease it lightly with my tongue. They’re so thick and so swollen. Deep dark red, they are very sensitive and I tickle and tease them gently, first one and then the other. Her eyes are closed and she enjoys my breast and nipple worship. I feel her cunt constantly creaming, the teasing of her nipples sending erotic ripples to her clit.

After over half an hour of making oral love to her nipples I release them, still hard and swollen. My cock is aching and the feeling of her hot, tight, slippery wet cunt is heaven that I have to stroke it. I lick her lips and give her a long deep kiss before reaching down to her smooth legs still wrapped tight around me. I pull her legs apart and push them back against the bed and her breath quickens as she anticipates what’s coming, and she pulls her legs back further to open herself up completely. I stroke her sides again, fingertip touching before sliding up to her arms and pushing them up above her head. I slowly pull my cock back until only the swollen head is inside her, not being this far outside of her sweet tunnel in over an hour. With our hands interlinked up above her head we’re face to face. Her breathing is quickened, her chest heaving her swollen nipples up and down. I have only pulled my cock out and she is aching with anticipation of being ravished all over again.

Her body is alive with sexual energy, I roll her over onto her stomach. I’m stroking the naked skin of her back. I kiss her behind the ear my breath causing her to moan. My kisses covering her neck and shoulders, my teeth gently nibbling. I wrap my arms around her, pulling her up onto her hands and knees taking a breast in each hand. Jamie reaching behind with one hand on each cheek of my soft buttocks, she spreads herself open to me. ” Would you?” She asked, her eyes pleading for returned passion. I respond by sucking on my index finger and placing it on the elastic ring of her anus. Gently, I massage and stretch the ring until her body melts with pleasure. When the ring begins to relax, I begin to press my finger against the ring. Patiently I allow her to set the pace and accept my finger gradually. By the time my finger has passed to the knuckle, I stretch the ring open wider, while rubbing the inner wall. Passionate moans escaping her lips as I add the second finger. Her body rocking to greet my hand.

I remove my fingers gripping her buttocks in my hands. I squeeze the soft tissue in my hands. Her body is heated with desire to be consumed by me. My thumbs part the cheeks as the head of my cock presses against the now eager ring. I guide the head past the ring stopping to allow her to adjust to my penetration. My fingers stroking up and down her spine. Jamie bends over further to give me full access to her body. We both begin to rock and slide in unison as my shaft gains full entry into her. Jamie is thrilled to experience this new possession and my touch.

My left hand slides down to her pussy. My fingers parting her lips as I masturbated her clitoris. It is hard and sensitive to my touch. My middle finger sliding into the wet walls of her vagina triggering an orgasm that fills my hand. Not breaking pace or giving her any moment to recover from the orgasmic ride, I reach up with my right hand pinching the tip of the nipple. My shaft sliding in and out of her buttocks. Another spasm of pleasure washes over her. Her mind reeling with the knowledge that my penis penetrated her so intimately for the first time, Jamie has never allowed any man to touch her butt so intimately. I now possess the power over her as she submits her body and sensibilities completely to me.

We rock back and forth as I thrust harder and deeper. I pinch her clitoris between two fingers; I bite her about the neck and shoulders. The sound of my heavy breathing ringing through her ears. Her clitoris throbbing, my penis swelling as the walls of her anus cling to my hardness. The zone of pleasure achieved by both her body and mind entering into unknown ecsasty. Jamie reaches between my legs stroking my balls and tugging at the pubic hair that covers them. Hearing my reciprocating moan of pleasure is the key needed to turn the lock of her mind. She is riding the waves of the most erotic orgasm she has ever experienced. Bliss envelopes her as my orgasm spills to fill her. I continue to kiss her tenderly. ” Oh God…Oh God,” she moaned, gasping for breath, she stammers ” I want to do this again soon!”

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32