Friend Does Us Together

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Big Dicks

My good friends Matt and his wife Megan invited me over for dinner on Saturday. My wife was out of town on a trip to London for four weeks, so our usual get-togethers were out of sync. I brought over some of my favorite wine, and they also had wine ready, as usual.

Matt is tall and lean, with a beard, mustache, and long hair. Megan is slender, medium height, long dark hair, and a narrow face. Her breasts are not very big, probably B cup, but she always dresses to show cleavage. She complains that she’s not very well built, but she certainly dresses to take advantage of them. Her waist and bottom are also slender, nice and tight. And she has a very sensuous mouth and a devious smile.

Megan once complained that nobody seemed to flirt with her any more. Well, I’ve had the hots for her since we met, and my wife knows it. So I took that as an invitation to go ahead and flirt with her. She seemed to appreciate it, and after several years, she knew that I wanted her. Once, Matt and I were up late taking, and my wife, having an early engagement, had gone home. Megan wandered out in a bathrobe to tell Matt that it was getting late and he really should come to bed. I don’t recall exactly what I said, but I suggested that she could flash me. She looked at me, paused a moment, and then said “Oh, whatever,” and opened her robe. She was nude, and I got a quick look at her delectable breasts, her flat belly, and her shaved pubis. She held it open for about 3-4 seconds, and closed it, then turned and left. Flirting can pay off!

Matt, however, allowed that should I touch her, he’d kill me. Well, probably not really, and as it turned out, no. We wandered into a discussion of whether we’d mess around, and he said he’d been asked once to fuck a friend’s wife while the friend watched. He’d said no. I got such a rush, because that plays right into some of my fantasies. I allowed that I’d love to watch someone fuck their wife, then have sex with her. I didn’t tell him that it included oral sex, but the idea of sloppy seconds and a threesome was planted.

So where does all this get me? Back to the dinner and the wine. We like our wine and after the three of us had had four bottles, we got onto sex. Megan always seems to get horny when she’s getting drunk, and this time was true to form. Megan had not been involved in any of our guy talks, but this time, she somehow got us onto the topic. She said she’d been a bit of a slut when she was younger and long before she met Matt. She had done several guys a couple of times.

The first time, she’d had a quickie with a friend, being horny. She had a date with another guy planned for about an hour later and certainly wasn’t going to screw somebody ahead of it. But it happened. And it didn’t leave her time to go get cleaned up, as she wasn’t at home and was supposed to meet him at a restaurant. So she wiped herself off, got dressed, and headed out. It was a good dinner and date, lots of wine, and before she knew it, they were back at his apartment. They were on the couch, sharing some more wine, and started making out. One thing led to another, clothes came off, and he started to go down on her. She was already going strong and had until then completely spaced that she’d just had sex gaziantep bayan escort a couple of hours ago. So, she said nothing and let him put his face into her crotch. He started licking and smelling her, and he told her she had the hottest, wettest pussy that he’d ever tasted, and he loved it. She knew that half that wetness was the semen deep inside, but the rest was her being horny again. She managed to get into a 69 position with her on top, and she made sure he licked her clean while she had several orgasms and ended with him blasting off into her mouth. She was so hot and horny that they kept at it for several more hours.

We were enthralled that she would share the whole story with us. My pants were bulging mightily, and I am sure Megan noticed. Not doubt Matt’s were as well, but that’s not where my attention was I was looking at hard nipples. “So, is that what happened the second time?”

Megan was already a little red faced from telling the first story, altho it could have just be the wine. But I thought that it probably had more to do with sharing the story. But she laughed and continued. “No, that was actually two guys together.” She was at the guys’ apartment, as they were roommates, and they were drinking, listening to music, and together on the couch with her between them. She’d been having sex with one of them and knew the roommate pretty well. Again, she was getting horny, and as hands wandered up her legs and under her skirt and down her shoulders and onto her breasts, buttons were undone, breasts were played with and suckled, and pretty soon a hand on her pussy had her having an orgasm. And with that, all clothes came off and she was bent over to one side as her original partner managed to penetrate her from behind. That left another hard penis in her face, and she gave him a blow job while being fucked. Her pussy was quickly filled with semen, and she was still wanting more, so she just pulled away, turned the other direction, and pulled the penis in her hand towards her pussy. He quickly followed her lead, and she was getting fucked once more. She just started sucking the penis that had filled her pussy, and off they went to further sexual bliss.

With an opening like that, and being a big flirt, I started in. “So, Megan, would you ever want to do it again?”

She was just drunk enough to be honest before thinking. “Fuck, yes!”

Matt and I just looked at each other with mouths open, thinking “Did she really say that?” Megan saw us look at each other, realized, what she had just said, and laughed.

“Oh, come on, you two. You know you’d both love to both fuck a woman together.”

“Well, how about you right now?” Like her in her response, I said it before I even gave it a thought.

She got a bit of a funny look, and replied, “Yeah, I’m horny enough.”

I asked, “Did you ever get you clit sucked while you were being fucked?”

“No, but oh my God, would that ever feel good!”

I looked at Matt to see what his reaction was. His face was bright red, but he had a huge grin on his face. I wasn’t sure if he was just super embarrassed that his wife would share such things, or if he was as turned on as I was. But he stood up, pulled Megan to her feet, and tugged her towards the bedroom. He looked over his shoulder and said “Coming?”

I jumped up and followed. When they got into the bedroom, Matt pulled Megan’s blouse off, leaving her in her bra and skirt. Megan slid her skirt down, showing her panties, then lifted the cups of her bra and pulled it over her head. She looked at Matt as if to say, “Really?” Matt responded by pulling her panties down, leaving her nude. Matt quickly shed his pants and shirt, revealing his hardon, then slid off the shorts. He turned his back to the bed and lay down. I just waited and watched.

Megan crawled onto the bed, positioned sideways to Matt on her hands and knees, head above his penis, and turned to look at me, biting her lower lip, a smile in her eyes, and a question as if to say, “Are you ready for this? ‘Cause I sure am.” She reached down and lifted his penis to her mouth with her right hand, and started a slow blow, hand around the shaft and mouth and tongue over the head. She moved to use both hands for a bit, but they were both ready. She raised up, put her hands outside his knees, and moved her right leg over his hip, straddling him and facing me. With her right hand, she guided his penis to her lips, rubbing it a bit to get between them. With no pubic hair, it was easy to align and spread, and I had a perfect view.

While entranced, I slowly removed my clothes, not taking my eyes from her pussy. She raised up as it sank in, then leaned back as he thrust to complete entry, his hands holding her hips. She put her arms behind her, on his chest, which caused her breasts to thrust out proudly. She slowly undulated, her belly moving forward, followed by her hips as she thrust them towards me. Matt matched her movement and thrust fully in as she pushed fully against him. All that showed for a moment was her clit perched above his balls. She had her head back, eyes closed, and moved an arm across her belly, enjoying the feeling. A small moan escaped her lips as he entered completely. Then she turned her face back to him and raised her arm in time with her motions, thrusting to meet his penis plunging into her, then raising herself off, showing the glistening shaft with the head buried inside her. It looked exactly like the mechanical bull riding motions from the movie “Urban Cowboy”, but for real. By now Matt was moaning a little, too.

They moved to a faster rhythm, Matt now doing most of the work as she rose up and down instead of thrusting at me. Then she leaned forward, a hand coming down to rest between his legs, a look of bliss on her face. Matt stopped, and she was now doing the moves, leaning all the way back over him, then forward down on her hands. Several more thrusts like this, and she moved to lay back onto his chest as he thrust into her.

Her legs were still bent and above his. Nothing was hidden now. Her clitoris and labia were on top, half his shaft showing between the labia (they were disappearing inside her the lower I looked), and his balls in their sack above his perineum. Just as wide open an invitation as I had ever seen. I knelt down at the foot of the bed and moved my mouth to her clitoris, licking at her. She jumped at the touch, and I heard her gasp and a yes from her. Matt grabbed both her breasts, pinning her in place. He slowly thrust in and out of her as I licked and sucked at her. I could really smell her scent and taste the honey-musky flavor.

Matt’s penis rubbed against my lower lip as I tongued her clit and sucked at her labia. It only seemed to take a few seconds, and she started to moan like she was about to come. Matt thrust harder into her, groaned, and came. I could feel the pulsations, and I am sure Megan could too, as she burst into orgasm. I tried to stay with her bucking, both from Matt and herself, and I soon could taste a mix of semen and her as her stirred her up, mixing their fluids. Matt popped out of her as she gave a big thrust upwards, and my tongue slid right down into her vagina as a large blob squirted out as her orgasm continued. She screamed something, and I just plastered my mouth to her pussy, sucking out his and her cum, tasting it, getting turned on, swallowing, and continuing to lick her clit, keeping her coming and her pussy gushing.

Finally, she pushed my head away, and I stood up. I shoved my own penis right into her, as it was just the right height. She gasped as I filled her up easily in one stroke, as wet as she was. I fucked her hard and fast, but I was so turned on that I am sure it wasn’t more than a minute before I unloaded into her. Her wet pussy grasped at me, as I think she was still so sensitive that she could continue coming as I fucked her. I stopped moving and just let it flow deep inside her. It felt like it wouldn’t end.

At last, I pulled back and watched a gush of my semen down onto Matt’s scrotum and penis after flowing over her anus.

Every fantasy of mine had just come true, save one. Two penises in the pussy at the same time.

Megan rolled off Matt, who was either still hard or hard again. He pulled her back to do forward cow girl. She seemed happy to do so, and he quickly was in her, with my semen all over both of them. I put my hands on her cheeks as they fucked, feeling it. Hell, I was still hard enough and rapidly getting harder. I stuck my finger into her pussy atop Matt as they fucked. Megan shivered when I did so, and she looked over her shoulder at me. She could see me hard, and she smiled and nodded.

So I managed to get onto the bed with them, and Matt held still long enough for me to slide in with him, our two cocks buried together in his wife’s vagina.

Megan was impatiently pushing against us and squeezing. We worked up to a motion, one thrusting in as the other held still, then holding while the other pulled back and thrust in. I’ve never felt anything like that before, soft pussy on one side and hard on the other. Megan started getting very vocal, moans and grunts interspersed with yeahs and fuck me’s, and the occasional “God, that feels good.”

Matt started coming inside her, and suddenly it was totally wet and slick. I could feel him coming, and the very thought set me off, too, squirting a second load of my semen right in with Matt’s. I don’t know when in the process Megan started coming, but she was finishing up right along with us.

I finally pulled off of her and rolled beside them. Megan rolled off the other way, eyes closed, the most content look I’ve ever seen on her face, and the wettest pussy gaping open and leaking semen down her crack. Matt grinned at me, and gave me a high five.

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