Friday Lunch – Eating it All

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This is my first story. It is all a consensual fantasy and everyone is over 18 and I hope you like it.

Eating it All

It is amazing what can start on a summer day. Friday lunches were special for us. One of us would plan a special lunch. We didn’t know what the other would plan, but it was the same time each Friday. This Friday lunch turned out to be something special and would lead to a whole new exploration.

I pulled up to the house and went around the side gate to the back yard and found my wife, in her white tank top with her skirt up, riding one of the biggest cocks I had ever seen. Her boobs looked amazing, pulled out over the top, nipples hard as rocks and bouncing as she rode.

Her eyes were closed as she descended again and again on this huge cock. I don’t even know how it was all inside of her. If that weren’t hot enough, at the same time, she was slurping down on another giant cock in her mouth, wetness around her mouth and running down her neck and on to her bouncing boobs. Amazing.

I was frozen in my tracks as this was a much bigger surprise for our lunches than I expected and my cock was instantly hard. Even though my cock was much smaller, all I knew was I had to get in on this.

As this giant cock worked it’s way in and out of her stretched out pussy, I kneeled down and started licking her clit, that was super big and red from all the action. There was this giant cock, pushing in and out, soaking wet with her juices and my tongue was right there, licking its length as it disappeared and reappeared, wetter each time.

I licked and sucked her clit as this huge cock plunged in and out. My wife and I have shared cocks over the years, but this cock was bigger than any I had ever seen. I was so excited watching it go in and out, drenched in her pussy juice.

Every time his cock would come out, I would wrap my lips around the head and Becky would moan as she looked down and saw me sucking. I tried to go down on it but I wasn’t able and soon as the cock dove back into her pussy,

I could see he was about to cum. I was licking like crazy as his cock start to pulse. Wave after wave of cum was pumping into her big pussy, and was dripping out as I licked it off his cock as he continued to pump into her. God there was cum everywhere and it tasted so good. I did not let one drop escape.

After he finished cumming, he pulled out and Becky asked me, “Please clean it off for me,” and I did the best I could.

She squeezed the cum out of her pussy into my mouth. My cock was so hard now I couldn’t stand it. I slipped out of my pants and aimed my cock at her swollen wet cum-filled pussy.

Her pussy was gaping open after that huge tool worked it over and my cock just slipped right in. She was so big, it felt like velvet and I went at it. Her hand was wrapped around the other cock as she sucked into her mouth.

When it went in, I never thought she would take it all, but the more she sucked, the more went down her throat. OMG, this must have been a 10 inch cock and she was handling it like a pro.

I could see it go down her neck and it slid in and out. I was so stoked as I pumped in and out of her well-fucked maltepe escort pussy while she was gobbling down this huge cock 3 inches from my face.

All of the sudden, she grabbed the cock and she aimed it right at me. This thing was huge.

She said “lick it. I was so excited as I licked around the head, with precum dripping out. It tasted so good.

I was waiting for her to start sucking again as this giant looked like it was ready to cum. But she didn’t.

She looked me in the eye and said, “Suck it.”

There was no way that was fitting in my mouth and she reached around and pulled my head toward it. I opened mouth and tried to get the head in. My teeth went back and forth over the head and he let out a low groan so I knew it felt good. I tried really hard to get my mouth around it. I opened wide and the head slipped it, filling my mouth and I tried to go further.

I sucked back and forth hoping I would get used to it. Bit by bit I got a more in and really worked at it. I thought I was doing great and I sucked it down, but it was only about 3 inches. Man, I needed to try harder. I went at it and swirled my tongue around it but really couldn’t get it into my throat.

Becky took over and said “watch this.”

She opened wide and this guided the cock into her mouth. 3, 4, 5 inches in easy, and then she opened wide and it was amazing, 6, 7 and almost 8 inches in.

I was fucking her really hard now as I was so turned on and her pussy was so wet and big. That guy’s cock was already hard again and I could feel it pressing in to her pussy, next to my cock.

Her pussy was so big, that both of our cocks where sliding in and out together, and each time we pulled out, our cocks were covered in wet hot cum.

Becky was really breathing hard and it must have really turned her on too as she went down even farther on that huge cock, gulping it down and I loved watching it go down her throat as she bottomed out.

Shit, that huge cock was buried all the way and he started to face fuck her. This monster went all the way out and all the way in as she gulped it down.

She had three cocks pounding in and out of her and I was crazy horny now. I had never seen her work a cock so hard and soon this cock started to throb and I could see it was going to cum, and cum big.

This was the best part.

My wife hates drinking cum.

She loves to suck and play, but she won’t swallow. Normally when she sucks me off, I cum in her mouth and then she very quickly kisses the cum into my mouth and I get to play with it and swallow. I love drinking my own cum and have been doing it ever since I was a teenager.

So now this cock was going to erupt but it was all the way down her throat. For a moment, I thought she was going to go ahead and let that cock cum deep down her throat, but she pulled back and grabbed the cock as it started to pulse. She squeezed it tight, blocking the cum and she looked me in the eye and said “open wide.”

This cock was throbbing and I opened my mouth and wrapped my lips around the head. Shit, it felt like I was sucking on a doorknob and then it happened. She released her hand and this cock exploded escort maltepe into my mouth. It blasted the back of my throat and I started to swallow as fast as I could.

Even though it was surprising, damned if I was going to spill a drop. I was gulping as this thing shot rope after rope of hot cum inside me. As I tried to open wider, he kept cumming as if he hadn’t cum in a year. I kept swallowing. It was like I was drinking a whole milk shake.

He grabbed my head and started face fucking me and continued to cum. He was fucking my face as I fucked her and the feeling of my cock going in and out, rubbing against this other huge cock in her pussy was making me cum and could feel my cock start to explode.

Dang, my cum was filling her pussy and it was going to waste, but my hands and mouth were full.

So here was this monster cock unloading in my mouth and I was cumming into my wife while another guy continued to pound her pussy. I felt like I was going to pass out and all could hear were the sounds of our cocks going in and out and my own gasping and slurping as I gobbled his cum.

Finally, he stopped cumming and started to pull out of my mouth. I wiped up cum that was dripping from my lips and licked my fingers. It tasted so good. I have never drank that much cum and as I finally got a breath, and looked at this big wet thing I had just drained. Cum was still dribbling out of the tip and I licked it up before it dripped.

His hole was so big, I stuck my tongue and my fingertip into it to make sure I got everything.

He told me, “Don’t stop. Push it in deeper.”

I couldn’t believe how far my finger went in to his cock and I started finger fucking it, pushing my finger in till it disappeared completely, going in and out. Wow that was amazing. I kept finger fucking him, pushing deeper each time.

He started to cum again, and I held my finger inside until I got his head to my lips and the cum just oozed out on to my tongue. Becky told me this was one of the hottest things she had ever seen and she kissed me deep, our tongues playing.

Her nipples where so hard, I leaned down and sucked on each one of them, biting them just a little and licked her with my cum covered tongue. Her nice tits glistened in the sun, covered in the slippery cum.

As I licked her nipples, I could feel the giant cock next to mine getting ready to cum and he unloaded, spurt after spurt. My cock was surrounded by so much cum and I knew my job was just beginning.

After he unloading, his huge cock slowly slipped out of her worn out pussy, covered with cum.

I leaned down and took his cock in my mouth and slurped up all of the cum off of his cock. It could me a couple of strokes to get it all. Becky moved off of him and sat on the bench, her sweaty cum covered legs spread.

I had a pussy full of hot cum in front of me and I knew Becky wanted to cum some more. I spread her legs and saw her beautiful worn out pussy wide open in front of me.

I could see out of the corner of my eye, the guys gathering their stuff, putting on their shorts and shirts and got ready to head toward the gate.

She waved to them and told them, “same maltepe escort bayan time next week” and I dove right in and buried my face in her pussy.

My tongue dove deep in side, scooping up cum with every lick. I spread her pussy as wide as it would go so I could lick deeper attempting to retrieve every drop of tasty jizz. I used my cum to swirl around her clit, teasing it, licking lightly and swirling it. Slow then fast and then I pressed my tongue flat and licked back and forth.

Becky started shaking, and I knew she was about to explode. I looked up and the guys were walking toward the gate, leaving us by the pool as she erupted in orgasm.

I kissed her hard nipples as she recovered, pulling her skirt down, covering her sloppy wet pussy. She was was so turned on watching me try to suck that big cock and asked me “did you want to deep throat it?”

I looked at her and could barely manage an “Uh huh.”

But there was no way I was even going to attempt something that big.

I wasn’t even that good at smaller cocks, let alone that monster. I was just happy that she hated cum and I got to drink it all, and it was a lot!

Becky laughed, and said, “I’ll teach you how, you need to do a much better than that.”

I said “you want to bet? There is no way I’ll get that much cock in my mouth. You are a total cock sucking pro and there is just no way I can ever do that.”

“I’ll take that bet” she said quickly. She told me she could teach me to suck anything and asked “so what’s the bet?”

I thought quickly, and said, “If I can’t do it, I’ll drink the cum from 6 feet of cock at one sitting.”

“That’s a lot of cum” she replied, “what if I lose?”

I replied, “you have to suck and fuck 6 feet of cock at one sitting and drink all the cum.”

She had a big grin on her face and told me “there is no way I am going to lose and I’m NOT drinking ANY cum.”

We picked ourselves up and went into the house to clean up for dinner.

So, as we started dinner, she asked me over a glass of wine, “when do you want to start training?”

“Training?” I asked.

She explained to me that I had to really try and practice to get that much cock in my mouth and I couldn’t just fake out and said, “there no way I am losing this bet. I don’t mind fucking and sucking that much cock, but I’m not drinking cum.”

So I asked her what she had in mind. She smiled and said, “you’ll find out. I’m going to get ready for dinner” and went off to change.

Pretty soon I had dinner ready, and we went to each on the back porch and I got everything to the table and poured our wine. I looked up and she was standing in the doorway, with my fave button-down shirt, unbuttoned to the bottom buttons and a short skirt. She smiled and hiked it up and showed me her smooth pussy and she came and sat down.

“I was thinking” she said. “If I can take two cocks in my pussy at once, you can deep throat a 12″ cock.”

I laughed and said, “there’s no way. But I am sure as hell going to try so I can see you filled up with 6 feet’ of cock. But how do I do it?”

She said, spreading her legs a bit, her pussy starting to drip. “I’ll train you. I know you can do it. I’ll bet you will do it better than me.”

She smiled and told me “the training starts tomorrow.”

I couldn’t wait.

To be continued in Chapter 2.

This is my first story and I hope you like it.

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