Freshman Year Ch. 02 – The First Assignment

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Belly Piercing

As instructed, I went with Rod the next day in his car, a sleek, low slung sports car. Very powerful. As soon as we cleared the campus and got on the interstate, he told me to unzip his pants and suck his cock. With trembling fingers I did so, hauling his huge meat from his pants. First, he had me hold still while he rubbed the hot meat all over my face, leaving it streaked with hot pre-cum. I was mewling and whimpering with lust. He laughed and suddenly took an exit off the freeway. At the bottom of the ramp, he whipped the car around a curve and found a dirt road leading deep into the woods. Pulling under some trees and well out of sight of the road, Rod stopped the car and told me to get out. I did.

“You’re such a hot slut, I can’t wait until later to make use of you, so I’m gonna show you how to Tea Bag, right now. Get naked and get on your knees. Turn your face to the sky and open that hot slut mouth as wide as you can. Hurry Bitch!”

I scrambled to do as ordered. Being naked in the wilderness seemed to make me feel even more submissive than normal. I assumed the position ordered. My mouth wide open, all I could see was tree canopy above. Then the shadow of his massive muscled ass covered my face as he lowered his naked ball sac into my open mouth and told me to tongue his balls! I was so ashamed and yet incredibly aroused as I bathed his balls with my tongue and lips. He furiously rubbed his cock meat as he groans and tells me what a filthy slut I am. “Yeah BABY! That’s right, tongue my balls in that slut mouth of yours. That’s all that mouth is good for. Sucking Cock and Balls. Maybe giving rim jobs. Unnnnnh!”

Suddenly I felt the searing hot first jet of ropy CUM splatter my face. More followed, covering my face. He told me to get dressed but to forget my underwear. He also told me to leave the sticky cum on my face. I was so ashamed. The powerful car purred to life and soon we were roaring back on the interstate. By the time we reached our destination, it was dark.

Rod pulled into a back lot of an obscure shop and went inside. Shortly thereafter, He came out the back door and got me. The cum had dried to a milky crusty white on my face. I walked inside and thankfully, the store was empty.

The owner is a stunningly gorgeous Blonde woman who looks at me closely and then runs her hand along the crusty trails of cum as she purrs. “Oh this is such a sexy little Sissy! Come now, Honey, STRIP out of those boy duds and lets get you really ready for sex!” I was mortified. Frozen. I got more of a shock when she suddenly and sharply slapped my face, snarling: “I said STRIP, slut!” I hurriedly obeyed.

The first thing was the narrow collar that was fastened and locked around my slender throat. I knew that was going to stay there as it had been part of the deal as outlined by the Masters. Next, came the mask for me to wear to protect my identity as I was whored out. My cock was extremely hard. The shop owner giggled. The first thing she did was to moisten my entire body and carefully shave all Fikirtepe escort the hair off me from the neck down. I was as smooth as a cue ball.

I was given lacy panties and white lace thigh high stockings that I had to admit made me look very shapely and feminine. I was fitted to some super high spiked heels and a pink corset that cupped my boi titties and further compressed my torso into an almost hourglass figure, then they told me to try walking. I nearly fell the first time I tried to move but I was made to walk around the store until I could do so with confidence. Then I was given lessons on how to walk and sexily sway my tight ass. Rod paid and I was allowed to put my boi pants on over my new costume. I didn’t see the other toys Rod purchased. But I saw the two of them look at me with cruel delight and I shivered, wondering what was planned for me. I would soon find out.

Rod took a different route back to campus, faster. We didn’t go back to the dorms. Instead, we slipped into a quiet street full of sedate homes with large fenced yards and lots of foliage. Finding one of these, he paused and got on his cell phone, whispering. The garage door whirred open and the car growled inside. As the door closed behind us, we were shrouded in darkness. For some reason, my heart fluttered and my cock, stirred. I could feel Rod’s evil smile in the darkness.

“Ready for your Biology lesson, Bitch? Get out of the car. There’s nothing nearby. Strip off the boi clothes, leave the rest. Except your panties. Take them down to your thighs. Put your slut heels on. Bend over at the waist, open your mouth and reach back with your hands to your ass. Spread your asscheeks and hold them open. DO IT!” I scrambled to obey.

In that awkward position, I soon discovered what else had been purchased. First, my hands were cuffed. next, a rubber penis gag fitted into my mouth (tasted awful) and buckled tight. Then I felt a cold oozing slime applied to my asshole. I knew… The assplug was big but not as big as Rod’s cock. I whined and writhed until a very sharp swishing sound was heard and my ass exploded in pain as the single tail whip left it’s welt. Tears trickled down my face as I was told to straighten. Finally, my mask was fitted. It covered the top of my head and face but left my mouth exposed. For use. There were small patches that could be removed that would allow me to see but these were left closed. Now blind, I was led inside the home. Immediately there came a chorus of whoops and catcalls from a number of voices in the warm room. I couldn’t count how many.

OH SHIT. What was I in for? But my cock was rock hard and made my panties bulge, betraying my lust. I knew and enjoyed, the sensation of knowing that I was FUCK MEAT.

A voice chided Rod: “You forgot something!” He responded with “Oops, sorry. Here. Hold still slut. this is going to nip you, but you’ll get used to it.” My nipples were tugged into hardness and soon a searing low level pain came that grew in intensity but leveled off just Sancaktepe escort bayan short of pure agony. My tears resumed as I wept but my cock throbbed obscenely. FUCK MEAT… TENDERIZED.

The howls went up again. “He likes it! The little slut likes it!”

Rod leaned into my ear and whispered: “Know why the assplug isn’t so big? Because THEY want to make sure your asshole stays TIGHT for their cocks! If you’re smart, you’ll let them take you, relax those ass muscles. Then, when each starts to FUCK you, squeeze those swimmers muscles and milk their cocks until they cum. These are all older guys. They won’t have it in them to go round after round. A few of them, may just want you to serve as cum on tap. I’m sure that you’ll be UP for that, right? Nod.” I nodded. He chuckled quietly. Rod slowly led me on my first trip around the room.

Soft academic hands probed me and grabbed my flesh, kneading it roughly. As I slowly walked, I rolled my ass, seductively, as I’d just been taught. I loved the feeling it gave me as I heard the gasps from around me. I heard zippers and the sounds of clothes being shed. The nasty tasting gag was removed and the assplug pulled out with a wet plop. My panties gently removed. I was ready to serve. My cock throbbed and bobbed lewdly.

Rod guided me by one hand grasping my arm and the other fisted in my long hair. I was stopped and his grip shifted so that my back arched, thrusting my cock forward. A hot mouth fastened over my cock and I flashed back to that moment years before when that family friend had first done the same to me with the exact same result: I gasped audibly and felt so content to be used like a submissive piece of meat. It felt as if my SOUL was being sucked through my cock. At the same moment I was aware of another man behind me, smaller, more compact and skinnier. My ass cheeks were roughly pried apart as a thin but steel hard cock slid smoothly into my ass. No pain, but a pleasant feeling of feeling full and well used. I groaned with lust and pleasure. Aged hands grabbed my waist and proceeded to HAMMER my ass as the cock took me over, even as the greedy mouth continued to try and drain my balls. It was an unbelievably exquisite sensation. I hoped it would go on forever.

All too quickly, my ass attacker groaned and I felt his hot seed pumping into my guts. The sensation pushed me over the edge as I howled and pumped my own cum into the eager and greedy mouth. Even after I’d stopped, the mouth continued to suckle and now it was a sort of hyper sensitive — near pain. The mouth became a torment as I began to wriggle and gasp as the other men giggled at my plight. I felt even more used and dominated. Because of this, I stayed hard, much to the delight of the men. My slender body was anchored in place by Rod’s iron grip. But my knees buckled.

I sank to my knees, aware of the men shifting positions. Now my mouth was the target as Rod shoved my mouth over a hard and thick cock, all the way to the back of my throat. My saliva Escort üsküdar drooled around the meat and my moans were directly transmitted by vibrations to the invading cock. Now my ass was presented for yet another assault, this time from one of more substantial girth. But the cum from the last invader lubed the way and there wasn’t much pain as the cock forced it’s way inside.

Remembering Rod’s advice, I relaxed until the cock was fully embedded and then I began to consciously flex and tighten my ass muscles, milking that Masterful meat. The sensation took the man assaulting my ass by surprise and he suddenly groaned and dumped his load. He was gurgling about how I was the ultimate piece of ass and I felt so happy.

The cum fairly gushed out of my sphincter like a milky waterfall. The other men whooped and howled, demanding to be next. The cock in my mouth suddenly gushed as the owner groaned loudly. Too much, too fast, I couldn’t swallow that fast and it streamed out of both sides of my mouth. The men all loved the sight.

Yet another fuck-stick took my asshole as the positions shifted again. This guy was a slapper, slapping my ass cheeks and muttering: “How’s it feel to be pure FUCK MEAT you little whore?” I moaned with submissive pleasure as another cock slid into my mouth. This one was smaller and not quite so hard. Older. I eagerly swirled my tongue around it as the man absolutely swooned. He was gasping: “This little slut was made for sucking and fucking cock! He’s a sex machine.” I started squeezing my ass muscles again, milking that monster in my asshole. The man was describing the sensation as a “living breathing fleshlight.” He soon dumped his load into me. He was too tired to slap my ass anymore just collapsing to the side.

Next, I was unceremoniously rolled onto my back on the couch, my hard cock jutting upward. My hands were still cuffed, but the soft cushions allowed my wrists to sink into them and not cause me pain. Another mouth fastened itself on my flesh and that soul sucking sensation began again as I moaned and writhed. I came hard and fast, but this time, the mouth left me and the hand jacked me fast, shooting my own spunk across my chest as more mouths licked it up. My clamped nipples were tormented by this and I mewled and whimpered in pain as the men giggled. But they were amazed too.

“Look at the slut! He’s cum twice in less than an hour and he’s still hard.” Another mouth on my cock and I started to moan anew. Mentally, my images were of the family friend and I sank deeper into my submission. I came again, suddenly. The man gulped it down and giggled at his buddies. My cock was literally numb.

The Biology professor spoke to Roderick and the rest of the group:

“Enough! This fuck toy needs some care. Rod, get him upstairs and into the hot tub. While he’s soaking, get his man clothes from the car and put them out for him. When he’s clean and rested, you take him out to dinner. A really good steak and all the fixings! And Rod? You be NICE to him! No fucking around now, got that? You act like the big brother tonight. Understand? Rod responded with proper deference. “Yes sir, I will do exactly as you say.” With that, my cuffs were released and I was guided up to the warm water. And I was very happy and wondering what my next assignment would bring.

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