Fresh Pt. 03

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This is a four-part white woman, black man cuckolding novel. It is written based on fantasy sexual scenarios. Some characters are written as stereotypes in order to advance this fantasy. The cuckold character behaves weakly and doesn’t stand up for himself. The black bull characters behave aggressively, and are not written as living human beings should be. This is part of the fantasy. This disclaimer should serve as an explicit condemnation of racism and stereotyping. Finding something disgusting to be sexually exciting does not make it any less disgusting. Fantasy is the only place for this.

If the scenario above does not sound exciting to you, please do not read this. In addition to interracial cuckolding, this story features bullying, verbal and sexual humiliation (but no physical pain), family betrayal (but no incest), college students (all over 18), fitness, sweat, showers, roommates, money, and fashion.

It took me a long time to write this, and I would love to hear feedback from readers. Please reach out to me in the comments or through the author portal.

Thank you,


Part Three: Home Life

Chapter 31: A Physical

Dr. Caesar had been treating Leah and her family for years. He remembered hearing from her parents when she was accepted into college. It was a treat to have her home for Thanksgiving vacation and back in his office for an annual check up.

“Strip down, please,” he asked, and Leah did as he told. He didn’t ask all of his patients to strip, but the lecherous old man hadn’t gotten laid with the wife that day, and young Leah was too good to resist.

“Very fine physique you have,” Dr. Caesar proclaimed, glancing up Leah’s slender white body from her round knees to her pink nipples.

“Medically speaking that is,” he added.

“Thanks Doc,” Leah said, “To be quite honest, I’ve been through a wringer at school.”

“Oh? Tell me more.”

“I don’t think I have enough time to get into the details,” Leah admitted, “But let’s just say it’s been very physically taxing.”

“Exercise is good for you,” the doctor said, “No worry there.”

“Thanks,” Leah said, rolling her eyes. She was sure the old man had no idea what she really meant.

“And what medicine are you on?” he asked, “Be honest. I need you to include everything you take, even if it’s illegal, so I can understand.”

“Well, alcohol, for sure,” she started, “And pot, sometimes at parties. I haven’t done anything harder. Oh, and my birth control of course.”

“Birth control! I don’t think I prescribed you that.”

“No, I got it from Planned Parenthood. My parents pay for you, so I didn’t want to tell you about it when I was in high school. Now I’m a legal adult and I go to college, so who cares?”

“You’re still seeing that Drew boy?”

“Yeah, I’ve been with Drew,” Leah said, truthfully. It was hard for her to answer if she was really “still seeing” him. After the night in his dorm room where she had been fucked out of her mind by Darius, she and Drew had been a little weird. She apologized and said a million times it was an accident. He said he forgave her, but she wasn’t sure he meant it.

“I don’t know why you’re with him,” Dr. Caesar said candidly, “I did his physical just a couple months ago. He’s out of shape and at risk for heart disease, diabetes, the list goes on. You’re in peak physical perfection. Surely you can imagine finding a new boyfriend?”

“Dr. Caesar!” Leah exclaimed, “That’s so rude.”

“I’m being honest,” he said, with a sly grin, “You must have had offers at college.”

Leah laughed inside her head.

“Tell me more about sex with him, then,” he continued, “Does he ejaculate inside you?”

“Speaking honestly, not anymore,” she said, “Drew and I have been trying a new thing where he, uh, saves himself.”

“Saves himself? You mean Drew doesn’t cum?”

“Exactly,” Leah said, “We focus on my pleasure. So I get to relax, and he stays a bit more dedicated.”

“Hmm,” Dr. Caesar said, pensively. “As your doctor, it makes me glad to hear you are having regular orgasms. Do you enjoy sex?”

“Absolutely,” Leah said, crossing her legs, “I love it.”

“Great,” Dr. Caesar said, “Then I think this is actually an excellent healthy arrangement you’ve stumbled on. Clearly you care about your physical fitness. It’s important to you that you keep yourself healthy and fit. Orgasms are part of that, and I bet you are a real moaner during.”

Leah blushed, confirming Dr. Caesar’s hypothesis.

“Anyway, you get to enjoy that. And Drew, who is physically inferior, with a weaker body and little regard for it, he can start to reach a level where he might actually be able to please you. A guy like that needs a bit of desperation if he’s going to compete on your level, isn’t that right?”

“That makes perfect sense, doctor,” Leah said, “Drew and I had been discussing lessening his arrangement, so that he can cum once a week with me. What denizli escort do you think about that?”

“A week? That’s very frequent. I had many patients who orgasm every week. Have you considered once a month?”

“Once a month?!” Leah said, taken aback, “That’s going to be excruciating on poor Drew.”

“That’s precisely the point, isn’t it?”

“I guess so,” Leah admitted, “Thank you doctor.”

“Don’t mention it, it’s my job.”

Leah’s buttocks were beginning to shiver as she sat naked on the cold table.

“Can I get dressed now, doc?” she asked.

“Not yet,” Dr. Caesar said, “I have one more question for you about your sexual health. Could you please share with me the size of your boyfriend Drew’s penis?”

“The size?” Leah asked, “Well, It’s pretty sure it’s, uh.” She remembered that Mackenzie had run her experiments, and that she had heard Drew’s dick size. 4.5? 4.7? Leah couldn’t remember.

“It’s about this big,” she said, showing Dr. Caesar on her arm the length of Drew’s prick.

“Miss, thank you for the demonstration, but I need it in inches.”

“Well I don’t know it in inches,” she confessed, and then followed with a lie, “It’s not like I measured.”

“That’s unfortunate,” Dr. Caesar said, “It would have been very helpful information.”

“Well, can’t we figure it out? There has to be a way,” Leah asked.

“Let me think,” Dr. Caesar said, “You said you’ve had sex with Drew many times, correct?” Leah nodded. She hadn’t lately, but in high school, Drew and she were inseparable.

“So you must remember how deep he can penetrate you.” Leah said that of course she could.

“Let’s try this,” he said, pulling a tongue depressor from a jar on the side, “This thing is about 6 inches long. His penis isn’t longer than this, is it?”

“Of course not,” Leah said laughing. She knew that he was considerably smaller than any of the other men she had fucked in the last few weeks.

“Then let’s try this,” he said, “I’ll insert this into you, and you tell me when it’s reached where Drew normally reaches inside you. And then we can measure.”

“Alright,” Leah said, spreading her legs and revealing her pussy to the doctor.

“I’m afraid I don’t have lubricant,” the doctor admitted.

“Don’t worry about that,” Leah said, and reached her hands down to her pussy, “I can just get wet for you.”

Dr. Caesar watched Leah pleasure herself for a few moments unless she was sopping wet all over the examination able.

“So sorry about the mess,” she apologized.

“No, it’s perfect,” the doctor said salaciously.

Dr. Caesar opened Leah’s pussy lips and stuck the rod inside her. She let out a moan of pleasure as he entered her.

“Mmm that feels good,” Leah said, revealingly, “But you’re already too deep. Drew is shorter than that.”

The doctor pulled out an inch. “What about now?”

“Close, but still a little smaller.”

“You tell me when to stop.” The doctor slowly withdrew the stick from Leah, carefully pressing against her vaginal walls, until she told him he had it.

“That’s about as deep as Drew ever got.”

“Let’s see then.” The doctor marked the wet dripping stick with a pen and held it against a ruler on the desk. “Drew is about 4.7 inches hard, it would seem.”

“4.7 inches?” Leah asked, nodding that that sounded familiar, “It’s when you love someone, you don’t notice their flaws as deeply.”

The doctor laughed. “I won’t tell Drew you said that.”


Dr. Caesar scribbled down some notes.

“One last thing, dear, then you should get getting,” Dr. Caesar said, “I’ve been a loyal doctor to your family for many years, but I have been hoping to change professions.”

“Dr. Caesar, that’s unexpected. You don’t want to be a doctor anymore?’

“No, not that,” he said, “I just want to move away from being a general physician and move into something specialized.”

“That’s very exciting for you, I will miss you.”

“Thank you dear,” he said, “But I have more. I’m hoping to become a sports physician and treat injuries and preventative measure for athletes.”

“Wow!” Leah gasped, “I think you’d do great.”

“Bless your heart, dear, but please let me finished. I’m actually asking you for a favor. I know you’re only a freshman, but your campus is home to so many athletes. Do you happen to know any, and you could connect us.”

Leah thought for a moment. Of course there was Darius, the star of the football team, but things were awkward right now after he pounded her brains away in front of Drew. But there was also—

“How about the Coach of the baseball team?” she suggested.

“You know him? That would be incredible.”

“Let me see what I can do,” Leah said, “And if it all works out, you’ll owe me one.”

Chapter 32: Time with Mom

Drew woke up to a flood of sunlight. It was so strange to be back in his childhood bed after having been away for months at college.

He looked down between his legs dikimevi escort his uncomfortably determined morning wood. It had been like this every morning since he cut back on jerking off. He sighed, dying for the chance to tough himself, but he knew he’d have to wait for Leah’s cue.

He got dressed and went down the stairs. It seemed no one was home, so he made himself a bowl of cereal. Being away in a tiny dorm room made him forget how nice it was to live in a mansion like the one his parents owned.

It was the day before Thanksgiving. Drew had gotten back to his home town late the night before, after staying on campus to study for a test. Leah had left days before, so he hadn’t seen her for a bit.

Since he was alone, he sat in his underwear, shirtless in front of the TV, and decided to turn on the TV. He flipped through the channels, enjoying his vacation break with a smile.

“Excuse me young man, what are you doing eating on the floor like that? In your underwear? For God’s sake, please cover up this instant!”

Drew bolted up from where he sat. He had assumed he was alone, but it looks like he was wrong.

Drew’s mom Eve was a towering woman with broad shoulders, long hair, and a considerable bust that she kept propped up in one of her enormous tan bras. Despite her instance that Drew cover up his underwear, Eve was always leaving her bras hanging to dry in the laundry room, where the whole family could see.

She clicked her high heels on the kitchen tile as she grabbed Drew’s cereal from the counter and put it away. Her many gold bracelets jingled as she walked, as did the large ornate necklace that hung on top of her colorful ruffled top.

“Please put some pants on,” Drew’s mom ordered, “I need your help at the dance studio this morning. If you’re going to be home from college, you’re sure not going to just sit on your ass all day.”

Drew’s mom ran a dance studio downtown that was popular for giving ballet and tap lessons to children. Eve was never a dancer, but she supported the arts, and ran her studio with the ruthlessness of a Fortune 500 CEO.

“Yes, mom,” Drew complied, dashing up the stairs. As he tucked on his pants, he struggled to keep his still-hard erection zipped up.

At the dance studio, Drew helped carry dance mats from a crate in the back, unfurled them, and then swept up dust with a broom. His mother sat at the desk with her feet up, counting the money three times and then reading a magazine with a model on the cover.

“Sweetheart, finish wiping down the mirrors,” she told him, when there was the ring of a bell at the front. The studio was closed for break, so Eve stepped down to see who it was.

“Darling!” she cried, and leaped into her husband’s arms. Eve’s husband Rick had launched a successful app that he sold for over a billion dollars. Then he retired, moving out here and finding a beautiful woman ten years his senior to bang. That woman turned out to be Drew’s mom, fresh on her divorce from his father.

Despite marrying Drew’s mom when many years before, Rick was never around growing up, having preferred to go to the office and on long vacations with his busty wife. Besides, the athletic and competitive step-father had more in common with the older son, Roger, than with the unambitious Drew.

“What brings you here?” Eve asked, glancing over at Drew, “Drew, say hi to Rick.”

“Hello, sir,” Drew said, which is how he always addressed him.

Rick nodded at the boy quickly before turning back to Eve.

“Just popping out to see you, my dear,” he said, nuzzling Drew’s mom’s neck with his face.

“Oh, honey,” Eve crooned, shivering where she stood, “Let’s go in the back office.”

“Drew,” Eve called, “Please just finish sweeping up. I need to talk to my husband.” They slammed shut the office door.

As Drew continued to clean, he could hear the vibrating sounds of the office from behind the big dance studio mirror. A cold shiver of discomfort ran up his spine as he realized the situation.

He could cleanly hear the sounds of his mother’s bra straps being unclasped. Her big brown tits hanging freely in the office. And the zipper sound of Rick’s pants coming down, his massive dick slapping Eve in the face before she gobbled it down.

Despite almost two decades of marriage, Rick and Eve were still monstrously horny for each other. Drew could remember embarrassing incidents in his senior year of high school. One time, he walked into the kitchen to find his mother completely naked except for an apron. Her big breasts were so close to spilling out of the open sides.

“Relax, please,” Eve told her son when he stepped through the doorway, “I’m serving your step father dinner tonight. You should just go get takeout.”

This was not an abnormal episode in the household. Rick loved to sexualize his busty wife, whether she was someone’s mother or not. He was used to hearing the sound of his mother writhing in pleasure echo through the family home. But having been away for college, dikmen escort he had forgotten.

The dance studio mirror swung an inch off the wall as the bodies slammed into it on the other side. “I need those big juicy tits in my mouth!” Rick yelled.

Then, the moans began. Drew’s mom’s body grunting and screaming as her husband pleasured her deeply. Rick’s masculine shouts as he shoved more of his long prick into the woman as she begged for it.

Drew tried to stay focused on the work, but Eve’s moans were too hard to ignore.

He suddenly missed Leah more than anything. Here was his own mom getting dicked out of her mind, and he was still rock hard horny with no release.

Some time later, Rick and Eve emerged from the office. Eve’s ruffled blouse was disheveled, and her normally perfect hair was out of line and sticking up towards the back. She had a line of sweat on her neck that was dripping down into her cleavage behind her blouse.

Rick leaned in and passionately kissed Drew’s mom one last time before he waved goodbye.

“Phew,” Eve said, breathing deeply and smiling, “That was something. Drew, are you almost done with the mirrors?”

“Yes mom,” Drew answered.

“Good,” she said, “Because we have more to do.”

Drew frowned as his mom shepherded him into the car for more work. He was mad at her already for invading his vacation with these chores, and then again for subjecting him to her lovemaking with that prick of a step father Rick.

They arrived at the mall, and Eve had her son drop her close to the entrance and then park himself and walk. The only available spot was on the very top of the parking garage, so he was out of breath by the time he finally found where his mom was shopping.

She handed him four bags to carry of clothes she had bought while he was parking. They were heavy, and she clicked along merrily with her arms completely free as Drew struggled to carry all the merchandise.

“One last store,” she said, subjecting Drew to enter a large department store and sit in the women’s section waiting. Eve selected an armful of blouses, dresses, skirts, and more, and headed to the dressing room to try them on.

Drew sat bored and frustrated as he watched his mom head behind the half-sized door into the privacy of the dressing room. He loved his mom and cared about her deeply, but he was in a bad mood.

A man in a black hoodie brushed past where Drew was sitting. The man had a beard and was wearing sunglasses, which was strange because they were indoors. The man entered the dressing room directly next to Drew’s mom’s.

The door to the dressing room left half a foot of space from the floor, and Drew saw his mom’s shirt drop to the floor, followed soon by her skirt, and then her bra. She was completely naked in there.

That’s when it happened. The man in the dressing room next to her leaned down to the floor, so that Drew could see his torso. Then, with his right hand, he slowly extended an iPhone under the gap so that the phone’s camera was directly positioned at his mom’s naked mom.

This guy was taking nude shots of his mom!

Drew grinned privately to himself in smug satisfaction. Normally, he would have called the creep out and had him kicked out of the place. But he was so mad at his mom, that he grinned watching the perv snap pictures of his mom’s big breasts and tight body. Served her right for being such a bitch to him all morning.

After fifteen minutes, Drew’s mom has changed outfits in the dressing room multiple times. The pervert must have had hundreds of pictures, not just of his mom’s naked body, but posing in an array of businesswear, lingerie, and swimsuits. The fucking creep hit the jackpot.

Eve finally emerged from the stall holding a pile of clothes to purchase. A minute later, the man left with a big smile on his face.

As Drew carried the multiple bags on his way to the car, a pit began to form in his stomach. He realized that this man was probably going home to jerk his slimy dick thinking about his mom’s perfect body. And then, who knows who else would see those pictures. His mom’s naked body would probably live forever.

It made him feel sick inside, and so he decided he needed to forgive his mom for the chores. It would be his pleasure to help her out on his vacation.

Chapter 33: Going to the Office

After the doctor’s visit, Leah got a text from her father. He asked if she could come over to the office because he had something he wanted to discuss with her.

Leah quickly went back home to change. Being away at school, she had missed her home as much as Drew did. On her family’s estate, she had pool house attached to her room, with a hot tub, a kitchen, and a walk in closet filled wall to wall with expensive clothes. Because her parents were not divorced like Drew’s were, her estate was much richer and larger than his.

She knew how to dress when she had to go to her father’s office. Something professional, but stylish. She always took a page from the fashion books of the women who worked for her father. Tight pencil skirts, long straightened hair, chic black frame glasses. Leah usually wore contacts, but depending on the dress she planned to wear, she was considering some Gucci lenses she had wanted to wear more often.

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