Free Wolf Ch. 03

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I woke up alert and energized. My quick change back and forth had temporarily sapped my strength but, as I glanced at the clock, I realized that I’d only slept a couple of hours. I listened for sounds from Kyle in the quiet house. I heard the hose running at the front of the house. I jumped from the bed and found my discarded running shorts. I followed the sound down the hall to the front door.

I found Kyle washing my car. He’d borrowed a pair of my shorts and that was all he was wearing. He was holding the hose in one hand aiming it, his back to me. The sight of his round, perfect ass beneath the thin nylon was intoxicating to me. His hairy, muscular calves had my dick getting heavy. The play of light on his broad-shouldered back, the rippling of muscles beneath the skin, set me to purring. I couldn’t believe that this man caused such intense, instant lust in me. His scent wafted over me on the breeze, the same wind that tousled and tugged at his long hair. He must have heard me purring, he spun around.

“Afternoon, sleepy head. You feeling better?” He grinned at me and my heart clenched. I knew at some primal level how perfect this was and meant-to-be.

“Hey, sorry I –” He held up his free hand, cutting me off.

“Baby, there’s nothing to be sorry for. We have stuff to talk about, for sure. We both fucked up, and we’re both sorry. I’m almost done here, come and help me finish up.”

“I can’t believe you’re washing my car. Shit, Kyle, I don’t even wash my car.” I was grinning like a fool and I knew it.

“I had some free time and I wanted to do something nice for you. Fuck, stop getting hard or I won’t be able to finish. I don’t want to give your neighbors a show.” His eyes crinkled and the happiness on his face made him beautiful.

“I can’t help it. You’re so fucking hot. Seeing you in my clothes does something to me. It reminds me that you’re mine.” The last word ended in a bass growl, surprising me. I wanted to roar, I wanted to make the world know that this gorgeous, hung, sexy man was all mine. I stalked toward him, moving like a cat. My beast was close and wanted to possess him. On some level I realized we were in my front yard and I was acting like a wild animal but I didn’t care. His eyes widened and I saw his pupils contract, I smelled the touch of lust in his scent. I was only two steps away from claiming him and throwing him down on the lawn. He turned the hose one me.

I let out a high pitched, brief howl and jumped back. Kyle saw that he’d gotten my attention and started laughing. I rushed him before he could react and pushed him against the hood of the car. I captured his hand around the hose and turned the water on him, soaking his chest. He playfully pushed me back, both of us laughing. The water was streaming down his chest making the hair lie flat, accentuating his musculature. My eyes wondered over him, getting turned on again, seeing the way the wet nylon clung to his dick. He obviously hadn’t borrowed any underwear.

“God, Tony. I want to bend you over the hood of this car right now. Just give me five minutes, you can ogle my ass.” Kyle smiled and turned back to the car. I made a grunting, disappointed sound in the back of my throat and moved to help him finish. We got it done quickly and I helped Kyle coil the hose and get things cleaned up.

I grabbed his hand as we headed up to the front door and pulled him inside behind me. As I swung the door shut I pulled him up against my chest. The sun and play had warmed us both and I could feel the dampness of his sweat gluing his hairy chest and stomach to my smooth torso. I ran my hand up over his powerful forearm and triceps to the back of his head. As I pressed to bring his lips to mine I used my other hand to grab his firm ass, grinding our hardening cocks together. At some point I’d started purring deep in my chest, vibrating against him. The kiss went on for minutes, getting hotter and hotter, before he pulled away.

“Fuck, Tony, you’re killing me. We need to talk before anything happens.” He pulled at the short hair at the nape if my neck, stepping back to put an arm’s length between us. “We’ve got to slow down. I don’t want to freak you out again. Just pull back a minute, let’s get something to eat. You must be starving ’cause I know I am.”

I smirked at him, teasing. “I’m hungry for something, that’s for sure. But I can wait for that.” I stared pointedly at his big dick straining the thin shorts. “Come on, I’ll make us a late lunch. Sandwiches sound good?”

“Perfect, baby.” He followed me to the kitchen where I pulled fixings from the fridge, thanking the powers that I’d been grocery shopping recently. I set some tomatoes and pickles on the cutting board to slice. Once I’d finished I grabbed the bread and piled a ton of roast beef on. I started assembling the sandwiches.

“Watching you make food for me turns me on, Tony. Watching you do anything turns me on.” I put the plates on the table and pulled a bag of chips from the pantry and some cold beers from the fridge. I barely noticed casino siteleri eating my food, I was so focused on him. I watched the way he chewed, his jaw flexing, the way his straight white teeth cut into the bread and meat. One part of my brain couldn’t believe I was so hot for this guy, that watching him eat was almost as sexy as watching him go down on me.

“Baby, this is good. I like the extra pickles.” He winked at me and took the last bite. I’d already finished and was munching on the chips, the saltiness perfect with the beer.

“You want some more? I can make you another one.”

“Nah. Thanks, Tony, but I’m full. That was enough ‘meat and pickles with bread’ for me. It was delicious.” He took a long swig from his bottle then held it out to me, a big smile on his face. I touched my bottle to his and sat back, relaxing.

“We should really talk, baby.” The smile he’d had melted away and our eyes locked. I’d been avoiding even thinking about it but I knew we had to do this.

“Kyle, I love you. I know that, now more than ever. From the second I woke up. You were right, we’ll work this out. I won’t run or overreact anymore. But I’m not sure where to begin. Despite how it seems like I’ve known you forever, I don’t know you at all. It’s so confusing.” I shrugged helplessly at him.

“Let’s move to the couch so we can be close. And comfortable.” I followed his sweet ass into the living room and sat facing him, one leg tucked beneath me. He brought one of his legs up, over mine, and against the back of the couch so that we faced each other. He held out his hands and I took them. All the skin contact and our half-naked bodies distracted me but I pulled my mind back, reining in my aching dick, and looked deep into his eyes. Shit, it was hard.

“Okay, Tony. This is nice. You’re right: we don’t know each other. When we recognized each other as mates we began imprinting on each other. I know I’ve said it before, but I don’t know how this works for tigers. For me, for my kind, now that I’ve imprinted with you I can never go back. I’ll love you for the rest of my life. If something happened to you I’d probably die. I want to spend every moment mounting you, mating with you. My beast wants to take you and put a baby in you, even though that’s not possible. To me you are perfection, everything I could or will ever want. You see why it’s such a big deal, don’t you?” His grip on my hands had grown tighter and stronger, pulling me fractionally closer to him until his breath brushed my face.

“God, Kyle. I think it’s the same way with tigers but I feel different than you. I love you, and I want to spend every second touching you. I want to mate with you too, my beast wants to claim you but more than that it… I want to please you.” I couldn’t help looking away, feeling the heat rise in my cheeks from my chest and neck.

Kyle growled. “I want you to please me, Tony. You do please me.” His eyes were darker when I found the courage to meet them again.

“Wolf packs have a hierarchy. I know that tigers mostly live in clans. With wolves it’s all based on strength, but not just that. It has to do with power, personality, balls. My beast is powerful and dominant, I’m the same way. I take what I want and so does my wolf. We mirror each other but I am human too. Just because I’m all Alpha wolf doesn’t mean that you have to submit to me… or not all the time.” He gave me a heart-crushing half smile. “We can be whatever we want to be.” He pulled my hands closer and kissed over my knuckles. He started to speak, then paused looking uncertain. I smiled to encourage him.

“Tony, I don’t want to put words in your mouth, or act like I know you better than you know yourself. But…. I… based on how we were, together, before you freaked? Well, I don’t think you were acting like that because of me, at least not totally. I think you freaked because of how acting like that made you feel afterward. We’re mates, Tony.” I’d looked away, trying to take in his words and process them. He took both of my hands into one of his and used the other to turn my face back to him.

“We are mates. You are my perfect partner. Think about it, Tony. Think it through. I’ve never had a guy swallow my cock to the balls on the first try. You didn’t even choke. I’ve never had a guy take me in the ass like that, to the hilt, and beg for more.” I was blushing again, harder this time. He still held my gaze to his smoldering eyes. Inwardly I knew where this was going and I was fighting it.

“Our beasts are us, Tony. They’re just a more primal, almost subconscious, distilled form of our human selves. Look at me, Tony. You know I’m right.” I hated this, I wanted to turn and back away from the couch. “I am a dominant, alpha wolf. My perfect partner would have to submit to that. You know the truth, Tony. We wouldn’t be matched if that wasn’t in you. You, Tony, you and your beast want me to take you. You both want me to mount and claim you. Can you deny it, Tony?”

Fuck. I was angry, wanting to deny it. My mind rebelled slot oyna at the thought. My emotions were flying and I knew he was right, knew it like I knew we were mates. I gasped at the realization, sucking in a lungful of air.

“It isn’t me, Kyle. It can’t be.” My voice sounded weak and uncertain in my own ears, I couldn’t imagine how I sounded to him. The hand, which had been so firm on my chin, turned gentle and stroked along my jaw. He ran his hand into my hair, petting and soothing me. A knowing smile turned up the corners of his full lips. I let me eyes drift shut at the soft feel of his fingers at my scalp in my hair.

“We’ll take this at your pace, Tony. Just remember, baby, knowing this doesn’t change who you are. It doesn’t make you weak, or less of a man. It doesn’t change who you have been. Letting go, letting yourself submit to me in bed doesn’t change who you are the rest of the time. You’re a tiger, ferocious and strong. If you let yourself go to me it won’t mean you’re someone or something else. But above all else, I mean this Tony, you’re my mate.” His words were soft, whispered. His petting, his touch and his scent calmed me. We’d work through this. My mind wasn’t yet made up on the matter.

“We’ve got other important business to discuss. The full moon is tomorrow.” My eyes flew open to focus on him. “While you were asleep I called the local Alpha and got us permission to use some land north of the city as a hunting grounds. I want you to come and hunt with me and my pack.”

“I’ve never hunted with anyone outside of my family. I don’t… well; I don’t know how to do it in a group. Tigers don’t really share with anyone but their mates and cubs, Kyle.”

“Would you share with me? I’m your mate.”

“Of course, at least I think so. I’ve never, well obviously, I’ve never hunted with a mate before.” The thought made me uncertain and nervous, but I trusted Kyle and my tiger.

“We’ll keep our kill for us then. The rest of the pack can do as they please.” He smiled hugely at me, making my heart race.

We spent the rest of the afternoon talking out the details of our hunt. He called his pack over to my house. I didn’t want either of us to get dressed, but I didn’t want any of them seeing how I couldn’t keep my eyes off of Kyle’s bare skin. He’d had them stop to get supplies and Kyle cooked all of us a big spaghetti dinner. It was wonderful, the man could cook. I relaxed more and more as I got to know the individual members of his pack. They were a diverse and interesting group. Very few of them had grown up in the pack, which I thought was unusual from what I’d heard.

I hung on every word of every story that had Kyle in it. I learned that Kyle had grown up with John and Brady, who were his Betas. They’d started their own pack when they left the city they grew up in. Apparently there was bad blood between the Alpha of the Albuquerque pack and Kyle. The man had found the young Kyle to be a threat and only the intervention of a certain Beta had kept him safe from an attempt on his life.

Kyle and his two friends had left and moved to a small mining town in the mountains of Colorado. A friend of John’s parents had started a retail chain of pet supply stores that also catered to the supernatural community under the table. This man had hired the three young men to help renovate the first store and was so impressed he contracted them to help build the new store in Denver. From there the company had exploded. Kyle and his friends had met other werewolves who were dissatisfied with their packs and took them on. Now the pack handled the construction and renovation side of the business as well as owning part of the company.

They all seemed to like their jobs and the opportunity to travel. The business had a name among other packs and they found themselves welcomed in whatever territory they entered. But I could tell that all of them missed their home, their own, new pack lands. Many of them spoke of the beautiful mountains, lakes and rivers of their land. They grew nostalgic, and after too many beers, maudlin. I found myself longing to see the land they described. I knew Kyle would want me to move there with them, but I didn’t let myself linger or worry over it.

They began leaving sometime after midnight. The next day was Sunday and I couldn’t wait to go hunting with Kyle. I had taken Monday and Tuesday off in anticipation of the full moon and I looked forward to the time I would have with Kyle.

He was cleaning up the last of the dishes in the kitchen when I returned from seeing out the last of our guests. My dick hardened at the sight of him in that same t-shirt and jeans, so fucking sexy.

“Baby, I swear I can smell you get hard. Bring that big dick over here.” He hadn’t even turned around, I was impressed. I sidled up behind him, grinding on him. I took the pot he was rinsing and put it down in the drying rack.

“This stuff can wait. I want you, now. Come on, Kyle.” I turned him around with one hand on his shoulder and kissed him, hard. I grabbed canlı casino siteleri one of his wet hands and pulled him behind me, into the bedroom. He was laughing, muttering something about “pushy tigers.”

Beside the bed I pulled his t-shirt up and over his head. He had mine off in the next instant. I pressed my smooth chest to his hairy one and resumed kissing him. He wrapped his arms around my waist to grab my ass, kneading the muscles. I brought my arms up to rest on his shoulders, bringing one hand to his head so I could cradle the back of it and run my fingers through his thick, dark hair.

I started purring into his mouth while sucking on his tongue. He pulled back to bite at my bottom lip and I grunted at the tiny sting of his teeth. I pulled his head in and thrust my tongue into his mouth, licking over his teeth to wrestle with his tongue. My dick was aching, it was so hard.

“Mmmm, Tony. So good.” He spoke into my mouth then pulled back to look me in the eye. His were dark, the iris had expanded going canine. “You taste so good. Baby, we need to talk….”

“We can talk after. I want to feel you come in my mouth.” I ran my hands down his arms and found the button of his jeans.

“No, before. I’ve been thinking… I want to try something. Fuck, wait a second and look at me Tony.” I’d opened the jeans and pulled out his big dick. I was watching my hand wrapped around the thick shaft, admiring his cock. I couldn’t get over how big it was and how much that turned me on. He grabbed my chin, again, forcing my look back to his.

“Try what? I missed that, Kyle. Got distracted.” I grinned at him and squeezed his dick hard. He grunted and grabbed my hands. He forced my arms behind me and hugged my body against his, making his dick dig into my stomach.

“I have to ask you before we get naked. I can barely think as it is. This is important, Tony. I want to try this and… well I don’t know how you’re going to take it.” He gave me a soft kiss, just a brushing of lips, and pulled back to look at me again. I had no idea where this was going but I was starting to get nervous.

“I was going to ask you to fuck me. I thought about it all afternoon and I thought it might make you feel more equal, or whatever.” He was watching me close, gauging my every reaction. “And I want that, baby. I’ve never done it, never been on the bottom. You’ve got a big dick and it makes me nervous but I want to do that for you, because I love you.” Another kiss, still brief but I got a touch of tongue this time.

“God, Kyle, I want that too. Even the thought of taking your cherry, claiming you that way, makes me so hard.” And that was the truth. “But I don’t… I don’t know… I don’t want this to be a thing where we take turns. I mean, I’m still confused about a lot of things. Can’t we just let things happen naturally? Ever since I saw you washing my car in those little shorts, when you said you wanted to fuck me over the hood? I’ve been thinking about your dick splitting me open again.”

By the time I’d finished talking Kyle was grinding steadily against me. “Baby, the things you say.” Another kiss, just lips barely touching. “You’re right. But this is different. Tell me, what happens when weretigers mate? How does it work?”

I shrugged, confused. “I guess it’s the same as werewolves? Two tigers meet, they have sex and live happily ever after?”

“Yes, but is that all there is to it?” He was giving me a look I couldn’t read, like he wanted me to read his mind and get where this was going so he wouldn’t have to spell it out for me. It was hard to pull my focus away from where his hot cock was pressed against me but I made the effort. I could only think of one thing.

“Well, I guess there is something. My dad told me that when two mates had sex for the first time it was special but it wasn’t a true mating until they had sex in their animal forms as well. Or vice- versa if they met and had sex in animal form first.”

“Exactly.” He gave me that sexy smile I loved. “It’s much the same for werewolves, but there’s a twist. Some of us, the powerful ones, can have a true mating in human form. I can do that, I’m strong enough, but I don’t know what it would mean for us… how it would affect us, or you. There are… side effects I guess you could say.”

My heart was racing. I hadn’t even thought of a true mating with Kyle. I’d just realized that we could never have sex in our animal forms. It would be next to impossible. It was one thing for my tiger to let my human self submit to Kyle but I knew instinctively that it would not allow the same when in animal form, when it was most in charge. I wanted it so much, it validated what we had, that we were truly mates.

“Tell me Kyle, I want this. We’re mates and I want a true mating with you.”

“A male werewolf, a strong one, can have a true mating as a human but his… his penis changes. It’s between wolf and human, kind of both at once. When I fuck you, when I come, I’ll ‘tie’ to you. A ball at the base of my dick will expand and I won’t be able to pull out of you until you’re full of my come. It’s so my mate won’t be able to get away before they’re impregnated. That’s the most important thing.” I was nodding, trying to imagine what he was describing.

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32