Free Ride Ch. 02 – The Neighbour

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All participants are over 18. This story takes place in 1989.


Over a week had passed since I made the life-changing choice to step into a car with strangers.

How was I to know then on that late, rainy night that I would be seduced and taken between two men, a sandwich with me in the middle? How was I to know that my untouched prick could be made to come just from having a man in my mouth while another man fucked my ass? Who could have guessed that I wouldn’t be able to get it up again for the two beautiful naked women also present, who had instructed me on how to take dick in my mouth and ass? Yet that’s what happened.

When they were finished with me, they dropped me off at my apartment building, reeking of jism. In the wee hours of the morning, just one witness saw me slinking toward my apartment cum-covered and ashamed: Mr. Al Madani, the tenant of the apartment next door. He was in the hall, waiting to board the elevator I just exited. It was only about four a.m., but since he had a lunchbox in hand, I assume he was on his way to work. I passed him with put-on pride to hide my shame at wearing the cum of another man on my face and hair. I tried to walk with dignity, though this was hindered by the pain in my freshly-taken ass. Even without making direct eye contact, I felt Mr. Al Madani’s eyes on me and the marks of my submission to Leonard a few minutes before. I made my way quickly to my apartment. It was a shaking hand that turned the key in the lock. I dared a look back down the hall. Mr. Al Madani was watching me from inside the open elevator; he must have pushed the “door open” button a couple of times for the doors to gape open for so long. I escaped into my apartment.

The very next night, I did something out of character. I went to a local club which was considered something of a meat market. I stayed only long enough to pick up Brandy, a cheating wife twice my age. She was blonde, had flabby arms and legs and a big ass. I took her home and fucked her twice. The night after that, I picked up Louise, a black woman with bad acne, and I had her twice. I wasn’t normally the guy for one-night-stands, but I guess I was trying to disprove some of the cock-shrivelling talk of the girls who had witnessed my threesome with Leonard and Martin. They affirmed I was just hot for cock after my adventure with the two men. By sleeping with these women and enjoying the deed with them, I tried to prove to myself I was not gay.

But my conquests with women didn’t prove that at all. It seemed to reinforce the possibility that I was bisexual.

Eight days after my gay encounter in the limousine, I was alone and sound asleep in my bed. It took me a few moments to wake up to the sound of a knock at my apartment door. I had worn boxers to bed. I grabbed my housecoat off the hook on the back of my bedroom door and went to check the door. I pressed an eye against the peephole.

It was Mr. Al Madani. I wondered what he could want at—I looked at the wall clock—three o’clock in the morning.

I opened the door for him, and casino siteleri to my surprise, this virtual stranger pressed his way past me into my apartment. I closed the door behind him as if to block the entrance of more intruders.

I turned to regard Mr. Al Madani, who was now in my living room. He was about six feet tall, a couple of inches taller than me. He was older than me; probably about thirty. He was broad-shouldered and looked fit. His skin was light brown, setting off his dark eyes. His well-groomed hair and beard were black. He had handsome features. I remember noticing that he had very large hands. As on the previous occasion I had seen him, he was holding a metal lunchbox.

“Mr. Al Madani, it’s very early,” I said. “Is there something I can help you with?”

His smile was charming, but it was also somewhat arrogant.

“I saw you covered in sperm last week.” His Middle-Eastern accent was noticeable, but his English was excellent. “Now I want you to suck my cock.”

I flushed scarlet. I wasn’t sure what to do next. The man was already in my home. Given the physical balance of power between us, I didn’t stand a chance of forcing him out. I could call the police but it would be long minutes to wait, during which time Mr. Al Madani might do anything. On the other hand, my cock stirred in my pants, suggesting I should take the man up on his offer. I couldn’t believe this was happening. I was thinking seriously about being a booty call for my neighbour.

I quickly decided that I would suck him. I wanted to.

Something shifted in my eyes, and he relaxed. He set his lunchbox down on the coffee table before making himself comfortable on my couch. He used both feet to slide the coffee table away from the front of the couch, making room for me to kneel in front of him. He kicked off his shoes. Then he unbuckled his belt, opened his pants and lowered both trousers and underwear, discarding them on one side. He pulled his t-shirt over his head and threw it on the pile. His body was hirsute and toned. His engorged cock rose from his hairy balls and pubic bush.

I was surprised when I realized my mouth watered for him and my ass ached hungrily. I approached him slowly. I disrobed in front of him, letting the housecoat fall to the floor behind me. My pecker was pushing out the front of my boxers.

“Ah, you like me,” Mr. Al Madani said.

I answered by falling to my knees before him. Then, just as if I was a seasoned pro, I fell on his dick with a will. I enveloped the head of his cock with my mouth, licking the sensitive area with my tongue. I tasted a drop of pre-cum and it made my cock shiver in delight. I massaged his full balls with both hands until I judged I needed one hand on Mr. Al Madani’s cock. I jacked his shaft while pleasuring his cock-helmet in my mouth.

To judge by appearances, Mr. Al Madani enjoyed my ministrations. His breathing was shallow, released in moans and sighs. He put his hands on my head, grabbing me by my hair. He used his hands to make me take his cock deeper, and then he slot oyna began to bob my head over him at an ever-increasing speed. This went on for several minutes. I found my tongue tiring and my jaw aching from fatigue but I was determined to keep pace. I wanted to please Mr. Al Madani the way I had pleased Leonard more than a week before.

I knew my lover was close to blowing his load in my mouth, but just when I expected him to fill my mouth with his cum, he pulled my head off his cock. I looked up at him and he smiled.

“I fuck your ass now,” Mr. Al Madani said.

I was still kneeling at his feet when he stood up. He reached down and hoisted me up. What he did next really surprised me. He swept me off my feet and carried me to my bedroom in much the same manner as a bridegroom carries his new wife over the threshold. It was a gentle, touching gesture.

He set me down softly on the bed. The only illumination in the bedroom was the light shining in from the living room, so I had difficulty seeing him in detail. Soon, Mr. Al Madani loomed over me, blocking out the light. He leaned in and kissed me, twisting a tongue past my lips to wrestle with my own. It was my first time kissing another man.

I was horny, wanting to pull at my dick, but I restrained myself. I was curious if I would come without being touched again. That had been one of the most erotic experiences of my life and I was eager to repeat it.

Mr. Al Madani broke the kiss after a minute or so, and I felt him rear up on the bed. He spread my legs with his hands and raised my bottom on a pillow. There was a tickle at my back door and I knew what was coming next. I cried out for him to stop, and he did. I couldn’t see his face, but I sensed frustration and disappointment. It was short-lived, as I told him I just wanted to make sure we used lube and a condom. I had a supply of both in my night-table. I sheathed his weapon in latex before slathering the length of it with lubricant. I took a few moments to pack some lube in my ass before I gave him the go-ahead.

He didn’t need to be told twice. I shivered as his dick once again tantalized my backside. I let out a moan as the organ slowly sunk up to the hilt. He began fucking me, slowly at first, and then with speed. I was overwhelmed by the combination of sensations. There was a feeling of being stretched and widened; it hurt at first but the pain quickly faded into pleasure. I stretched upward to join my lips with his for a short kiss. Then I wrapped my legs around his and explored his body with my hands. This felt like a bold initiative given I hadn’t made love to a man before; what I experienced with Leonard and Martin had been more like a transaction than love-making. I found myself gently wrapping my fingers up in his profuse chest hair. I lay back and let him pound me deeper and deeper into the mattress.

“Don’t stop,” I said. My balls were boiling and I was sure their contents would soon erupt from my dick.

But he did stop. He rolled off me onto the other side of the bed. I knew he wasn’t done with me. canlı casino siteleri He lay down on his back. I raised myself up and adjusted my position until I was crouching with my crack over his cock. I lowered my ass and felt his knob penetrate me again. I bent my knees as I pressed downward; soon I had the whole cylinder of hard flesh throbbing inside me. I bounced up and down on his cock. I was surprised that this position was so physically demanding. Muscles in my thighs and buttocks burned with fatigue and I realized I would really feel the pain from this exercise tomorrow.

“Your cock is amazing to my ass,” I told him.

After just a few minutes, Mr. Al Madani must have realized I was running out of steam. He withdrew and manipulated me so that I was on all fours. He mounted me from behind. His thrusts soon became faster and more urgent and I pushed back against him, meeting thrust with thrust. Being impaled on that cock felt indescribably good. As had happened with my lovers in the limousine, a time came when I felt my balls tighten. My build-up to orgasm had begun.

“Fuck my brains out,” I said.

Without warning, Mr. Al Madani withdrew from me and I had a moment to register a feeling of emptiness before he repositioned me again. I was once more on my back. My lover jacked his cock four or five times and gave a great groan before several long strings of semen striped my belly. The feel of his hot cum hitting my flesh triggered my own release. My cock pulsed and shuddered as it unloaded all over my belly, there joining Mr. Al Madani’s own ejaculate.

I quickly discovered that Mr. Al Madani was not a cuddler. It was ten minutes to four o’clock and he had to leave for work. He tossed the used condom into my bathroom waste basket. He helped himself to my shower as I lay in bed covered in cum. He dressed, picked up his lunchbox and let himself out.

I felt used, but in a good way, if that makes sense. I had enjoyed the action as much as Mr. Al Madani had and found the same satisfaction. My asshole and bowel tingled with that strangely pleasant pain that followed the stretching of my ass. The taste of his cock persisted in my mouth.

I continued to lie abed as the cum dried on my torso. I touched one of the globs of jizz with one finger and brought it up to my mouth. It could have come from Mr. Al Madani or from me. Either way, I savoured the taste.

Mr. Al Madani visited me many times over the next days and weeks. He wasn’t much of a talker, but I eventually learned he had been denounced in his homeland as a gay man, a capital offence in his country, so he escaped and achieved refugee status here. His first name was Reza.

No matter how many times Reza fucked my ass or mouth, I was amazed at the passion a male body could raise in me. He was the first man to come in my mouth, the first man to take my ass in the shower. I still wondered if I would ever see my limousine lovers again and once more feel a dick in both holes at the same time, but in the meantime, I had Reza for consolation.

This time I knew that my experimental phase with homosexuality was over. I finally accepted myself as a bisexual male. That acceptance paved the way to further exploits with cock and eventually a second meeting with the passengers from my limo adventure.

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