Free at Last

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We learned we could do better

It is not often when friends believe there is only one way to go. That was when if all began for the two us, after Diana and I, Theresa were no longer satisfied where our lives were going, or the attitude of our men.

Men who expected from us what they never, or rarely would do at home. Often spending money in hotels, to be with their friends. Meaning income lost to our families, which would have made both our home lives better.

While our husbands who are supposed to love us, enjoyed their orgasms without being there for us when it mattered. Concentrating on their personal satisfaction, never satisfying either one of us orally. While both expected from the effort from us, neither one of us deemed their semen to be less than tasty. Knowing that their semen when healthy, is beneficial to us. Some claim it gives us some protection against breast cancer. Which can be true or just another trick to be like a master, as all misogynistic males claim they are. With the help of the religious driven fantasies, fantasies the majority of the Churches and Mosques male teachers spout.

It all started when Solomon built the temple for Ell which was built to honor their god our sun. A Temple serving the whole country, where during each solstice it, Ell would light up its altar through the gate that was placed in the eastern wall, above a ravine. In a place that needed not to be closed against pilfering, while it still could. Making us believe that it was only left open during the two annual solstice periods.

We had become two married women that due to neglect had become totally disgusted with the men in our lives. On the evening the four of us were together, we told our men we had we truly enough and why. We told them if they expected food on the table they better learned to cook. If their semen was so good for us they should do the same for one and other, show our adult children by giving bursa yabancı escort each other a regular blow job. As many males expect from their female partners. There are enough healthy males which will happily donate when friends do get together.

Not taking up our advice, or having become more satisfying to the two us for our sexual needs, they claimed they expected from the two of us. We made the move by changing home and living together. Having changed the locks and locked them out of the house we two shared, leaving them the other one. The house Diana had vacated. Having removed all her own things while we had packed my husbands gear all in a suitcase. Leaving his processions in Diana’s former home, the one she had left.

During the first two weeks both our men were laughing thinking the good deal they were given, no longer donating as they claimed to the household budget. After another week or so that stopped.

The two of us found with both our incomes while our two adult children were with us every other week, one they were living with us, every other week with their fathers at times more often with them.

Choosing their fathers because the extra freedom, where they they could bring home every one thy chose, etcetera.

The two of us soon managed to have an account, belonging to the two of us with savings that were growing at a pace we soon learned would get us into our own place, one that would be ours because the rent we were paying would no longer be an expense.

Helping us with the deposit would be moneys coming from the capital we each had in our personal superannuation funds. Funds that had been growing for as long we were employed after the birth of our two children. Moneys which were paid in our names for more than 15 years by each one of us.

I Theresa had grown up on a dairy farm while Diana had parents that had produced pigs by the bursa sınırsız escort hundreds most of whom never left the building they had been born in, before they went to market.

We were both familiar with the reproduction system on the dairy farm, when a cow was lactating or in season and the other cows were licking their backsides. Like a good human lover making his tongue give his partner what he is unable to do with his penis. While pigs were not as obvious not that the boars had trouble finding the sows that were in season.

Months had passed by, still neither husband had made any effort to meet us half way, while the two of us were sleeping in the master bedroom where the best bed for a good rest in our home was. During the colder months we had started with old fashioned pajamas. So not to give the wrong idea to the other. While we both had been used to sleep nude previously.

Neither one of us could put the finger on why the discussion that evening had started, but since we both agreed that sleeping naked was what we both preferred. That is what followed.

This new arrangement started with us both staying on our individual side which did not last very long before we woke up in the morning entangled and horny when we both had our nipples standing tall that morning. It was just natural to make excuses to one and other confirming that by kissing the other.

We were both in the second half of our forties both producing the smells of aroused bodies, that particular morning that we kissed which did nothing to bring our aroused state back to where people who are only friends should be. Since it was a weekend day we talked both understanding where we were neither knew why that had become possible.

It was only when Diana ran the nails of her middle fingers around both of my nipples, that I started to shake which ended in an orgasm which was better than the ones görükle escort that had been experienced by me. while I was dating. Or in the early years of my marriage. We talked a lot, both declared we loved one and other, neither one believe we were in love. Only it did not stop us kissing. We became denying lovers, allowing the discovering of the others mouth with our tongues.

Discussing masturbation followed, ending up with bringing each other of with each others hands. It must have been around eleven in the morning before we showered together for the first time. Dried one and other with fluffy towels, never bothered to dress making a cupa in our kitchen, as if we were seeing each other for the first time. Why it was how we did see one and other, or the way lovers do, I believed brought to where we are this day.

Making breakfast between kisses like teenagers, telling one and other how the other looked, which brought us back in the bedroom where we slowly made love to one and other. It was a love where sex had become the expression that made it all complete. Diana would play with my body as if it was a precious gift, we never discussed what should come next. But when her tongue was doing to me what my husband never managed to rise too, she did bring me to a state where I had never been before. It was like reaching into the clouds and floating in a continuous orgasm.

Diana had turned like the color gray in her face believing I must have died and was gone. Which I had gone that is, to a place I wanted to reach over and over again like a nirvana.

Only after telling her what had happened she expected from me the same to bring her there also. If any of our female sisters read our story you can imagine why we fell asleep after having bestowed true lovemaking on the other, until it was all taken over by the deity that brings dreams and sleep to us all.

It took us a little over twelve months to find the place where we would live and work, never having to dress to entice others, in the most private of valleys we could afford in the state of Victoria Australia. If you can find us either wear sunglasses or close your eyes since we dress in woolens and overalls. or you guessed it. We are as naked as a baby due to the warm weather.

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32