Fraternal Twins Pt. 13

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Copyright © 2019 – This is an original work by Zeb Carter and is protected under copyright by U.S. copyright law. It is only submitted at Literotica.Com and any submission to any other site has not been authorized by the Copyright Holder/Author.

Author’s Note: The life of the Twins continues. Sorry for how long it took this time also. Writing is a fickle task… you don’t always get to write about what you want. So, my apologies.

Part 13 ~~~~~

Camille Jacobson was going to join the family today. She was going to spend time with the three younger Carlson children. Of course, Eileen would be there to watch as would Slater or Karen throughout the day. Jacob would be there too, but his days have grown shorter in the last week. Eileen felt that he would leave her very soon. Cami rang the bell at eight sharp. Eileen was there to greet her. The children were just finishing up breakfast when Cami walked into the kitchen with Eileen. Slater and Karen weren’t up yet. Eileen had Cami sit at the kitchen table.

“Would you like some coffee?” Eileen asked.

“No, thank you, Mrs. Carlson. I’m fine for now.”

“It’s Eileen, Cami.” Eileen smiled at the young woman.

“Of course, Eileen.”

“Now, most of the time I will be here with you but, there will be days, in fact, three days a week, that I will be gone most of the day. I volunteer at the Hospital half a day, then work for a friend the other half.”

“That shouldn’t be a problem, at least until I have my dissertation to defend.”

“Ah, yes, if you would like, I would be happy to read it over for you,” Eileen said.

“I wouldn’t want to impose.”

“Cami… ” Eileen took a deep breath and let it out slowly. “Cami, while you are here if you are chosen, I would like you to think of us as a part of your family. I have read every paper my twins have had to prepare in high school. I only wish I could do the same for them at college.”

“Well, thank you very much, Eileen. I would like for you to read my work.”

“Now, why don’t you take the kids into the living room while I clean up in here.”

“No, why don’t you take your kids in the…”

“I will not treat you as a maid. You are here to watch the children even if there is a mess to clean up. Cleanup will always be my job when I’m here. Your job will be to keep my children safe and maybe teach them a thing or two, while you are here. Is that clear young lady?” Eileen asked a stern look on her face.

“It is, Eileen. It is.” Cami stood up. “Children, let’s go into the living room so mom can clean up in here, okay?”

The three kids answered together and followed her into the living room. There was a small round child-size table set up in the corner for them. They knew the routine, sit at the table until the mess was cleaned, then it was time for Emily to get ready for school. Well, it would when school started in a week, so for right now the three children colored quietly. Cami stood behind them, walking around the table watching what they were doing.

“Oh, Emily, you color so well,” Cami said.

“Thank you, Cami,” Emily replied.

“Carl, that is so nice, but wouldn’t be nicer if you tried to stay inside the lines?” asked Cami.

“Oh, you mean like Emily, does?” Carl shot back.

“So, you’re going to be an out of the lines kind of guy?” Cami asked right back.

Carl looked up at for a few seconds, shook his head, and went back to coloring, only inside the lines now. Eileen had been watching the exchange and was standing in the kitchen trying to keep from laughing. Even though she would prefer that her children make up their own minds on how to do things. Cami hadn’t chided him about not coloring in the lines. She handled Carl with a simple question. She didn’t suggest which way he should go, she asked him which way he wanted to go.

“Oh Troy, that is quite good,” Cami said looking down at Troy’s picture.

“Thank you, Cami,” Troy replied, sticking his tongue out at Carl.

“Troy, what did mother tell you about that?” Emily asked her younger brother.

“Not to do that. I’m sorry Carl.”

Carl just stuck out his tongue at his brother.

“Carl,” Emily said.

“Sorry, Troy,” Carl said.

Troy nodded as did Carl. Cami, just stood there watching the byplay and trying not to laugh or giggle.

“Okay, kids, time to get dressed. Let’s go,” Eileen said from the kitchen.

The three children rose from the table calmly and hurried to their bedrooms. Eileen followed them as did Cami.

“Cami, help Emily if she needs it. I’ll get the two boys,” Eileen said.

“Yes, Eileen,” Cami replied following Emily into her bedroom.

Cami watched as Emily got her clothes out of her dresser. She pulled out shorts, a t-shirt, along with a clean pair of socks. Looking around, she went and closed her door. Cami nodded as she sat on the bed. Emily stripped off her nightshirt. She quickly pulled her shorts on and then her t-shirt. Sitting on the bed next to Cami, she pulled on her socks. When she was finished, Emily smiled up at Onwin Cami.

“Very good, Emily. Very good,” Cami said smiling at Emily.

“Thank you.” Emily slipped off her bed and headed for the door.

Cami stood and followed her, smiling. She was in hopes she would be selected to help this family out with the young children. The rest of the day went smoothly. The children were well behaved and if the boys got out of line, would be called to task by Emily, more often than Cami or Eileen. Cami always looked over at Eileen when that happened. Eileen was always trying to suppress a giggle each time. Cami, too, had to suppress a giggle. When Slater or Karen was there, each of them shook their heads and didn’t say a word as mom was there. Later in the day she got Slater alone and asked him.

“May I ask a question?” Cami asked.

Slater looked at her surprise on his face, “Of course you may. Anytime.”

“If your mom wasn’t in the room when Emily corrects Carl or Troy, what would you have done?”

“Oh! I would have pulled Emily aside and told her if there wasn’t an adult close by, that she would have been correct in calling them to order but, with adults in the room, she should let them handle Troy and Carl. What would you have done?”

“Just that or bring it to my attention so I could correct them. I would also have taken her out of earshot of Troy and Carl.”

“Good. I know mom thinks it’s cute and they are her children but, I think she will regret not mentioning it to Emily eventually.”

“My thought also, but I wouldn’t overrule her if she is present,” said Cami.

Slater nodded at her as they went back to the living room. The day was long and the children had fun, interacting with Cami. Eileen had Cami stay with them for dinner. Cami watched the children as the Twins cleaned up and Eileen helped her husband to bed. After the kitchen was cleaned, Karen and Cami helped Emily in her bath and getting dressed for bed. Slater helped Cami and the boys bathe and dress for bed. As Karen sat in the living room with the children, Slater walked Cami to her car.

“It was really nice spending the day with you and your family,” Cami said as she unlocked her car. She turned toward Slater.

“It was nice having you here,” Slater said reaching out.

Cami looked at him and took what he held out. It was a hundred dollar bill.

“For your time,” Slater said softly.

“No, you really don’t have too…”

“We took you away for a day… from whatever or whoever. If we chose you, we will be paying you for your time, why not today?” asked Slater.

“Okay, okay, thank you very much but, this is way too much,” Cami said.

“Don’t look a gift horse in the mouth. You won’t be getting paid that much if you work here, so…”

“Of course,” Cami said opening her car door.

Then she was on her tiptoes kissing Slater on his cheek. Slater gasped pulling back a little. Cami smiled at him as she got in her car. Slater stepped back up on the curb and watched Cami drive away.


Two days later, Mary Beth Williams, rang the doorbell exactly at eight in the morning. Eileen was there to open the door and welcome her.

“Come in Beth, come in. Thank you for coming,” Eileen said.

“Thank you for having me,” Beth replied taking Eileen’s offered hand.

Eileen led Beth to the kitchen, where the twins and the three young ones were having breakfast.

“Can I offer you breakfast, coffee, juice,” Eileen asked.

“I have already eaten, but coffee would be pleasant, thank you,” Beth replied.

Eileen poured her a mug of coffee and pointed at the sugar and cream on the table. Beth shook her head, taking a sip of her black coffee. She smiled as she tasted it.

“That’s very good,” she said.

Eileen smiled at her, Slater and Karen shook their heads.

“Not coffee drinkers?” Beth asked.

“No, they aren’t really. Slater will, Karen not so much. She prefers orange juice.”

“I would too, normally, but I haven’t had my caffeine yet this morning. So, thank you.”

“You’re welcome my dear,” Eileen said smiling.

By the time Beth was finished with her coffee, the kids and the twins were done with their breakfast.

“Kids, why don’t you go in the living room with Beth,” Eileen said.

Nodding, Beth stood waiting for the children to get out of their chairs. When they were, they quietly walked to the round table in the corner of the living room and started to color. Beth followed them and stood watching. She did look over at Eileen and the twins and found them cleaning the kitchen. Looking back at the children, she nodded as she stood watching what they were doing.

“You all color very good,” she said.

“Thank you,” Emily said looking up at Beth and smiling.

“You’re very welcome.”

Beth stood there watching them color. There was a tussle between Carl and Troy for a particular color but, she just watched them. Emily looked up at her squinting her eyes. Beth smiled as she reached in the took the color from Onwin Giriş Troy, who had taken it away from Carl.

“Now Troy, I know you know better. Carl had this first, didn’t he?” Beth asked.

“Yes, ma’am,” Troy replied.

“Now couldn’t you wait until he was finished with it?”

“I guess,” replied Troy rather despondent.

“Here you go, Carl,” Beth said handing the crayon over to him.

“Thank you, ma’am,” Carl said taking the crayon and coloring just a small part of the wagon he was coloring.

“You may call me Beth, from now on. All of you, okay?” Beth said.

“Okay, Beth,” Emily said nodding her approval at the way she handled her brothers.

“Now, Carl, if you are finished with that color, please hand it to your brother,” Beth said softly.

“Yes, Beth,” Carl said handing the crayon to Troy.

Troy took the crayon and started coloring.

“Troy?” said Beth.

Troy looked up at Beth. Nodding he turned to Carl. “Thank you, Carl.”

“You’re welcome, Troy,” Carl said smiling up at Beth.

“Someone likes you,” Emily quipped.

“Shut up, Emily,” Carl said a little loudly.


“I’m sorry, Em,” Carl said.

“You are forgiven, Carl,” Emily said smiling back at her brother.

Beth looked behind her to see Eileen, Slater, and Karen sitting on the couch smiling at her. She flushed with embarrassment and turned back to the children. She was happy that she had handled the children to the satisfaction of not only the children but their older brother and sister as well as their mother. She sat in the fourth chair and took a piece of paper and started to sketch Emily as she was coloring.

For the next half an hour, the four of them sat at the table quietly. Emily was watching Beth sketch her. Troy and Carl still colored in their books. Beth would look up at Emily every few minutes, then go back to sketching. When she was finally done, she tore the sheet from the sketchbook and stood up. Looking at Eileen, the twins were gone, Beth cocked her head.

“All right children it’s time to change. Beth, could you give Emily a hand if she needs it? Emily, long pants today, okay?”

“Of course, Eileen,” replied Beth heading to Eileen.

“Yes, mom,” Emily said getting up and following Beth.

“This is for you, Eileen,” Beth said handing her the sketch of Emily.

“Oh, my,” Eileen said looking at an almost lifelike sketch of her daughter. “I couldn’t take this, please.”

“I want you to have it, please,” Beth begged. “If I can, I will draw another of the three of them to take with me.”

Nodding, Eileen, hugged Beth, tears leaking out of the corner of her eyes. Beth refused to notice the tears and took Emily’s hand and went with her to her room to change. The rest of the day was spent moping around outside or watching TV. Beth had the sketchpad and pencil in hand as the children watched the TV. She finished her sketch just before dinner. She stayed when asked, then took the children in the living room so Eileen and Karen could clean up. Slater came home just after dinner. He sat in the living room with Beth. When the kitchen was clean, Slater walked Beth out to her car. He handed her a hundred dollar bill.

“What is this for?” she gasped.

“For your time today. If we decide to hire you, you will be paid on a regular basis and it will be nowhere near that per day. Just take it, from what mom told me you’re worth every penny.”

Beth leaned in and kissed Slater on the cheek. He didn’t jump this time.

“Do you know about when you will be making a decision?” Beth asked.

“Before the weekend. I’ll call you and let you know one way or the other.”

“Good. I really enjoyed my time here today. Tell your mom to look in the sketchpad on the coffee table for me,” Beth said getting in her car.

“I will,” Slater replied with no idea what she was talking about. He stood watching as she drove away.

Back in the house he got the sketchpad and opened it. He gasped at what he saw. Emily, Carl, and Troy sitting in front of the TV. They were almost alive on the paper. Turning the page he gasped again at the picture of his mother. She was beautiful. The next page was Karen. Once again he gasped. The next page was blank but had an inscription.

“Slater wasn’t around enough today. I hope to be back to sketch him. Eileen, these are for you. I have them in my memory and they will always be with me. Beth”

Turning, Slater, looked around for his mom. No one was around, so he went looking for them. He found them just coming out of each bedroom. Nodding he waved them to follow him. They did. In the kitchen, Slater sat. Eileen and Karen sat one on each side. He opened the sketch pad. Both women gasped.

“She was supposed to take that with her,” Eileen groaned.

“Wait,” said Slater turning the page.

Mom gasped as she looked at herself. Slater just sighed. Karan moaned.

“You are so beautiful, mom,” Karen said.

Slater nodded, turning the page. Karen gasped as she looked down Onwin Güncel Giriş at herself. Eileen moaned at the sketch of her beautiful daughter. Slater just smiled at the women’s reaction. He turned the page once more. Mom and Karen read what was written on the page. Eileen started to weep. Karen sniffled trying not to cry. Eileen rose, reached to the top of the fridge and pulled a sketchpad page down and placed the page inside. Slater gasped at the picture of his little sister.

“Oh my,” he said. “She is good. That looks more like Emily then Emily looks like Emily.” Slater chuckled at what he just said.

Both Eileen and Karen giggled.

“Where do we go from here?” Eileen asked.

“We have to decide and soon. We could lose both of them, they are so good.”

“Could we hire both?” Karen asked. Slater looked at his sister rolling his eyes.

“We could, but that might be too much…”

“That would cost too much,” Slater said.

“Money is not the problem Slater. Although, with Emily in school half days to start, it would only be the two boys. Both of them will need study time.”

“Mom, money has to be a consideration,” he gasped.

“No, it won’t. The house is paid for as is the lake house. Your college funds will take care of everything while you concentrate on studying. When your dad does pass, his life insurance will be plenty for you too and the three little one to start a life for yourselves. What’s in the bank and our investment accounts is more than I could spend if I lived to be 200 years old. Your father planned well for us. He was smart and lucky. Money is no problem. Even your three siblings have more than enough to put them through college when they get to that point in their lives. It will grow to be what it is when they start. If they need more, it will be there.” Eileen hadn’t meant to throw a tantrum, but the twins had to know.

Slater started to open his mouth.

“Don’t please. Trust me on this son. Please.”

“So… we hire them both?” Slater asked.

“Yes. Even with Emily in school, I still have my work at the hospital and the other things I need to do during the week. I start up next week with those.”

“Okay, okay, I’ll call them tomorrow. Should we have them move in over the weekend?” Slater asked.

“That would be best…”

“But where will they sleep?” Karen asked. “We still have another week here.”

“Well, for the week you are here, one can sleep in with Emily and the other with you. You have a king size bed and Emily has a queen.”

“Then it’s settled?” Slater asked.

“It is. Absolutely. I’m going to bed,” Eileen said getting up.

She kissed Slater full on the lips. Turned to Emily and kissed her full on the lips. Then quick as she could she hurried to her bedroom. Slater smiled at his sister, she smiled back.

“Go lock your door, I need you tonight,” Slater said.

“God yes,” Karen said, quickly walking to her bedroom door.

Smiling, Slater went around the house making sure doors were locked and lights were out that should be out and on that should be on. He opened his bedroom door and found a long lump in his bed. He knew it was Karen. He stripped down and went to the bathroom. He washed and brushed his teeth. Just out of curiosity he peeked into Karen’s room. It was empty. Smiling he went back to his room and crawled in bed. Karen pounced, giggling.

“I love you,” she whispered, kissing him on the lips hard.

“I love you, too,” Slater replied when she let him up for air.

Karen quickly moved down her brother’s body until she had his hard cock in her mouth. She sucked and licked his manhood while gently juggling his balls in her left hand. Slater had his eyes closed thoroughly enjoying his sister’s mouth on him.

“Oh that feels so good,” Slater moaned softly.

Karen groaned as she sucked him hard, taking him down her throat. She kept him there until she needed to breathe. Gasping, she sucked in air as quick as she could. Trying to catch her breath, she crawled up Slater’s body, planting soft kisses along the way. Reaching behind her, she lined her brother’s cock up with her opening, then sat down on him slowly.

“Oh fuck,” Slater gasped.

“It does feel good,” Karen said softly, moaning.

For the longest time, she just sat on her brother’s hard, pulsing cock, staring into his loving eyes.

“I am going to really miss you, brother,” Karen said softly.

“I will miss you also, Karen,” Slater replied.

Karen slowly started to move her hips to and fro still sitting on Slater’s hard wonderful cock. She moaned as his hard cock stirred around inside her body and her clit was mashed between their pelvises. Karen moaned and groaned as she fucked herself. Pressing her lips to his hard, they kissed for a long time as each of them go closer and closer to orgasm. Karen was the first to reach her peak. She growled in an attempt to keep silent. Slater was right with her, groaning deep in his throat, bucking his hips up to press his hard, spurting cock up into Karen deeper. They both shook and shivered as their pleasure raced through their minds and bodies.

“Oh my god,” Karen said, her voice cracking as she tried to whisper.

“I love you, sis,” Slater said softly, pulling Karen down to lay on his chest.

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