Frat Parties Rock!

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Well, it’s been a little over a year since the night I fucked my drunk big sister at her sorority party, and now I’m a student at the same college. Weird, you go from being a BMOC senior in High School, to once again being a lowly freshman. I wanted to party, that’s for sure, but being a frosh (and after the way the last party turned out) I figured that my Sister wouldn’t invite me to any more sorority parties; and I was partly right: she invited me to a fraternity party instead.

“Don’t worry, little Brother,” she said with a smile, invisible to him on the other end of the phone, “there’ll be girls from lots of sororities and some that aren’t even Greeks there, actually you’ll probably have a lot more fun at this party than the last one…”

“Oh, I don’t think that’s possible Sis,” I said, my implication clear, but only to the two of us.

Marie blushed at the other end of the line, I could almost hear it, emanating from her silent pause. “Well, are you going to come or not?”

“I’ll be there,” I told her.

“Great,” she said, excitedly, “I can’t wait for you to meet Ryan!”

Of course, I realized, feeling a little let down. It was her boyfriend’s Frat that was throwing the party, and that meant that Sis would be hanging on his arm all night. Plus, it meant that there definitely wouldn’t be a repeat of what happened last time, and though he’d expected that, he’d hoped for one anyhow.

We said a few more things of no real consequence before I let her go, and puttered around my new dorm room, putting my stuff away. I was lucky, my assigned roomie wouldn’t arrive for a few days, so I could set things up how I wanted them and he’d just have to deal. When that was done, I spent some time surfing the net, and in general thinking about what might lie ahead of me that evening… girls, booze, making new friends.

After a few hours, I was rummaging about in my stuff getting ready to go when there was a light knock at the door. “Yeah,” I called, and to my surprise my little sister Angie let herself in. She was dressed in tight jeans and a tank top, and her hair and makeup was all done up. Jeez, I thought, I sure do have cute sisters. “What’s up,” I said.

“Hey, just wanted to let you know Marie asked me to come to the party too,” Angie said, and I was a little surprised she had since Angie is the baby of the family and as the oldest Marie treats her that way a lot, so do I. But it made sense too, if Marie was trying to surround herself with people to keep the subject from turning to what she and I did at the Balls Out Party last year. Besides, she was 18 and a Senior in high school by then, just like I was when Marie invited me to a party, so why not? “So, do you mind if I ride with you,” Angie asked, her eyebrows raised.

“Sure, I mean, it’s OK,” I said, then thought I better add, “You’re here already anyhow.” Didn’t want to seem too easy.

“This is gonna be so fun!” She said excitedly, bouncing up and down the way girls do. “Thanks!” And laying a kiss on my cheek she bounded out the door, closing it behind her.

Where the hell is she going, I wondered, but found out in a minute when she returned. And she wasn’t alone.

“Hi Billy,” Angie’s best friend Sandy said with a smile as I stood there a little surprised to see her, though I quickly got my composure and smiled back at the girl with a lopsided grin meant to make her weak in the knees. Sandy was Angie’s hottest friend, and she was also one of the girls from our home town with a bit of a reputation, since her folks were not exactly stellar influences. I definitely saw possibilities in the situation, I mean, here she was, in my dorm room, miles away from anyone else who knew her, miles away from parents and rules. And about to go out drinking. Yeah, definite possibilities there.

Sandy laughed hollowly, soft chuckles that barely escaped her red lips, and shot a look at my Sister which Angie conspiratorially returned.

I finished getting ready, in a big hurry so they wouldn’t get bored, and in a few minutes we were out the door walking down the street.

Now, there were parties going on in all the houses on the row, it seemed, but there was no mistaking that a party was definitely underway here. As we walked up to the door I spotted this big guy sitting on a stool in the doorway, wearing a football jersey, and I had no doubt he was on the team. Suddenly I remembered what Marie had said about the Frat guys making all the girls flash their tits to get into their parties, and wondered if she’d warned Sandy & Angie about that. Then I wondered if I was about to get to see my little sister’s tits, and her hottie friend’s.

Sure enough, the guy stopped us at the door. “What’s the password,” he said to the girls with a leering grin.

Angie looked nervously from him to me, and then, though she trembled a little as she did so, she lifted her shirt (which was the kind of fancy top with the sewn in support cups) and exposed her perfect little breasts, which were actually a bit more Onwin full, and definitely nicer than I’d expected.

As Angie lowered her shirt, and wiggled to get her tits back in just right, the big guy smiled at her and said, “Nice. Go on in.”

Sandy was much less inhibited, and didn’t even wait to be asked before she pushed down the cups of her sundress to expose nice round melons with plenty of jiggle, bounced them on purpose for the guy (and, incidentally, for me) and blew him a little kiss, while shooting me a sly, teasing wink. Then she burst into the frat house a ball of energy, and left me alone on the stoop with the human wall.

I guess I expected that was it, but as I started to follow her in the guy stopped me with a hand the size of a canned ham and said, “Twenty bucks.”

Figures, I thought as I fished out my wallet, the girls get in for nothing but a titty flash, non frat guys pay through the nose. Oh well, I thought, not about to argue with the guy. Smiling I handed over the cash, and the guy lifted his hand. “Have fun,” he said, now seeming like my best buddy instead of a guy likely to thrash me if I refused to pay, “sure you will with a pair of hot ass girls like them two…”

I smiled back and said, “um, yeah… see you inside.” Never let them see your fear. As I walked in to find Angie and Sandy had left me behind I chuckled to myself. Now I’d seen both my Sisters’ tits, in the two times I’d been to frat row. I began to seriously consider pledging.

Well, if the sorority party last year was a dream, then this frat party was a wet dream! Holy shit, I thought, now THIS was the scene! You know the thing about a frat party versus a sorority party? At a sorority party there are the girls from one sorority house and the guys from several frats. Also, there’s a certain sense of decorum left clinging to things despite the raunchy undertones. But at a frat party, well first of all, there’s all the chicks from the various sororities, and lots who aren’t even Greeks, and to hell with decorum! First thing I noticed was the general shambles the place was in – these guys party so hard they almost destroy the damn building! Next, how could I not notice all the HOT chicks?

Lastly, I noticed the booze – lots of booze! Enough to swim home through. And not just beer, although there was plenty of that. Nope. There was hard stuff too. And I noticed especially that there was a big trash can, but which looked brand new, filled with liquid that smelled only a little like alcohol, and a lot more like kool-aid, and there was lots of fruit floating on the top. There was a guy running the keg and when I got a cup, for another $3.00, I asked him what the trash can had in it.

“Spoty” or “Spody” he said, or something like that. At my quizzical look he said, “a bunch of different boozes mixed together, with a bunch of different flavored kool aid packets tossed in, and then we put in all kinds of fruit like cherries and peaches, orange slices, pineapple chunks, and stuff. You know, small, bite size pieces.” Then he looked around to see that the coast was clear before leaning in and letting me know the secret to the stuff, “you see, the chicks know that if they get drunk they’ll probably get screwed, but they still want to get a buzz, so they drink the “punch”, which they figure is less alcohol than beer, but it’s the kool-aid that makes it seem that way. Best of all, the fruit soaks up tons of the liquor, and the girls are always putting it in their cups, and when they empty it – they eat the fruit! Blam! They’re wasted…” He punctuated his revelation with an evil chuckle, and then looked at me really seriously before swearing me to secrecy about the “spody”, emphatically telling me that none of the chicks knew about their secret weapon, and none better find out.

“Scout’s honor,” I promised him, the almost universal pledge of the ‘guy’s code of honor’ these days. He just grinned, and filled my cup to overflowing.

After the enlightening conversation with the beer guy, I wandered around ogling all the scattered ass around there, and looking for any of the girls I was supposed to be there with. After a while, I found all three, and they all had cups of ‘spody’ in their hands. Angie was already eating the fruit from the bottom of hers, spiking the little pieces of fruit on the sharp end of a toothpick with a paper umbrella top. Damn, I thought, these frat guys sure go all out. These girls are sitting ducks! Briefly, I entertained the thought of warning them, after all, two of these chicks were my Sisters. But I’d given my word, and besides, I felt pretty sure that Marie had nothing to worry about being the girlfriend of one of the frat guys, and as for the other two, I couldn’t warn Angie without Sandy finding out… and I kinda liked having the deck stacked in my favor. So instead I offered to get them all refills.

“Hah! You got the idea quick,” the beer keg boss said as I reappeared with three empty spody glasses. I just grinned, refilled them, Onwin Giriş and headed back out.

The party was a raging success. I must’ve introduced myself a million times, and I sorta lost track of the girls after a while. I met Marie’s boyfriend, Ryan, and I gotta admit I liked him. He seemed like the kind of guy I could be buddies with, and we played a few games of pool and hung out. I realized at some point in the night that I definitely wanted to go out for a frat, and I was hoping Marie’s beau would make it easier.

About an hour later, I found myself on the couch, feeling a little woozy, with some drunk brunette with a great body, making out and feeling her up, when suddenly Marie showed up and pulled me away by the arm. To my chagrin, I saw another dude sit right down and pick up where I left off with the brunette, who I think hardly noticed the change. Fuck, I thought, and then turned to Marie and said, annoyed, “what?”

“Come quickly,” she said urgently, “it’s Angie… she’s in over her head.”

Instantly my head cleared as my protective big brother instinct kicked in. “Show me,” I said, and Marie led me away by the hand. Next thing I knew I was down at the other end of the frat house, in a big room I hadn’t even known existed. It looked like the inner sanctum of the frat, with a big screen TV and a nice, sunken center lined with custom brown leather couches. And there, on the floor, were Angie and Sandy, both buck naked, eating each other’s pussies in a hot 69, while cheering college guys and quiet, blushing coed girls with burning eyes crowded around them, watching.

“Holy shit,” I exclaimed, as my eyes took in the incredible sight.

There, on the beer stained carpet in the frat house, was my little sister, naked as the day she was born, with those tits I’d gotten a glimpse of at the door pressed to her friend’s flat tummy, and her face buried in the other High School senior’s neatly trimmed blonde bush, her tongue licking away at the wet, pink slice. Likewise, Sandy had her hands on my little Sister’s soft, pale hips, holding on tight as her blonde head worked between my Sister’s trim, lean thighs. Her big tits trapped under my Sister’s squirming belly. And though I couldn’t see what she was doing to my baby sister’s pussy, I could easily see the top of her head moving rhythmically behind my little sister’s wiggling ass, as my sister ground her hips in a similar rhythm.

“Well, don’t just stare, stop it,” my older Sister, Marie, exclaimed, slapping me on the arm in exasperation.

I looked around. Yeah, right… any guy who stopped this show was gonna get murdered. And forget about joining the frat. Kiss your chances of having any fun in college goodbye. I thought about it a minute and looked at Marie, and said, “look, I’m sure they’ve done it to each other many times in private, it doesn’t look like this is their first time…”

Marie looked shocked, but in a moment she got my drift, and nodded. “Well, they’re gonna get gang banged here soon if someone doesn’t do something,” she said, “and I’m pretty sure that will be a first for them. And I doubt if they’re ready.”

I realized that Marie knew what she was talking about from experience, and to be honest I didn’t see anything wrong with that, but still I had to ask. “Marie,” I said, “have you ever been naked on that floor?”

“Yeah,” she said, looking down.

“No biggie,” I said, “I’m not judging you. But… well, did you enjoy it?”

“Yeah,” she admitted, with a shrug, “though I did feel kinda bad about it too. But I’ve done it again, since…”

An image of my Sister naked fucking all her boyfriend’s frat brothers, one after the other, flashed through my mind. Now I knew how she’d gotten to be such a great lay. I shook the image out of my head, and realized that I had to do something, or I’d see it for real, only with my other sister. Suddenly, I had an idea.

“Sis,” I said, whispering into Marie’s ear as I drew her close, “I know what a hot fuck you are… you’re definitely ready but I’m not so sure Angie is, I think you’re right. But to tell you the truth, I think her friend Sandy is more than ready, and what’s more, I want a piece of her myself. I’ve got an idea…”

Over the next minute I outlined my plan to my big Sister who just nodded, and “mm-hmmed” in my ear. Then, she said, “OK, I’ll do it.” I nodded, affirming I’d do my part, and then she took a deep breath, and started toward the howling crowd.

Unlike the rest of the girls at the party, though, she pushed her way right into the center of the circle, and began to strip. “Mind if I join in, guys,” she said, sexily in her best little girl voice.

Loud cries of “Hell yeah” and “Yeah, Baby” filled the air, and I watched as my big sister began her sensuous strip tease. As she pulled her top off, revealing her plump tits, their nipples rock hard, I noticed that she had everyone’s complete attention for the moment. And although there were still two naked girls eating each other Onwin Güncel Giriş out on the floor, for a minute, everyone forgot all about them.

Marie did her best to keep everyone’s attention, and in a minute I heard a loud chorus of whooping and hollering, as (I assume) she took off her panties and showed the horny crowd her pussy. Acting quickly, I moved in on Angie and Sandy, and pulled them apart. As I pulled my little sister off the top of her friend she smiled at me, licked her lips, and tried to smash herself against me, moaning “Mmmmm… Bro….” Yep. She was trashed, totally.

I managed to get the two girls to stand up and keep my mind on the task at hand, namely rescuing them, and not on their luscious nude bodies rubbing against me. I grabbed what I could find of their discarded clothes, which thankfully surrounded them, and pulled them with me into a nearby bathroom. Just before I closed the door, locking it behind us, I heard my big sister announce, teasingly, “OK, who gets to fuck me first?”

Oh, God, I thought, my big sister is getting gang banged on the other side of this door, and I knew she was doing it to save our little sister from it. Nevertheless, the idea sent my cock into overdrive, and it formed an obscene lump in my pants. This didn’t escape Sandy’s notice.

Because I was half supporting them, I was almost used to having them pressed up against me and so I hardly noticed when Sandy unzipped my pants, but I sure noticed when she wriggled out of my grasp and pulled my cock out of my underwear right there, and just as quickly swallowed it to the root. “Oh, God,” I moaned in shocked delight, slumping back against the door to the little bathroom as she began a steady bobbing motion with her head. I had lusted after this girl for years, watching her grow up from a nymph to a slut before my very eyes as she visited our house almost nightly. And here she was, at last, sucking my cock for all she was worth.

My little Sister, for her part, chuckled low in her throat, a sound far too sexy to come from my innocent little Sister, I thought, and wobbled back on drunken legs to sit on the lid of the toilet, legs spread akimbo, her dripping wet pussy on open display to my hungry eyes. Eyes half lidded in lust and drunken abandon, she smiled softly and began to run her hands over her nude body, and in short order was rubbing her pussy, and slipping fingers in and out of it, while I watched her watching her friend suck my cock, her Big Brother’s cock. God damn, she was beautiful!

“Mmmm…… that’s a nice dick you got there, big Bro,” she slurred after a few minutes of watching each other…

I was about to compliment her in return on her incredibly hot body, that even after fucking our other Sister I somehow never properly appreciated before that moment, when Sandy reacted to hearing Angie’s voice. She seemed to have forgotten that she and I weren’t alone, and so she startled, her head pulling off my cock with an audible ‘pop’! Then looked over at her friend with a sly smile, and holding my cock in her hand like a kid offering to share her toy, she said, “wanna try some?”

Angie didn’t answer, she just slid forward off the seat, and crawled the two or three feet to the door where I was trapped, and as her friend held me steady, she leaned in and took about half my rock hard cock into her mouth in one swoop. Two seconds later, after bobbing her head in my lap a few times, I felt the head of my cock push into her throat as her tongue lashed wildly on my underside, her moans sending vibrations through my shaft.

“Ohhhhh…. fuck,” I groaned, instinctively wrapping my fingers up in her long hair, and humping her face.

Sis grabbed onto my legs above the knees and just held on for dear life as she allowed me to ravage her mouth and throat with my rampant manhood. Occasionally, when I’d break the rhythm, she’d take over bouncing her head in my lap, and taking me in deep. Just when I thought I would cum she pulled all the way off. A string of spit, mixed with precum dangled between the head of my cock and her lips, a stark reminder that my cock had just been deep in that beautiful, flushed face.

Sandy swooped in and began sucking again, but really only to refresh her taste of my manhood in her mouth. A second later she pulled away, and taking hold of my cock led me as though on a leash the two steps before she put both her small hands in the center of my muscled chest, and pushed me back to sit on the counter, my back against the mirror.

“Oh, yeah….” I groaned, knowing where this was going, and sure enough my Sister’s hot best friend turned herself around, aiming my cock between her ass cheeks, and putting one leg up on the stool my Sister had just vacated, she reached between her lithe thighs and guided my cock up against, then into her wet, red hot cunt.

We both exhaled, then “ooohhhed” as I slid slowly into her. For the supposed town slut she was incredibly tight, and it took her a few attempts to work me in all the way. But soon I felt her soft ass nestle against my pubic bush and the tight ring of her pussy hole like a runner band snapping at the root of my manhood. And as she began to rise and fall on me, I let my hands explore the girl I’d lusted after most of my life.

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32