Frank’s Cabin

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The hardwood table felt cold against my skin and it sent chills through my naked torso. As my body pressed down against the table’s surface it felt good against my naked chest. My nipples strained — harder than they had in a very long time. I couldn’t tell if that was in response to the temperature or from the situation I found myself in. It was hard to distract my mind from the pleasurable pain I was feeling as my nipples grew in sensitivity. I compensated by trying to focus…clear my drunken mind…and recall the evening’s events which had led me to where I now lay. Then I felt his hands firmly grasp the back of my thighs and pull them apart. I willingly allowed my legs to spread. As his tongue slipped between my lips and made their way to my clit, electricity flowed through my entire body. I was on fire and I didn’t want it to ever stop!

I turned my head and tried to look behind me. Over my shoulder I could see Mike. He was watching me with lust in his eyes. I saw Janice kneeling before him, her mouth eagerly pleasuring his cock, his hands on her head, and a smile on his lips. The sight of Mike’s ex taking his cock in her mouth was turning me on as much as the tongue on my clit. I couldn’t tell for sure, but it looked like she was taking the entire thing down her throat. At just under 7-inches Mike is nicely above average but I’d never been able to handle his entire length with my mouth. Yet I watched with jealous envy as Janice did what I couldn’t. My thoughts returned to the mouth between my own legs. The tongue felt so good. And my clit throbbed at every lick, reminding me to relax and enjoy myself.


6-Hours Earlier… Last Minute Invitation

Mike hung up the phone. I’d heard half of the conversation but not enough to figure out who he’d been speaking with. Although, his last comment, “I’ll ask Staci and let you know” had me interested in what the call had been about.

“So Mike, who was that and what do you need to ask me?”

“That was Frank. He’s hosting a party tonight. He said he’s invited most of our old friends and wanted us to come as well.”

Our old friends, were a group that we’d been very close with for years in our 20s and early 30s. Some we’d been closer with than others. Each of us had even dated a few of them at different times. Mike and I had actually met through the group. Mike had been dating a woman named Janice when we first met and I’d been with Frank at the time. I had also dated Andy briefly before Mike and I finally got together. That was about 7-years ago, and there were only a couple of the group I’d stayed in contact with — Melissa, Steve, Kendra, and Lou. I still “cyber-stalked” everyone on Facebook from time-to-time, but for the most part hadn’t spoken to the rest of them in a long time.

Mike had stayed in contact with Frank, Jason, and Steve. The four of them golfed together once a month and he was another source for me to hear the gossip.

“Did he say who’s going?”

“Pretty much everyone. Except Andy who’s deployed with the Army.”

“Mike, did he specifically mention names?”

“Just a few…”

“Stop being so shady! You know what I mean! Who’s going to be there?”

“Ok…, he did say that Janice and Jason were both planning to come as well. But so will John, Melissa and Steve, Frank’s wife obviously, and he still needed to call Kendra and her husband.”

Kendra and her husband, Lou, were still close friends and I was excited at the prospect of seeing them again. Melissa and her husband Steve were great too — Steve is absolutely hilarious and made me pee myself once by doing impersonations of all our friends — one of my most embarrassing moments. What made it worse is that it happened in front of Jason — who I absolutely couldn’t stand! Jason had always been a total ass to me. He picked on me all the time and after that day he’s taken to calling me Ms Pissy Pants — he never let it go.

I wasn’t a fan of Janice either. Mike and I didn’t start dating until about 2-months after they had broken up. We’d been together for about 3-months when she decided to show up at his apartment to ‘talk.’ Mike admitted to me that the ‘talk’ had primarily revolved around how she was better for him that I was and that they should get back together. Mike had also told me that she had used the “I have to go to the bathroom excuse,” and made her way to his bedroom where she stripped down, climbed into his bed, and waited for him until he threw her out. That was the last time she tried anything but I hadn’t spoken to her since. I was aware, however, that she’d recently been dating another friend of ours named John. I honestly can’t say I blamed John…as much as I disliked Janice, I had to admit that she had that exotic swimsuit model look that guys and girls both found attractive.

Mike and I discussed it for a few minutes and after going through the guest list. I agreed that there would be enough people there that I could avoid both Jason and Janice enough to enjoy the party. And I felt that I could at least be civil to both of them…after escort mecidiyeköy all, it’d been 7-years!

“Did Frank say where the party is going to be?”

“He did Staci — his family’s cabin at the lake. I’m sure you remember it don’t you?”

I looked up at him and saw the smirk across his face. He knew damn well I remembered that cabin.

When Frank and I dated, he’d taken me there quite a few times for romantic weekend getaways. Mike and I had this conversation before, multiple times even, and he knew that Frank and I had fucked in every room of that cabin. It always aroused me to recall those times and Mike would get exceptionally turned on listening to everything I shared.

“So Staci…tell me again about how Frank laid you naked on the kitchen table and fucked you unconscious. Or maybe about that time when you sucked his dick on the front porch? Then there was that time I remember you telling me about in the hot tub…”

Mike knew those memories always got me worked up. Don’t get me wrong, sex with Mike was fantastic — the best I’d ever had. But those memories with Frank in that cabin were so raw and animalistic. I could feel my labia swelling and my nipples harden the more he teased.

“That’s right Mike… you know I remember those days well,” I teased in response. “I told you that Frank brought me to my first orgasm and definitely knew how to make me cum. He was very skilled with his tongue and his hands…and that super thick cock of his stretched my tight little pussy so good!”

“Well maybe he’ll treat you to a repeat performance,” Mike teased back. “Maybe, he’ll let me watch while he lays you out on that kitchen table again!”

We’d dirty talked about things like this before and it always led to great sex. As my own arousal grew, I reached down and could feel the bulge growing in Mike’s pants. Rubbing softly, I said “Would you like that baby? Would you like to see how well Frank used to fuck me? How he would fill my pussy? How he taught me to orgasm? Is that making you hard right now? Do you want to watch tonight while he does it again? Or, maybe you’re thinking about Janice? About her dropping to her knees and sucking on your cock like she used to?”

Mike pulled me close and put his face against mine. Our foreheads touching; our lips a mere inch apart. I could taste his breath on mine.

“I know you Staci…I know how dirty you can be…I know you think about Frank’s cock filling you up even when you’re with me. I may not be as thick as him, but I know I’m longer…and I’ve reached deep inside your pussy like no one else ever has. I’m also pretty sure you’d enjoy watching me bend Janice over and fuck her so hard that she begs for more. Mmmmm, I can still remember how well she orgasmed…I know you’d love watching it too!”

His hand slipped down my body and inside the front of my jeans — the buttons easily breaking free as he worked his way inside. His fingers slid inside my panties and found their way to my pussy which was growing wetter at every syllable he spoke. I was almost embarrassed at how wet I’d become.

“Are you this wet for me Staci? Or from thinking about Frank? Or from imagining Janice begging for me to fill her cunt?”

“All of it,” I moaned into his mouth.

My entire body was on fire. Alive. Begging for more. And I found myself begging Mike for more as well.

“Please Mike…please…I need it…I need to feel you inside me.”

Mike was more than willing. He turned me around to face the wall. Then, grabbing my jeans and panties with both hands, pulled them down my legs as quickly as he could. As I stepped out of them, I could hear him wrestling with his own clothing and then felt him press his nakedness against me. His cock settled between my ass cheeks and reached up to the small of my back. All of this had excited him too and I felt the wetness of his precum dripping down his shaft and all over my lower back. He kicked at my feet to widen my stance and then, dipping slightly, I felt him line up to my opening and slide effortlessly inside.

It felt so amazing to feel Mike fill my pussy. I was on fire, and to feel him sliding in and out against my inner walls made me drip even more. The thoughts of past lovers had gotten me started, but my body was completely slave to Mike’s thrusts at this point. The feeling was building inside me and that’s when I felt Mike thrust hard and deep — his cock erupting inside me…filling me with his cum in that way that gave me ultimate satisfaction. I smiled as he leaned into me…feeling him kiss the back of my neck. Then he withdrew. I turned to face him and he grabbed my arms — pinning me to the wall and kissed me hard. I was on the verge of cumming myself and tried to guide his hand toward my engorged clit. He pulled away.

“No,” he said firmly. “You don’t get to cum yet. I want you to wait until later tonight.”

“Please Mike…I need it so bad! And I’m so close right now.”

“No baby,” he repeated. “I’ll let you cum tonight. But not now.”

Bringing me to the edge and then stopping cold seemed like escort bayan a favorite game of Mike’s. I can’t count the number of times he’d left me wanting only to deliver hours later. As much as I wanted to cum right now…I knew the payoff would be worth waiting. I reluctantly relented to his commands and started for the shower.

“STOP!” Mike called out. “Where are you going?”

“To clean up and get ready for the party.”

“NO,” he said again. “No showers. We are going to get dressed and go just like this. I’m going to the party with your juices coating my dick. I’m going to talk to Janice…knowing that while I do, your scent will be marking me as YOURS!

And you are going to walk around that cabin with my cum dripping from your pussy. I want to watch you talk to Frank and the rest of our friends and know that my cum is still filling your cunt!”

My nipples perked up again at the thoughts he’d just placed in my head. There was something very erotic and taboo about meeting our friends in this state. And the thought of revisiting the site of my early sexual satisfactions and first-ever orgasms, while Mike’s cum slid around inside me, was hot!

Driving to the Lake. Which way do we go?!

It was an hour drive to the lake. Mike knew the way but kept up the teasing banter.

“Staci, do I turn here to go to Frank’s cabin at the lake?

…I’ve only been to Frank’s cabin a couple of times before Staci. If only we had someone in this car who’d been there MANY times and could tell me which turn to take!

…sure hope I don’t get lost on the way to Frank’s cabin! It’d be a shame if we didn’t get to see Frank…in his cabin…where I hear people have lots of fun!”

I knew he was doing this just to pick at me and didn’t really feel threatened by Frank. I felt obligated to give it back to him as much as he was giving it to me.

“Don’t worry Mike! I’ve been to Frank’s cabin MANY, MANY times before. In fact, I’ve been there so many times I can’t even remember if I’m cumming or going!” I smiled at him as I said that and he grinned back — fully picking up on my double-entendre.

Turn left here Mike…you don’t want to miss the cut-off to Frank’s cabin — where Frank is currently waiting for me, I mean US, to arrive.”

“I’m sure excited to see our old friends, like Frank,” I said as I rubbed my hands over my breasts and down between my legs. “I am REALLY looking forward to seeing Frank and Frank’s cabin again!”

I reached down to Mike’s crotch and rubbed the bulge I noticed starting again. “Are you looking forward to seeing any of our old friends too Mike? Maybe you’re excited about seeing Frank too? Or maybe it’s Janice you want to see again?”

“I sure am Staci! In fact, I’m super excited about seeing Frank and Janice both!”

“How excited are you Mike?” I said as I rubbed his bulge a bit harder. I unzipped his jeans and reached into his boxers, pulled his cock out, and felt it stiffen in my hand. “Wow Mike! You really are excited about seeing Janice again aren’t you?!”

“Let me ask you a hypothetical” Mike said inquisitively. “I know we’ve been teasing each other, but what if Frank really does want to fuck you while I watch? Is that something you’d even be interested in?”

In the throes of passion, I had admitted to Mike that I did miss Frank’s cock and would love an opportunity to feel him inside me again. Of course, that was just dirty talk and I never thought of it as a possibility. I played along.

“Absolutely I’m up for that!” I don’t think I could have sounded any more eager than I did right then. “I’d let Frank fuck me whether he let you watch or not!” I was still teasing but truthfully, I had spent many a private masturbation session fantasizing about Frank…not Mike. “And you have my permission to fuck Janice tonight too.”

His cocked jumped in my hand as I gave him the green light. I stroked him a few times and then leaned over the arm rest putting the head of his cock in my mouth. I could taste myself on him as I gently sucked on the tip. As I did, I could feel myself getting wet again. At least I thought that was what I was feeling. It could have been some of Mike’s cum leaking out of me. Hard to tell!

“You need to stop Stac…we’ll be there in a few minutes and I don’t want to show up with my cock out.”

I protested briefly, but then complied with his request. I watched as his cock slowly softened and eventually withdrew into the safety of his boxers again. When we arrived, Mike parked back a bit from the cabin to lessen the chance that someone would see him fumbling with his zipper.

We got out of the car and walked to the front door. Mike held my hand as we stepped onto the porch, then leaned in and whispered in my ear. “The first thing I want you to show me is where Frank fucked you in the ass that first time.”

My face blushed and I shot him a shocked glance…just as Tara, Frank’s wife, opened the door.

Party at the Cabin! Whoo Hoo!!

“Oh my God! I’m so glad you guys could make it!” Tara excitedly said as she leapt to hug both of beşiktaş escort us. “Come in, come in!”

As we entered the cabin, it occurred to me that the last time I was here was with Frank. We’d spent one final holiday weekend here a couple of months before we had broken up. Mike had been here that weekend too — with Janice. It didn’t look like much had changed since then. The pictures had been updated to ones of Frank and Tara, but other than that it was pretty much as I remembered it.

“Frank’s in the kitchen,” Tara said as she led us in that direction. “Everyone else is out back.”

“MICHAEL!” Frank shouted as we rounded the corner. I had to lean back as the two embraced in a classic ‘bro hug.’ “AND STACI!” Frank exclaimed as he leaned in and swallowed me in his arms. Frank was always well-built and larger than average, and at a burly 6-foot and 2-inches tall he towered over my 5-foot 6-inch petite frame. “GOOD GOD I’VE MISSED YOU!” he said as he planted a big friendly kiss on my cheek. Frank had grown a full beard in the last couple years. I found the whiskers rough against my face, but not entirely unpleasant.

“It’s good to see you guys too,” I countered, unsure if his comment had been directed at just me or both Mike and I.

Tara grabbed my arm. “Come on…let’s get you a beer and head out back where everyone else is.”

It was chilly outside, but there was a large bonfire going and I could see everyone standing around it for warmth. Melissa and Steve were already here. So was Janice. Tara and I joined them in the fire’s glow and I politely said hello to everyone; hugs were exchanged all around. We all commented about how long it had been since we’d seen each other and then Janice asked “Did Mike make it too?”

“He’s still in the kitchen helping Frank with the shots.” Tara interjected.

“Where’s your boyfriend, John?” I asked, trying to be polite.

“Not here,” Janice replied with a bit of miffed enthusiasm in her voice. “He decided to spend New Year’s Eve by day-drinking to the point he passed out an hour before we were supposed to leave. I left him asleep on the couch at his apartment and decided to come anyway. I’m wasn’t about to let him ruin my chance to see everyone again!”

“Kendra and Lou aren’t going to make it either.” Melissa said.

“Sadly, that’s true,” Tara added. “It appears they took a trip to New York to see the ball drop at Times Square. I told Frank we should have sent invites out weeks ago but you know he’s never been much of a planner. I’m just glad all of you were able to make it on such short notice.”

“The benefits of being old!” added Steve. “You just lay around the house waiting and hoping someone, ANYONE, will call and invite you out! Of course, that might have more to do with having kids than age I suppose.”

“Nope!” I said. “we don’t have any kids and our social calendar is pretty open too.”

I heard the back door to the cabin open and was turning to see Mike and Frank coming out with a platter of shots when I heard it… “OH HOLY HELL! ARE YOU KIDDING ME?! EVEN MS PISSY PANTS MADE IT?!!”

Trailing behind Frank was Jason. I had convinced myself that I was going to be fine with seeing him as long as he minded himself. I think I could have even been ok if he brought up the whole ‘pissy pants’ thing during conversation too. But for it to be the first words out of his mouth really just made me mad! “Hello Jason.” I muttered with no emotion. Keeping my feelings in check had never been my strong suit, but I wasn’t going to be the reason behind the party sucking — especially now that this ass-clown was here.

I finished my beer as Mike came over and put his arm around me. He leaned in, kissed my cheek, and said “Sorry…I asked him to be nice.”

“Well, it didn’t work.” I whispered back under my breath.

“Just ignore him babe. I’ll try and keep him in check. Don’t let him ruin your night.”

I started to reply (something about what an ass-clown he was), when Janice pushed between us. “Hi Mike! Long time, no see!” Her voice had lost that edge of miffiness and she was now all ‘puppies and rainbows’ as she hugged Mike.

“Hi Janice,” my husband replied, a bit too eager for my taste.

After a few uncomfortable seconds of watching her touching my husband’s arm and chest I broke the silence – “Did someone say shots?”

Frank passed around the tray until everyone had a drink. “A Toast,” he exclaimed…”to old friends!”

It wasn’t until the drink hit the back of my throat that I realized it was a top-shelf tequila that Frank was toasting with. Another round was poured, followed by another toast, followed by another, and another. Five shots in and I’d warmed up and was no longer feeling angry at anyone.

We stood around the fire talking, catching up on the last few years, and hearing about the direction everyone’s lives had gone. I was the most surprised to learn that Jason did volunteer work at St Jude Children’s Home. I didn’t think he had a selfless bone in his body but it sounded like he had actually matured. Steve told us about how he won an amateur comedy contest while on a cruise ship — something I’d already heard from Melissa. He then proceeded to perform part of the routine and it was hilarious! That’s when Jason said, “be careful Steve…don’t forget Ms Pissy Pants is listening!” So much for that maturity I was crediting him with!

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32