Fourth of July Fest

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It all started at the Jaycee Fourth of July Festival in a little town named Van Buren in Clark County in Southern Illinois, it was 1981. I’m Dave Hughes, and three years earlier I had graduated with a degree in Mechanical Engineering from the University of Illinois in Champaign. A bicycle manufacturer in Clark County recruited me to come to work for them, I was more than happy to accept their generous offer. I went to work for them on a project to develop exercise equipment. The fitness craze was strong in the early 1980s, but there weren’t big fitness centers as there are now. We developed treadmills, stationary bicycles, rowing machines and a variety of specialized lifting machines for home use. It was a great first job.

Three years on I was leading a development team in designing exercise equipment, a member of the Van Buren Jaycees, a player on a local softball team, the owner of a cherry red Camaro, and feeling well integrated into small town life. In addition to the Fourth of July parade honoring the veterans, the festival included all sorts of other activities from an early morning run, dozens of booths staffed by various clubs and churches and selling cookies, pies, fried chicken, brats, and all manner of greasy and fattening foods. Then there was the beer garden to cap off the day. About 10:00 pm, after I finished my shift selling burgers at the Jaycee food stand, I made my way to the beer garden. I may have been the only sober person there.

My friend Tom Johnson yelled and waved at me immediately when I walked in, he had corralled two girls and was sitting with them and a pitcher of beer at a picnic table. He introduced the blond who was sitting in close physical contact with him as Gretchen, and the small brunette at Cathy. Later she told me her last name was Bradley. Quickly I got the hint that Tom wanted me to occupy Cathy so that he and Gretchen could go somewhere to do more than rub the inside of each other’s thighs under the table.

After they left Cathy and I finished the pitcher and did a little leg touching ourselves before she asked me to give her a ride home. About 1.5 seconds after we got into my Camaro, Cathy was all over me, hungry initially for some serious French kissing, I did my best to encourage her. We didn’t leave the parking lot, didn’t even start the engine before she had my cock in her tiny hands and then in her mouth. Her fingertips almost touched when she squeezed hard on my cock, I was pleasantly surprised first that she even got her mouth wrapped around my cock and then that she took more than half of in down her throat. As a blow job artist, she was talented, aggressive and horny, three of my favorite traits in a woman.

I slipped my hand down into the short shorts she was wearing and was pleasantly surprised to find that she was not wearing underwear. She was leaning over me sucking and stroking but I could easily reach down her shorts from the back, slide my hand between her legs and play with her slit and clit. She went into some exaggerated humping and moaning action, but never stopped her outstanding cocksucking. Her pussy was amazingly tight, wet, slippery, silky smooth and ready for fucking.

At one point I told her that I was something of an expert at pussy licking and I would be very pleased to show her what I could do for her. She asked me to let her keep working on my cock, but she did remove her shorts to give me better access. I continued with the finger fucking and she humped, bucked and moaned, presumably having an orgasm or two without ever missing a stroke on my cock. She was in the middle of one of the groaning organism when I began erupting into her throat, she didn’t stop sucking until she came down from a huge climax.

Later as we on the way to her house, she lived with her mother, I was feeling sufficiently recovered to find a good spot to park and go for another round. She replied that she would like that but not right then. She said she wanted to find out if I was as good with my tongue and cock as I was with my fingers.

Three days later I ran into Tom again, he had stories to tell me about how the night with Gretchen went; they nearly fucked each other blind. Then he asked how I liked sloppy seconds.

“Frankly, it kind of turns me on and grosses me out at the same time, why are you asking?” I said.

“Because just before you joined us, Cathy came back from a round of back seat fucking with another guy,” said Tom. “She told us that she was feeling well fucked and the cum was still leaking out of her pussy. She and Gretchen traded high fives.”

“She didn’t offer seconds and I didn’t ask,” I lied.

“She and Gretchen are old friends and Gretch calls her Wet Mouse,” Tom explained. “Apparently she likes to fuck a lot, you wouldn’t have to work very hard to get your dick in her.”

The following Sunday morning, about 11:00 Cathy knocked on my door totally unexpectedly. Remember, it was 1984, there were no smart phones, no messaging, she didn’t even know my bakırköy escort phone number. I’m not sure how she knew where I lived, but Van Buren was a small town, everybody seemed to know everybody. I was wearing a pair of running shorts and nothing else. I cringe to think about the kind of running shorts we wore in 1981, they were very short and something like underwear was built in. Kathy didn’t have much on either, she was wearing short shorts, a stretch tube top and flip flops.

She asked if she could come in, I invited her in, and then she turned and waved to Gretchen who was sitting in her car, Gretchen waved back and drove away.

“OK if I hang out with you today for a while?” she asked somewhat belatedly.

We talked about the time in the beer garden and parking lot the previous weekend, and I couldn’t resist bringing it up, “I understand you had just finished having sex with someone else before the two of us got together.”

She explained that yes, she did have sex with another man just before we met, and that was the reason she stopped me from going down on her.

“Do you have panties on today?” I asked.

“Yes, I am wearing panties now,” she replied and blushed, “Last week when I was with you they were in my purse.”

I gave her a confused look and she continued, “the guy I was with used my panties to wipe off his dick when we finished at the July 4th Fest, such an asshole. Then I used them to wipe myself off and put them in my purse. I can’t throw away panties every time I have sex can I?”

When I managed to close my mouth after the jaw-dropping shock about how bold and frank she was I managed to say, “that might get expensive.”

“And tell me why some people call you Wet Mouse?” I asked.

“Several years ago Gretchen arranged for me to have sex with her brother and after we finished she asked him how it was, he told her that I was as tight as a mouse’s ear.”

“Wet?” I asked.

“That’s because I get so wet when I’m ready for sex, my lube oozes out of me and runs down my legs sometimes.” After a short pause she said, “like it is doing right now.”

She spread her legs and ran her fingers across the inside of her thigh, I could see the glistening moisture on her legs as she offered me her finger tips and asked if I wanted a taste.

“Is that all from you?” I asked, “or did someone else leave a load in there before you got here?”

“You are my first today,” she said “I know how big you are, I had you in my hands and mouth last time. You don’t know how tight I am, but unless you are really quick or unable to go again I’m going to be too sore to have sex with anybody else for a few days.”

With that she stripped out of what little clothing she had on. The Wet Mouse was an inch or two less than five feet tall. She probably weighed 90-95 pounds. Her tiny little ass was beautifully curved and her miniature boobs were perky. With short brown hair, small facial features, tiny hands and feet her overall appearance was petite. As I was soon to find, her pussy was small and tight as well.

I picked her up and put her on my big recliner. With me on my knees, her legs spread wide and draped over my shoulders, I dived in head first. Cathy goes from first lick to something like orgasm in about 30 seconds. I say something like orgasm because I’m not at all sure when she starts and stops, I’m not sure if she has 50 moderate orgasm in sequence, five major orgasms that string together, or one massive richter scale recording orgasm that trembles for a hour with aftershocks. I don’t think she knows either. What I do know is that she enjoys sex loudly and immensely.

With her hands on the back of my head she was grinding her pussy into by face with all the considerable energy she could muster. When I slipped a finger into her oozing pussy the pitch and volume of her moans went up an octave or two. When I pushed two fingers into her tight snatch and one finger in her ass while working her clit hard with my tongue she went delirious and stayed that way for several minutes until I took a break because my jaw was getting tired.

“Put that big dick in me now,” were the first words she was able to speak when she came down a little. At that point I had been fucking her with two fingers for several minutes, she was tight but I didn’t think that it would be difficult to get my dick into her because she was so wet. I had some thoughts about how deep I should go. I’m bigger and longer than most, but not outrageously big.

The initial penetration was harder than I expected, I think she was clenching out of concern that it might hurt. I asked her to relax and finally, after moving ever so slowly I was able to get the knob of my cock fully inside her. At that point pushing in the next several inches was a little, but not much, easier. It probably took five minutes of inching in slowly just a little, pulling back just a little less, then repeating it over and over I finally beşiktaş escort had 5-6 inches of cock buried in her tight little cunt. When I started pumping into her in serious fucking mode she went wild. She was calling me names, begging for more, demanding that I fill her cunt with cum and spouting every known syllable of dirty talk that I had ever heard.

At about the time her eyes filled with tears, her words became unintelligible and I was concerned that I was hurting her or that she wanted to stop. When I did stop, she instantly made it clear that she wanted me to continue, so I continued to pound into hard and fast.

“Your balls are slapping my asshole,” she yelled.

“Too deep?” I asked.

“No, keep fucking me you big dick mother fucker,” she wailed.

Her enthusiasm drew me in and soon there was no stopping. “Going to cum,” I managed to grunt and she immediately replied “fill me up, give it to me, cum in my cunt.”

I shot load after load deep into her tight little pussy, the sensation was amazing. Five, six or more hard spurts and each one delivered an amazing sensation like an entire orgasm. I collapsed on top of her but continued to feel my dick twitching and her cunt clenching for a few minutes more. When I finally pulled out with a slight pop she immediately put her hand over her pussy to keep from leaking.

“Lie down,” she said and I flopped down on my back on the floor. She put a foot on either side of my chest and removed her hand from her pussy. As she half squatted over my chest she pulled herself open as cum dripped out of her and splashed on to my chest. “I’m going to lick this cum off your chest then I’m going to lick your cock clean'” she said and then proceeded to do exactly what she said she was going to do.

We made sandwiches for lunch, me in my short running shorts and her in her shorts only. Both of us bare chested. She ate her sandwich quickly, explaining that semen was a good appetizer, and the fucking made her hungry. She rubbed dabs of mustard on her tits and asked if I liked mustard on nipples. I was totally amazed, she was so totally uninhibited and so experienced. I had not even had fantasies about some the things she said and did.

“OK lunch is over,” she announced, “time to get back to fucking. Gretch is going to be back in an hour and I haven’t gotten to be on top yet. I love the feel of a big man pounding me into a mattress, but I also like to ride the horse as much as I like being ridden.”

She was equally adept as a rider. Facing me and sitting upright she slowly impaled herself and prepared for the ride. If I had let myself go, and if I hadn’t pumped half a cup of sperm into her 30 minutes earlier, I could have just laid there while she did all the humping and grinding, she could have had me shooting like a fountain in minutes. But I did manage to hold off. She did an impressive clockwise maneuver, turning 180 degrees into a reverse cowgirl and began working her ass hard and fast, giving me a fabulous view. Then she followed that with another 180 turn so she was facing me again.

“You know what they call it when the girl who is riding you does 10 turn arounds without ever letting your cock slide out of her pussy,” she asked, then immediately delivered the punch line, “getting screwed.”

She was on her knees and I was behind her, I had been pounding hard and Cathy had been having another orgasm cluster when the deep and satisfying sensation began rising from my balls and dribbling another load deep into Cathy. She had been there for three hours, we spend ten minutes talking when she arrived, half an hour for lunch, and over two hours fucking hard and fast. We both collapsed in total exhaustion.

When Gretchen arrived we were both still naked. I scrambled to get my shorts on, Cathy didn’t bother.

“Gretch, this man tried to fuck me to death, I’m not going to be able to walk for a week.” Cathy said lying naked on the sofa with her legs spread. “Did you get laid?”

“Big time got laid,” said Gretchen. “We did the doggy until I had him barking.”

Gretchen picked up Cathy clothes that were scattered around the room and handed them to her. When she got dressed she gave me a sexy wet kiss and asked, “same time next week?” I smiled and nodded as they left.

The next week, 11:00am on Sunday morning she was back at my door. Total elapsed time from saying hello to cock in pussy was under five minutes. She didn’t have any panties on for the second visit or any other future time I saw her. The sex was incredible again. Cathy was wild and loud again.

Lunch came a little earlier, neither of us lasted as long the first time. Over lunch I got her started talking about her history; family, personal and sexual history. She told me that she is 25 years old, she works at one of the big drug stores, mostly stocking shelves and checkout, but she has aspirations to become a pharmacy tech. She has one brother who is two years older beylikdüzü escort than her and she lives with her mother, her father left years earlier. She and her mother share a car so she often doesn’t have transportation of her own. She and her mother both work and they pool their money for expenses. Her brother works for a contractor, any extra money they have goes for home improvements because their house is in bad shape, they only pay for supplies, her brother does the work for free.

Gretchen and Cathy are the same age, they went to elementary school and high school together, they have been close friends for years and they live near each other. One of Cathy’s first sex partners was Gretchen’s brother and one of Gretchen’s first was Cathy’s brother. They used to go on double dates and as Cathy described it, “she and my brother would be fucking in the back seat while her brother and I would be fucking in the front seat.”

Cathy’s brother no longer has sex with Gretchen, he is married with two children. Cathy and Gretchen’s brother are still occasional fuck buddies but he lives with a girlfriend and they have a child together. When I asked her how occasional she said usually not more than once a month.

“Gretchen’s brother’s name is Don and he is a pencil dick,” she said, “his dick is short and thin and he is my anal fuck buddy, I love anal because it is satisfying and nasty. But I’m not going to let you try to stick your fat dick in my ass. We used to be a perfect couple, a girl with a mouse ear pussy and guy with a pencil dick.”

“When was the last time you had sex with Don,” I asked.

“It was on Monday night, the day after I was here, we did anal because my pussy was still sore from the ride you gave me last week.”

Gretchen and her mom live in a trailer together, Cathy and her mom live a block away. Cathy describes Gretchen as trailer court trash and herself as plain white trash. Gretchen’s mom is a whore who has been arrested for prostitution a few times, she is 50 years old and still has a few paying customers. Years ago Gretchen’s mom caught Cathy and Don in the act while Gretchen was watching, her mom showed them where she kept her stash of condoms and told Don to never do it again without a condom. The next day she took both girls to a doctor and they have been on the pill ever since. Cathy takes pride in saying neither she nor Gretchen have ever been “knocked up.”

I was so turned on from hearing her talk about her sex experiences that I had to stop her and get back to the business of fucking. She had arrived in very short shorts and a tube top again, and like the previous week she put on her shorts but didn’t bother with the top over lunch.

“Do you still have cum leaking out of your pussy?” I said as I eyed the wet spot between her legs. “Has anyone ever eaten cum out of your pussy?

“Get your shorts off and let me taste,” I said in voice that was intended to be a command but probably sounded more like begging.

I’ve dipped a finger and tasted the output of my own jerking off a time or two, but had never eaten my cum out of a pussy I had recently fucked. It turned her on in a big way to be doing something kinky and new.

With her shorts lying at her feet she squatted down and planted her dripping cunt directly on my mouth. I lapped it up like a dog eating ice cream. Cathy wailed, humped, spasmed and clenched with every muscle in her tiny body. When I picked her up and sat her back down impaled on my cock, her eyes rolled back into her head and she could only make tiny mouse-like squeaking sounds. I spent the next several minutes basically picking here up and dropping her down on my cock over and over as I thrust up into. She is tiny, but she had a full eight plus inches of thick dick going balls deep into her tight little pussy. When I stopped pumping up into her and just held her down as I pushed up firmly, she recovered enough to just go into a normal orgasm. He pussy was so tight if I had pulled out at that moment I’m sure there would have been a popping sound like opening a campaign bottle.

I sat up with her still impaled and said, “I’m going to carry you to my bed, I’m going to spread you open and I’m going to ride you hard, are you ready for that.”

“Give it to me please, take me hard, fuck me with everything you’ve got,” she begged.

We stood up, she stepped to me, the top of her head just about at the same height as the middle of my chest. I knew she was expecting me to carry her away bridegroom style when I put one arm under her upper legs and the other around her lower back, but when I picked her up I swung her around and got my head between her legs and pulled her pussy to my mouth. With her hanging over my shoulders upside down and getting her pussy eaten, I took the dozen or so steps to my bed. She was in shock for the first two steps and in all out orgasm by the fifth step.

I laid her down on the bed, face down, spread her legs wide and positioned my cock at her clenching cunt. Over the next 30 minutes I pounded her hard and continuously. Cathy seemed to be in a non-stop orgasm, at first I did my best to hold off and make it last, after several minutes I wanted to cum but it just didn’t happen. Eventually I pulled out and collapsed on the bed beside her.

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