Four Nights of Freedom: Night 02

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When I finally awoke the next day, the sun was getting low in the sky and darkness was starting to creep in. Brittany was gone, I found a note from her on the night stand.

“That was a great night, baby. Call me soon! XOXO Brittany” She had left an imprint of her lips under her name in red lipstick. I was certainly going to call her again, but I don’t know how soon it was going to be – it was going to take me some time to recover from a night like that.

I struggled out of bed and into the shower. My body was sore all over from the sexual Olympics of the night before and the muscles of my cock hurt from all the times that I had cum. Hot water streamed over my body and I stood under its spray for a long time, beginning to feel human again.

I hopped out of the shower and toweled off, splashed some aftershave on my face and walked naked to my closet. The clock on the wall told me it was just after eight, leaving me enough time to get dinner together before Karen was to arrive. Dress for the evening was ultra casual and I slipped into a pair of old jeans and a t-shirt, perfect for the occasion.

In the kitchen I started working on dinner, a simple chicken dish that wasn’t exactly a test of my culinary skills. I poured myself a Scotch, a nice dollop of ten year old Glenmorangie and lit a cigar. As dinner simmered I went out on the back porch to watch the day give way to night and breath in some fresh air.

Sitting there I started to think about the last time I had seen Karen. It had been just a month of so before her wedding and it hadn’t been a happy meeting. I had met her husband Jason the week before at a golf outing and disliked him immediately. He was a squirrelly fucker who looked like Al from ‘Home Improvement’ and drank way too much. When he drank he started running his mouth and he had been asked to leave the golf course midway through the post outing dinner. When I saw Karen I had told her my thoughts on her soon to be husband and they didn’t go over too well. Needless to say, I didn’t wait by my mailbox for an invitation!

Then last week when I was out at the mall I had run into her. Her grandmother had passed away after a prolonged illness and she had come back to town, alone, for the funeral. She told me that she was staying in town for the next two weeks and wanted to get together and catch up – it had been almost four years since we had last spoken. We exchanged numbers and I promised to call, which I had done immediately after LeAnne told me she was going out of town. Sure, Karen and I had been good friends, but there was also a six month period when we were in college that we had spent humping each others’ brains out.

Inside the house the doorbell rang and I went to answer it.

“Mike!” Karen said, spreading her arms to give me a big hug. We embraced warmly and she seemed genuinely happy to see me. “This house is perfect for you, out in the middle of nowhere with no one to bother you. I always pictured you in a place like this.”

“Yeah, I really like it. It was the first place the realtor took me and I told her to cancel all the other appointments – this place was exactly what I wanted. But don’t stand out there admiring the front porch, come inside. Dinner is almost ready.”

Karen entered the house and slipped off her sandals. I led the way though the downstairs, giving her the mini tour as she padded barefoot down the hall behind me.

“Mmm, smells good,” she commented as we entered the kitchen. “What’s for dinner?”

I removed the lid from the pan and gave the dish one final stir, tasted it and added a final dash of salt. “Ah, just a simple chicken dish. Call it, ‘bachelors special.’ What would you like to drink? I’ve got just about anything, including some good wine.”

She picked wine and I served our dinner. We went out to the back porch and sat at the table, enjoying the cool evening air as we ate. Conversation flowed easily; we had always been terrific friends. We filled in the last four years – my work, her work, my moves, her moves, everything. When we had finished our meal, we went back inside and settled in the living room, settling onto opposite ends of an overstuffed leather couch.

Karen was drinking wine and I was working my way through my third Scotch when the subject turned to her marriage. I hadn’t wanted to broach it since the last time conversation had ended badly but she brought it up and so I figured it was fair game.

“You were right about Jason,” she said, not looking at me, instead staring intently into her wine glass. “The guy is a total asshole.”

“I’m sorry to hear that. I had always hoped that I was canlı bahis şirketleri wrong about him, that he had simply been having a bad day at the golf course. I hoped that he would make you happy.”

She laughed, still gazing at the liquid in her glass. “Well, I didn’t see that side of him for quite a while, then all the sudden… well, that’s about all I see now. He started working for this environmental company, started traveling a lot and it seemed like the more he was gone the more he resented having to come home. It was like he didn’t want to come home because then he would have to be a husband. Does that make sense?”

I just nodded at her, not saying anything, letting her unburden herself.

“I’m going to file for divorce if he ever comes home long enough for my lawyer to serve him. I’ve thought about having an affair, but it’s been so long since I was into the scene that I wouldn’t know where to start. Guess I’ll have to figure it out soon, though. But who is going to want someone like me?”

I refilled her glass. “Don’t talk like that Karen, you are just as beautiful as ever. And you have so much to offer – good looks, good conversation, sense of humor and you are one helluva lay!”

She looked me and a smile spread across her face, then she began to laugh and soon we were both laughing hysterically – probably because of the amount of alcohol we had drank but it worked to break the tension in the room brought on by the heavy topic.

We looked at each other over the rims of our glasses, each wondering who would make the first move. Turned out, we both did.

No sooner had we set our glasses down on the coffee table then we were all over each other, our hands moving over each other in familiar ways. We fumbled with buttons and zippers and clasps, leaving each other in a half dressed state as I pushed her back onto the couch.

Karen’s shirt was gone but her bra was still on, though unclasped. Her ample breasts spilled out of the loose lingerie and her pants and underwear pulled down to her knees. I pushed her legs back to her chest exposing her pussy.

My cock was sticking out the trap door in the front of my boxers at full attention. I lined myself up with her pussy and jammed myself inside her, not bothering to be gentle. Karen’s pussy was just as I remembered it, wet and warm with plenty of room for me to get inside and pound away.

Karen has a nice body, not a flawless body, but one built for fucking. She is rather tall, almost five foot ten with long legs that end in her nice round ‘bubble butt.’ Her chest is also very nice, with a cup size bordering on ‘D,’ tipped with big, sensitive nipples. Perhaps her best asset is her pussy – not only did I always find it wet and warm and receptive to my advances, but she came insanely easy. Many times just the penetrating her would set her off.

And that is exactly what happened when I entered her there in my living room – she came immediately. If I had any worries about not being able to perform after last night’s sex marathon they were quickly put out of my mind as I began to slid my full length in and out of this sex kitten.

I banged away at her with all the passion that I felt for her – at one point I had really loved her and envisioned a future with her. I watched as her large tits flopped against her chest as I fucked her with long, deep strokes. Karen was holding onto my arms, her grip firm on my triceps and she began to squeeze hard as she came yet again. Don’t be alarmed or think that I’m bullshitting you, but in the past she would routinely cum twenty to thirty times during our sexual encounters.

Karen and I were pulling at each other with furious passion, and soon the clothes that hadn’t come off in our initial ‘attack’ were also strewn about the room. I pushed her legs back and apart, laying myself down on top of her, placing my bare chest against hers. We kissed as I kept fucking her pussy, feeling its warmth wetness inviting me in deeper. I broke our kiss and went to work on her tits.

One thing about her having ultra-sensitive nipples was that if you got her in the right mood, you could make her cum just by sucking on them. Obviously I was working on her with more than just my mouth, but I attacked her nipples just the same. I pushed her flesh together and buried my face between her huge mounds, smelling the soft scent of her body spray. Concentrating on each breast in turn, I began to work on her nipples, taking them into my mouth and sucking on them hard before flicking my tongue over them softly, then biting on them rather roughly. It was the varying pressure on her nipples that drove canlı kaçak iddaa her crazy and it worked tonight as it had so many times before – I heard her moans start softly and gradually build to a loud explosion as she came again.

She pushed me up off of her and back against the arm of the couch. My cock was sticking straight up in the air and I could see that it was coated in her wetness. Karen shifted positions on the couch, kneeling before me on the soft leather. She opened her mouth and put me inside, sucking her juices off of my engorged prick. Again and again she ran her mouth over me, giving me the same expert blowjob that she had so many times before.

I pulled my cock out of her mouth, for some reason my desire to be inside her that night was very intense. I stood her up and bent her over the arm of the couch, which made her ass stick up in the air seductively. My cock entered her pussy easily and buried to its full depth in one motion. Karen cupped her breasts in her hands and held on as I grabbed her hips and pulled myself into her with violent thrusts. Desire and lust had taken over my body and I was going to give this girl the fucking of a lifetime if it killed me in the process.

Again and again I slammed into her and she began to cum, I could feel the muscles inside her tighten and release as she did. I never let up for one second, just continued my assault on her insides with my cock. Karen let go of her breasts and steadied herself on the couch, I reached around and replaced her hands with my own. I pinched her nipples hard and felt her quake with the stimulation.

My cock slid inside her again and again and the heat coming off of us was incredible. Never before had I felt someone so hot and so wet inside, the temperature in her pussy had to be approaching that of the hot tub out on my back porch. Sweat was rolling off of our overheated bodies. Karen slid herself forward, causing my cock to slip from between her legs.

She turned and sat down on the couch, taking my cock into her hand and looking at it. “I love to lick the taste of my pussy off of your cock,” Karen said as she took me into her mouth again. Her blowjob was fast and deep, but she wisely released me from her mouth before my orgasm became immanent. Standing up, she took my hand and pulled me over to a clear area on the floor and pushed me down.

I sat on the area rug, looking up at this amazing sexual creature. Karen moved down to me and put her legs over mine, using her hand to make sure my cock found its mark and slid me inside of her. We were sitting facing each other, our arms around each other, our mouths pressed together in frantic kisses.

Karen began to ride me and I helped her along, pulling up on her shoulders so that the thrusts would be even deeper. Our kiss continued and the position was very erotic, her body was open for me to explore every part of her from her legs, to her ass, to her chest. I ran my hands over her entire body, feeling the softness that I had felt so many times before. As Karen continued to ride me, her efforts were rewarded and she came again.

She broke our kiss as her moans of pleasure intensified, then pushed me onto my back. Karen sat up straight, pulling her knees underneath her, and started to ride my cock up and down. She used her hands to help increase her pleasure; her right hand worked at her breasts, cupping the flesh and rubbing her erect nipples as her left hand went between her legs to rub her clit.

Karen began to ride me expertly, her hips moving in every direction to maximize our pleasure. Not long after she took control she began to cum and I don’t think that she stopped cuming the entire time she was riding me. Her efforts were about to make me lose control and I wasn’t quite ready for that just yet and so before I reached the point where I would surely cum, I pushed her off of my cock.

She collapsed on the rug next to me; we were both panting loudly and covered in sweat. I moved my hand between her legs and inserted my finger while my mouth moved to cover one of her breasts. I finger fucked her until she came again; I was having great fun eliciting those little cries of pleasure out of her when she did.

We looked at each other and smiled. “Shower time,” I said and we hurried to our feet. During our past relationship shower sex had become our absolute favorite, the only limit to our exploits the amount of hot water in the tank. Well, she was going to love the shower in this house – not only did it have two huge water tanks but the shower was big enough to fit about six people and it had an array of perches, benches and hand holds. canlı kaçak bahis One look at the thing and you had to conclude it was designed just as much for ‘water sports’ as it was for getting oneself clean.

Moments later we were in the bathroom, waiting for the shower temperature to adjust so we could get under the hot jets. Once inside, Karen lathered me up, paying special attention to the areas we had decided were “especially dirty.” She let the water stream over my body, clearing the suds away and then I was in her mouth again.

Karen was sucking my cock with reckless abandon, using the extra wetness provided by the shower to aid in getting more of my cock into her mouth. I reached out and grabbed a hold of two of the handles, steadying myself as she gave me an expert blow job. She slid me out of her mouth and said “I want you inside me again so bad.”

When she released my cock I moved to the small bench built into the wall of the shower and sat. Karen turned her back to me and lowered herself down onto my cock, using her hand to guide me between the soft lips of her pussy. She rode me slowly, moving her legs up and down and rotating her hips as she took me deep inside her. Water streamed over our bodies as she fucked me, taking my entire cock inside of her with each stroke, slowly raising herself off of me after each time I fully penetrated her.

Karen continued to fuck me with those long, lazy motions and I laid back and enjoyed the feeling of my cock being engulfed within her. Her hands were back to their usual places, one of them on her breasts and the other massaging her engorged clit. She was trying to make herself cum and I helped her along by sliding one finger inside of her ass – something that always seemed to be that one last push she needed to put her over the edge. As usual it worked and soon she was trembling with orgasm, her cries amplified in the shower stall.

I pushed her up off of me and repositioned her so that she could stand with her back against one of the walls, her foot lifted and resting on one of the strategically placed ledges. I dropped to my knees and put my head between her legs. My mouth filled with the water that ran down her torso and dripped from between her legs. I moved myself deeper under her until her pussy was easily accessible to my mouth and tongue. I licked inside her pussy, tasting her slippery juices. My tongue probed into her as deep as it could, bringing out more of her wetness with each lick. I kept at her, licking away at the soft folds of her pussy until my neck ached from holding the position.

Karen and I looked at each other as I got back to my feet; I took my time admiring her body, the water cascading down and over her in tiny rivers. She reached out and took my hard cock in her hand, stroked it gently and pulled me to her, guiding me inside her pussy again.

She put her arms around me as I began to plow into her, my own hands gripping her ass, firmly pulling her hips to me in perfect rhythm with my thrusts. My mouth was on her breasts, sucking as much of her flesh into my mouth as I could, feeling her quiver each time I applied pressure to one of her nipples.

Heaving breaths turned into moans as Karen came again, her orgasm seeming to stretch on forever as we lost ourselves in each other. We were fucking each other, the effort of the action divided equally between us. Each time I would thrust into her, I was met by her hips as they rotated forward to allow me to penetrate her even deeper. The sounds of our bodies, wet and naked, slapping together echoed in the small chamber.

Karen was cuming again and I felt the familiar tug of need in my groin, letting me know that it wouldn’t be long before I was going to cum myself. When I told Karen that I wouldn’t be able to last much longer, she only intensified her efforts. Her hands were between her legs, frigging her clit furiously as she worked to push herself over the top toward the orgasm to end all orgasms, as she called it.

My hands gripped her ass tighter and my thrusts increased in urgency; I was going to cum any second. The orgasm that Karen had been working toward ripped through her body with perfect timing, reaching its peak as my balls tightened and jets of my cum rushed from my cock and were deposited deep inside her pussy.

We held each other as the waves of pleasure washed over us like the water from the shower we were standing under. Karen smiled at me and kissed me gently. “It’s good to see that for everything that changes, some things never do.”

Eventually we untangled our bodies and washed each other in an act of tender intimacy that seemed in stark contrast to the urgency of our love making. We toweled off and went into the bed room, crawled into bed and snuggled in close to one another. Minutes later we both drifted off to sleep, neither of us stirring until the sun came up the next morning.

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