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Founders School for Boys

By bottomboy1011@yahoo



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Authors Note

Hey All,


    Well, chapter 28 has been posted on my ess. I hope you will enjoy this next chapter. Some of you will notice that I did listen and even incorporated your suggestions into this chapter. 


    Over the next few chapters you are going to see some big changes coming within the leading characters that some may like, and some may hate, but I hope you will let me know how you feel about them. I do worry that the story is getting boring and I want to see if I can change it a bit. I have always appreciated your input, so don”t let me down now.


    I am not sure you will hear from me again this year, so please have a happy and safe holiday, and I pray that we all find peace and health in the new year. My best wishes to you and your families.




I left medical just before dinner. Hudson was so agitated by everything that happened, the Doctor decided to give him something for the pain and to help him sleep until his body could recover a little.

As I was getting ready to leave, the Doctor and the Headmaster said they wanted to talk to me. We went to the Headmaster”s office and sat down, “Brian, I have to say that I am so impressed with how you have handled this whole thing. I must say that I am not happy with the way you talked to the men, and any other time you would have been punished for it. However, this was not a matter of disrespecting an adult, you were there alone, and you were protecting a boy that was already defenseless. Do you understand the difference between what you did and what Tyler did?”

“I am not sure Sir. Wasn”t Tyler doing the same thing that I just did?”

“Yes and no. He was defending you, but I was standing right there when Tyler did it. So, no it is not the same thing. You were in the middle of a battle with three men that you didn”t know. All surrounding a boy that you know was abused by one or more of these men. You put yourself between them and that boy. Maybe not the smartest thing you could have done, but you acted according to the information you had with no one you trusted around you. That is why we are so proud of you. You have been amazing throughout this whole affair. I will say it again, we are very proud of you Brian.”

“I agree with everything the Headmaster just said. I will add that although you turned a little green as we were cleaning Hudson up, you stayed and helped me help him. Maybe medicine is your calling.”

“Oh no,” I said waving my hand side to side, “I liked helping you with Hudson, and if you ever need my help I will be there, but I could not do this all the time. Thank you for saying so though.”

Both men laughed, “Brian, here is what I need you to do. The bell will ring shortly so you can go to dinner. Have fun with your friends, then go back to your house and decompress. Get a good night sleep, and tomorrow I want you back in class.”

“But Hudson will need me.”

The Doctor put his hand on my leg and said, “No, right now he needs Dr. Butler. Tomorrow morning he will be spending with Dr. Butler being evaluated. We need to know where he stands with all of this. Trust is going to be hard for him to give, but he trusts you, so there is hope that he can trust Dr. Butler. We need to know if he is ready for the next less painful part of his life to begin. We hope that he can become comfortable with the way FSB works and if he will accept the help that we are offering him.”

“Will he be a Crossman?”

The Headmaster said, “No, put yourself in his place, would you be able to accept the lifestyle we have after being treated the way he was by men?”

“No I guess not.” I said with my head down.

“Dr. Butler will be able to figure out which house would be best for him, and we will figure out which big brother would be best for him as well. I will, however, give you permission to have lunch with him. Go to the dining room and figure out what you want and bring him something as well.”

“Would it be ok if Timmy and Owen come too?”

The Doctor said, “I don”t see why not. It would be good for him to see the friendships you have created for yourself here.”

Just then the bell rang, and I headed out. I enjoyed having dinner with the guys. I was a little disappointed that I didn”t have an appointment that night, but I was asleep before anyone else got back, so maybe it was for the best.

The next morning I noticed that the schedule said that there was a mounting at six thirty, but none of the guys knew who it was. I never would have thought that I would miss my classes as much as I did, but man I was glad to be back.

At lunch I went to the dining room to find Owen and Timmy waiting for me. We all went in got our to go lunches and even had our golden water before we left. As we were getting up from our table Tony came up to us and asked, “Where are you guys going?”

“We are going to eat our lunch in medical with Hudson.”

“Do you think I could come and meet him?”

“You can come with us, but I am not sure the Doctor will let you stay.”

He got all excited, “Ok, you guys wait here let me get a lunch.”

We waited a few minutes for Tony to join us, “Tony, do you know Timmy and Owen?”

“No, I just saw them sitting with you in the Auditorium yesterday.”

I made the introductions and we started walking to medical, “Tony, do you know where you are going for the off week yet?”

“No, everyone that I was thinking of already had someone staying with them. There are a lot more guys stuck here then there are families in the area. My roommates family lives in DC and he is taking Jayson home with him, they have been friends since the first grade. I guess his parents are sending their private jet, and taking other kids as well “

“I hope you have somewhere nice to have Thanksgiving. If you land up on the Crossman Ranch, let me know and we will hang out.”

“Cool, I will do that.”

We got to medical and the Doctor said it would be ok for Tony to stay. Hudson was actually happy to see us. We introduced him to Tony, and they hit is off right away. Makes sense since they are the same age.

About halfway through lunch Detective Dave came in. Right away you could see the fear in Hudson”s face. “Hudson relax, everything is fine. I thought you might like an update on what is happening with Mike.”

With a shaky voice Hudson asked, “Is he coming after me.”

“Not a chance. All the friends that he thought he had won”t even talk to him. I have heard through the rumor mill, that he has been warned by multiple officers of the law, that if he comes within a mile of you, they will shoot him on site. Of course, those are just rumors.” He said with a wink of his right eye

Hudson was relaxing a bit as the other boys and me laughed about it. “Are you sure he won”t come after me?”

“Absolutely sure. Now, do you want to hear the rest of the news I brought?”

We were all jumping around saying, “Yes please.” Even Hudson was all smiles.

“Ok, so it turns out that Sam knows a lot about things that have to do with you. He really didn”t know about the abuse and blames himself for that. However, let me tell you what he did know. He knew that the house you lived in was not Mikes.”

“I don”t understand.”

“Your mom and dad bought that house before you were born. When your dad died, your mom took your dad off of the deed and put you on it. She did that so that afyon escort if anything happened to her, you would not have to pay a bunch of money towards inheritance tax.”

“What does that mean exactly?”

“It means that the house is yours, not Mikes. Sam also knew that your mother left you a trust fund. The problem is that Mike was the executor of your moms estate.”

“Quit taking the long way around this.”

“Ok, I am sorry. What that means is that he can do things like use the house as collateral on loans and things because he had control.”

“So he could sell the house?”

“Yes, up until this morning.”

“What happened this morning?”

“Sam went to the DA with this information. The DA took it to a judge and now not only has Mike been removed as the executor, but he has been evicted from your house by a restraining order that says he can”t come within a hundred yards of you or your property. Some of the guys went over to your house to collect evidence of the abuse there, and they changed all of the locks, so he no longer has access.”

“What good does it do me, I don”t ever want to go back there?”

“Well it stops him from doing anything with your property.”

“But I am a kid, I don”t know what to do now.”

“No, you don”t, but the school is now the executor for your trust and that includes the property. They will protect you and your assets.”

“What do I do with it?”

“That is up to you. Next week when you are up and around the Headmaster and some police officers will take you over to the house, and it will be up to you to decide what you want to do with everything. What you want to keep, the school will put in storage for you. A group of officers have offered to help you sell the rest. That money, the school will add to your trust for when you are older. As for the house, if you want to keep it, we will help you keep it rented and earning you money. If you want to sell it, we will help you with that as well. That money will also be added to your trusts.”

“I don”t want much out of it, but there are pictures of my mom and dad in my room that I would like.”

David got up and left the room. He came back in a minute later with a suitcase. He put it on top of the desk and opened it up. Hudson was getting up and Tony and I helped him. He walked over to the suitcase and started crying. Inside were clothes, shoes, and the pictures he was talking about. He sat down in the chair and continued to cry, as he showed us the pictures.

The bell rang and the four of us said goodbye to Hudson. As we were leaving Dr. Butler was coming in. Owen got all excited and ran to him wrapping him in a hug. “Doc, where you been? I have not seen you in forever.”

Laughing Dr. Butler said, “I saw you three weeks ago.”

“Like I said forever.”

This exchange was not missed by Hudson. He even smiled at how excited Owen was to see him. I leaned over and whispered in Hudson”s ear. “I know trust is going to hard for you, but you can trust Dr. Butler. He helped Owen when he was lost and alone. He helped me with my panic attacks, and he will help you too, if you will let him.”

Owen was still talking Dr. Butlers ear off, “Did you hear that my dad got out and he even found my sister? We all have a nice house on the Ranch now.”

“I know. I have heard a lot of great things about you. The star of the school play.”

“Yeah, it wasn”t easy. I had to beat Brian. Which now that I think about it, was not as hard as I thought it would be.” He said with a giggle while dodging my punch to his arm.

The rest of the day went pretty well. I wanted to go say goodbye to Hudson, but Tyler made me go straight back to the house after dinner. I was worried about Hudson and didn”t know what would happen to him next week when the school was closed.

At six thirty we all moved to the meeting area and just hung out waiting for things to get started. I was laughing at something Aaron said when I notice this cute little seven-year-old over in the corner crying. He had his face in his hands and didn”t notice me as I walked up to him and got down on my knees in front of him. “Theo my brother, what are you so sad about?”

He looked up in surprise, when I saw the tears running down his cute little face. He threw his arms around me, “Oh Brian, they are leaving me.”

“Who is leaving you?”

“My mommy and daddy.”

“Why are they leaving you Theo?”

“My grandma got real sick and they had to go to her. They said that they found a place for me to stay while they are gone, but I am scared. What if they don”t like me?”

“Well, I don”t believe for a second that could be a possibility. Do you know who you are staying with?”

“They told me that their names are the Walters.”

I was a little shocked to find that out, but also a little excited. I looked down and shook my head, “I am so sorry that your mom and dad did that to you, that was not very nice.”

His eyes got real big and he asked, “What do you mean, do you know them?”

“Yes, I am afraid I do. Come on, the sooner you get this over with the better.”

“Brian, are they mean?”

“I think it would be better if you found out yourself.”

We walked over to “The Walters” hand in hand. As we approached he moved in behind me. “Excuse me Mr. and Mrs. Walters.” They both gave me a questioning look. “I would like you to meet a sweet little boy named Theo, I guess he will be staying with you for the week. He really is a good kid, so maybe you could hold back a little on the beatings.”

Pa started laughing and Ma smacked me playfully on the side of the head. “Brian, how could you do that to him? Look at how scared he is.”

“Aww Ma, I was just funning with him.”

Pa said, “Theo, don”t listen to a word he says, and if anyone will be getting a beating later, it will be Mr. Smarty pants over here.”

Theo looked up at me in confusion. “I am sorry Theo; I was just playing with you. Let me introduce you to Mr. and Mrs. Walters, although I just call them Ma and Pa.”

“You mean that they are your parents?”

“Not exactly. You see my mom and dad are in a different country, so they are like my other family.”

“Wait a minute, you live with them?”

“Yep, when I am not in school.”

“So I will be staying with you while my mommy and daddy are gone?”

“Yep, will that be ok?”

He turned his back so I could not see his face, but Ma and Pa could. “No, I will find someplace else to live, you are mean.”

My heart sank, I dropped to my knees and put my hands on his shoulder. He was shaking and I thought he was crying again. Then I heard it… It was a giggle. I turned him to face me and he was laughing. “See I can be mean too.”

Ma and Pa were laughing and so was I. I looked him in the eyes and asked, “Does that mean we are even now, and you will stay with us?”

He grabbed me in a hug and said, “Yea!!! I get to say with you!!!”

The lights blinked on and off and we all turned to face the big screen. Owen and Timmy came up on each side of me with Theo right in front. When the screen came to life there was the face of Amanda. She was doing what we all did and trying to figure out what the little red light was for. I looked over at Owen and whispered, “Did you know it was her?”

“Of course I did bonehead, she is my sister after all.”

“But you said you didn”t know who was getting mounted tonight.”

“No, actually I never said anything. All I did was shrug my shoulders.”

That”s when it happened, we heard the first of the three things that happen during the first mounting. First is always the scream agrı escort of the initial penetration, then the crying, and finally the begging for him to take it out. Although, you could still see the tears, the screaming died down and then all you see is her face move as her dad mounts her to completion.

The screens go off and I realize that Theo is facing me with a death grip hug which puts my dick against the side of his face. You might think that it excited me, but it didn”t. However I did drop to my knees when I realized he was crying.

“It”s ok Theo, it”s all over now.”

“Is my daddy going to do that to me?” He asks with tears falling down his face.

“Sure buddy, but not for two more years. Then only if you say it is ok.”

He just shook his head, “Then I am never going to say that is ok.”

“I felt the same way when I found out about my first mounting, and yes it hurt, but now I love it, and look forward to it every time.”

I sat in a chair and he climbed into my lap. When the door to the mounting room opened and Amanda and her dad came out, the crowd went crazy. Amanda looked so sad until she saw this boy that I hadn”t even noticed before and ran to him.

“PJ! I missed you so much.” They hugged each other and kissed for a minute, “What are you doing here?”

“Did you think we would miss your big day?”

A girl about Amanas age came up behind Amanda and put her hands over Amanda”s eyes, “Guess who?”

Amanda screamed and turned around, “Sara!!!” They also hugged and kissed.

Me, Owen, and Theo walked up to the Group. Owen asked, “Are you all right Amanda?”

She grabbed Owen in a hug and said, “I am ok, but I want you to meet my best friend Sara, and my boyfriend hopefully one day my husband, Paul Jr.” Owen shook Paul”s hand, and of course, being a girl Sara had to hug him. She is really cute, and I am not sure he minded it. Then Amanda said, “These two handsome boys are Owen”s best friends Brian, and Timmy.” Looking at Theo she said, “I am not sure who this little cutie is, but he has a firm hold on Brian”s hand.

“The little cutie as you call him is Theo. He is going to be spending a little time with me while his parents are dealing with a sick relative.”

Both Amanda and Sara got on their knees and kissed Theo on his face, “Gross, girl cooties.” Theo cried out as he tried to rub the kisses off of his face.

That got a laugh out of the crowd. Over the next few hours we had a bunch of fun and Owen, Timmy, and I were competing to see who could swallow the cum from the most men.

Amanda was having a great time, even with the cunt plug sticking out. Once we had cake and juice, we all started cleaning up the mess. It took us about fifteen minutes to clean up the trash and fold the extra chairs that had been put out. As I was helping I noticed how quickly it went with everyone pitching in to help. That never happened at my dad”s church.

I was helping Theo get dressed when Ma and Pa came up to us. “You boys about ready?”

“Just let us finish tying our shoes and we will be. Where are you parked?”

“We are actually parked in the front of the school.”

“Ok, I think we are ready to go. Do you think we could stop in medical so that I can say goodbye to Hudson?”

“Sure.” Pa said with a smile. We got to medical and found both Hudson and Tony siting there chatting. Pa said, “You boys ready to go?”

They both stood up and Hudson said, “I thought you would never get here.”

I looked back and forth between Hudson and Pa. “You mean they are staying with us?”

“Yes, any problems with that?”

“No way.” I yelled as I danced around. “This is awesome.” I ran to Pa and gave him a big hug.

We all headed out the front doors to the car. It was slow moving with Hudson still in pain. We got to Ma”s Hyundai and she said, “Brian, why don”t you a Theo jump in the far back seat and let Hudson and Tony have the middle seat.”

“Ok Ma.”

We stopped for some ice cream on the way to the house. I caught Hudson looking a little lost at times. “Hudson, can I ask you something personal?”

“I guess so.”

“Have you ever done anything like this before? Hanging out with friends and just laughing?” I could tell the question was making him uncomfortable, so I said, “Never mind, it was a stupid question.”

He smiled at me, “I thought you said you were far from stupid.”

“I am in most things, but sometimes what I am thinking in my head should never leave my mouth. I am sorry for asking.”

“My daddy says I do that sometimes too.” Theo said as he giggled.

“Don”t be sorry about asking me something, I kinda guess you earned that when you stood between me and three armed men.”

Theo”s eyes got huge, “You did that? Cool and stupid.”

“I guess it was, but I could not let anyone hurt him again.”

“To answer your question, yes, I have done this before, but that was before my mom died.” He wiped a tear from his cheek. “Mike was different then, he treated me like a son. After mom died something in him broke I guess. I am just not sure what I did to make him hate me so much.”

Ma put her arm gently over his shoulder, “Sometimes the loss of someone you love very much changes you. That is no excuse for what he did, but now your mom knows you are safe, and she will rest better.”

Hudson turned and looked at her, “Why are you helping me? I don”t understand what you get out of it. Is it about my money, is that what everyone is after?”

Pa jumped in, “Hudson, people at this table are Crossman, with the exception of you and Tony. Because of what we have been given as Crossman, money is not we focus on. As we go through this week you will see that almost all the houses on the Ranch are probably about the same size as your house, but you need to know that anyone of those families can buy a big house and have the fancy cars as other people with lots of money. As Crossman we grow up to understand that money is nice, but that”s all it is. We have all heard the saying that money can”t buy happiness, but that is not true. Look at Brian, he is in FSB on a Crossman scholarship paid for through a fund that not just Crossman donate to, but almost all of the boys now men that have graduated that school also donate into it. Because of this, Brian is on a path that would not have been possible before. He is happy, so I can honestly say, yes, money can buy happiness”

“So what you are telling me is that if I make it all the way to graduation, the school will expect me to pay back that money?”

“First off, there is no “if” you graduate. You will graduate not only with a fantastic education, but most likely with a college scholarship.”

“What I don”t get, then is how they get their money back?”

“You are missing the whole point. The school doesn”t care if you donate to the fund, that is up to you. The school only cares that you will be in a position to do so if you chose. I get the feeling that it has been a long time since you even thought about a future.”

“No I always thought about it, but it was more about when the next beating would come and if I would live through it.”

There was a long silence until I asked, “Before all this started, did you ever dream of becoming something? I was wondering because before I got here, I really hadn”t. Sure, I am smart and may have ended up doing something sciency, because I didn”t have people skills and didn”t think I could do anything else. Now the Doctor has asked me if I wanted to learn medicine because of how I helped him with you. Another Crossman who is a lawyer, asked me if I would like to work with him a little and learn the akdere escort law. Now I can picture myself doing other things.”

“I know you are all trying to help me, but I am not sure what I want to be, or even what next week will hold.”

Pa decided that we talked enough about it, so he changed the subject. When everyone was done we headed to the house. When we got there, I showed everyone around. We got to my room and everyone saw the beds. In that room, we have bunk beds with the top being a full and the bottom being a queen. Theo got all excited, “Brian, can I share with you, and can we have the top bunk?”

“That would not be a problem for me, but I am not sure that Hudson and Tony are interested in sharing a bed. I think the couch in the living room may pull out into a bed, so I guess I will be in there.”

Tony said, “I don”t mind sharing if Hudson doesn”t. Otherwise I will take the couch. I am not kicking you out of your own room.”

Hudson said, “As long as you don”t kick me, roll on me, or fart, I am ok sharing. I have slept on pull out beds before and they are very uncomfortable.”

Theo was jumping around and then climbed on the top bunk. “Hold on slugger.” I said, “I am not sleeping with a stinky boy. Shower time first.”

“Aww Brian, do I have ta?”

“Yes.” I looked at the others and said, “There is a shower across the hall.”

Just then Ma came in, “Hudson honey, are you going to take a shower or a bath tonight?”

“Not sure, wasn”t planning to do either.”

“You need to choose one of them, because afterwards I will apply medicine to the burns and the cuts. You will also need your ribs rewrapped. Come into the dining room and we will wrap your arm, so the cast doesn”t get wet.”

“Wait, you are going to see me naked.”

“Of course, it is not a big deal Hudson. Around here a naked boy or girl is just normal.”

Tony got a big grin on his face, “So it is true, you guys don”t wear clothes at home?”

I shrugged my shoulders and said, “Sure, why would you want to if you don”t have to?”

“But your wearing clothes now.”

“That”s because you guys are here. The whole ranch has to wear clothes this week while the Regulars are here.”

“The smile left his face, “Why, it is your Ranch, we are just guests.”

I looked at Ma to see if she was mad because I was talking about it. When I saw that she wasn”t I said, “It”s about respect. We are used to being naked, you guys aren”t. It would make most of you uncomfortable if we were all naked.”

Tony shook his head, “Not me, when I found out I was going spend the week on the Ranch, I was hoping that everyone would be naked.” He said with disappointment on his face.

Pa just got there as Tony was saying that, “We don”t really care if you want to go naked in the house, just can”t do it outside.”

That was all Theo needed to hear. He was naked before anyone knew what was happening. Hudson was surprised by the whole thing. Pa said, “Hold up boys, I should have qualified that with if everyone agrees. I know what Theo and Brian will vote for, and I am pretty sure that I know what Tony will vote for, but what about you Hudson?”

Hudson looked like a deer in the headlights, “I don”t really care if they are naked or not, but if they go naked, do I have to?”

“Absolutely not, and if you are going to be uncomfortable with it, then they won”t either.”

“I am not uncomfortable with it and don”t care if they want to do it, I am just not sure that I want to.”

Ma said, “Good now that, that is settled, let”s get you into the bath Hudson.”,

“Do I got to?”

“Hudson, I know that this is going to be uncomfortable for you, but let”s get this over with so you can move past it.”

Tony said, “Mrs. Walters, why don”t you show me what he needs this time, and then I can do it after that, if it is ok with Hudson.”

“Can you suffer through it this one time with me?”

Just then the laptop on my desk started ringing. Pa opened it and it turned out to be Tony”s Parents. Tony sat down and started talking to them. I heard Ma ask Hudson, “Let me know if you want Tony to do it after this?”

I thought his head would explode from the stress. I grabbed Theo and headed to Pa”s bathroom. I got him and me washed and Pa even snuck in and cleaned us both out.

We walked back into our room wrapped in towels and found a naked Tony with a towel wrapped around his head drying his hair. He is handsome and fit, with the start of a sixpack. He has a lot of hair on his legs and around his dick. He was not hard, but not soft either.

It was Theo who said, “Look Brian, he has hair, and his dick is uncovered.”

Tony quickly took the towel off of his head and covered his dick, “I am sorry, I thought we said it was ok.”

“No, you”re fine. I am not sure what you know about the Crossman other than we don”t wear clothes that much.”

“Not a whole lot I guess. I mean we got the talk about the Crossman when I first started at FSB, other than that just the rumors.”

“Ok, so the Crossman are really about family. It is the most important thing to us. However, we are still boys and girls and we are all naked. So, you can see where this could be a problem. In the Crossman culture a girl is not allowed to have intercourse before marriage. That could be a big issue if the boys have anything to say about it. In the world of the Crossman a male is not a man till they are eighteen, and body hair is a man thing, so none of the Crossman boys have any body hair at all. Also, once a Crossman boy hits twelve he is caged so that he can”t spill his seed through intercourse or masturbation. That is why Theo was surprised, he has never seen a boy with body hair or without a dick cage.”

“Really, I don”t think I would like that, I like playing with my dick.”

“I am sure you do, but if it was something that you have never done, you would not really miss it.”

“I guess, although I wonder what it would be like?”

“We will be over at Bill”s tomorrow; he was just caged a month ago on his twelfth birthday. His is just a regular cage, but his brother has a really, cool one. It looks like a snake is trying to hide inside.”

“Do you think he will show me?”

“You can ask, but we are not really allowed to during this week.”

Hudson walked back into the bedroom naked with fresh bandages and his chest rewrapped. Tony asked, “How did it go, did you already take a bath?”

“No, I just took a shower.”

“By the time I got off the video call with my parents you and Mrs. Walters were already coming out of the bathroom.”

“I just decided not to make a fuss over it. She is really nice and after a few minutes of standing naked in front of her, it really just didn”t matter anymore.” Tony was just putting on some boxers when Hudson asked, “I thought you were going to go naked while you”re here?”

“I will, but I figured that you would not like a naked guy sleeping next to you.”

“I don”t mind. I think I would do it too if I didn”t have all this medicine on my butt.” He turned and showed us his butt, “Mrs. Walters said it isn”t that bad.”

Tony got super mad when he saw it, “I hope that bastard gets the chair.”

I said, “We all hope that, but could you please not curse. It is not something we do, and Theo should not be hearing it.”

Tony covered his mouth, “I am so sorry, I will do my best to not let it happen again. I know it is a violation, but I just got so mad.”

“It”s cool, mistakes happen.” That is when I saw Theo yawning. “Come on Theo, let”s say goodnight to Ma and Pa so we can hit the sack.”

As we were getting our hugs and kisses goodnight Tony and Hudson came out. Tony said, “We just wanted to say goodnight.”

Of course that didn”t work for Ma and Pa. Before they knew what hit them, they were both getting hugged and kissed goodnight.


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