Found Out

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Big Tits

As I came up my driveway from my gym, I glanced at my office window and saw that the light was on. I dropped my coat on a chair, and walked up, unbuttoning my shirt as I went. She was at my desk, looking at the computer screen.

“Hi” I said, “what’s up?”

She turned to face me, “when did you start writing this stuff?”

“What?” I said, then as I got closer to the screen I recognized the document she was reading. “Uh huh, oh, it’s just fun, a little thing I’ve been doing. It’s not serious; it’s harmless fun.”

“Writing pornography, writing stories about us, how is that harmless? Who reads this?”

“No one, well it’s anonymous, it’s a website I belong to. I use a different name and all. It’s nothing.”

“Nothing?, this is our life here, this woman Is me I’m sure of it.”

Now I began to get mad. “Oh really, she’s sucking her husband’s cock, just how is that you? Where and how could that be you?”

“Very funny, I recognize these situations, these vacations. Don’t be an idiot. It’s us.”

“Look, it’s nothing I’m not some pervert, it’s a great website, there are tens of thousands of contributors, tens of thousands. You wouldn’t believe there are people of every description who do this, I swear you wouldn’t believe it. It’s nothing.”

She wouldn’t move away from my desk. I had been working on a story last night, and after saving the work, I had only minimized the screen instead of saving it and closing the folder. With the password protect on my MS Word, she’d never have been able to open the document. In a minimized state though, the document was still open.. She had gone to the computer to send an e-mail to her sister about our visit there tomorrow.

As she sat there, I noticed her hair was still wet from a shower. She was in a t-shirt and panties with a towel around her head. She smelled fresh like newly cut flowers.

“I don’t know why do you have to have such interests, şişli escort you have children, you’re a grown up. Who does these kinds of things in these stories? This part about having sex with a partners wife while in Vegas, did you do that, is that real? Is this some admission of guilt?”

“Whoa, whoa, slow down. This story is made up. Ok, Ok, some stories are about us, and I embellished them to make them spicier than our, rather my real life, but this one here is total fiction. A fantasy. Look, you can’t read a private document and take it this way; it’s not truth.”

She turned to the screen. “Show me one about us. A real one the you embellished.”

I thought for a moment, thinking that this might work out all right, I pulled the keyboard out from the sliding drawer, and typed in the name of a file, then the password to open it.

“Password protected eh,” she said.

“Umm yes.” As I leaned over her, I could smell her skin and her hair. I opened a file about a vacation we had on Fire Island several years ago. “Here’s one I like I said.”

She rolled the chair forward, and began to read. After a few minutes, she chuckled at something I’d written. “What?” I said, “what was that?”

“You goof” she said them “Hmmm”, and another chuckle.

I pulled a chair and sat behind her and put my hand on her arm. After a moment I began to stroke her as I was reading over her shoulder. Halfway down her arm, I got a little bolder and reached slowly over her t shirt covered right breast. She didn’t move away, she allowed me more access, and leaned forward slightly. Her large nipple was hard as stone before my hand got there. She continued to read, as did I while I stroked her hardened nipple with my palm. Her breasts were swaying freely beneath her shirt. I slowly rolled the t-shirt up and exposed her hanging breasts to my hands. Her breathing taksim escort began to quicken as she allowed me to stroke her nipples to hardness. With my left hand on her nipple I rested my right hand on her belly. She began to quiver there and parted her legs as I did.

She kept reading now, scrolling the document with the mouse. My right hand stroked over the lips of her pussy and found her clit protruding. “What do you think?” I said “how do you like it?”

“It’s good, especially the part where she uses her own jell cock, it’s so dirty. He does things to her that are so hot.”

My fingers were stroking her clit now and she could not hide her pleasure. I slid my hand into her panties and inserted a finger into her cunt. She opened her legs to accommodate me. I released her breast, and spun her around to me. “So you don’t mind if I write more?”

“No, you can, just make it truthful.”

“Can I write about how you found my document and I licked you cunt as you read it”

“But you didn’t lic.. unnghhhh”

And I plunged my tongue into her pussy. I pulled her ass to the edge of the chair and engulfed her whole cunt in my mouth.. “Stroke your nipples”, I said, “make them hard.”

“Oh my god they are so hard already” she said.

I continued to lick her open cunt, then slid her further to the edge of the seat and licked between her cunt and her ass hole.

“Oh my god oh my god…”, she quivered, and tugged at her nipples pulling them far off her breast. I was amazed at how she pulled at them.

“Is that how you do it when I’m not home?”, I continued to lick at her holes

“Yesss yesss, I do, oh my god oh my god…” she was quaking now, She slid off the chair onto the floor. I turned her over and raised her ass into the air. With one hand I opened the buckle of my pants while I kept my other hand engaged in her open topkapı escort cunt. With my pants around my knees, I leaned forward and licked from her open cunt up to her vibrating ass hole. “Did you like the part of the story where I licked your ass?”

“Yes oh yes”

I licked her, while trying to kick off my shoes. “What about the part where she licked his cock and balls?”

“Oh god yess.. oh she licked his swaying cock and his heavy swinging balls.”

“Like you are going to do now, right?”

“Oh yes oh yes please let me”

“Ok, you may” I said and let her up to turn around. My cock was swaying; pre cum was dripping, my balls ware swinging, my pants still around my knees, my shirt still on. Very sexy. She lay down and quickly got under my balls and began furious licking and sucking lof ny heavy-laden eggs. She kneeled up and swallowed my penis to the base, then back to the tip. I kicked off my pants, and lay down on her and put my face back into her vagina. We were now in a full sixty-nine position, with me on top, something we had never done, or dreamt of. I was sucking on the lips of her pussy as she slurped on my cock.

“I’m not going to stop until you come in my mouth” she said, and I slipped a finger into her ass. She sucked me deeper and harder, and in a moment I felt my cum beginning to build. I was fast approaching a point of no return. I slipped my tongue into her ass and began to ejaculate in her mouth. I don’t know how many jets of hot cum I shot but it was more than I ever imagined I could cum. She kept sucking and swallowing and I kept my tongue in her ass.

After a long moment of exhaustion, I rolled off of her and tried to catch my breath. I still had on my shirt and socks. So very sexy.

She was panting and choking and tried to sit up. There was cum around her mouth and down her chin. I took the towel from her hair and wiped her up. She smiled and laughed when she saw how I looked. I got up, and lifted her in my arms. I took her to the bed, and put my mouth back on her pussy. She opened her legs and allowed me to further satiate her.

Later after a hot shower, we fucked like teenagers. “I’m going to write bout this you know.”

“Yes, I’m sure, maybe I’ll write about it too.”

What a gal.

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