Foster care 2 – Girls day out – spa day

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I can not remember a time where my biological mother was not using one drug or another. I remember being hungry a lot and learning how to get food from school and other kids and neighbors and even the trash sometimes. Sometimes I think I was more the adult then she was because not only did I manage food for myself but I usually managed to make sure she ate something too. I think part of this is why I was always very small for my age compared to other girls my own age. I first went to foster care after my first grade teacher got me to admit that I hadn’t eaten at home in two days.

But it doesn’t take a kid long to figure out that the grass is certainly not greener. I think most people would think that being in a home with other children is a good thing. But let me tell you, especially if the kids are their own birth children it can be a nightmare. You as the foster kid are always the one who gets the blame and the punishment. Now foster parents do know that they can not leave a mark on you, but it doesn’t take them long to find punishment that hurts but doesn’t leave marks. And the system is very crazy. Their goal is to get you back into your parents care. So my mom would be sent to rehab to try to get clean. Shortly after release I would be back in her custody. She would always then promise to stay clean. Well that always lasted a matter of months and sometimes weeks. Soon she was again using and I was taking care of us. Of course I then learned to keep my mouth shut and it took something bad happening to land me back in foster care. Back into the system, back to another home.

So with all this in mind, you hopefully see why I was stunned to get so much attention in my new foster home from my new foster parents. After several days of so much attention, getting to pick out everything in my new room, getting brand new clothing and breakfast lunch and dinner with both parents I thought I was in paradise. Then one night as we shared the same bed my foster parents have sex. The next day my foster mother gets me to agree to do the same thing with my new foster father. It turns out to be the most painful thing I have ever experienced, yet I receive such love and attention for accepting it. And it didn’t take long till I again felt like a princess.

After soaking in the tub, then getting a few more hours of sleep I woke up to the smell of breakfast cooking. Both my parents were all smiles and affectionate to me. I still felt like something had hit me very hard between my legs and inside my tummy. But they were both acting like nothing had happened and nothing had changed. My foster dad fixed French toast for breakfast and it was my first time to eat this. I LOVE French toast. It tasted so, so good, I almost forgot the ache down below. While eating my foster mom told me that we were going to have a very special day today, a girls day out. I had no idea what that meant but after breakfast and taking a shower I soon found out.

So foster mom and I loaded into her car and headed out to a very nice part of town. She took my hand and lead me into a very big beautiful home. Once there we were met by a very pretty Asian lady with jet black hair neatly put up in a bun. She led mother and I into a changing room where we had a white robe and slippers waiting. She told us both to change and stepped out of the room. I left my panties on with the pad my mother had given me after my bath as I was still bleeding from the nights activities. The Asian lady then again came and escorted us to another room with two large recliners and foot tubs and bowls by each hand. There were three other exotic looking ladies gaziantep escort kızlar there, and after we sat in our recliners, they placed our feet into the tub and our hands into bowls of liquid. We not had two ladies to work with each of us, one with our hands, and one with our feet. They began to work on our nails, and I was experiencing my very first manicure and pedicure. A little bit of what they hurt a little but to the most part it felt wonderful. My foster mom picked out both of our finger nail and toe nail polish, picking very bright red from my fingers and pink for my toes. Once this was complete our recliners were reclined very far back and they washed both of our hair. Then I was given my first ever facial, while my foster mom received one as well. This also felt terrific to the most part, to where I almost forgot the ache between my legs.

Our facials also included a mask that was very cold going on and soon got stiff and hardened some, then it was peeled away. My face felt so strange but good after it was peeled away. Then to my surprise two of the older ladies we met at the gym came into the room and asked us how it everything was going. Mostly mom spoke but I nodded a lot to it feeling wonderful. Then one of the ladies asked if we were ready for our massage. My mother indicated that we were and we were assisted to our feet and one of the ladies took my hand and walked me into a room alone with her.

In the room was a bed with fresh smelling sheet on it, soft music playing and candle light. The lady instructed me to disrobe, and even told me to take off my panties too, and not to worry, and to then get up on the table under the covers on my tummy. I was a little hesitant because I was afraid I might still bleed but she seemed to think it was okay so I did as I was told. I felt a little nervous now being completely naked, even with the sheets but I wasn’t really sure what to do otherwise. She knocked then came back into the room and helped adjust where I laid on the table, there was a special ring to place your face on so your head could be forward with a hole in the middle for your face. She then washed her hands thoroughly in a sink and then put on lots of oil on her hands. She then folded the sheet down off my back, exposing my upper body to her. This made me a little uneasy but I forgot about it soon as she began to massage my shoulders, back and neck.

She was very skilled at what she was doing and I soon relaxed. It felt so, so good. She massaged every inch of my back and deep into my skin and muscles. I don’t think any other person had ever made me feel this good. She even massaged my arms and hands before covering me back up to my neck. She then went down to the end of the table and began to massage my feet. My toe nail polish had long since dried and she massaged every inch of my feet even between my toes. It felt so, so good. Once she completed my feet she worked her way up to my ankles, then calves, back of knees and then thighs. I was so on the edge for just falling right to sleep. As she massaged each part of my body she would carefully pull back the covers to expose the place she massaged. After she finished my thighs I felt her expose my butt and begin to massage there. She seemed to have a lot of oil on her hands when she massaged there and rubbed and kneaded on my butt for quite a while. She gently shifted my legs open some and worked on my butt from the outside to the middle. Then I felt her very oily finger slide down my butt crack from the top rubbing lower and lower. I was timid and nervous of this but it all felt so good, how could I say anything in protest. Her fingers worked down my crack as she used her other hand to hold my cheeks open some and then I know I tensed as I felt her rub right on the entry to my butt.

It felt so weird for another person to rub me on my butt hole and it made me nervous and embarrassed. I kept worrying what if I wasn’t completely clean, but she kept rubbing and massaging there round and round. Then it felt really strange as she begin to work her finger over and over at the hole. She seemed to be using more and more oil and I know I let out a gasp when I felt her finger push inside me there. “Shhhhhh, just relax,” I heard her say as she gently worked her finger into my hole. She moved it in and out gently over and over until I realized she was slowly working more of it inside me. I didn’t know what to think or do, I just laid there still and nervous and let her rub inside my hole.

I have to admit I was relieved when I felt her withdraw her finger and then tell me it was time to turn over.

She recovered me completely and then told me how to roll over, and soon I was on my back. This time she started again with my feet. Again massaging them wonderfully well between the toes and everywhere. Then the tops of my feet and ankles and then onto my calves. Soon she was at the knees and then the thighs working deep into the muscles. As she was getting to the tops of my thighs I got a little nervous but was very relived when she then covered my legs and started on my left hand. She did my left hand, fingers, thumb palm and then wrist, working her way up. Then my forearm, elbows and upper arm, then moved to the other side to my right arm again starting with the fingers.

Soon she finished that arm again frequently getting more oil on her hands and rubbing it into my skin. Soon she was at my shoulders and neck this time on the front side of me. As she worked down again I felt lots of oil as her hands worked the oil into my chest. I have to admit to being self conscious of my small under developed chest but even the way she massaged made it feel larger then it really is. She started on the outside rubbing around and around and working to the middle ending at the nipples. Oh my gosh, I had no idea how good this could feel and she seemed to massage there for a while, although I have to admit I didn’t really want that feeling to stop. But finally she moved lower onto my tummy and worked deep into the muscles right below my ribs, then onto my tummy and down to my belly button. She worked the oil in there even into my belly button swirling through it with her finger over and over.

Soon she was working lower onto my pelvis. I couldn’t help but to wince as she got towards my pelvis and below my belly button. She noticed and did not work as deep but kept rubbing there over and over, making it feel very warm. It felt good even as sore as I was inside. Ever so slowly she worked lower till she was getting down towards my private. Now I have to admit I was very nervous and started wondering was she going to massage down there as well, but before I worked up the nerve to ask I felt her warm hands work onto my crack. I was so nervous I’m sure my heart was pounding so, so loud. But she just added more oil and rubbed over my crack and lower between my legs. I hardly noticed but realized somehow she had gotten my legs to open some and soon I felt both her hands rubbing me between my legs.

I have to admit I have never felt anything like it to be touched down there like she was by another person, and honestly even though like any girl, I had touched myself down there before I had never made it feel like it was beginning to feel. Her fingers seemed to know where to touch and how to rub and it felt so odd like they knew just how to open me there. I still felt very tender down there but she seemed to be gentle and careful and at no point did I ever want it to stop. Next thing I realized that my knees were turned out some and her hands seemed to rub me down there so good.

Now I’m a little embarrassed to admit this to myself, but I had on a few occasions found this really wonderful place down there to touch. That place is very tricky I had learned if you rub it just right it feels good, but if your not careful, and poke it or scratch it, you want to curl up into a ball and not touch there again. But to my shock I felt her fingers work their way there. Suddenly I felt very open to her and then I felt her rub there like nothing I could have imagined. Her fingers gently but firmly rubbed and stroked there and it felt better then anything I had ever managed to do. I’m not sure how long it had been when I heard myself moaning softly and felt my back arching and my toes curling. I felt my heart pounding and my breathing heavy.

But she seemed to know my body better then I did. I am not sure if there are words that can explain the feeling but the little special place there felt so good and even though it is very small and tiny if rubbed just right it feels huge. Somehow her fingers were working it just right and in an odd pattern, I must have been moving in a pattern long before I realized I was moving my hips up and down with the way she rubbed. I could feel my feet trying to push into the table to grip and hold so I could move better against her fingers, but honestly I’m not sure anything I did mattered as she seemed to know just how to rub me there to where it felt. . . it felt like nothing I had imagined.

I am embarrassed at the things that happed after that. I cant even explain why but I realized I was crying. It felt so good I was actually had tears running down my cheeks and then I felt my leg muscles trembling. No matter how my body reacted it did not seem to scare her or freak her out and she just kept moving her fingers in ways words can not describe. The next thing that happened is almost too embarrassing to describe but I suddenly felt an odd pressure on my butt hole and between my lips down below. While still rubbing that tiny good place, I suddenly felt well oiled fingers push inside me.

OOOOOOOOOOOOooooooohhhhhhhHHHHHH! I felt my whole body shake, and I think I screamed and I wanted to faint. And what I thought was pee, squirted out from inside me (I later learned that I cummed similar to like what my foster dad had done inside me.) Even through all this her fingers kept rubbing and massaging me there. Over and over until I had to roll onto my side, to curl up into a ball.

I thought she would hate me for this, but I then felt the oddest thing, she gently moved up onto the table with me, behind me and wrapped her arms and leg around me. Just holding me, stroking my hair. Her voice telling me, “It’s okay, good girl, you did sooo good.”

I’m not sure how much time actually passed but we laid there like that quite a while. Before finally I felt her get off the table. Blow out the candles and leave the room. I woke up to my foster mom kissing my lips asking me if I was okay.

The rest of the time at the spa seemed to fly by, it included a soak in a whirlpool hot tub, steam in a steam room and a hot shower, before we got dressed and left. But none of that was anything like the massage. I don’t think any of my words can express how it felt. I know I felt much better then I had that morning.

To be continued.

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