Fortunate Confluence of Events Ch. 03

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Fortunate Confluence of Events, Chapter 3.

The bond between lovers thickens.

This story is work of complete fiction. Any resemblance to real characters or actual events is purely coincidental and unintended. All characters are mature and over 50.

Tags for this segment: Romance, hairy, nudity, armpits, squirting, tantric sex, talking dirty, BDSM, sexy spit play.

Approx. 4300 words, with apologies for any typos.

~ . ~

It was difficult to read Ingrid’s thoughts, her expression frozen since I had, for the first time, uttered those magic words. One never knows for sure what to expect, when confessing their true love to another for the first time.

It seemed like one of those ‘forever moments’ had seized upon us, causing the whole universe to freeze while the grand designer decided how the future was to play itself out before resuming the ticks of the clock.

We were locked in a stare, there in the darkness at Ingrid’s doorstep, for probably a good ten seconds before I detected any reaction from her. But then, much to my relief, a warm smile appeared on her face.

“I love you too, Max.”

Everything about her body language indicated the truthfulness of her words to me.

“You still gonna make me that coffee in the morning?” I asked hopefully.

“Of course I am you silly goose! Just be here on time and it won’t be cold.”

“Good night, miss Ingrid.”

“Good night mister Max.”

I turned and made my way back to my casita, with tears of joy running down my face.

~ . ~

The next morning I was awake well before the appointed coffee hour, so I had a chance to go for an early morning walk and swim, and get myself showered and shaved before I appeared at Ingrid’s door, coffee mug in hand. I seemed to be no worse for the wear, considering the rather copious quantity of alcohol we’d consumed the previous day.

Judging by her jovial greeting, my words the previous evening seemed not to have jeopardized our fledgling relationship in the least. In fact, it was as though we both felt even more comfortable in each others’ company, no longer any question about our ultimate intention to formally cement our relationship as ‘a couple’.

There is always that ‘edge’ as you enter into a new romantic liaison like this in the beginning few days, where you’re never quite sure how the other person really feels. With some, like us, that mutual understanding comes very early; and usually it is those that are ultimately the most successful.

As we sat by the water enjoying our coffee and watching the gulls fly overhead in search of treasures on the beach, we pondered an outing to expand our horizons.

“I should tell you, I have friends coming to stay for a week on Sunday; Ruth and Ruben. They’re renting a car at the airport and heading to Cancun when they leave here. Rube’s licensed and insured here and in the U.S. and works in the import/export business. I’ll bet they’d be glad to tour us around. They live in Laredo and he knows Mexico like the back of his hand. Ruth had mentioned to me that there were some Mayan ruins somewhere nearby they wanted to take in while they were here.

“That sounds great! On the one hand, this little piece of heaven is hard to drag yourself away from, but on the other, it seems such a shame not to explore the area at least a bit while we’re here.”

“Anywhere I can be naked all the time is heaven, for sure,” Ingrid commented.

“And anywhere I can gaze upon and admire your naked beauty, is heaven to me,” I answered, taking my time to unabashedly ogle her flesh.

“You don’t mind me doing that, do you?” I asked. “Staring, I mean.”

“Not with you; of course I don’t. It makes me feel wanted, and gets my juices flowing. I know you’re not just gawking at me. Most women do get off on it, I expect; even if they would never admit it to themselves.”

That comment signalled my penis to come to life, and the resurgent feeling of engorgement made its presence known to my audience.

“What if this happens while your company’s here?” I asked, half jokingly.

“Well, I hope it does! It might even bring you some extra attention,” she answered cryptically.

‘Extra attention?’ I raised my eyebrows and silently wondered if there might be a hidden meaning behind that. She had dropped some subtle hints about her friends before; but more than likely, I thought, she was just being facetious. Regardless, I was by now feeling quite aroused, magnified by the caffeine and testosterone that was now supercharging my blood.

“So, they’re naturists as well, then?” I asked.

“Oh yeah, they have friends who know Celeste, and that is how I found out about this place. They’ve been here before, and also to some other pretty exotic locations as well. But they’re a wonderful couple. You and Rube are so much alike. He has your warped sense of humour, but otherwise is very soft-spoken and articulate, just like you.”

“Have you told them about Maltepe Escort us?”

“I emailed Ruth last night and let her know that I had a new love interest, and told her what a thrilling turn my life has taken in recent days. I left out the fact that I’m now head-over-heels in love with you; I’m sure that will become obvious to them once they’re here for five seconds.”

Ingrid’s heartfelt words made me glow with joy, and, absolved of all doubt about her feelings toward me, I threw myself in front of her on my knees into an enthusiastic embrace.

“There will be no doubt in their minds, indeed,” I said, before kissing her passionately.

“Something else will become rather obvious too, but I will leave that little surprise for you to find out for yourself.”

“What might that be?” I asked, somewhat impatiently.

“Oh, believe me, you’ll see soon enough. And I think you’ll like it.”

“Well, you know how much I love your surprises,” kissing her fully on the lips.

She began purring like a kitten, and started kissing me up the side of my neck. If I was reading her body language correctly, her libido was taking off again.

“Wanna take this inside?” She whispered in my ear, her tongue following close behind.

“I do!”

“Let me shower first then. It might be a few minutes, I really should shave too.”

“Don’t do it for me!” I exclaimed. “Hair on a woman has never bothered me in the least. The more natural a woman, the better as far as I am concerned.”

“I certainly don’t do it for me,” she chortled; “I am bound by the same cursed social constructs as are all other women in this plastic society. Can you imagine how most people would react to a truly ‘natural’ woman? She’d be laughed into the wilds.”

“Yes, it is unfortunate that we tend to judge people first on their outward appearance – and usually quite harshly in that particular case.”

Ingrid rose up from her chair.

“Give me 30 minutes, then come right in. I will be waiting for you.”

I watched as she walked away, her gorgeous bum wiggling seductively in my direction. How this woman looked that good at age 61 was a complete mystery to me.

Feeling my eyes upon her, she briefly stopped and turned her head, then bent forward, giving me a real good view as she seductively shook her booty before prancing like a deer up and into her casita.

I went back to my place, brushed my teeth and freshened up as I watched the 30-minute clock ever-so-slowly tick down to T minus zero.

~ . ~

She was waiting for me spread out naked on the middle of her bed, her legs stretched out and spread wide open, and her hands seductively rubbing her intimate places. I just stood there and watched her for a moment as she openly pleasured herself, taking in her beauty, her want, and her vulnerability.

“Like what you see there, sailor boy?” She asked, as she licked the fingers that had just been probing the dampened folds of her snatch.

My raging cock responded accordingly, and was now pointing to twelve o’clock high.

I slowly crawled up on the bed and between her legs, kissing my way up from her feet as I made my way north. The fact that she hadn’t shaved was apparent, and the stubble on her shins tickled my tongue. The hair on her thighs was much softer and virtually invisible to my lust-glazed eyes, and I spent some time there enjoying the taste and feel of her pale skin.

I could smell her sex – I knew she was wet for me already – and I pushed her knees up to access the recesses on either side of her muff. The smell and taste of her there made me extremely anxious to just plunge my cock inside her, but I fought that instinct and instead immersed myself in a thorough bathing of her nooks and crannies with my lips and tongue.

Her hands found the back of my head, her hips gyrating slowly in response, and we instantly made that psychic connection we all strive toward in similar situations. I sensed exactly how much pressure she craved, and where to apply it to give her exactly what she wanted. She started moaning louder than any other previous recipients of my oral scrutiny had in my love life to that point in time. I knew that I was finally with the right person.

Her desire for orgasm, and my enthusiasm to get her there, became more urgent, as she pulled me into her even harder. My tongue was now firmly embedded into her luscious love canal, and I could feel her begin to spasm beneath me.

Suddenly, a rush of fluid came out from somewhere gushing into my mouth and throat, and she cried out her ultimate pleasure as I swallowed all that I could. My tongue stayed right where it was, as she slowly came down from the peak of her bliss.

When she stopped moving completely I slowly withdrew, and began making my way further up her belly, kissing every part of her bare flesh within my reach.

She put her arms up above her head, exposing her armpits to me. She had skipped her deodorant and the subtle Anadolu Yakası Escort scent of her pheromones impelled me to investigate further. I rubbed my face in her hollows, going back from side to side, feeling the sweet dampness of her perspiration coat my skin before I licked and sucked each one clean. The stubble of her unshaven skin there was soft and practically invisible – barely a millimetre long – and lightly tickled my nose as I grovelled there.

“You’re going to give my pits a hickey, but it feels good,” she wise-cracked, as I continued my unconventional feasting on them. “No one’s ever kissed me there.”

Finally I moved on to her mouth, and plunged my tongue as far into her oral cavity as I could, until our teeth collided, preventing any deeper penetration. As I sucked as much saliva as I could from her into my mouth, my cock found its target, and I began a slow penetration toward the centre of her womb.

She was significantly more dilated this time than last, making my ingress much easier and less resistant. Once buried to the hilt, we fit together perfectly; it was as if her vagina had been purposely designed and built from a mould of my fully-erect phallus.

I broke our kiss, and rose up just a few inches above her; we locked eyes as I began my gradual thrusting. Her expression was priceless. I could see both her want, and her ultimate satisfaction, and felt an incredible sense of belonging nowhere else but here.

This was not the time for casual sex, dirty talk or fetish play . . this was the time to make sweet love to the woman of my dreams, pure and simple.

We enjoyed several minutes of this intense and glorious communion, beyond any words I could use to describe here, before I ultimately fell over the edge and began to pump everything I had into her. She too cried out her bliss – we had cum together, in perfect harmony with each other. It was the most perfect coupling with another human I had ever recalled experiencing in life, to that point.

We remained joined together, with me still deep inside her, for a long time; catching our breath at first, then settling back into a relaxed embrace, our heads buried in the nape of each other’s necks.

Once I started to feel my cock gradually slip away from her grasp, I rose up on my forearms and smiled at her, telling her how wonderful it had been for me.

I rolled over and she cuddled up against me, her hand gently grazing over my chest, then down to my groin, wet and sticky with our combined juices. She rubbed that in all over me, until it was completely absorbed into my skin.

Next, she rolled onto her back, and dipped her hand into the place I’d just fucked, and brought the sticky and dripping digits to her mouth. I rolled onto my side facing her, and shared the spoils with her, with each of us licking our creamy mix of cum from each other’s fingers until there was no more to be had.

“I apologize for my little breakdown yesterday. I guess a part of me was afraid to allow myself to be this happy, and accept the fact that anyone – let alone a gorgeous hunk of man like you – could ever fall in love with someone like me. I was almost too afraid to believe that it might be anything more than a fleeting affair. Hence I tried to remain somewhat aloof.

“But since last night, I realize now that what I am feeling is real. I had no expectations of finding anyone out there for me at this stage of my life. Christ, I’m practically a senior citizen.”

“Well that makes two of us..” I replied. “Had I been out there looking for that illusive ‘perfect woman’, I’m sure I never would have found her – and found you. Life is full of surprises – perhaps the best ones appear when you’re not even looking – and this one for me ranks higher than any other, for certain.”

We cuddled and enjoyed our morning sojourn for a good hour, before the growling in our stomachs got the best of us, and we headed down the beach to the restaurant.

Once we’d had our fill of eggs Benny and home fries, I asked if she liked Pina coladas and margaritas, to which she readily replied a resounding ‘YES!’

Thankfully, the truck that delivered booze to the local store had just began unloading, and I got first dibs on everything I needed, including ice, a few key limes, and two fresh, ripe pineapples.

~ . ~

The rest of the day was spent lazing by the water; Ingrid even came and laid down with me on a towel in the sand, but only for about an hour before returning to her place in the shade of the palm tree. Her fair Scandinavian skin would burn easily, she explained, so she therefore limited her exposure accordingly.

“It never gets brown, like yours does; only red.”

I had always been a sun-worshipper and avoided sun-screens like the plague. Rarely did I burn, and once I am submersed in that environment for a few weeks, I am even darker-skinned than the natives.

When I’d had enough sun for one day by around 3 that afternoon, İstanbul Escort I thought it a good time to break out the beach bar. Our sweet tooth’s won out, and we decided on Pina coladas for starters. I used our bubba’s – large stainless steel mugs with snap-on lids that are famous for being able to retain the temperature of their contents (hot or cold) – for shakers.

And I have a tendency to make them on the strong side as well 😉

“Drink LOTS of water with those,” I implored my sweetheart, “Or you’ll be sorry tomorrow.”

“Don’t worry, I will,” she assured me; and we both took a stroll down the beach and drank full bottles of it between our liquid libations.

By the time we were on our second round, and really starting to feel the buzz, she started into the crazy-talk, much to my amusement. Alcohol seemed to bring out the best in her.

“I saw Celeste and her man the day I arrived here. Have you met them yet?” Ingrid queried.

“No, the only one I’ve seen is Mimi – the girl who was in the office when I arrived. Do the owners come around often?”

“No, Tony owns property and a business about 30 miles away. They are quite busy with that, as far as I can tell.”

After a short pause, she continued.

“You should see him, is he ever a hunk-and-a-half.”

“What about her – Celeste?” I asked, my curiosity getting the best of me.

“She’s continental French, I think. When we first met she reminded me of Maria Schneider, that girl who played opposite Marlon Brando in Last Tango. She has a very sexy accent.”

“Mmm – thanks for bringing back memories. Now I really look forward to meeting her. That was one hell of a sexy flick. I came close to cumming in my pants right there in the theatre when he broke out that fucking stick of butter on their kitchen floor.”

“What turns you on about him?” I added, inquisitively.

“Well, he is very cheerful and polite, that’s for sure. He sort of reminds me of an older Antonio Banderas-like character. But in the bedroom, I imagine him to be very dominant and demanding. And I’m pretty sure he’s hung like you are. I surprised them in the office about a week ago just after I arrived and went back up there for some ice after checking in. They were kissing, and I could see the outline of his cock growing and stretching down the leg of those tight pants he was wearing. Had I noticed them through the window, I would have just silently watched, indulging my voyeuristic side; but I’d already started barging in. They obviously weren’t expecting company, and started giggling nervously when I burst in on them.”

“Would you consider the man fuckable?”

“Imminently so. Too young for me though. I had pictures in my head all the rest of that day of her trying to squeeze all that meat down her throat, and then taking a good pounding in her pussy after that, right there in the office.”

“Tell me how you would like it to have played out, had they been unaware of your presence just outside.”

Ingrid took a large gulp from her drink and regarded me closely before going on, as though she was still contemplating whether or not to reveal her darkest fantasies to me. I must have been convincing enough, as she relaxed and reclined into her chair, and looked up into her head as if to read her own thoughts.

“I would love to watch him have her bend over their large wooden desk, lewdly exposing herself to him, then telling her what a slut she is while he wails away smacking her ass cheeks – alternating from side to side until she is good and pink as she cries out in mock pain. He orders her to beg for his cock while he probes both of her slippery fuck holes with his fingers.”

I took a gulp from my drink too, and felt myself rise to the occasion, trying to visualize the scene she was describing in my head.

“She is so wet for him,” she said so seductively while looking me straight in the eye, “her juices coat his hand and the excess runs down her legs. He teases her by rubbing and smacking his cock against her face, his pre-cum splashing little ribbons of slime, landing in streaks over her head. She is drooling for him, and asks if she can lick him.”

“Mmm, sounds like wishful thinking.”

“I’m wishing I were in her place, as I watch him have his way with her. She wants to suck him, but he denies her, telling her he wants to fuck her first, then have her lick her juices off him; and he really lets her have it this time, coming down hard with his open hand over her ass cheeks.”

Ingrid had closed her eyes, now, with her head tilted up; the pictures of the scene running like a movie in her head with her calling the play-by-play.

“He moves behind her, and just plunges right in. She is so wet and sloshy, so horny, that there is virtually no resistance. He fucks her at least once a day, so she accommodates his wide girth with ease.”

“Sounds like she’s in your league.. if I’m reading the tea leaves correctly.”

“Oh yeah, she’s a real cock-lover alright, but I couldn’t begin to be her equal there. Even when he fucks her, she imagines another two or three guys waiting in line to take his place for his sloppy seconds.

Ever done that yourself?” She asked, briefly pausing her little movie to ask; “..had sloppy seconds?”

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