Fornes High School

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All characters are 18 years or older.

* * * *

There had been many beautiful women through my office in the last four years, but I couldn’t recall this girl’s equal. She wore almost no make-up and she didn’t need any; her skin was near translucent. She was, maybe, five feet, nine inches tall, and weighed about 120 pounds. Her breasts were nice B’s and they fit her slender build perfectly. Slim shoulders and hips, flat belly, and firm small butt cheeks. She spent time in the gym. Her light brown/dark blonde hair ran down past her shoulder blades and her eyes were a fascinating blue/green in color. Her facial features gave her a sweet, almost innocent, look. She had graduated from college three years before and had earned high marks as a teacher at a difficult East Coast high school. That summer we had several openings at Maria Iren Fornes High and hers was one of the hundreds of applications we received.

On the screen before me were the results of her psychological profile. She had done well in the areas of obvious interest: she was bright, industrious, flexible, and open to new experiences. She also did well in other areas, areas most people wouldn’t think interested me. She was attracted to danger, was a caretaker, loved sex, and had a submissive side.

She was acing the interview. She displayed a sound understanding of academic theory and a far better than average grasp, after only three years in the classroom, about how theory all too often failed to dovetail with the real world. Most of all, however, I was struck by her positive upbeat optimistic attitude, which was reflected in a dazzling ready smile.

I had been concerned when I started this experiment that we’d have trouble finding teachers interested in what had the reputation as a dangerous inner-city high school, but applications flooded in. Nina, like so many young idealistic teachers around the country, was fascinated by the progress we had made at Fornes, turning an underperforming gang-dominated high school into a first rate institution in less than five years.

Chenetrea, the office intern, knocked on the door. “Ms. Olga,” she said, and held up a pot of hot tea. I nodded and she re-filled Nina’s cup. It was a special blend. It promoted those tendencies I mentioned a minute ago, the ones the applicants did not know I was looking for.

We watched Chenetrea leave. She was a beautiful young woman. Dark brown in color, she kept her hair cut short and had the long lean build of the champion middle-distance runner she was. She had graduated from Fornes two years before and was attending college on an athletic scholarship. Her dream was to return here as a teacher. Chenatrea was wearing tight jeans, a tank top, and three inch wedge sandals. Nina, on the other hand, was dressed conservatively, appropriate for a job interview. I had told her to dress fun, the school year had not yet started, but like most people looking for employment she was playing it safe. Of course, with her charms, she’d be eye-catching in any outfit.

I stood and took off my jacket, revealing a short form-fitting black dress showing a hint of cleavage. My nails were painted bright red. It was, I thought, a sexy but still classy look. I sat in the chair next to Nina and crossed my legs, emphasizing my killer gams, four inch stiletto heels, and the seam that ran down the back of my stockings. The contrast in our looks was noticeable. While I shared her fair skin, I am of Polish extraction with brown hair of medium length and brown eyes. My build and features were fuller and more feminine than Nina’s; my curvy 34-24-36 body featured a full round pair of C breasts. I was gratified by the sparkle in Nina’s eyes; she had noticed the school principal was uncommonly beautiful.

“Nina, we’ve rarely had an applicant who so perfectly fits what we are trying to do here. I think you’re going to be exactly what we need.”

She beamed; less than 1% of our applicants were offered jobs.

“Now, we need to begin the real interview process.”

She was, understandably, confused. “What do you mean?”

“I’ll explain on the way. Please come with me.”

I saw the staff’s envious looks as we left my office. These women remembered this day. They all wished they could be in Nina’s place.

My red Mercedes Cabriolet was parked outside the front door. I opened the door for Nina and then walked around to the driver’s side. Our destination was only five minutes away, but I wanted to delay our substantive discussion a few minutes.

“It’s hard to miss your accent. Scandinavian?” I asked.

“My family is from Denmark,” she replied. “We came to the United States when I was eleven. Most people guess Holland.”

“If you don’t mind my asking, you’re such an attractive woman and you’d be making a big move. Would it be a problem for you?’

She got my meaning immediately. “Are you asking if I have a boyfriend? I do. This job is something I really want. He does not want me to leave; he has a nice illegal bahis job with his family business; he prefers to play it safe. If I get the job we decided to try dating long-distance for awhile.”

Her voice displayed little confidence in that prospect or, I thought, little enthusiasm for him. That was all good. I pulled up to a small house near campus. It was nondescript; the kind of house you might drive by a hundred times and not notice.

While fishing out the key to the front gate, I said, “It took me only a couple of weeks as principal at Fornes to realize I had no power. The school was infested with gangs; the biggest and most powerful ran the school. It was also clear why the school board selected me as principal. The press had been bashing them about the fiasco at Fornes for years. They knew the public would give me, a photogenic young woman, a few years to try to fix it. The school board didn’t think I’d make the school any better, but figured I’d take the heat off them for awhile.

“It was also clear that the theories about how to take a school back from a gang were useless; the gangs were stronger than anything I could throw at them and their leaders were smart, real smart.

“So I decided to try something radical. I asked the leader of the school’s most powerful gang to my office and offered him a deal. If he gave me what I wanted, a disciplined atmosphere in which kids could learn, not only wouldn’t I fight him for control of the school, I’d support him. In fact, I’d give him more control than he ever imagined including, as you are about to see, selection of teachers.”

“What did he say?”

“He tried to play it cool. He said he’d think about it, but you could see he was confused. He thought I was conning him. I didn’t hear anything for a few days and figured my effort had failed when one of his buddies came to my office and asked me to meet him here.”

I inserted a key in the front door. It opened to a living room and kitchen. Despite a few decorative touches, the rooms were essentially Spartan, but spotless clean. Nina looked around.

“When I got here that day he was waiting for me. This place was also a pigsty. I’m still working with the guys on the ambience, but at my insistence, as you can see, they keep it clean.

“Alone, he didn’t put on the tough guy act; he was polite and solicitous. He poured me a glass of wine, much better quality than I would have expected, and we talked for a few minutes. I think he was trying to gauge my comfort level. He then asked if I meant what I had said. I said I did. He said, and I’m paraphrasing, let’s see, let’s fuck.”

Nina hovered between embarrassment and fascination. “My god, what did you do?”

“I slept with him. I couldn’t back out and,” adopting the tone of a girl sharing a secret with a best friend, “he turned me on something fierce. I figured, what the hell, if I’m going to go out, I might as well go out it in a blaze of glory. He turned out to be the best fuck of my life.”

I went to the refrigerator and poured two glasses of wine, adding a low-level aphrodisiac to hers. It wouldn’t turn a nun into a slut; it was more a gentle nudge to a person already inclined in a certain direction.

“At first they said they just wanted hot teachers, but they let me vet them and I made sure they were like you, hot but good. The boys quickly saw the value of good teachers and a good school. They pretended the point was to keep the world out of their business; they figured if the school performed well the authorities would leave them alone. But don’t let that fool you. They’re proud of what they done here. Most of the gang members are now leaving the barrios and excelling in college. As I said, they’re smart kids.”

“And these boys, they will want to evaluate me?”

Was she afraid of being rejected? Was she afraid of the consequences of being accepted? Some of both, probably. I emphasized the former.

“Yes, they will. Although, to be frank, I can’t imagine you’ll have any trouble.”

This was the tipping point. If she didn’t head for the door screaming now, she probably wouldn’t later. She didn’t budge. There was concern in her face, but there was also curiosity. She was intrigued.

I checked the clock. It was time to get ready.

“They’ll be here in a few minutes. They’ll want you in something sexy. What are you? Size two?”

Nina smiled. “Yes.” Her voice was light, almost playful. She was hooked, she wanted to know more.

We entered a large bedroom, normally bare except for two large beds and two chairs. Today there was a vase of flowers. I looked at the card. “They’re for you, from Fernando.”

Nina took a deep whiff of the flowers. “Whose Fernando?”

From inside the closet I said, “You’ll find out.”

I came out with a yellow Nasty Girl short-sleeved summer dress and held it up against her. The fit was perfect. “The bathroom’s over there,” I said, gesturing with my head, “change and freshen up. No underwear illegal bahis siteleri and no shoes.”

Nina emerged a few minutes later and handed me her clothes, which I hung in the closet. Above the waist the dress was snug, but not tight. It showed some cleavage. The bottom flared out, reaching a third of the way to her knees. She was proud of her body, as she should have been, and showed no hesitation when she turned around. “What do you think?”

“You’re stunning,” I said.

“Now the boys will expect you to be fully aroused.”

Her hand disappeared under the hem of her dress and a frown appeared on her face. “I am sorry. This is all very exciting, but I guess I’m nervous.”

“If you weren’t nervous I’d be worried about you. Expecting you to be wet for boys you’ve never met and who are about to judge you is, well, asking a bit much. Don’t worry, I’ve got the solution.”

I ducked in the bathroom and returned with a rose colored fingertip vibrator smeared with lubricant. “This should help.”

I stood to Nina’s side, pressed my body against hers, switched the vibrator on low, and reached under her dress. She was stiff, apprehensive. I ran the vibrator along her upper thighs and then massaged her belly. She gradually relaxed and finally took a deep breath. “It feels nice.”

I kept it up. The tension left her arms and chest; the muscles of her legs let go; she leaned against my body. I cupped the vibrator in my hand and ran it up the lips of her labia, then just under the clitoris, where I moved it in a gentle circle. She leaned against me. Several minutes later her left hand lightly grasped my arm and she mewled. Her breathing deepened and her lips parted; her eyelids drifted to half-shut. Dew was forming on her crotch. She groaned, deeper this time, and did not react when I placed a hand on her butt. I flicked a switch on the vibrator up a notch. She let out a sharp sigh.

I ran the vibrator up and down her labia. My pinky played with the opening of her vagina, which swelled and flattened. When her vagina opened up I pushed my pinky about half an inch inside. She leaned her head against my shoulder and breast and started gracefully undulating, moving her hips against the sex toy. Her coos of delight were constant. She said in a dreamy voice, “Ohh, it feels so nice.” I ran the vibrator up higher and ever so slightly touched her clit. She groaned sharply.

I heard a key in the door. I turned off the vibrator. Nina, too lost in what I had been doing to hear the sound, looked at me in confusion.

“They’re here,” I said.

“Oh,” she replied, pushing her hair back in place. Then, straightening her short dress, her voice slurred with desire, she said, “How do I look?”

“Wonderful,” was all I could say before Carlos, Aiza, and Fernando stepped in the room.

Carlos was the gang’s leader and my lover. Fernando was the person for whom Nina, if she passed, was destined. I had first tried making all the teachers available to all the gang members, but that resulted in fights among the guys that threatened the entire experiment. Carlos’ predecessor and I decided to give the most important gang members a teacher of their own. They were free to share – almost everyone did – but at the end of the day a teacher belonged to her student. The system had worked perfectly.

Fernando was gentler and sweeter than most gang members. When I first met him I thought he had little chance of moving up to its leadership, but he surprised me. He learned to play the tough guy when necessary and his powerful intellect had been instrumental in securing a massive grant for the school, administered by the gang, from the Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation.

Aiza was here for purposes of initiation. Why will be made clear later. He was an all-state outside linebacker – headed for Stanford on a scholarship – and his lover was Raquel, the women’s physical education instructor, a fitness fiend with an insatiable appetite for sex. She, possibly, was the only woman at the school who could have kept up with Aiza.

“Hello boys. This is Nina,” I said. Fernando’s eyes jumped; she clearly exceeded his expectations. Carlos was cool and unemotional. Aiza, well, with him I could rarely tell what he was thinking. Nina stuck out her hand. Fernando shook it. Carlos ignored her, looking at me. I knew what he wanted. Turning my back to Nina I gestured to the clasp of my dress, “Nina, give me a hand please.”

Nina undid the hook and I shimmied out of my dress. Underneath I was wearing Margot lingerie from Agent Provocateur – black bra, briefs, suspender, thong, and stockings. I swivelled around to admiring stares from Fernando and Aiza.

Carlos, however, barely glanced at me. “Fernando, check her out.”

Fernando stepped towards Nina. She moved to throw her arms around him and kiss him, but stopped short in light of his manifest disinterest. He slipped a hand inside her dress, cupping a breast. “Supple and firm.” He ran his canlı bahis siteleri thumb across her nipple. Her knees shuddered and she let out a sharp gasp. “Nipples nice and hard, very responsive.”

He took his hand from her breast and reached under her dress to her vagina.

I couldn’t see what he was doing, but it wasn’t hard to guess. She started cooing, softly rocking her hips in time with a finger, or fingers, thrusting in and out of her. Her eyes glazed.

“Well?” Carlos said.

“Her cunt muscles are well-developed,” Fernando said, “and she’s real tight.”

“Pretty teacher,” Carlos said, “Fernando say’s your real tight. You’re a little fox. Ain’t you getting fucked enough? Gotta boyfriend? What’s he packin?”

It took a moment for Nina to process what she’d been asked. “I’ve had a boyfriend since college. He’s nice. He’s about four inches and this big around.” She made a circle with her fingers.

Carlos laughed. “You gonna like it around here.”

Fernando ran his hand from her cunt to her ass and explored her backside. After a moment Nina winced.

Fernando spoke. “Ass is nice and firm; asshole is tight, virgin tight.”

Carlos again: “Well, little fox, are you a virgin back there?”

Nina nodded in the affirmative.

Carlos sat down and glanced at the chair next to him. Fernando walked over and sat down.

“It appears you have the tools. Let’s see if you got the skills. Olga.”

I knew what he expected. I dropped to me knees between Carlos’ legs, undid his belt, and yanked down his pants. I then pulled out Carlos’ nine inch dick. It was thick and brown. Rolling back the uncircumcised head, a drop of pre-cum emerged. I squeezed the shaft hard. It further stiffened.

Nina, following my lead, walked over and knelt before Fernando. I had never seen what Fernando was packing. I glanced over. He was as hard as granite. He was also big, not as big as Carlos, but big, much bigger than what Nina was used to. His was lighter in color than Carlos’; the red and blue veins running up its sides were clearly visible.

I turned back to the tool in front of me. Although I had spent many happy hours with Carlos’ cock, I remained in awe of it’s power and strength. I took a moment to take it in my hand and study it. The shaft was hot to the touch and the skin, especially along its sensitive underside, soft and lighter in color. I looked at, and then touched, the spot where the foreskin attached to his penis. This was the most sensitive place on his beautiful body and he gasped. I pressed my finger to and gently massaged this area while lightly running my fingertips along the length of his shaft.

After several minutes of this I pushed his tool back against his belly, exposing his testicles. His cock was big, but his testicles were supernaturally large, like two ripe oversized oranges. This, I thought, is where he manufactures the gallons of cum with which he had repeatedly filled my sex-hungry body. I leaned forward and kissed each ball. I imagined myself the high priestess in his fertility cult, leading the worship of his cock and balls.

I glanced at Nina and Fernando. She had not had my patience. The head of Fernando’s cock was already in her mouth. Covering her teeth with her lips she moved her head in a circle letting the crown slide around her mouth. She was not used to anything this big; she was taking time to adjust. Fernando’s head lay back on the chair. His eyes were closed, joy evident in his features.

I turned my attention back to Carlos. After I licked my fingers I ran my hand across his powerful pectorals and played with his nipples. I slid my tongue underneath a testicle and licked in an upward motion, stopping at the tip of his cock. He groaned and I, starting with the other testicle, repeated. After several trips up his dick I pulled back his foreskin and was rewarded when several drops of pre-cum spilled onto my tongue.

I cupped his balls in one hand and gently, using only my tongue, licked softly, but carefully, the underside of his erection, gauging his responses, identifying the areas that give him the greatest pleasure. I had spent hundreds of happy hours with his prick but, I thought, I’d never stop studying it, trying to learn all its secrets. It was a remarkable sexy instrument.

When my tongue reached the spot where his foreskin attached to the shaft a shudder ran the length of his body. I focused here, licking and tapping the spot with my tongue. I considered bringing him off, but decided to wait. I was afraid watching Carlos geyser a load of his thick cum into the air so quickly might intimidate Nina.

I again looked to the side. Nina was lovingly sliding her wet tongue over the head of Fernando’s cock. After coating it with her saliva she locked her moist lips around his shaft and took about two inches into her mouth. She grabbed the shaft of his penis with her hand. The muscles of her arm noticeably tightened; she had a vise-like grip. Nina twisted her head from side to side, making sure her lips stay fixed on the coronal ridge while her hand moved up and down, frigging his shaft. Fernando stared at her, happily in awe of this gorgeous young woman who had become instantly devoted to his dick.

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