Forbidden Lover

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My forbidden secret lover. In my mind, I delight in being able to unleash my full sexual potential on your begging self. I know how much my naughty messages turn you on; they turn me on, too. I love knowing that just reading little pieces of my fantasies can make you hard. I take you seductively by the hand and we lay down together on my bed. At first you are a little hesitant, but by now your sexual hunger for me is not going to be denied.

I’m imagining how it would feel to be pressed up against you fully, to kiss you deeply. The kiss would start out slowly, just a soft meeting of our lips. Slowly reaching out with the tips of our tongues to trace the outlines of the others lips, dipping into the seam and touching them together gently, then sliding them in deeper. Our tongues wrapping around each other, learning the taste, the texture; our lips locked together in pure pleasure from the kiss. As I imagine this amazing kiss I feel my breasts become firmer and there is a softening deep in my pussy as my desire takes hold. You slip my top off over my head and begin to alternately suck my already hard nipples and kissing me. You kiss your way down my body to my shaved smooth pussy. You begin to kiss and lick my already moist slit and I begin to thrash wildly şerifali escort on the bed moaning.

I look down and see you kissing me, going deeper and deeper with each move. My eyes roll and my back arches as your tongue sends me to heaven. I cup my breasts and squeeze them with delight. Then you slip your finger deep into my heat, then two, then three. My breath gets faster and chills run up my spine as you slide it in and out.

Putting my hands on your head I place your tongue where I want it, and you begin to flick my sensitive spot. I use my hips to grind against your mouth and as your finger slides faster into wetness, I explode. My juices flow into your mouth and my pulsing causes me to yell out. I cum in convulsive groans and my pussy becomes flooded with juices that you eagerly lap at.

I beg you to come up and kiss you with a fierce desire as I pull you back up the bed. I then have you roll over on your back. You feel my tongue begin a trip up and down your thick hard cock. You grab my ass with both hands and pull my inviting pussy down on your tongue and proceed to tongue fuck me. This spurs me to deep-throating you and you feel my mouth engulf your cock in my warm silivri escort wetness. As you wrap your tongue around my clit and lick fiercely at my slit, I alternate between loud groans of pleasure and whimpering Oh Gods and a subtle slurping as I waver between sucking your cock and your balls.

As I begin a rhythmic fucking you with my mouth, you feel the cum begin to boil in your balls and you warn me to stop unless I want to have to choose between spit or swallow. I begin to bob my head up and down even faster and as you begin to spurt mouthful after mouthful of cum into my hungrily sucking mouth, I take even more of your cock in my mouth and you can feel my throat working to swallow the cum in my mouth. Rather then stopping my oral assault on your cock I continue to suck on your still hard cock as you flick your tongue over my clit in a pattern that brings quivering orgasms from my sweat slicked body.

I finally come up for air and face you while straddling you. I pull my sopping wet pussy open with one hand while guiding you into me with the other. Your dazed eyes go wide with surprise as my tight wet pussy is spread wide on your thick cock. I take a moment to revel in the feeling şirinevler escort of having you all the way in and i then begin a rhythmic grind on your hard cock as i sit up on you. You grab my round tits with erect nipples in each hand and thrust up into me in time with my grind. You begin to lean back as I start an up and down fucking that we time to pull you almost all the way out and then slam us together in an obscene wet sucking noise of your cock in my pussy. I lean forward and cover you with my body as I grind my clit against the base of your cock as I cum. I moan Oh God your cock feels so good as you feel hot streams of my pussy juice run down your balls and I go still.

A few minutes later I climb off of you and I start to turn around on my hands and knees and say I want you to fuck me from behind. I move my ass up in the air. While rubbing my swollen and soaked pussy lips, you move behind me and grab my ass while I position your cock at the entrance to my steaming pussy. You plunge all the way in with one motion that slams me down on the bed and elicits an Oh yessss, fuck me hard from me. You pound into me and it isn’t long before I am savagely fucking you back. You can’t hold out any longer and you slam all the way into me and spurt your hot cum deep into my pussy. I keep fucking back at you as I use the muscles in my pussy to fuck you dry. I finally let go of you a few minutes later. I gaze into your eyes and smile. I lean forward and gently rub my lips against yours, teasingly kissing you. Then I melt into your arms, breasts pushed against your chest and my pulsing pussy still wet with desire.

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32