For the Love of Vets

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With the cooler temperatures moving in, I went over to check on the vets at the vet complex I built. At this time, I have 16 of 18 units in use, and I wanted to be sure that the heating units were adequate in each unit. I began with unit 1 and all was well. Continuing thru the complex and reaching unit 6, all units were working great and keeping each unit heated to each tenant liking. At until 6, the unit of Gary, all was working great but quickly discovered that all was not well.

Gary began explaining that he was having difficulty getting into the bathtub. Gary has only one arm, and it is in a brace from the shoulder to his wrist to help with stability and movement, and both legs are damaged from an IED. Unfortunately, his particular device has to be removed before showering or bathing. Having lived there for more than 5 months, Gary informed me that he had been taking only sit baths, and by sit baths, he meant on a kitchen chair and basically washing the best he could. Removing the device left him with little to no strength to balance himself when getting into the tub.

First order was to promise him a walk-in bathtub asap and I placed the order and informed Tommy, my crew boss, of the situation and needed change. Second was to get Gary into the bathtub for a real bath. It would not be the first time I have undressed Gary for a bath, nor would it be the first bath I has assisted him with. Before the units were in place, he was a regular at the shelter that our group sponsors where baths were also offered. Gay is now 41 and another of our forgotten soldiers left to fend for himself by our government. After helping him get undressed, I helped him into the tub where I left him to soak for a while in the warm sudsy water while I continued to check the remaining units.

In 20 minutes, I was back to Gary’s unit where he was really enjoying being in the tub. I helped him wash his hair, then upper body that seemed to almost put him to sleep. I let him sit a few minutes before continuing. As usual, I washed his lower body, starting with his feet and working up. And, also as usual, once I reached his midsection, an instant hard on began to raise through the soapy water. As before, he said escort izmit “I know it will do no good to apologize, but I am sorry about that” looking down at his hard on. Also as before, I again told him it is not a problem and again commented him on his size.

As I washed his big balls, his hard on began to rock back and forth and I said, “big boy is really excited by the hot soapy water”. He laughed and informed me that the hot soapy water had nothing to do with it. I began washing his hard on and I could feel the throbbing even through the washcloth. I dropped the wash cloth, as I had done before with a big smile, and asked “this feel better”?, using only my hand to stroke his cock. He laid back and moaned out a “oh yes, it most certainly does”. In less than 2 minutes, a huge load of cum exploded from his throbbing uncut cock at least 3 feet into the air before splashing into the water. I continued soft strokes from the base to the thick head until every drop of cock juice was out…but his cock still rock hard.

Still rock solid and throbbing, I said “big boy seems to like this a lot” as I kept softly stroking his meat. “Big boy and I both like it”, he moaned, still laying back. I stopped and told him “let’s get you out of this tub before you start to prune”. I first raised him and sat him on the edge of the tub where I could get directly behind him. With my arms through his armpits, my fingers locked around his chest, I lifted him to his feet. Once on his feet, he was stable and able to stand, and turned around. His cock seemed even bigger and bounced up and down with every heartbeat. I was laughing at him while trying to dry him yet admiring his manhood. His balls hung heavy from the hot bath and swayed slightly as his cock continued to bounce. As I dried his legs, his cock right in front of me, I gently bit the head of his hot cock, pulling my teeth ever so gently to the tip. I looked up to see the biggest smile I had ever seen him have.

I led him to his bed and sat him down. I knew he needed more relief as there was no sign of his cock softening at all. I asked, “you want to get dressed”, paused, then wrapped my hand around his cock and continued “or should we take care of this izmit darıca escort again”? Needless to say, he literally begged for more relief. I sat on the edge of the bed beside of him and began stroking his cock again ever so slowly, pausing at the head and rubbing my thumb all over it. Two minutes…three minutes…five minutes…and he only seemed to stiffen more. So much more that veins were starting to show. I eased down, kissed the head of his cock and continued to stroke his thick meaty cock. I thought “what the fuck”, and down I went, swallowing his cock all the way to his balls for the very first time. I was sure he was going to wake the dead with the moan that screamed from his lips when I reached his balls.

Just to be sure, I asked “this ok”? And again, needless to say, a moan that said, “oh my god yes”, as I went down again balls deep. I couldn’t believe I was sucking his cock, yet I too was greatly enjoying it. Not just because of such a nice cock, but also because of the sounds he made every time I deep throated him. I was sure he would explode any second. But the more I stroked his cock, the more I sucked his cock, the more the veins pounded with every heartbeat. On top of that, my pussy was getting hot and very wet, my nipples felt like bullets trying to shoot through my lace bra and tank top. I stood up, knowing I was about to break the rules, and asked him, “would you like to fuck me”? His eyeballs nearly shot out of their sockets while he said “oh god yes” with a grin from ear to ear.

I took off my top in a split second, then unfastened by bra, dropping it to the floor with his eyes glued to my tits. I smiled and began to slowly undo my shorts, dropped them and my panty to the floor also. His eyes immediately dropped to my neatly trimmed wet pussy that was now throbbing too. “Can I first taste that pussy” in another begging voice. I eased up straddled him, and moved to his face and said, “yes you can…all you want”! It seemed like 30 minutes went by as he sucked on my pussy lips, tongued my clit and slid deep into my wet pussy. I could feel my juices beginning to flow and looked down to see my cum on his face. He was lost in pleasure and he izmit rus escort was only eating my pussy. I reached behind, grabbed his hard on, and slowly stroked his cock while he ate away at my dripping pussy. I eased up, slid down and swallowed his big cock again balls deep for I know 3 or 4 minutes as his moans got louder and louder.

Sliding forward, straddling him, I eased the head of his cock against my hot and very wet pussy lips. “Oh my god”, was all he could say as the head entered my pussy. I eased down slowly until my pussy was full of cock and he bottomed out. Ever so slowly, I slid up and down his cock, taking every hard inch I could take until I felt the head hit the back. I bounced easily as his cock tapped the back of my pussy, my juices coating his cock and now dripping onto his balls. Faster and faster, I began sliding up and down his cock. I leaned in, reached for his arm and placed his hand on my right tit. He raised up and began sucking my left nipple that was rock hard also.

In another 3 minutes or so, I felt a hot explosion of cum into my pussy like a water hose going off inside of me. I began to buckle in orgasm as he filled me full of his cum, raising up and thrusting down hard on his cock. I continued to bounce on his cock until I felt him began to soften. I had 3 orgasms riding his cock after he cum in me, one right after the other. As I lifted from his softening cock, thick gobs of our hot cum mixed together in my pussy began to flow from within me, an even bigger cum shot from Gary than when I just jacked him. So much that even I was surprised at the amount of cum he had just shot into me!

I grabbed the towel and washcloth from the bathroom and cleaned up the mixture from his cock and balls and his pelvic area. Gary was as limp as a wet noodle from head to toe. Literally unable to move. I raised him up to sitting position, kissed him, and told him, “big boy is happy now”. He began to utter his appreciation of what had just happened, in broken words, barely able to speak from his earth-shattering orgasm and final cumshot. A drop of cum began to “string” from his now soft cock. “Let me get that” I said as I went down and took the head of his cock into my mouth, taking that last drop of cum. He shuttered all over from being so sensitive. I made sure he understood we had to keep this between us, and he had no problem making that promise.

By the way, heating is working great in all units…including Gary’s!

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32