For the Love of Gaia

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A stream of consciousness approach…

A moment where all reason is usurped by desire…continues its formation and growth in the hyperreal of my mind…

All I can think about right now is how much I need to release your breasts from their black and pink laced prison. To see them set free before my eyes ever so slowly, have them tumble out like a lustrous call to the pure infantile nature of my want, to see how engorged and succulent your nipples are and the totality of your womanly breast.

As your bra falls to the floor and your wonderful treasures are revealed to me, the expression on your face is one that is wholly accepting, maternally loving and all encompassing.

My pulse races and my eyes become glazed over from a dream like state, hypnotised by your cleavage entirely, and seduced by your shy smile and earthy beauty.

You take my hand and direct me to your bed, I can only watch the sway of your hips and breasts mesmerised as you sit down and look at me again in that accepting way….knowing the extent of my want, seeing it in my eyes and my body language, the built up agony of being without a breast to fall and rest upon.

For only your feminine spirit and essence in this moment can keep me from decaying and hardening, from turning away from the world, only the love contained within you can feed my fire and bring me full into the bosom of life. My thoughts run wild with this realisation, as I am caressing your breasts and kneading them in my hands, watching your reactions, hearing your breathing patterns change, feeling their clarion call to my touch and desire.

You sit full with your back against an abundance of pillows and entice me to come closer and I need no other encouragement, moving next to you gladly, to lay my head full in your lap.

I smell your feminine perfume and are immediately intoxicated, sitting up and burying my face in your cleavage amid a showering of open mouthed kisses and a darting, delicate tongue bath. You hold my head close and I mumble in dream laden want, feeling the electricity run through you, your breasts becoming objects of adoration and worship, my mind a willing prisoner to their kingdom.

I build a temple of kisses down your cleavage and around your engorged nipples, feel you suck in a sharp breath…I whisper how much I need your milk, wanting to feel it gushing from your inner being, and pouring into mine.

Adeptly, you hold your breast and smile glowingly down at me, directing the nipple into my mouth…I smother myself once more time in your ample cleavage before accepting, clamping and attaching myself to you. I suckle slowly at first but more insistently as soon as the first drop of that heavenly fluid leaks out from you. I drink feverishly, hungrily, gradually taking as much of your breast into my mouth as possible as your milk begins to flow and freely and fill me with strength and vigour. “oh my…” you whisper, startled at the fierceness of my suckling…accepting me, rubbing my back, embracing me, nourishing my soul.

I make sounds in the back of my throat and swallow your sweet white warmness in long draughts, feeding from you and regressing to an almost child like state, swapping breasts to ensure a balance of attention.

The more I am filled from suckling your milk, the more drowsily relaxed I become, my glazed eyes falling into bliss. To gently wake me, you run a hand down my chest and stomach and rub the top of my crotch to find me completely erect and straining for release. My eyes dart open and my suckling intensifies once more as you expertly unzip my pants and allow my cock to fully express itself freely. As soon as you begin to take me into your hand and stroke me, and rub my aching scrotum, a deep sigh emanates from my being as one of my fantasies is realised….

Deeper I sink into the impenetrable cradle of your arms, your rejuvenating caress. A cavernous collective sigh sanctifies our symbiotic union as I hunch closer to you and suckle deeply upon the creamy honey that I have craved for untold eons. The long repressed want is reflected from me into you and back again, its fullest urgent force sending the blood of procreation forcefully to my loins, every nerve ending a fire of delight, heightened with the joy of being protected within the sacred fortress of your arms. Within the honeyed cocoon I nuzzle at your breast and make loving mouth music upon your voluptuous curves in tune to your fluttering heartbeat. I gasp and swallow your sweet nectar lingeringly with benign contentedness feeling your hand grasp around the centre of my libidinous pleasure, squeezing the purple head and rubbing with finger and thumb with a gentle rhythm to my suckling. I hear you hum a tune and rub my back with a reassuring hushing that could bend the very spine of the world with its divine serenity, as you stroke me further into a paradisical state of bliss.

“shhhhhhhhhh”, comes that sweet hushed call towards ease…To be at peace and in a place where the world cannot harm me.

My glazed eyes turn up to look at you and watch your thickly dark nipples leak the elixir of love and I see your maternal gaze beam an indescribable çorum escort wholesomeness and project it deep inside me. My manhood burns and strains in your hand and I shiver and swoon as your holy droplets land on its aching head, blending with my pre-ejaculate in a fusion of our life affirming energies. I stand up away from you momentarily, almost unwillingly, clutching my pulsing manhood a little lewdly, my mind full of enflamed cravings for you, your closeness and the smothering embrace of your buxomness. You shift forward on the bed with a glimmering creativity, and I lick the milk off my lips and chin, sensing a different kind of union approaching. You reach out tenderly for my manhood and direct its head to each of your nipples, giving their own licentious kisses to each other and blending more of their essences. My hands paw and squeeze agonisingly and magnetically at your breasts, kneading them, drawing forth more of your sweetness into your extended nipples as my prick rears back its sticky cloak and smears its leaking seed on your skin, seeking a warm cosy bed amidst the blankets of your maternal heart.

Locking eyes, I gently separate your breasts and make an enticing snug place out of your exquisite cleavage as you smile shyly and draw my manhood into its new luxurious bed and snugly tuck him in. I sigh in ecstatic yearning, watching myself disappear within your soft yielding sheets of flesh, feeling my head glide over blankets of pillowy joy. Holding your leaking breasts together, I clench my buttocks and instinctively thrust forward with a delicate urgency, taking delight in the pleasure of our friction. Pliantly and with a beautiful eagerness, I watch you bring me forward and deeper into your blankets, reaching around to squeeze my taut buttocks with your hands and push us closer still. I close my eyes and feel overwhelmed by the totality of your embrace, increasing the vigor and intensity of my thrustings. Your breasts clasp and cradle my manhood and together they rub hotly and fuse as one, making love of a truly special kind. Your breasts heal and invigorate my wounded masculinty into a feverish vortex of lust and primal want and again I feel your maternal gaze looking up and penetrating my being with sustenance and acceptance. I push forward as far as I can in the labyrinth of your silken curves, wanting to peek out the other side of the satin lined cradle, so that you might accidentally greet me with a loving tongue. I catch my breath at its luscious contact and look down to your wide fertile hips with shivering, libidinous eyes, craving to see the whole of your womanhood naked before me and unable to prevent you from seeing the all too visible signs of an overpowering desire to flood your welcoming womb with seed.

Without taking eyes from mine and intuitively seeing the extent of my want, reflecting and directing itself towards you, I see you step backwards from me and gracefully extend your hands to your waist, then to your hips, turning ever so slightly so that one hip is higher than the other. I follow your hands riveted to the spot and watch as you reveal the top of your wonderfully forbidden zone, the triangular heart of your womanhood. I see you peel your panties down with the disarming seduction of pure maternity and modestly turn around, to look back at me with a shyly coy smile, jutting out your beckoning buttocks and extending your hips in the most heavenly of movements. I take a look on at the great beckoning shape of mother nature’s wondrous creation and sigh deeply, feeling my manhood pulse and leap involuntarily, staring upwards towards you, its head purple and gleaming, its one eye straining to take in every detail of your pose.

You notice every detailed reaction of my heightened state and blow a little kiss at me over your shoulder, your eyes darting to my phallus, whilst making magnificently slow grinding motions with your hips, causing every pore of my body to goose bump, so glued to the notion of melding my every bodily cell to your own. I longed for this teasing, this extension and escalation of my embodiment to mate, to give pleasure. Every extra moment created more of myself to be ejected in your name. It was here in a swooning epiphany of lust that I could see the glistening lips of your sweet pussy wink at me as you leaned and jutted your hips more and spread yourself wider, moving and gyrating with a slow ritualistic movement. Oh to be let inside and for unification and spiritual wholeness to be found. I fell into a reverie of thought, my glazed eyes becoming blind, my reason losing itself to unbridled lust.

I quickly moved to you and picked you up in my arms, moving then with deliberate slowness to the bed and lay you down, arraying pillows to give you comfort. On all fours, I crawl on to the bed to lay up next to you…you watch as I reach up with my left hand and caress your dark nipples…tweaking them to leak more of the succulent juice of purity before running my other hand down your stomach to rest and nestle above your forbidden triangle of love.

Just above your pubic mound of creation, I rub lightly, making patterns with my fingertips. Entranced, I move to çukurambar escort caress your hips lingeringly, then to the tops of your thighs, as if mentally ingraining all of your mystical shapes upon my unconscious mind to recall in moments of life’s loneliness. I then move back get your eye contact and for a moment we swap souls, before entwining in a sacred kiss, our lips darting like irascible snakes, exploring our physicality. I then longingly kiss your neck, wanting you to incline and stretch in bliss, running a snail trail of leaking wet kisses down from the top of your cleavage, down, further down. I kiss each of your thighs with hot bated breath and I sense you inching them apart, aware of my growing intentions. I move lower and hold your thighs up in my hands, before taking in your pussy’s sweet aroma and kissing it full and open mouthed, on the lips.

I feel you move beneath me and a soft moan emanate from your throat as I lightly dab on your clitoris with my tongue, nub it with my fingers and faintly trace your slickness. Your ecstasy my goal, I share a loving dialogue with your womanhood, my tongue thrusting, sneaking inside…tasting you. Licking my ring and middle fingers, I engage them on a quest to explore and delicately probe your holy honey pot, seeking a cosmic birth place never imagined by man. I push my fingers inside you nubbing at your clitoris as I do so, wanting your dams of pleasure to burst, for your fluids to come flowing to my waiting mouth.

I move back and look up to as I push my fingers inside you, slowly moving to the knuckle and out again, wanting more rivulets to form, to show the signs that you were ready to accept my jutting hardened burden. In a fit of desperate want, I move to your great breast and feast upon you nipple, sucking manically, your milk spewing forth rapidly into my hungry maw, as I continue to explore your tunnel of sweet mystery with my fingers, gaining in speed, in urgency…I hear you cry in joy and hold me to your breast, helping me empty your teat, my prick rubbing and lapping its love against your thigh, my fingers now squelching inside you with their momentum. I licked and nuzzled against your breast, closing my eyes, the milk spraying on to my face…all down my chin as I made libidinous love to you with my fingers. Suddenly your whole body heaves, your hips involuntarily thrusting forward on my fingers, your pussy letting out a soft swooning tremor, leaking a small amount of its inner love on to my fingers and hand. I brought my hand to my mouth, smelt and licked your essence, feeling my heart racing and perceiving the world in only a black and white blur of direct and wholly possessive sexual energy.

I moved to sit up on your stomach, my aching need extending between your breasts momentarily, before I move up higher, offering you a full close examination of my fullest hardest erection, as if it were seeking your blessing. I see the look of acceptance in your eyes again, taking me in with such maternal care and clarity, as I push and aim my manhood’s head between your lips, you reach up and take a hold and stroke it attentively, lovingly, before rubbing its underbelly with your fingers, giving me ecstatic shivers and making the crooning sound of a mother attending its kitten as you lick and kiss my engorged balls.

“please…enter me now” you whisper between kisses…push your babymaker deep inside me…now….please? Plough my big motherly hips as you make love to me as you take your fill upon my naked breast…

And so my worship of the avatar of Gaia, unravels and slowly takes its form….

Hearing your words of whispered encouragement and feeling your legs part further beneath me, I ignite into your open missionary embrace and direct the head of my throbbing longing to your carnal entrance. I rub at your labia in slow circles, dribbling and smearing my scented masculinity, before lightly tapping gently against your clitoris as if touching a divine hidden lever, a secret to open the door to a cavern of paradise. I push at your entrance carefully and ease my head inside, exploring up and then downwards, seeking your hidden spots of joy. Then unable to take any more I let go of my self-control and plunge myself deeper, sighing heavily against your cheek, feeling your great womb act like a vacuum in sucking my entire length inside you. I groan at the heavenly friction as I gently pull back and then ever so slowly thrust into you again, your pussy walls like a succulent vice, holding me within you with each thrust. My breath becomes shallow as I run my hands over your fertile hips and hold you closer, deepening my thrusts, wanting you to feel all of me, to have all of myself inside you, pushing towards your cervix. I clench my buttocks and push with rythymic variance inside you, feeling your legs clasp around my waist, capturing our coupling in driving my movements and rising to meet them. I build speed with stronger strokes within you as if in I were a beam of light through the blackness of space and then slow right down with pure sensuous intent like a shooting star, wanting our every pore to intermingle. I see the guidance in ankara escort your eyes and hear a moan escape your lips as our grappling beads of sweat from our bodies fly forth into the fire of our lovemaking. I run my hands all over your curves and trace every angle, stooping to bury my face into your breasts and have you raise your shoulders to catch me in their grasp, ever whilst increasing the urgency of my pistoning action. I nibble and love bite at your cleavage with abandonment, seeking almost to devour your nipple, wanting its nutrients so badly, whilst burying my purple worm serpent within you. I moaned greedily as your milk flowed into my mouth, felt your hands rubbing upon my back and head inducing calm amidst the storm of raging lust. “drink from me as you make love to me baby”, I hear you croon reassuringly…

Grunting, I clutch under your curvy butt with both hands and thrust aggressively, pulling you more to me, my face buried in your milky chest. Ever aware of the increasing multiplying of energy burning and rising in my two swollen chamber stones, I hold onto you with all my strength and roll over on to my back, helping you to rise ardently above to mount me. I see you shine and smile in a haze of lust, watching your beautiful wide hips begin the grinding movement, precisely as you had teased me with earlier. I hold your hips, pushing and caressing them as I jut my own hips upwards to meet your movements, feeling a different angle of your womanhood milk the shape of my hardness and blend it with your inner being. I see you tilt your head back with wanton desire, holding your leaking mammaries together and stretching with languid grace. I lay back and adore your motions, loving the earth bound weight of your womanliness on top of me, drawing more of my seed forward begging for release with each and every gyration. I reach around and hold your back to me, drawing your breasts down to my face. I nuzzle myself in your udders, absorbing your feminine scent, begging you to smother me with them as you ride me. You arch your hips and push down on my hardness, holding my head between your cleavage, squashing my senses and planting them within your flesh cradle. I close my eyes and bury my face, covering my mind from the rest of the world, jutting my hips and pushing myself balls deep inside you. I hear another moan escape your lips as you smother me in maternal love, ushering a nipple into my mouth…feeding me and mounting me into a frenzy of want whilst soothing and healing my soul. With every gulp and gasp of your milky nectar I swallowed, the throbbing power and force within my loins grew and grew in magnitude. As sensing this from our sacred connection of duality, I feel your fingers gently caress my balls, causing me to groan loudly squeeze your hips. Leaning down as you grind down upon me, you whisper in a hushed tone…”I want you to give me your fullest release, want you to fill my womb with your seed…please…”.

The way your voice trailed off, drew my lust to new heights, as you moved off me and got on to all fours. Standing and masturbating, I watched you crawl away from me and tilt your butt, spreading your hips to make yourself as wide as possible, your pussy lips glinting from our toil. I stopped for a moment to admire the view, my blood boiling. You look over your shoulder and give me an imploring look and immediately I move forward and grasped your hips before aiming my arrowhead and plunging back inside you as deeply as possible. I began to pump your wholesome pussy from behind with long and deep strokes, feeling my balls pat against the cleft of your butt with each thrust. I hear you murmur a moan softly again, your pussy walls trembling a little orgasm upon my cock head. I shivered and reached down, cupping your leaking breasts, holding myself to you and feeling boundaries of our selves begin to blur. I felt as if the universe were invisibly opening us up and expanding our life’s energies, soaring like naked flames, shedding all superfluous skin. Knowing how close I was to disintegrating into oblivion, I felt you move forward, and roll on to your back and watched as you parted your legs and held out your arms beckoningly. You knew where I wanted to fall, it was unspoken, and as I flew back into your embrace with ardent fire and pushed again into your depths, you licked my ear and whispered “let it all go inside me…fertilise my motherly womb…please…give the avatar of Gaia your child!”…With these deeply provocative words, I groaned loudly into a flurry of animalistic thrusting, until I reached the overflowing buffer in space and time, a place where I could take no more divine pleasure. My throbbing phallus spasmed synchronously with the ejection of my entire being, as my sperm began to burst forth in long thick jets, splashing your pussy walls and seeping deep into your welcoming womb. I grunted out my cries to the heavens with each longer thrust, wanting to send it further and further with each spasm. I flailed about in your arms and held on to your beautiful hips, squirting shot after shot of my life’s essence inside you, the longest and most violent orgasm of my life. I felt your pussy walls tighten and milk my cock of every last jet of sperm hungrily, felt you holding me close to you as the ebb and flow of my orgasm slowly began to wilt. At the last twitch, I disintegrated into the atmosphere and fell into your arms, my face squarely landing on the pillowy love of you breasts.

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