For My First Time, I Find a DILF Ch. 01

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I’d first seen him on a gay dating app a couple of months before.

I must admit I didn’t find many men attractive, but he’d really stood out. The stereotypical classic – tall, dark and handsome. Finally I understood what women always went on about. His profile simply said “47. 1km away.” He was a little over two decades older than me which was an age gap that had immediately turned me on. I’d always imagined my first time with a man being with an older guy. I had wanted for a while to be topped by a daddy/DILF type. So, we’d messaged a little, exchanged photos and then he’d quickly invited me over to his, but I hadn’t had the confidence to follow through and meet with him. We stopped talking.

I’d never so much as touched another man, in any type of sexual way at least. I’d only ever had girlfriends, only ever had sex with women, but I’d always been really turned on by watching gay porn. Since I’d been a teenager it was usually my go to category. Daddies dominating younger boys. First time experiences. Being fucked from behind by a tall, handsome DILF in a king size bed. You get the idea. I came much faster and harder to gay porn than I ever did to anything else. The turn on had always been there, but I’d never scratched the itch.

Until one particular hot summer’s day.

It was about 30 degrees in central London and it was even hotter in my flat. I lived in the fourth storey above a busy main road and the heat of the traffic was making my tiny box of a room feel like a sauna. To make things worse, hot weather always made me very, very horny. However, it was proving impossible to find a girl nearby to sext for a quick fix or even invite casino siteleri over – straight apps were letting me down and I was really in the mood. It’s actually almost impossible to stumble across a woman who is down to fuck, especially with no strings attached. Men, on the other hand, are a completely different story; no strings attached is often our preference. So, once again, I downloaded the one app I knew wouldn’t fail me …

A big smile crept across my face as I scrolled through the grid of men nearby, because there he was. The same photo as before, with a green dot on it. He was online! Maybe he was as horny I was. Without thinking twice I tapped on his profile and sent him a message. Suddenly I desperately wanted to see the hot photos of his cock he’d sent me before.

“Hey, remember me? The virgin nearby?” I messaged.

“Hey,” he replied after a couple of seconds, “still a virgin then?”

“Yes, been waiting to see you on here again … I want to see that big dick of yours daddy.”

This time I wasn’t going to mess around. I’d downloaded the app a couple of times since we’d messaged last, but he’d never appeared again. I knew this was my chance to have my cherry popped by a man I actually desired.

Ping! Ping! The photos I’d wanted to see appeared in the conversation and they were as hot as I’d remembered. The first was of him kneeling on the floor, his erect cock reflected artfully in a mirror. I’d loved that one and it was still just as good. Another was of him laying casually across a bed, his semi-hard shaft resting against his ripped 6-pack. I instantly became hard. I’d always though I had a pretty nice cock myself, slot oyna and being totally honest a lot of the photos I’d been sent on the app hadn’t done anything for me, but this guy’s dick was a thing of beauty. Sat beneath some neat, dark pubic hair, it was long and thick, with a very satisfying curve to it. And most mouth-watering of all, it was really close by.

“It’s not that big lol,” he messaged after sending across his nudes, “It’s only 7 inches.”

As it was sweltering inside my room I was only wearing boxers, so it didn’t take much effort to slide them around my ankles and free my cock, which by now was dripping pre-cum. I started stroking it and sent him a photo in return. “For you daddy,” I said. When he’d sent me the two photos before I’d become so turned on I actually sent him a video of me fingering my ass, legs spread on my bed, moaning softly. Shortly after stopping filming I came hard all over my sheets. I’d felt so dirty afterwards because I’d enjoyed performing for him.

“Hot,” he replied. Simple and effective, his trademark. I’d been single for a year by this point and it was nice to feel desirable. In my mind, there isn’t anything as hot as someone wanting you to fuck them, or in this case someone wanting to fuck you.

Feeling like a bit of a slut again, I knelt up on my bed and took the best photo of my ass I could manage. I remembered him saying how great it had looked last time, as I’d slid my fingers in and out of my hole.

“You want to be the first man inside here daddy?” I asked provocatively. I was pretty sure no horny guy would turn down such an offer.

“Yes please,” he replied instantly.

To canlı casino siteleri tease him some more I sent another photo, this time of my cock standing proud between my thighs. I was rock hard. But then I paused. “I’m not sure I can take every inch of that big dick of yours tbh,” I admitted, feeling a little nervous. I had butterflies in my stomach. Was this really the day I’d finally get topped?

“It’s really not that big I promise. How big is yours?” he asked. To be fair, mine was exactly the same size and looking at it in my hand I felt quietly confident I could take the length, with a little bit of patience.

“I’m the same as you,” I replied. “If we go slow …”

“You really never been fucked before?” he asked uncertainly. I’m sure lots of guys on the app pretended to be inexperienced, but I genuinely was.

“I’ve fingered myself,” I admitted, “don’t you remember?”

“Haha yes, but not sure that counts. Did you like doing it?”

“Yeah. A lot. I also stole my housemate’s dildo and rode it once.”

Again, it sounded like something I’d made up to turn him on, but it was completely true. Her dildo had been a deep pink colour and quite thick, one of the ones with beads in that move around and vibrate, and I’d taken every inch of that with little effort. It had felt so good to be filled up. And that had been, what? Five, maybe six inches long? I’d glanced at myself in the mirror opposite my bed whilst the toy was inside me and I’d liked how it looked. Though quickly deleted the photo I’d taken, scared someone might stumble across it.

“Damn! That’s really hot. See, you’ll be fine. Come ride mine instead of your housemate’s lol.”

I hesitated for a second, but I knew I needed to know what his cock felt like.

“Where do you live?” I asked.

After a nervy pause, his live location flashed like a beacon on my screen.


Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32