For Michelle

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For a special hot lady, who sent me some hot pictures of her delectable body while masturbating, and wanted to know what I thought. This is all for you Michelle.

God if I could lick your pussy I would do so much to give you pleasure; a lot of it would start without even touching you there. I would be opening your legs wide and caressing your skin with my fingers and my hands and following my fingers with my tongue and gently breathing and licking your skin, teasing along the backs of your thighs.

Pushing your legs up against your chest, I trace my hands and fingers all on your backside kissing everywhere I touch, running my tongue in the crack of your ass making you think that I’m going to lick your ass hole, but not yet.

Breathing that sexual aroma and beautiful musk coming from between your legs, looking at that wetness that I’m going to lap up momentarily, I see your lips are swollen and your clit is engorged. All this is going to be fun. I look you in the eye I tell you to start fondling your breasts. You gasp and obey!

You can feel my warm breath inches away from your open pussy. My fingers probe between your lips, as I start to slide my head to your pussyI am inserting 2 fingers into you, feeling about your G-spot at the same time that I lower my face to your delicious dripping cunt.

Already so much cum juice is leaking out of you, my tongue and my lips are hungry to lap it all up. I flatten my tongue against your clitoris, I just press it all around so you can feel the softness and wet warmth pressing against you, my fingers probing you, playing with you inside, rotating around and around that special spot inside you. Your hips are starting to rock and pleasure is mounting, you’re moaning and your fingers are curling in my hair.

You can’t help yourself and feel so good. You need more. You want more. You crave it. Just like when you masturbate over and over and over you need this pleasure so badly. And I want to give it to you. Because the hornier you get, the more pleasure it gives me at the same time. It makes me horny as fuck, and MY COCK is hard to sancaktepe escort know that I’m doing this to you, making you feel like this; making you lose control and giving you all this possible pleasure. I want you to feel the lust, the desire, and the arousal. I know you’re feeling it right now anyway.

You know how to pleasure yourself; you couldn’t go on all this time without knowing all that! You’re an expert at this. And this is to enhance this for you so now imagine my warm tongue swirling around and around and like a puppy dog at that erect clit!

Your moans are getting louder. You’re pressing your clit against my mouth. My fingers are now fucking in and out of you, each time I put them in my curl around and caress your G-spot on the in stroke. Your legs are spreading almost impossibly wide. My cock is now liberally dripping pre-cum as I pull my hands out removing my wet fingers and licking them right in front of you as you see your wetness on my hand and the absolute pleasure I get from tasting you and also briefly rubbing your juices on my own aching shaft.

I immediately am right back down between your legs, I start lapping my tongue from your asshole up through the furrow of your wet pussy, to swirl around your beautiful clitoris again and again, licking my tongue and lips all over your wet crotch. Occasionally stopping to lick and suck the tender insides of your sexy deliciously spread thighs; I now probe your gaping pussy with my tongue.

God you look so beautiful spread open like that showing me all your glory. Your juicy pussy is starting to develop a thicker quality to your nectar. I can tell you’re even more aroused than before; gently I push your legs up, bending your knees back against your chest as your hands come around instinctively to hold them back and now I have your beautiful ass on display as well. I fondle your butt, slap it a little bit, lightly and once again I bury my face between your legs, torturing you with ecstasy. Oh you’re going to CUM so hard yet you don’t want to because sarıyer escort it feels so good! I just know it is going to happen because my relentless mouth and tongue keep teasing and pleasing you over and over.

Now I take your clitoris and I pull the skin back a little and your clit is exposed, I gently suck it between my lips, holding it there with my lips, kind of gumming it as I slip my tongue around and around the sensitive head making you squirm with ultra sensitive feelings! It’s almost too much! I know that if I do this tease you you’re not going to be able to help yourself. And you will feel the urge to CUM. My own arousal reflects this and I hump against the bed as I eat you.

You are already feeling contractions every time my lips make contact with your clit. I suck it in, suck my lips all around it, my saliva mixing with your pussy juice, making you so wet! Suddenly I slide my fingers back inside with a steady fucking motion. I curl my fingers each time I start to pull my hand out so that they dragged gently against your G-spot. Working overtime my lips are lapping you up, your juices all on my face.

Did I tell you I have a beard? It’s dripping with your pussy it’s all I can taste and smell I want more. By the way my cock is ragingly hard as I do this to you but that’s okay because it’s all about you right now! I just want you to know that doing this to you feeds my arousal makes me want to do it more and more for you.

Michelle, sweet Michelle it’s finally time. I can sense your urgency in the way you’re fucking your hips against my face, and we’ve been going at it for at least an hour of non- stop teasing! I do need to come up for air, I smile at you wickedly and I just whisper, “get ready”.

I tell you to let your legs fall wherever, to relax and enjoy it because I’m going to give you the pussy licking of your lifetime. Your legs fall to the side which is perfect. Both my hands now come out press against your soft inner thighs. My face is jammed up against you and your dripping cunt. With my sefaköy escort lips and my tongue working hard as I do my best to relentlessly pleasure you, you can feel my beard rubbing against your swollen lips as I tongue your aching, throbbing clit.

You can’t help but bounce your ass back and forth against my face, you dirty girl! That’s it Michelle, feel it! The pressure is building, and it feels so good. You were masturbating before I came in the room. I knew it, I was spying on you, I’m here to finish your job for you with the sexual pleasure you’ve been experiencing all night, self love and my eating you out.

Oh my God you taste so delicious! I want a lap you up, your sweet nectar, till you have nothing left! I’m literally sucking on your clit now like it’s a lollipop and rolling my tongue back and forth under it as well, and I push my tongue into your wet pussy!

MICHELLE! It’s going to happen! You’re starting to see stars if you close your eyes almost like a kaleidoscope. At the same time images of all the porn you may have been watching flash as well as the image of me bobbing my head between your silky, wonderful sensuously spread thighs!

I am also so HORNY doing this to you, so much pre-cum has coated your sheets it is like a wet soft surface to hump against!

Oh god it feels so good you need this! You want this! it feels so good over and over that’s all your brain is telling you more, more, more, more, pleasure, oh my God you can feel it oh my God you’re starting to feel those contractions deep inside, your hips are starting to go back and forth, involuntarily!

I can see it pulsing, your pussy, oh yes , you cry out with ecstasy, really loud moans as you push up against me pressing your clit and wet lips against my face, and you cum, cum, cum, cum!

OH GOD YOU ARE CUMMING SO FUCKING HARD, pulsing contractions, pussy wetness dripping out of you, your hands on the back of my head, practically suffocating me as you hump against my mouth and chin. OH GOD!

As you are cumming I feel my swollen cock thicken even more as I pump out my cum all over your silk sheets!

God it’s so good I can barely hold on to you as you buck your hips against me, as you work every last bit of juice out of you, my licking one more time your fantastic juicy pussy!

I know it was your pleasure, but it was my pleasure too, as all this has caused me a hands free ejaculation! Your PLEASURE is INDEED my pleasure too!

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32