Flowers in the Heart Pt. 02

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*Author’s Note: Any and all persons engaging in any sexual activity are at least eighteen years of age.

**Author’s Note: This has an alternate ending to ‘Flowers in the Heart.’ It read the same as the original posting, until page 4.

After posting the story, I realized that Scott was just a little too quick to accept his girlfriend’s differences, especially too quickly for an eighteen year old male, worried about peer acceptance and social hierarchy.

Most of you, I am sure, will absolutely hate the new ending.

Chapter 1

“Hey Scott, Fauna kind of likes you,” Jenna said, snickering.

“Hey Jenna, it hard to hear yourself over that echo?” Scott said as he caught the football, and then heaved it back to Ronnie.

“Huh?” Jenna asked, puzzled.

“Yeah, your head up your ass like that, I figure there’s got to be a hell of a loud echo,” Scott said and caught the football again.

“Oh fuck you; you’re such an ass hole,” Jenna snapped and stomped away.

Scott smiled easily and heaved the ball back to Ronnie.

He knew Fauna liked him; he could hardly miss the doe like eyes she cast his way all the time. But he also knew that Hillary Monroe liked him, Terri Langmeyer liked him, and Tammy Fontenot liked him.

Ronnie smiled cruelly and hurled the football at Jenna’s retreating form. The quarterback for St. Thomas Aquinas, he very easily struck her in the back of her blonde head with the missile, knocking her down.

“No!” Scott yelled out, trying to run to catch the football as soon as Ronnie lobbed it.

“God damn, what’s wrong with you, huh?” Scott yelled at his friend as he trotted over to Jenna.

“Hey, you okay?” he gently asked just as Jenna began to sob out loud. “Oh, no, no, don’t do that; God I hate crying!”

He picked her up into his arms and hugged her tightly to himself but she just wailed louder.

Physically, she wasn’t hurt; there was a stinging in the back of her head where the football had struck her, but her feelings were deeply hurt.

“Come on, let’s get Sister Lucy to look at your head,” Scott gently said and half walked, half carried her toward the school building.

“Why’d he do that?” Jenna sobbed, not really expecting an answer.

“I don’t know; he’s an ass hole, I guess,” Scott admitted.

“I wasn’t doing nothing to him,” Jenna sobbed.

He walked her to the administration offices of St. Thomas Aquinas and told Miss Ormond that he and Ronnie had been tossing a football back and forth and Jenna had been accidentally hit in the head. Miss Ormond paged for Sister Lucy, the school nurse to come to the office.

“It wasn’t an accident,” Jenna angrily accused.

By the time Sister Lucy came bustling into her small examination room, Jenna had ceased crying. Scott turned to walk out as Sister Lucy’s hard face made her intentions known.

“I can see why Fauna likes you,” Jenna said softly to him.

“Uh huh,” he said and smiled tightly.

“Close the door,” Sister Lucy snapped at him.

He knew that Fauna liked him; again, it would have been hard to ignore her constant attention toward him. But Megan Campion had caught his eye first and Scott was a one-woman-man and did not see any reason to drop Megan just because a barely five foot tall girl was mooning over him.

Fauna’s height, or lack of it, was matched by her physique, or lack of it. Her breasts were non-existent and there was only a slight swell to her hips. The eighteen year old girl looked moor like a nine year old girl.

Megan, on the other hand, proudly possessed a thirty six inch chest and filled her C cup bras beautifully. She also had a narrow waist and a nicely rounded ass.

Fauna had limp brown hair and brown eyes; Megan had blonde hair and piercing blue eyes. Megan also had beautifully pouting lips and bright white smile.

But while Fauna’s eyes rarely tore themselves away from Scott, Megan’s eyes rarely looked at anything but her own reflection. And as soon as Hillary broke off her two year relationship with Ronnie, Megan began finding fault with everything Scott did or didn’t do.

Scott wasn’t stupid; why date a defensive tackle when you can date the quarterback? But Megan put out, so he put up with her abusive treatment until it became clear to him that Megan’s pussy wasn’t worth putting up with Megan’s mouth. (High School Etiquette dictated that Scott had to be the one to do the breaking up so that Megan didn’t appear to be a bitch.)

The bell rang; alerting Scott and the other one hundred and twenty nine students of St. Thomas Aquinas that lunch period was over. Scott trotted to his locker to get his Calculus textbook and easily forged a path through the sea of students that swarmed around him.

At six foot two and one hundred and ninety pounds, Scott had no trouble jostling through the milling teenagers.

“Man, what happened?” Ronnie asked, knocking a couple of students aside.

Scott looked at him in mild irritation; one of the students Ronnie had shoved aside was his own brother, Brian. Brian too looked at his older brother with irritation.

“What urfa escort the fuck you think happened?” Scott asked. “You hit her in the head with your football, dumb ass.”

“No, no, I mean…” Ronnie said.

“Fuck man, I don’t know,” Scott said. “She knows it wasn’t an accident, that’s for sure.”

“Yeah it was, right?” Ronnie said, tugging onto Scott’s arm.

“Uh huh,” Scott said.

He entered the Calculus classroom and smiled; Fauna was, as always, seated right up front, the first student into the classroom.

She looked at him and then looked away, heavy blush coloring her pale face.

“Hey Fauna, how’s it going?” he asked as he took the seat to her left.

She whirled her head around and fixed her deep brown eyes on his brown eyes.

“Fine,” she whispered, blushing hotly.

He smiled as she nervously clutched her pencil in her hands.

“Hey um, listen, I uh, you wouldn’t want to go out with me this Friday huh?” Scott asked and smiled as her large eyes got even larger.

“Are you, this isn’t some kind of joke, huh?” she asked, barely choking out the words.

“No, no, it’s not some kind of joke,” Scott said, slightly puzzled.

Surely he hadn’t misread her signals. Surely this girl did like him. Jenna Jordan had made a point of seeking him out to tell him that Fauna liked him.

“Aiee!” she screamed out loud, causing Sister Andrea, the four other students and Scott to jump.

“Oh my God!” she screamed out loud. “Yes! I’d love to! Here! Here’s my phone number! Okay? You can call me at…”

“Miss Davendorf! Really!” Sister Andrea scolded, trying to hide her amusement behind a scowl.

“Oh but Sister Andrea! You don’t understand!” Fauna gushed excitedly.

The final bell clanged, letting any remaining students know that they were late for class. Brian and Shelley dashed in just ahead of Sister Andrea’s shutting the door to the classroom.

“Okay now, homework, passes it up to the front of the room please,” Sister Andrea ordered and began to gather the papers.

Throughout the class, Scott could feel Fauna’s eyes burning into him but every time he looked over at her, she would quickly look away, hot blush on full display.

“Okay, Miss Davendorf, what did I just say?” Sister Andrea called out ands smirked as Fauna repeated the equation.

“Uh huh,” she said and then explained the equation’s properties to the class.

“Call you tonight, okay?” Scott smiled as they gathered up their books.

“Oh God!” Fauna agreed, large brown eyes looking up at him with complete adoration.

“Way to go, Dude,” Roger Leland snickered as he brushed past Scott.


Scott strode rapidly to his World History class and took his usual seat; the front seat next to the window.

“Hey Jenna,” he called out as the blonde entered the classroom.

“What?” she hissed.

“Hey, just wanted to know how your head is,” he defended.

She softened her scowl and even smiled tightly.

“Yeah, its okay, Sister Lucy couldn’t even give me Ibuprofen for it, believe that? But she said it don’t look like nothing happened. Still hurts a little bit, but you know, what you going to do, huh?” Jenna said, and then looked around for a seat.

“That’s my seat, Tit Monster,” Terri said as Jenna decided to take the eat behind Scott.

“Name’s not on it, Skank,” Jenna spat.

Jenna darkened at being called the hated ‘Tit Monster’ nickname, having developed quite early and now possessed a monumental set of breasts that forced her to ear an extra large school blouse. The sleeves on the short sleeve blouse reached just past her elbows but the buttons on it still strained slightly.

“Terri, she can sit where ever she wants,” Scott said and Terri flounced down the aisle to another seat.

“Fine, that’s what you like, fuck you; I won’t ask you out,” Terri muttered to herself.

She liked Scott; had planned to ask him m out just as soon as the cooling off period had elapsed. Megan was her friend and Megan and Scott had just broken up; wouldn’t do to start dating Scott while Megan’s mark was still on him.

Megan sneered at Scott and scowled when he did not seem perturbed at her sneer.

“What’d you ever see in that bitch?” Jenna whispered.

“The top of her head,” Scott whispered back.

Jenna thought about it for a moment then squealed in disgust and slapped his arm.

“Something you’d like to share with us, Miss Jordan?” Fred Dumas asked as he began to call roll.

“No, Scott’s just being a nasty pig,” Jenna spat and Scott laughed out loud.

“Boy, the gray weather is affecting everyone today, that’s for sure,” Fred commented. “Just about everyone I’ve run into today seems to be in a foul mood.

“Maybe if you’d quit running into them?” Roger suggested.

Fred smiled as Roger’s suggestion had the desired effect; the students laughed and relaxed.

“But it was a gray and ugly mood that surrounded Europe just months before the onset of World War One, the ‘War to end all wars,'” Fred launched into his lecture balıkesir escort of the day.


“Hello?” a tight voice snapped.

“Yes, um, hi, this is Scott; may I speak with Fauna please?” Scott said.

There was no response, just the sound of the phone clunking onto whatever the woman set it down on then the sound of it being dragged and then Fauna’s small voice came on.

“Hello?” she asked.

“Hey, it’s me, um, it’s Scott,” Scott said.

“Hi!” she said happily.

He didn’t know what they talked about for two hours, but finally Fauna’s mother said it was time to call it a night and the two teenagers hung up.

“That wasn’t Megan, huh?” Glen Boudreaux, Scott’s older brother asked; only stuttering slightly.

“No, thank God,” Scott said and got out of his chair.

“Oh? Spend all night on the phone with some girl; got to be hotter than Megan, huh?” Glen pressed for information.

“No, man, not really, but she’s a shit load sweeter than Megan ever was,” Scott admitted.

“Watch the mouth, boy,” Linda, their mother, called out.

“Yes ma’am,” Scott called back.

“Not that little bitch with the big tits, huh?” Glen persisted, following Scott down the hall. “That what’s her name? Jenna?”

“I didn’t raise you better than that?” Linda snapped. “‘Little bitch?’ ‘With the big tits?’ That’s how you treat women?”

“Sorry,” Glen admitted.

“Uh huh, sorry you got caught,” Linda snapped as she went to her own bedroom.

“No, friend of Jenna’s though, that Fauna?” Scott said as he sat down at his desk.

“Dude, you are kidding me, right?” Glen asked.

“No, why?” Scott asked defensively.

“No…” Glen looked at the door, then back at Scott and held his hands in front of his chest.

“Come on, Glen, grow up, huh?” Scott said. “Damn, more to women than the size of their…”

He held his own hands in front of his chest.

“Well, if she does go down on you, she won’t have to bend over, huh?” Glen laughed.

“How old are you, huh?” Scott asked and shooed his brother out of his room.

Chapter 2

Jenna and Fauna sat at their table, giggling and squealing. Every now and then, they’d both look over at the table that Scott shared with Terri, Megan, Ronnie, Roger, and Ted and would then put their heads together and whisper excitedly.

“God, what are they screaming about?” Megan asked as the two girls squealed again.

“Go ask them,” Ronnie suggested.

“You go ask them,” she spat.

Scott smiled over at Fauna and she and Jenna both froze, and then put their heads together to whisper something in earnest.

“Oh give me a break!” Terri sneered.

“You got something against people being happy?” Scott finally asked and stood up, lunch now over.

He walked over to the table where Fauna and Jenna sat and they both froze guilty expressions on their faces.

“Hey Fauna,” he said and she blushed heavily and whispered a response.

“Hey, um, Jenna, you um, you remember my big brother? Glen?” he asked Jenna.

“Um, yeah, yeah, graduated what? Last year?” Jenna asked. “Kind of tall, blonde hair like yours?”

“Two years, but yeah, that’s him,” Scott agreed.

“Yeah, what about him?” Jenna asked.

“He um, he said to tell you ‘Hi’ and wants to know if he can get your number,” Scott said.

“Um, sure, I um, yeah I guess so,” Jenna stammered.

Her massive chest was Jenna’s only positive asset, as far as physical appeal was concerned. She had unkempt blonde hair, cut far too short, slightly small eyes, a bulbous nose and very aggressive acne.

But she was a true and loyal friend to the few friends she did have and would gladly go out of her way to help anyone in need. Whenever she was fortunate enough to be invited to a party, she was usually the first to arrive, to help set up for the party, and would often be the last to leave, after helping clean up.

She was also a notorious gossip and saw it as her duty to interfere in the romances of others, to play match maker.

“See you in Calculus,” Scott smiled at Fauna and left the cafeteria.

“Oh, I hope that wasn’t just some kind of joke,” Jenna said to Fauna. “I always kind of liked Glen but he never looked at me twice, you know?”

“Scott wouldn’t do that,” Fauna defended.


He drove up to the small, slightly run-down house on the south side of Bender and checked the address on the house to make sure he had the right one.

“Name’s right there on the mailbox,” he chided himself and got out of the car.

“Yes?” a thin, tired looking woman snapped when she jerked the door opens.

“Hi, I’m um, I’m Scott? Scott Boudreaux? Here to pick up Fauna?” Scott stammered.

“Really?” the woman looked at him somewhat suspiciously. “You’re this Scott kid keeps calling here?”

“Uh, yes ma’am,” Scott said and then shuddered as a quick blast of cold air chilled him.

“Okay,” the woman said in a resigned tone of voice and stepped back. “Come on in, I guess.”

“He found her behavior trabzon escort very disconcerting and not very welcoming at all. He wondered if she was one of those mothers that were extremely over-protective of their children.

“Hi,” Fauna said as she walked into the small foyer of the home.

“Hey,” he smiled.

She was wearing snug blue jeans and a very feminine pink sweater. Her black leather pumps added a mere three inches to her height and he smiled at that.

“Kind of cold outside; might want to put on a coat,” he suggested.

“Oh, okay,” she said and rand to get a coat.

“Um, what time she has to be back?” Scott asked Mrs. Davendorf.

“Eleven, eleven thirty,” the woman shrugged.


Scott liked the perfume Fauna was wearing; a very feminine scent that seemed to compliment her very well.

“Oh, I bet they’re freezing to death!” Fauna gasped as she saw the two car hops skate from the main building to the cars

“Yeah, even though they got them leggings on, that don’t look too warm, does it?” Scott agreed.

Scott was amused when Fauna ordered a chili dog; one of the items listed as ‘For the Kids’ on the lighted menu.

“Ooh, extra mustard, please, she told the poor car hop when the girl skittered to a stop next to the car.


Fauna surprised Scott when she said she wanted to see the horror movie that was playing.

“No, Jenna and I already seen that stupid movie,” Fauna said when Scott pointed out the latest romantic comedy that was playing. “I been wanting to see this one, but Jenna’s such a scaredy cat to see it; says that kind of stuff gives her nightmares.”


“Yes!” Fauna giggled out loud when the killer managed to carve up another victim.

“Fauna, you’re not supposed to cheer for the killer,” Scott laughed.

“Why not? He’s winning,” she asked, smile on full wattage.

“You are so silly,” he said and kissed her.

A friendly little peck turned into a very heated kiss and they did not pull apart until the ominous music started again.

“Yes!” Fauna hooted again as another victim fell to the crazed killer.

“Fauna, you’re so silly,” he laughed.


“Want to get a hot chocolate?” he asked; it was only ten thirty, according to the car radio.

“No, um, no, not really,” she said.

“Oh, um, okay, I um, I really don’t know if there’s anything else to do, really,” Scott said.

He knew what he’d like to do, but was sure that Fauna wouldn’t go for that, not on the first date.

“I um, hey um, listen, Scott?” Fauna said, not looking at him.

“Uh huh?” he said turning the heater on his car down now that the interior was warmed.

“I um, I really don’t want to go to the Basin, I mean, not on a first date, you know? I mean, I hope you don’t think I’m that kind of girl, but…” Fauna stammered.

“No, no, not at all,” Scott protested

“I mean, I really really like you, a lot,” Fauna hastened to assure him.

“And I really like you a lot too,” he admitted.

“So, um, I guess, um, I guess this is it, then,” Fauna said.

“Guess so; um, you doing anything tomorrow?” Scott asked.

“”When?” Fauna asked.

“I don’t know, um, usually on Saturdays I kind of like going to the mall. In Baton Rouge? The one with the big merry go round in it?” Scott said.

“Ooh, I love that one!” Fauna said, and then lost her smile. “Oh, but I kind of promised Jenna we’d hang out, and April too.”

“Then why don’t we all go to the mall?” Scott asked.

“You’d be okay with doing that?” Fauna asked, delighted.


Scott wondered for the thousandth time why he had volunteered to take the three girls to the mall. He was now the designated coat carrier and the bag holder as the three friends dragged him from store to store.

He sat down on a bench while the three girls ran into a candle store to seek out the perfect scent. Jenna came out a moment later and joined him.

“Hey, um, Fauna’s like my best friend in the whole wide world and I um, she really really likes you, a whole lot and if you ever hurt her, I swear to God I’ll kill you,” Jenna said.

“Uh huh, don’t worry; I like her whole lot too,” Scott assured the girl.

“Really?” Jenna said and hugged Scott’s arm to herself. “That is so cool.”

Scott sniffed the two candles that Fauna had bought and graciously accepted the ‘Champagne’ scented one she’d bought for him.

“Damn! Brrr!” Jenna complained as they trekked from the mall to the car. “Jeez it’s cold out here!”

“January’s kind of funny like that,” Scott said as he put the assorted bags into the trunk. “I don’t know if you noticed that or not but most of the time, its cold in January.”

“Shut up; you’re such an ass hole,” Jenna complained as she and April, a bone thin very tall brunette clambered into the rear of the car.

“Uh huh, can’t be that big an ass hole; you just spent all day with me,” Scott said.

He drove them back to Bender, dropped Jenna and April off at their homes, and then drove Fauna to Hop Kim, a Chinese restaurant in Kimble, Louisiana.

“I figure, any girl likes horror movies has got to love Chinese,” he joked and got himself both a slap on the arm and an affectionate kiss.

During the meal, he innocently put his hand on her upper thigh and she froze. She then frantically grabbed his hand and trapped it between her hand and her thigh.

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