Flowers in Her Hair Ch. 08-09

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Chapter 8 – Dinner for Three

Victor and Linda entered the Blue Tavern as planned. The hostess walked them over to where a handsome young man was sitting. He got up to greet Linda immediately, welcoming her warm but restrained manner. He kissed her hands and told her she looked breathtakingly beautiful, even more than when he knew her in college. Linda blushed and gushed, loving all of the flirty attention. Only after that first moment did he acknowledge Linda and Victor as a couple together. “So, I understand you are getting married again. Congratulations, Linda, and congratulations Victor, you are a lucky man!”

As they sat down at the table, Victor managed to make his move and sit down next to his wife, forcing Brad to the other side. They ordered drinks and appetizers, made small talk throughout dinner, and generally had a good time. He was a gentleman, and as much as Victor hated to admit it to himself, Brad was a genuinely handsome and personable guy. He was outgoing, expressive, and he could carry on passionately about a wide variety of topics without being a conversation hog. In particular, he had a really good knack for engaging Linda in a sincere way, making her feel special. Victor finally understood how his wife was crazy about him back in college. They reminisced about all the good times they had then. Victor realized from the context of the conversations over dinner that evening that the two of them had a long and torrid affair. Victor could not help but wonder just how intimate they had probably been with each other, even as long ago as it was. It explained a lot about how his wife was more experienced and confident in sexual matters early in their marriage.

On the drive back, Linda asked Brad to drive and she sat in the front seat with Brad. Victor felt like a kid passenger in the back seat. There was a lot of giggling going on, and he got the sense that they were holding hands. He heard them whispering, followed by Brad exclaiming out loud, “No way! I don’t believe you. Come on!”

“Yes, I know it’s hard to believe. Look, it’s going to happen, just later,” she explained.

Victor wasn’t sure what they were arguing about. They continued whispering. He could see how Brad looked utterly surprised, and then concluded, “Wow…that’s awesome!”

“What are you two talking about?” Victor asked with a raging curiosity. He leaned forward to hear more but cebeci escort they kept facing forward only. He noticed that Brad and Linda were holding hands. It appeared that he was touching her thigh, and that she was encouraging it.

There was a long, awkward pause, and then his wife explained, “I told Brad how you and I have not formally consummated the marriage yet, sexually.” Her voice trailed off at the end as if she was uncomfortable saying it.

“Oh yeah, that’s just great! Why don’t you share all the intimate details with Brad!” Victor whined.

“Well husband, if things progress tonight like I hope they will, I wanted Brad to know that he would be the first one to consummate the marriage instead of you.” She said this much more confidently.

“Do you mind?” Brad interjected, “That I take your wife’s virginity away again?”

Victor slumped back into his seat and looked out the window. The word ‘again’ confirmed that they had been sexual with each other at one time, and now he was intending to do it again, on his own honeymoon.

“Answer him, honey,” Linda commanded, “How do you feel about Brad taking my virginity?”

“Brad, I would be most grateful for you to give my wife the pleasure she deserves, once again.”

Linda corrected him, “Once only? I am hoping for more than just once!”

They roared with approval as Victor himself smiled, albeit with a twinge of jealousy.

Chapter 9 – Definitions

Back at the resort hotel, the trio walked through the lobby and fancy halls, through a courtyard full of beautiful young couples, some at the bar, some swimming, and others dancing. An awkward silence ensued as they entered the elevator. As the door opened, Linda and Brad walked out together, leaving Victor to follow along towards the honeymoon suite. Linda thought to herself how unusual it would have looked to any other guest or hotel staff to see a woman leading two men into the honeymoon suite. She smiled to herself at the image it created.

No sooner did they step in as Linda closed the door. Brad pinned her against the wall and gave her a long passionate kiss. She melted into a daze, as if it were something she had waited twenty years to relive. Brad lifted up her dress and started to rub her pussy with his fingers. Her body language consented.

Victor felt uncomfortable, unsure of what to do, how çeşme escort to proceed, and Linda wasn’t making it easy. He abruptly asked his wife for a word privately. “Linda, there’s something bothering me…can we talk?” he pleaded. She pushed Brad back, asked him to get comfortable and to give her a few minutes. She walked over to her husband. They stepped into the bedroom.

She smiled coolly and avoided the question. She put her hands around him and backed him up against the door. “I know what’s bothering you. You’re jealous of Brad, aren’t you? Admit it.”

“I’m not jealous at all,” he objected. They both knew he was lying. His face could not hide a lie.

“Yes, you are! You’re so jealous, and nothing’s even happened yet! But you’re so jealous. Remember when I had you look up the word “jealous’ in the dictionary a while ago?”

“Yes, it said, ‘suspicious or fearful of being displaced by a rival’, right?”

“Exactly. You are so fearful and embarrassed by the thought of my manly man Brad, a superior rival, displacing you on your own honeymoon, sitting next to me, holding my hand, kissing me.”

“Yes, yes, I’m jealous, all right? I admit it.”

“Oh yeah? Well GUESS what? Deal with it…It’s part of our new marriage relationship, isn’t it? The thing is, Victor, we haven’t even done anything naughty yet. We’ve only kissed. How are you going to handle this jealousy afterwards, after he and I consummate our relationship?”

Victor thought to himself odd that she called her affair with Brad a relationship, appearing to give it an air of legitimacy, but he let it go. “I’m going to be just fine, thank you.”

Linda brought out a book from her suitcase. Inside it there was a postcard with an abstract painting. “Victor, tell me what you see in this artwork.”

Victor looked closely and saw two figures twined together. He stared at the image, visualizing the act of two people joining in an intense physical and emotional union.

“Victor, please explain to me the definition of consummating?”

“Consummate means to complete the marriage with the first act of sexual intercourse.” She kept him pinned against the door, fondling his caged penis seductively.

“That’s a dictionary definition. To me, it’s even better…I’d define consummate as fulfilling my long-awaited sexual desires through an intimate, passionate, elaborate, cim cif yapan escort and wildly celebratory act of sexual intercourse. It sounds so naughty when I say it that way, doesn’t it? Brad and I are going to have sexual intercourse. It’s going to be so fulfilling. He’s going to be literally filling me…Brad and I will be physically joined under the sheets, with his raw, meaty penis buried deep inside my pussy. Meanwhile, you will be denied any sexual stimulation or pleasure, all for your own good. Oh, husband, I’m getting so wet just thinking about it. Are you hard?”

“Yes, I’m as hard as I can get inside my chastity belt. Look, to get back to my concern, it’s just that the way that you two are humiliating me is beyond what we agreed to.”

She shrugged her shoulders in denial, “Come on honey, you know that’s not true. It’s beyond what you may have imagined, but what we agreed to was that I would own you, and that you would obey me unconditionally. When you surrender yourself to me, I decide how to treat you…you can’t call the shots anymore. You wanted me to have complete freedom to explore my desires without expectation and constraints, right?”

“Right,” he replied with an accepting smile. She held his hands and led him back out to the suite. Brad looked up at them as he poured drinks. Standing up right in front of her husband, she looked into his eyes, and said to him in a sweet voice, “Victor, my husband, you know that I love you. I will ever love you only. But as part of our new relationship, you agree that for tonight, I belong to Brad, ok?” She removed her wedding ring and bangles and handed them to Victor.

“Yes honey,” he replied firmly as he put the jewelry away. In accepting the ring, he admitted a symbolic surrender to let another man take his wife. Brad looked at her with an “I told you so” look, as she admitted to herself that Brad was right, that her husband would not put up a fight.

Linda continued, “Victor, henceforth, you will address my lover as ‘Sir’. Go ahead. Practice it.”

Victor hesitated at this forced humiliation, but his inner psyche left him no choice but to go along. “Thank you Sir,” Victor replied. Brad smiled confidently as he heard Linda say the new rules.

“Victor, from this moment on, I am with Brad, I belong to him, and you are not allowed to touch me, comment on, or object to anything that the two of us decide to do.”

“Yes,” he mumbled. Victor was very aroused in giving his wife to another man.

“And Victor, no matter how much I enjoy this night with Brad, I will still ever love you only.”

Victor concurred happily, “Yes, darling. You are my wife, and I love you too!”

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